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Yesterday, I watched The Handmaiden as a birthday-prelude outing with a couple of girls from my cohort. It was a super busy week (or 10 days, whatever), so all I'd based this decision on was this one-sentence synopsis from IMDB. Lady spy! I mean, really, there are a million awesome movies to be made about lady spies! Surely one can't go wrong!

So we go to the theater and get through Part 1, and huh, lady spy movie with lesbian romance? If ever there was a fanfic setup, but way to put that on the big screen. (At this point I note that I haven't read Fingersmith, which my friends later told me this was based on. Given that they came with me to watch this anyway, I likely wouldn't have changed my decision.) semi-detailed spoilers-ish start here )

Overall reaction: what did I just watch. (Answer: a bad fanfic.) My friends inform me that most of the reviews for this movie were great; I highly disagree. My sister calls it over the top; I'd call it an interesting mess that buried all the interesting bits in piles of wtf. Given wider media trends of hypersexualized Asian women, not to mention Asian women in porn, a lot of this movie made me uncomfortable. It's SO male gaze-y, often with LITERAL ON-SCREEN MALE GAZE. (Weirdly, the lesbian sex scenes are probably the least male gaze-y moments I could name in this movie.) Also, this movie perpetuates the narrative that Asian women need saving from Asian men, though at least vague spoiler? ). The various portrayals of mental illness, suicide, various types of abuse, and general sexual skeeviness probably need trigger warnings; I sure as hell wish someone had warned me about those. In conclusion, I'm not sure I exactly regret watching it, but it definitely left me in a haze of perplexity and dismay.
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+ I've been avoiding Rachel Dolezal bullshit beyond headlines and friends' snarky commentary. It makes my head explode, and right now I don't have the energy to deal with rage or the processing power for comments beyond "wow, dat entitlement doe." Thankfully, life has been full of shiny and emotionally restorative distractions lately!

+ Had an awesome weekend in sort-of-upstate NY with dance friends, cooking, exploring rivers and waterfalls, and generally relaxing. ♥ I need more of this kind of time this summer.

+ Loving the music video for The New International Sound Pt. II by GENER8ION and M.I.A.! cut for embed )

+ Upcoming dance weekend!! *\o/* So excited to see everyone from out of town again, hooray :D

+ Also planning to take a day or two (sometime next week or so?) for a mini writing blitz- I miss writing fic. Toss me some prompts, please? Any fandom is fine, though I'm feeling a bit biased towards A:TLA and HP at the moment and I can't guarantee that I'll fill everything.
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Post-performance tab-closing!

1. To whomever decided it was a good idea to sell a $245 pair of chopsticks: are you NUTS?! I don't think my parents' entire chopstick collection tallies up to $245, and that's between the everyday ones, the nicer ones, the non-heat-warped ones we use for guests, the fancypants souvenir ones from Japan, and the unused packages that are probably still in a drawer somewhere. If chopstick-users around the world laughed you off the face of the earth this minute, it wouldn't be a moment too soon.

2. Free access articles on mobile technology in health/behavioral sciences, anyone? I haven't actually read any of them yet, but this one looks like it could be interesting: Gamification for Behavior Change: Lessons from Developing a Social, Multiuser, Web-Tablet Based Prevention Game for Youths.

3. NOW HIRING FOR PANDA NANNIES?! That is a job description I could totally get behind! Too bad I don't actually live in China.
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1. For those of you who haven't come across it already, [personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme! Thanks for my thread. ♥

2. I just finished Random Family, and it is AMAZING. Ostensibly I'm reading this for academic reasons, but I just inhaled it at my fiction-reading pace. (It feels SO GOOD to be reading things at my fiction-reading pace!) I'm in no state to book-blog properly, as my head is full of ten million other things, but INCOHERENT FLAIL. I am so glad the author chose to tell the stories of the people in the South Bronx.

3. Kao Kalia Yang's essay on The Science of Racism is a must-read. I can say nothing about this piece that she doesn't say more eloquently herself.

4. Because I want to end on a more cheerful note today: check out GQ's Jeremy Lin interview! JLin, please never lose your down-to-earthness, it is the most adorable omg.
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Yesterday my mom informed me that old (white) men are GROSS. cut for those who don't want to deal with yellow fever today )

Clearly if this goes on, I will end up KEEPING A LIST. OF SHUN. To be circulated not only immediately, but for the rest of my life.


