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I am in a writing kind of mood today, but am sadly lacking in inspiration! There's the obvious Touch Pass assignment, but that requires more consideration and I still need to get my hand in in terms of writing fic again. SO! Toss me prompts please? Any fandom [incomplete list] will do, not just Kuroko. As usual I can't promise I'll fill everything, but I'll try to finish as many as I can.

+ balance [OT4, gen, "Red Cliff characters as benders from ATLA verse"]
+ weekend routines [Makoto & Haruka, gen, Free!]
+ what bros are for [Nippori & Ryosuke, gen, Tumbling]

*title from Li-Young Lee's "Immigrant Blues"
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My paper is done and so I have finally read my Kaleidoscope stories! EPIC GLEEFACE IS EPIC.

&hearts Patience, love, courage, tea is the RED CLIFF STORY OF MY HEART, omg. Sun Shangxiang being awesome on and off the battlefield! Friendship with Xiao Qiao! All the banter and snark and needling Zhuge Liang that anybody could wish for! Favorite non-explicitly OT4 is FAVORITE. *draws sparkly hearts forever* (Contains graphic violence.)

&hearts Feminine Wiles, a Red Cliff treat that is also entertainingly snarky! My fondness for terrible innuendo, it is great. xD

&hearts Somewhere Different Now, which is TUMBLING! My brand new sparkly fandom of glee! And also features Kiyama, who is my favoritest favorite character omg, and deals with canon homophobia in a way that I find very satisfying. &hearts &hearts &hearts Also: the appearances by Ryosuke and Wataru are PERFECT. :D
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OMG YOU GUYS. According to [personal profile] musesfool, only one person who signed up for Remix (as of a few hours ago, anyway) qualifies for A:TLA, which strikes me as a) astonishing and b) SADFACE! I was just going through my stuff to see if I qualify and it appears that I have in fact written enough commentfic to pass, but hey- I could always go another round for A:TLA! &hearts Plus, I still have this one way-overdue story on the backburner, so it'll be nice to kick my brain into writing-mode again.

Therefore: toss in your prompts! Come drabble with me! We have until Saturday before Remix signups close, and it is entirely possible to write enough to qualify if you're properly bunnied. ;D All it takes is seven 100+ word ficbits (or five 500+ word ficlets), and that's if you've never written anything in the fandom before! *tempts*

eta: fills!
+ [personal profile] crossedwires: Ty Lee, tightrope; crossover with Red Cliff
+ [personal profile] lady_ganesh: Mai, turtleducks
+ [personal profile] mercredigirl: Katara, Toph, stewed sea prunes
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1. OMG YOU GUYS, [personal profile] crossedwires WROTE ME A NYR STORY FOR RED CLIFF! &hearts &hearts &hearts ride until we fall is so utterly glorious (Shangxiang! *______*), I can't even tell you. *flails* Go forth and read!

2. I was thinking about putting up a post for this year's Yuletide friending meme, but [personal profile] sarashina beat me to it! :D &hearts If you're interested in meeting new people who share your tiny fandoms, hop on over!

eta: 3. [community profile] dark_agenda's Chromatic Yuletide 2010 Challenge Summary & Discussion post is up! If any participants or readers have time to hop over and leave feedback, it would be very much appreciated. &hearts /eta

... I had a couple more roundups I meant to do (2010 book log, & perhaps one for icons), but eh. Will get to those at some later date.
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Dear internets: NEW DESKTOP HAS ARRIVED! IT IS AMEZZIN! \o/ Also, since it is a long weekend & I am taking next week off work (haring off to parts Canadian with the family, actually- er, why are we traveling to where it's colder during winter again?), I feel it is time to unload some Yuletide recspam: Bend it Like Beckham, Chinese Mythology, The Dark is Rising, Disney Princesses, The Effluent Engine, Ender's Game, Fairy Tales, Fire and Hemlock, Greek and Roman Mythology, Haru wo Daiteita, Hip Hop RPF, His Dark Materials, Kushiel's Legacy, Love Actually, Love Mode, Metropolis: the Chase Suite, Nikita, Old Kingdom- Garth Nix, Old Spice Guy, Pop Music RPF, Qing Hua Ci, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Spindle's End, Stigma, Telephone, Tortall, Westing Game )
last updated: 2 Jan. 2011

Probably I'll just continue to update this list as I keep reading; it's too easy for me to lose track of previous recs otherwise.

Oh, and while I'm spamming anyway, have some [ profile] rs_small_gifts too: [eta'd for more]
- To Make a New Beginning
- Marginalia
- Hot Mess (and I'm falling for you)
- Christmas Detention
- Lie still, Mr Black
- Watching me as he rows out



Dec. 27th, 2010 04:14 pm
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Unexpected snow day + [personal profile] crossedwires's Red Cliff Part II picspam = REWATCH \o/ Using my sister's new projector, no less! :D

Also, I watched through ep 11 of Togainu no Chi (& read both manga versions) yesterday, and am a little bit fascinated but not quite impressed. In fact the whole thing made me kind of depressed, so I'm rereading Saiyuki at the moment instead (er, am technically supposed to be writing things, but I need to kick my brain into some sort of creative state again). Other bits & pieces of anime I've caught recently: most of an ep of Claymore, a snippet of Baccano!, a snippet of Cowboy Bebop, and about half an ep of Sengoku Basara (which looked to be the last ep, actually). I'll probably end up picking up Claymore and Sengoku Basara at some point- Claymore because AWESOME FEMALE CHARACTERS FTW, Sengoku Basara because I need to know what kind of ridiculousness I was even watching?!?

