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A very happy birthday to [personal profile] avendya, and a happy belated to [personal profile] thingswithwings! Have some shiny, lovelies. :>

» delicious things wot I've devoured over the past few days
+ Tenipuri: About Life and Stuff and Playing the Game, via these fic recs from [personal profile] wistfuljane
+ HP from [ profile] rs_small_gifts: Gold and Silver Days, Haere Mai (Come Here), The Secret Christmas Plan, Evergreen
+ & some more HP: Delta, A Weasley Tradition
+ A:TLA: unbolt the dark, to cover a bruise, Reign Within, Facing An Open Sea, "... and she rules the sky with lunar goodness."
+ V for Vendetta: the lights burn blue
+ Inception: Cities of Sand
+ Narnia: Adonai
+ Merlin: The Ink Still Drying, OMGWTFOTP

» shiny things wot I've received over the past few days
+ on the wings, a lovely Loveless ficlet by [ profile] lemniciate! Thank you, sweets!
+ Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse (trans. by Red Pine). &hearts &hearts &hearts *\o/* Thank you, [personal profile] avendya!!
+ The following, from the amazing [personal profile] artemis: thank youuu! *flails* )
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First Deadline has been made! *\o/* (Okay, am a bit nervous about PDF previewing failure but I did check the online form about 230947 times, so.) Time for a celebratory linkspam, haha.

» some overdue fanspam
+ Check out the Merlin lexicon, [personal profile] risingsunpub!
+ [ profile] zahrawithaz wrote some Morgana meta!
+ I have spent shameful amounts of procrastination time devouring Guide Me Home, a gigantor Ursa/Hakoda fic. >.>
+ Also, Disclosure will never stop being hilarious. Mai/Zuko complementary failboats, ahahahahahah! &hearts
+ game on: Mai vs. Iroh in a pai sho showdown! Also Mai/Zuko cuteness, hahaha.
+ [ profile] rs_small_gifts has begun posting, yay!

» foodspam (now I want a food carnival!)
+ [personal profile] deepad: Doodh se Dhuli
+ [personal profile] vi: gross, weird, inedible
+ Jha's Lunar Year's End! AWESOME. &hearts
+ [personal profile] troisroyaumes: Seven things

» +1: Via deadbro, Keeping Hobbits White since 1937 made me laugh and laugh, but also prodded me into some thoughts regarding racebending. )
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AGH. Focus is fucking shot, and so far judicious applications of errands, brief distractions, and tea have not worked their usual charms. D: Have some links and three of my favorite SSBB stories:

- Merlin lulz
- Racebending holiday gift recommendations
- Navid Arash Taraghijah: Still Life With Chair (I-XXV)
- 心也許很小很小世界卻很大很大(The Heart may be Tiny but the World's Enormous)
- Cheesecake and the Art of Political Warfare

I'm off to make more tea now. *grumps*
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+ DADT enforcement struck down by California federal judge
+ Wisconsin law challenges race-based school mascots
+ [personal profile] mercredigirl: ontd_f fail
+ [personal profile] such_heights: let's talk about awesome ladies* [brief linkspam]
+ [personal profile] musesfool: but they will never be what she was to me
+ kristina wong, asian american women, and depression
+ Jenna Ushkowitz & Harry Shum Jr.: "Sing!"
+ artists interested in a nanowrimo-type challenge may want to check out [ profile] nanomango!
+ [personal profile] zephre: Blue Violet Study [Gwen, Gwaine, G]
+ Camelot Remix at the AO3
+ W. Va. senate candidate has a little trouble with names (LULZ FOREVER)
+ ladies at centre stage
+ Sara Bareilles: All the Single Ladies
+ Disney-Mulan!Inception, ahahahahah!
+ Only Poems Can Translate Poems: On the Impossibility and Necessity of Translation
+ via [personal profile] yeloson, MJ/Fela Kuti mashup
+ South Korean kimchi crisis
+ [ profile] sheafrotherdon: 1824, incoming
+ Katara Toph Loathing, a fanvid of shiny and hilarious!
+ [personal profile] the_future_modernes has some links on Wiscon
+ [community profile] access_fandom is looking to start up a challenge similar to [community profile] dark_agenda for disabled characters & creators! If you happen to have time or resources to spare and would like to offer a helping hand, please hop over to this post!
+ & speaking of [community profile] dark_agenda, we now have a nominations spreadsheet & masterlist of promotion posts!

