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[personal profile] yifu has the BEST ideas. ♥ This is definitely a work in progress, so audience participation is welcome and encouraged, lol. Also, I haven't caught up with Korra at all (I lost investment at the end of S1), so if I'm missing half a cast by now, that's why.

Korra: ???
Mako: Harry Shum Jr.
Bolin: Daniel Cloud Campos
Asami: Fan Bingbing

Lin Bei Fong: Michelle Yeoh
Tenzin: Chow Yun Fat
Pema: Joan Chen
Hiroshi Sato: Tony Leung
Tarrlok: ???
Amon/Noatak: ???
Lieutenant: ???
Bumi: Jason Momoa?
Iroh: Daniel Henney
Ikki: ???
Jinora: ???
Meelo: ???

Master Katara: ???
Avatar Aang: ???
Sokka: Naveen Andrews?
Toph Bei Fong: Zhao Wei
Yakone: ???

You may have noticed how many question marks are involved in this list! There are implied question marks even for the names without question marks, so feel free to convince me to change my mind! THROW ME YOUR NAMES AND FACES, EVERYONE. :D
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Belated & abbreviated watchblog!

1. Snow White and the Huntsman. Dear internets, I was forewarned, and it still made even less sense than I was expecting! Totally agree with [personal profile] oyceter that there are about four logical movies that could have been made out of it (two of which I would actually have enjoyed watching). I should have listened to you all and not paid to see it in the theater, but at least I didn't pay full price?

2. Korra. I... keep trying and failing at coherence, but in the meantime, my general reaction:
in macro form )

3. The Dark Knight Rises. I watched this post-dance-class, not for full price, and with my brain half off, which may have contributed to my enjoyment of the movie in addition to my complete lack of knowledge of comics-verse. spoilers-ish )

4. Kuroko no Basuke, for which I blame [personal profile] inkstone! ♥ I seriously inhaled all of the manga and anime in a day. I don't even know where to begin talking about it and also am in a state of total A:JKS:DLFHSDL:F *\o/*!!!!!!, but if you enjoy sports series and/or are a sucker for all things team like me, I recommend checking it out! Also: endless eye candy, even though there aren't a lot of female characters. >.> [personal profile] inkstone's promo post has video clips.
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An incoherent list of things, as usual, but basically: HI LIN HI! ♥ ♥ ♥ spoilers! )
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So this idea came about through some gchat silliness, when [profile] koyal started us off by referring to A:TLA as "Zuko Travels Around the World And Some Other Guys Save the World In the Background I Guess"--

[me: Aang & Zuko's Excellent Adventures!

[profile] koyal: Aang Laughs At Gravity

me: Katara vs. Misogyny, An Epic Saga!
Sokka's Eternal Quest for Meat! (And Maybe More Sarcasm)

[profile] koyal: Toph Beats Up Everyone

me: Suki & Her Fangirls!
Mai's Exercises in Target Practice?
Azula Rules the World With Force Lightning

[profile] koyal: Azula Scares The Crap Out of Everything
Uncle Iroh in "I'll Make a Tea-Brewer Out of You"


-- so of course we decided that it should be a meme! So, dear internets: have at it! Party in the comments! A:TLA and Korra are fair game, but please do note any spoilers for Korra. ;) ♥
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-- so instead I urge you all to check out [personal profile] crossedwires's AMAZING ICONS!!! Spoilers for eps 1 & 2. (I will try not to use the rest of the icons I ganked until after the airdate, heh.)
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Wow, this is the first time I have actually had a class canceled! In celebration I had a glorious two-person dumpling party and, er, started inhaling notes for Monday's midterm. Which I need to get back to, actually! Therefore, some randoms:

» I'm not sure I made it clear in my last post that yes, I have watched (and rewatched and rewatched) the first Korra ep! Proper discussion will have to come post-midterm, though. In the meantime: CAPSLOCK SPOILERS )

» Check out Janelle covering Jimi Hendrix! )

» a number of recipes I am planning to try:
- the single lady pancake
- eggs in bell peppers or onion rings
- eggs in avocado slices
- guac omelette
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+ Favorite age-up of Aang thus far omg ♥ ♥ ♥

+ I already have 123098723095872309487 Korra icon themes plotted in my head! April: SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR A:SDLKJA:LSKFJA.

... I had other things to say and also I think some links and maybe someday they will return to me, but KORRA. Brain is waving goodbye for the foreseeable future!
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AIR DATE 4/14! EEEEEEEEEE! Flail-party at white_lotus! ;D

This is only 1230982730928375094837 times better than the pi day pie I just had. *\o/*


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