Anyway- belated thank-yous to Becky, [personal profile] crooked, & [ profile] lovingyouin1963 for the holiday cards (&hearts!), & will do some more catch-up things just as soon as my wireless network stops kicking me off at random. -.-;;;;
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A very happy birthday to [personal profile] avendya, and a happy belated to [personal profile] thingswithwings! Have some shiny, lovelies. :>

» delicious things wot I've devoured over the past few days
+ Tenipuri: About Life and Stuff and Playing the Game, via these fic recs from [personal profile] wistfuljane
+ HP from [ profile] rs_small_gifts: Gold and Silver Days, Haere Mai (Come Here), The Secret Christmas Plan, Evergreen
+ & some more HP: Delta, A Weasley Tradition
+ A:TLA: unbolt the dark, to cover a bruise, Reign Within, Facing An Open Sea, "... and she rules the sky with lunar goodness."
+ V for Vendetta: the lights burn blue
+ Inception: Cities of Sand
+ Narnia: Adonai
+ Merlin: The Ink Still Drying, OMGWTFOTP

» shiny things wot I've received over the past few days
+ on the wings, a lovely Loveless ficlet by [ profile] lemniciate! Thank you, sweets!
+ Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse (trans. by Red Pine). &hearts &hearts &hearts *\o/* Thank you, [personal profile] avendya!!
+ The following, from the amazing [personal profile] artemis: thank youuu! *flails* )
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Link-basket today, since I cannot think.

+ [ profile] rawles: a quick note (erasing women from the narrative is never feminist)

+ [personal profile] ephemere: What we remember (on Imelda Marcos; Listen: every time you reduce Imelda to frivolity and excess, you spit on countless unnamed graves.)

+ [personal profile] yeloson: Privilege hates, but doesn't know what hate is

+ [ profile] fiction_theory: The internet IS real life

+ [personal profile] deepad: On talking and not about Israel and Palestine

+ [personal profile] crossedwires: Red Cliff Part I icons! SO SHINY, omg. *___*

+ [personal profile] damned_colonial: Wiscon vid party playlist

+ [personal profile] nextian: where you got lost, how you got by; Star Trek reversebang; Sulu(/Chekov) is AWESOME. &hearts

+ [personal profile] magnetic_pole: Air Heart; HP; stunning; young McGonagall learns to fly.

+ Book 21 of [ profile] imaginarybeasts (aka edition: WUXIAAAAAAAAAA) is up! *\o/*

+ Thanks to Mynuet for the lovely remix! &hearts
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+ Remix is up! \o/ Some most excellent soul decided to remix my teeny scarvesnhats ficlet, yesterday was blue, and I couldn't be happier: Familiar and Strange is just about everything I am a sucker for when it comes to Remus/Sirius! While I was the one who broke them apart, I'm so glad that my remixer decided to piece them back together (and oh, Sirius, I am so never going to get over you. :>).

+ Y'all, I have finished A:TLA aaaaand OMG SO READY FOR A REWATCH. :D :D :D &hearts! Also, I need fic recs NAO PLZ and um, possibly somebody needs to stop me from committing Azula fic before I'm even half done with my to-write list. >.> ALSO, because I know some of you are curious, it turns out I am a Zuko girl after all, though it did take me until season 3, heh. Apparently I am as predictable as ever?

+ Speaking of rewatches, [personal profile] crossedwires has a delicious picspam of Red Cliff, Part I! It is pretty much the perfect explanation of why I ship everyone/everyone in that movie.

+ .... OKAY, NO, CLEARLY I NEED MORE A:TLA SQUEE. Name a character and I will write them a love letter? ;)

eta; Toph, Sokka, Azula, Mai, Aang, Zuko, Iroh, Katara


Feb. 15th, 2010 04:17 pm
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The 5th Asian Women Blog Carnival is up! [ profile] stephiepenguin did a great job compiling these, and I plan to devour everything today.

Still so groggy, omg. I have been failing to kickstart my brain into writing (well, what I'm supposed to be writing, at least) for the past four days, but thanks to the power of the collective awesome over at [personal profile] dhobikikutti's, I did come up with this:

Fandom: Red Cliff
Rating: G
Summary/notes: First attempt! Written for [personal profile] troisroyaumes's request; reposted from here. Vague spoilers for parts I and II- I watched the full-length version, not the cut one. *g*

Meng Meng is nearly grown now, and Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu can both be found at the stables more often than not, lingering longer and longer as the summer wears on. )

Okay, retreating to my word docs! Hopefully I can finish at least one of them. :S


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