This is quite possibly the last linkspam I will do for a while, as life just got BUSY. I may not fall off the face of the internet exactly, but will probably revert to relative radio silence, so. &hearts!
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-- yeah, I think it's time for a tag. *g* (Though the thought of going back to tag all of my linkspams... oh god. /o\ I NEVER MEANT TO GET INTO THIS HABIT, YOU GUYS!)

+ [personal profile] eccentricyoruba on historical globalization
+ [personal profile] such_heights on recent events
+ some gorgeous photos of Afghanistan
+ Beau Sia: Check Yourself
+ [personal profile] oyceter on 30 Rock (& Tiger Beatdown here)
+ Asian American Women in Leadership conference
+ Historians admit to inventing ancient Greeks (... oh, The Onion. xD)
+ [personal profile] crossedwires: on a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise
+ Driving While Brown (via [personal profile] the_future_modernes)
+ [personal profile] crossedwires has a batch of Undercovers icons!
+ some more Undercovers icons!
+ Pompeiian wall painting of a threesome, via my tumbleroll!
+ Petition for National Holiday for Native Americans
+ 2010 Asian American music festival
+ [personal profile] wistfuljane: on Fanlore's tropes and genres, more on Fanlore and its Tropes & Genres category
+ a blogspam by angry asian man (includes several links on The Social Network, for those of you who are interested!)
+ Oxfam urges that aid for Haiti be earmarked for agriculture
+ 9th Conference of the Puerto Rican Studies Association
+ Kollaboration in Seattle, 10/23
+ Cayman Islands Brewery recycles for a cause (via Repeating Islands)
+ Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign (Hello Merlin fandom! &hearts Maybe I will come back to you one day...)
+ Confounding Fathers: The Tea Party's Cold War Roots
+ The lovely [ profile] cherrybina has put up a picspam/math poll that is EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY-MAKING TO MY NERDY SELF, JUST SAYIN'.
+ Deb Reese on Neil Gaiman
+ Reconsider Columbus Day
+ [personal profile] axelrod on Spirit Day
+ Kate Harding On Good Kids and Total Fucking Assholes
+ [personal profile] trinker: Render unto... (interesting thoughts on translation!)
+ Oh Aaron Sorkin, no.
+ Glee linkspam at [community profile] access_fandom
+ This female character flowchart pisses me off. This post explains some of the reasons why; [personal profile] inkstone's linkspam goes into further detail. [personal profile] marina makes an interesting point, but to me, the chart reduces all those strong female characters AND REAL WOMEN to their (perceived as) problematic characteristics for... what, exactly? We already hold women- real and fictional- to impossibly high and contradictory standards; I'm not happy with the fact that the chart flattens all those different contexts to highlight their flawed narratives/perceived negatives. We should be talking about how these women are flawed and STRONG/AWESOME ANYWAY, not reducing them to their flaws, and frankly, I don't see the chart furthering that discussion much. Even if the creators are just having a spork at notions of/expectations for "strong female characters," this is so totally not the best format in which to do it. **eta for [personal profile] bossymarmalade on Yoko Ono, because YES.
+ VAMP responds to "Prostitutes of God" documentary
+ more links from [personal profile] vi
+ Surprise-- the Very Dark Side of US History (trigger warning applies)
+ Bechdel Test Comment-ficathon!
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I tried to separate these out but got overwhelmed by categorization; therefore, another haphazard mess! Trigger warnings apply to some of the following. cut for A LOT )


Sep. 30th, 2010 12:54 pm
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Still not really here (despite my procrastination via new layout fiddling), but I need to clear some more tab-space for my to-do list. So, in order of stumbled-upon:

+ Health Month! This should be fun, especially in the company of Team White Lotus. ;)
+ For orig-fic lovers: Strength, Gallantry, & Other Useless Bits was hands down my favorite story from the last issue of SSBB.
+ angry asian man (guest post): roundtable interview on multicultural lit
+ Undercovers interview (SHOWWWWW ILU!)
+ [personal profile] effex's amazing post on Yusuf
+ angry asian man (guest post): racism on youtube videos
+ Nisi Shawl: What I Want
+ Reverse Racebending: Mysterious Skin
+ Wiscon post soliciting suggestions & discussion regarding the concom's statement
+ US military documents (SHRIEKING INTO HANDS)
+ Merlin vid by [personal profile] such_heights: Backseat
+ [personal profile] marina: Sleeper Cell
+ more A:TLA (& Inception) recs from [personal profile] vi
+ angry asian man (guest post): the more things change the more they stay the same (Asian-American history and "hot-button" issues)
+ [personal profile] wistfuljane's top 10 pimps are still rolling in but I wanted to highlight this one because I am a bit crankypants today and it is MAI!
+ Lakme Fashion Week
+ Mexican Poprock Primer II
+ Caribbean corals will show bleaching this year
+ [personal profile] noldo: assimilation stories
+ more MoonFail links from [personal profile] coffeeandink
+ APIA Spoken Word Summit 2011
+ Stone Telling
+ Kalinago: Native Island Tribe Redefining Survival
+ ICS Lecture: A Re-reading of José Marti
+ An interesting article on the African diaspora in Gujarat
+ AVATAR mashup (a What These People Need Is a Honky vid)
+ Disability Blog Carnival: Identity
+ Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk
+ [personal profile] crossedwires put up a transcript along with the video for Elif Shafak's talk, The Politics of Fiction
+ HuffPost is running free buses from NYC to Jon Stewart's rally, apparently?
+ The Pressure to Cover
+ Kamran Pasha: Digging Up Muslim Graves
+ And finally, from a random email list I'm pretty sure I didn't subscribe to: there is a workshop on wheelchair dancing! Tomorrow! In Stamford! I WOULD ACTUALLY HARE OFF TO CHECK THIS OUT IF I DID NOT HAVE SO MUCH TO DO OMG.
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so's you can amuse yourselves while I disappear again, to tackle some more of my to-do list! *g*

- [personal profile] crossedwires: icons for My Name is Kim Sam Soon
- Kindness over Genius, by Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai
- [personal profile] yifu: gorgeous icons!
- [personal profile] karnythia: White Women, Tears, and Coded Images
- angry asian man (guest post): the call of the mall
- &, related, Chinese Remake the 'Made in Italy' Fashion Label
- [personal profile] wistfuljane's put up the final round of the Most Awesome Asian Characters & Celebrities poll! Vote today!
- interview with Rizwan Manji from Outsourced
- Is ethnic beauty the new 'it' factor? via karnythia (HEAD EXPLODING.)
- angry asian man (guest post): on that Ktown reality show
- interview with Harry Shum Jr
- Sheena Iyengar on the art of choosing
- [personal profile] such_heights: Magical Misfire, adorable Gwen/Morgana tentacle-fic!
- some links from [ profile] elsane
- [personal profile] coffeeandink: Wiscon panel brainstorming
- [personal profile] yifu's Recommend a Friend meme is something I would rather like to do for you guys (except that I think most of you know each other already??)
- [ profile] nachte has an adorable Merlin/Arthur comic, Fonder Than! (The first Merlin/Arthur I've consumed in... months, omg.)
- [ profile] yuki_onna has put out a targeted call for submissions for Apex Magazine, soliciting works from writers of Arabic descent &/or Muslim writers
- gorgeous art by Zayasaihkan Sambuu
- The last of the sea nomads! Not sure how I feel about the article, but the pictures are GLORIOUS.

See you on the other side! &hearts
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Signal-boosting first: [personal profile] kairia has a linkspam on the flooding in Pakistan. If you haven't already, and you happen to have time and/or resources to spare, please hop over to [ profile] help_pakistan and see if there's anything you'd like to offer or bid on! (Once again, in case anybody's interested, I am offering a short A:TLA fic here.)

+ Via angry asian man, Born in the USA is another excellent article on the history of Chinese immigration through Angel Island.
+ [personal profile] marina's put up five movie reviews with picspams, and all five of them look super-shiny!
+ [ profile] zahrawithaz has a post that may interest those of you in Merlin fandom: The History of the Arthurian Legends in Ten Easy Steps (With Recommended Reading)
+ This is a note-to-self more than anything, but in case you are like me and haven't been doing much comm reading, fellow Saiyuki fans, the [ profile] 7thnight_smut fics are up! (Everything is comm-locked, but I believe membership is non-moderated.)
+ [personal profile] vi's gorgeous Inception doodle has effectively kicked me back to excitement rather than resistance, ahaha- hopefully I'll get to watch the movie soon!
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+ Bloomberg's speech re: the mosque at Ground Zero.
+ [personal profile] briar_pipe: This is a health PSA. (That vaccination-causes-autism myth SO NEEDS TO DIE, UGH.)
+ Via Repeating Islands: TROIKA's new project looks amazing!
+ UHURAFEST. I do not have time to do this one, but Star Trek people, you totally should! ;)
+ [personal profile] sophinisba wrote My Best Kept Secret, which is asdf;lkjasd;lfkj SO CREEPY AND SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. &hearts Also, Merlin/Freya!
+ Seen via network, art by Huang Youwei. *______*
+ Shadow of the Templar fans: if you haven't seen it already, there is a new lacuna for Double Down HERE. ;)

In other news, I can has a [personal profile] such_heights today! \o\ /o/ *\o/* :D
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Fandom + randoms!

+ [personal profile] musesfool's A:TLA squee post is indeed an instrument of joy- I love seeing A:TLA squee, y'all, and discussions never fail to put a big dorktastic grin on my face. Putting this here specifically so I remember to get back to it!... eventually. Hopefully. /o\

+ Via [personal profile] crossedwires: SULU-OFF! STAR TREK FANDOM, I HAVE NEW SHINY LOVE FOR YOU ALL OVER AGAIN. *____*

+ Guinevere of Rohan by [ profile] felix_aeternus is gorgeous, omg.

+ The inestimable [personal profile] woldy wrote an amazing HP fic! Chasing Charlie is delightful, I haven't enjoyed reading Harry-POV fic this much in a very long time.

+ A Subversive Expression of Resistance is a fabulous interview with Marlon Hom on the poetry of Chinese immigrants detained at Angel Island.

+ Yakuza 3 reviewed by yakuza, via I think [personal profile] effex?

+ [personal profile] marina made a shiny fanvid: Home Now is breathtaking, and it makes me want to watch East West 101 RIGHT NOW.

+ [community profile] camelot_fleet is holding a Writers' Round Table! Come and play! :D

... and now I must be off to the library before I faff away the hours until closing time. &hearts!
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Closing assorted tabs;

+ [personal profile] crossedwires: i can't comfort you. i'm on hold.
+ [personal profile] jhameia: We are a sick sick world
+ A Transgender Journey
+ The People I've Slept With, which I would really like to watch! (NYC people, anybody interested??)

Also I am having fest dilemmas, already! I am doing Yuletide and [ profile] rs_small_gifts as they are tradition for me, and I also hope to do [community profile] eid_ka_chand, but Merlin is giving me a headache: [personal profile] camelotremix sign-ups are open through 8/21, and [ profile] camelotsolstice seems to be running again, and there is [ profile] merlinfemfest and augh I cannot decide, you guys. Plus there is that thing where my Merlin enthusiasm has severely dwindled, and that other thing where A:TLA has eaten my fannish hindbrain and I would really like to take advantage and write while this is so, and and...! Sigh. Isn't it a bit too early for this??
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[personal profile] petra's Be Excellent to Each Other love-meme came at a very good time for me, so. My thread! :> Will be back to comment-trawl for you guys later, but feel free to point me to your threads~ &hearts

Also, fandom looooove was had last night, yays! Some happies:

+ Glee: Discovered via [ profile] sequinedfairy, i'd gouge my eyes out if it would make your clothes less heinous by [ profile] ohladybegood made me seal-clap irl! Oh Kurt, oh Mercedes, ILU and your snarky condescension so. &hearts

+ Merlin: [community profile] camelot_fleet is having a mini-party week leading up to Femslash Day! *\o/* I haven't been much in the mood for Merlin, but I look forward to dropping in.

+ Avatar: the Last Airbender:
- Avatar Kyoshi ficlet by [personal profile] thedeadparrot! eeeee, so incoherent about this still.
- Zuko on a velociraptor, ahahahahah. OH ZUKO. I MOCK BECAUSE I LOVE.
- [personal profile] thingswithwings has a delightful post of happy squeetimes! eta: AND A ZUKO POLL OF LOL.
- [personal profile] dhobikikutti has a crunchy meta/love post, om nom nom. :D

+ Uraboku: I watched ep 14 with [ profile] ruffwriter last night and OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, IT WAS MADE OF SO MUCH CRACKY SLASHY RIDICULOUS DELICIOUSNESS, I CAN'T EVEN. small excerpt of our live gchat-flail )

+ RIZZOLI & ISLES: Guys, I'm pretty sure I have a new TV boygirlfriend! Caught the premiere last night after watching The Closer (hi Brenda &hearts), and eeeeeee lady cop show with TWO AWESOME LADIES! Zvi and musesfool have, you know, some actual thoughts, but I'm still stuck in the flailing phase because cop shows are totes my thing and also it is the first time I have insta-femslashed ever. (Merlin took me a while, okay, shush.) I will note that this ep is seriously triggering, but despite that and the pacing issues and ~sudden pilot-y DRAMA~, I loved the crap out of the fact that: spoilers )

In short, I HAS A GLEE, and am so excited for next week already omg. :D


May. 25th, 2010 02:49 pm
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Got done with Azula fic, or as good as done, and then realized I have timeline issues! /o\ (Brain spat it out in one big piece, but it might work better chopped in half? or bits?? or... augh.)

Also, I realize that I should probably put up another book-blogging post before I return to the library, but today is not going to be that day. Have some more Remix instead:

+ Merlin (+1 Firefly crossover)
- In My Place (the synchronised unicorns remix)
- To Command the Sea (the King of Camelot Remix)
- Talking Books and Burning Sticks (The Excellent Adventure Remix)
- Once and Future (the broken jaw of our lost kingdoms remix)
- Destroyer of Worlds
- Apple Princess (The Little Girls In Boxes Remix)

+ Star Trek:
- The Loudest Noise (affannato, affettuoso, agitato)
- Fleur de Lis (The Code of Honor Remix)
- Free, Freefalling (The Home Is Wherever I'm With You Remix)

And now I'm off to pick up some money! Money is good, especially when it's reimbursement money.
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+ PSA/signal-boost: The lovely [personal profile] magnetic_pole informs me that [ profile] api_recs could use some help, as she's going to be really really busy at the end of the month (and, alas, so am I). If anybody would like to organize and of course contribute to this year's recs week, it would be very much appreciated! [eta for post]

+ [personal profile] such_heights is hosting a vidding workshop this weekend over at [community profile] camelot_fleet! Slightly Merlin-slanted, but all are welcome to join in, no matter the amount of vidding experience. :)

+ Via [personal profile] the_future_modernes, YOUNG JOE BIDEN, OMG. *DED* Damn, but we have some pretty people in the White House.

+ [ profile] kinkme_merlin's Project Diversity is chock-full of fabulous prompts!

+ REMIX MADNESS IS ON, YOU GUYS. I AM EXCITE! [eta: on the backburner, apparently. Ah well, something to look forward to.]

+ What a Million Girls Would Kill For, by [personal profile] woldy: Devil Wears Prada, Emily-centric, awesome.

+ I know some of you may be interested in open alternatives to Facebook- and so, for that matter, am I! (Via [personal profile] zvi, I think.)

+ Via half the flist, the love child of John Sheppard and Adam Lambert apparently exists IRL. The obvious conclusion to be drawn from this is that fandom has some fucking scary superpowers, omg.

Annnnd now, back to writing. (CAN I GET UNSTUCK SOMETIME THIS YEAR PLEASE D:)
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first; Link-boosting [personal profile] ephemere's incredibly powerful No country for strangers (in response to Charles Tan's No Foreigners Allowed):
I will not say: no foreigners allowed. That is a rather horrible thing to say considering an overwhelming tendency here to welcome foreigners with open arms and bend over backwards for them, at the cost of discriminating against our fellow Filipinos. It is a statement that assumes we have the power to say such a thing and enforce such a rule when we, well, don't. "No foreigners allowed" is a fantasy -- a short-sighted, narrow-minded, twisted fantasy, but a fantasy nonetheless.

Instead I will say: this is no country for strangers. This is not a people that can be known by observation alone, without the risk of actual engagement. This is no land where you can set yourself apart and then delude yourself with claims that comprehension naturally comes with high-minded goals and noble intentions to enlighten a system whose only fundamental flaw is ignorance of your ways. This is not a place that needs more foreigners coming in to visit, then taking away with them their misconceptions and their privileged judgments -- because we have been misrepresented enough, not just in the international community but also amongst ourselves, and false categorizations and claims about who we are and where we came from and where we should go are unneeded and shouldn't be welcomed.

This is a place where one must know rage to know sight. I wrote, somewhat recently: "[S]ometimes rage is useful. Sometimes anger is necessary. Sometimes you need a great and brutal force to drive ugly and hidden secrets into the light; sometimes self-satisfaction and complacency cannot be worn down gradually, but must be wrenched apart. Sometimes fear is the only edge that will compel you to walk a difficult and unfamiliar path. Sometimes you can't just politely ask rotting structures to make way for the construction of new ones. You have to knock them down. Burn them to the ground." I believe this is as true of the writing of fiction as it is of development policy, or economic research, or the study of Philippine institutions.

second; videos via angry asian man for week of win day 7--

+ M.I.A.'s new music video for Born Free is both a shock to the heart and (imo) an embarrassment of riches, but seriously: trigger warning.

+ Two segments from Caught in the Act, featuring Misnomers and the amazing Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai.

+ And to end on a lighter note, here's yet another Glee audition roundup!

eta because I dropped a link! /o\ [personal profile] avendya's Blood Makes Noise is an incredible (first!) vid about Morgana. Send her some love!
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[personal profile] deepad's written an open letter to Charles Tan, and [personal profile] ciderpress has a post taking down (yet another Glee-related incident of) hipster racism.

As for me, I need to stop engaging for a while with the things that make me angry. Instead, I'm clearing out my mental/emotional space: for the next seven days, I am going to make and/or link to satisfyingly squeeful things, with enough shiny to wallow myself back into a good mood. You're all welcome to join me if you like! :) Ergo,

week of win, day 1:

+ Via angry asian man, Raymond Lee's official Glee audition. SHOWERS OF SPARKLY HEARTS, OMG YES PLEASE, etc. etc.

+ Attention Gwen and Morgana (and OT4) lovers: if you haven't seen [personal profile] leupagus's Home to the Weary, it is a joygasm waiting to happen.

+ Just found a youtube clip of the Of Montreal concert I saw a few years back!

The Party's Crashing Us may still be my favorite song of theirs, ever. &hearts

+ Not relevant to anybody else, but fuck if I'm going to ignore RL awesome when I has it: I have accrued a fairly ridiculous number of paid vacation hours, and am going to see the World Expo in Shanghai this summer! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*
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[personal profile] ciderpress has a most happymaking lady cop love post! [+ lj version for comment-mention of The Closer &hearts]

Also, artword is now posted at [community profile] camelot_fleet: the syntax of things, pre-Gwen/Morgana-ish, G. Check out [personal profile] artemis's adorable pretties! &hearts I am sorry I'm such a deadline failboat, partner, you were awesome.

Today's poem, because I am in the mood for tongue-in-cheek:

Siren Song

This is the one song everyone
would like to learn: the song
that is irresistible:

the song that forces men
to leap overboard in squadrons
even though they see beached skulls

the song nobody knows
because anyone who had heard it
is dead, and the others can’t remember.
Shall I tell you the secret
and if I do, will you get me
out of this bird suit?
I don’t enjoy it here
squatting on this island
looking picturesque and mythical
with these two feathery maniacs,
I don’t enjoy singing
this trio, fatal and valuable.

I will tell the secret to you,
to you, only to you.
Come closer. This song

is a cry for help: Help me!
Only you, only you can,
you are unique

at last. Alas
it is a boring song
but it works every time.

-- Margaret Atwood
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Jeesh, so much rain, omg. Yesterday we had a brief power outage, and today some of the traffic lights aren't working and the library's electronic borrowing system is down, but it is still officially a Good Weekend because I now have in my possession

a) N.K. Jemisin's The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and
b) the first five (out of six) volumes of 紅樓夢/Hóng lóu mèng/Dream of the Red Chamber, in side-by-side Chinese and English! \o/ SO EXCITED, you guys. :> :> Translators for this version are Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang, in case anyone's interested.

In other happy-making news, have some recs! Four Remus(/Sirius) birthday fics:
- (Not) Just Another Day [hard R] by [ profile] midnitemaraud_r
- (Even better than) the real thing [PG]by [ profile] red_squared
- Let Him Eat Cake [NC-17] by [ profile] mindabbles
- Fly the Friendly Skies [NC-17] by [ profile] gryffindor_j

and one lovely present written for me by [personal profile] such_heights:
- Giving Thanks [PG, OT4 gen], written for the prompt of "someone discovers the secret diary of aggrieved sad-panda Merlin Emrys." :D &hearts!

Story-writing and plotting are proceeding on many fronts, if slowly, so hopefully I can keep it up!
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It's been that kind of week, apparently. Be careful of your blood pressure!

+ Points of frothing rage, which I refuse to link to directly:
- Syfy's epic Gwen-fail as reported by [personal profile] heathershaped, with requisite rebuttal Gwen/Angel picspam started by [personal profile] such_heights!
- two takes on Norman Spinrad's recent SF/F failitude (have we gone for more than a month this past year without somebody running around sans pants?). Basically I am glad there are people who are more articulately angry than I am, omg.

+ [ profile] stephiepenguin has a great linkspam up: sometimes i love broken things (feminism)

+ Study finds median wealth for single black women at $5. Tell me again about your bootstrap mythology, country of mine!

+ [personal profile] deepad has a really interesting paper on Creative Othering: The Oriental in Ballet.

+ And finally, I feel like I may be linking [ profile] yeloson's post about Disengagement and "Educate me!" very often in future.


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