Jun. 20th, 2011 02:27 pm
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Okay, I don't think I am that easily grossed out, but I really was not expecting to see a teratocarcinoma in the middle of my tumblr dash (if you're not sure what that is, CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK. NO, REALLY.) today.

Jha, ilu & I agree that they are fascinating (in the totally gruesome and horrifying way) but OMG the shriek I had to suppress at work just now. ;;;;;;;;
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[in order of stumble-upon, not importance]

» [personal profile] synecdochic's IP logging, internet privacy, geolocation, and you: facts to consider is a scary useful post.

» [personal profile] boundbooks also has links re: a bill in Congress that would make streaming copyrighted material a felony.

» Proposed Law to Revoke Visas Without Court Oversight Threatens Americans and their Families. I can't even. Maybe someday I'll be able to compartmentalize enough, or control/deal with blank rage well enough, to read the news on a regular basis? I'm not sure I ought to look forward to that day though. :x
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A few days ago I said, How ironic that we are called imaginary when the western world can hardly imagine us. Apparently it's too difficult for some people to comprehend that the way to fix that is to REALLY LISTEN to REAL STORIES and REAL VOICES- and for some super-special jackasses NOT to act as if our identities are some sort of superhero costume that exist only to be at their disposal. Even if they're "only" playing dress-up with words.

The irony of that statement I made cuts both ways: sometimes the western world is too fucking busy with its ~fantasies~ to acknowledge our realities.

Things acknowledgment does not equal, an incomplete list:
1. cultural tourism!
2. fancy displays of mental masturbation! (there is probably something to be said here about non-con/dub-con but am literally too angry to work it out)
3. fauxpologies!


eta; Minal Hajratwala- A Thousand Sighs: Memoir of a Hoax. This includes excerpts that you may not actually want to read (goodness knows there's more than enough to rage on).
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» Potluck #2: Comfort Food is up! I do apologize for my disorganized state; I dropped the ball in terms of wider promotions, & I will make sure I have things more together for next time. *shakes fists* In the meantime, we are still looking for volunteers to host the next issue, so please do poke me/[personal profile] yiduiqie if you're interested!

» [personal profile] marina's posted chewy meta and links to X-Men: First Class reviews! :3

» Have posted this elsewhere, but Amina, who blogs at A Gay Girl in Damascus, is currently missing. I can't help but notice who is questioning her existence, how quickly and easily the lives of POC & LGBTQ people in general, but particularly outside of Europe & the United States, are dismissed as fictional, how acknowledgment requires a sufficient body of proof. How ironic that we are called imaginary when the western world can hardly imagine us.

» Via twitter/tumblr, “A darkness was ripped from my eyes”, or, How can anyone like Mary Oliver’s “Singapore”? SIGH, SADFACE, FROWNYFACE. I really like other stuff of hers that I've encountered, but that poem...!

» & finally, thanks to everybody who commented on my rice-love post! It made my life about 1000% better, you should all go and check out the threads because DELICIOUS COMMENTS ARE DELICIOUS. AND WARM. &hearts (Though perhaps it is best to avoid it until you've eaten, ahaha!)
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Hey, so you know what's awesome about A:TLA? THE UNIVERSE!! I have little use for out-of-universe AUs because omg, why would you AU a premise like that?! This is no Star Trek or SGA or Merlin, okay; hybrid animals or no, A:TLA is not that kind of crackfest. The cultural context is there. Divorcing that from fanworks isn't creating an AU so much as it is dissecting away the skeleton, the skin, the beating heart of the show.

and I am so preaching to the choir here, but. )
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1. Tonight's Nikita: most interesting plotline thus far? It's up there in my book, but then again that's not exactly saying much (and also, I'm rather easy to please when there is Maggie Q with a gun to distract me. In case you hadn't noticed. >.>). spoilers )

2. NBC's canceling Undercovers?!?! It's not like I wasn't half-expecting/half-dreading this since I first heard it was going to air but FUCK YOUUUUUUUU NBC, SO MUCH NO. This may be a fluffy capery show, okay, but I notice White Collar and Leverage are both still alive and kicking. Obviously fluffy capery shows with TWO POC LEADS and ZERO WHITE MANPAIN have to get the boot before the first season's even finished airing, eh? Make all the excuses you want; they all sound like "know your place" to me. >:||||||

3. [personal profile] effex has made JANELLE MONAE ICONS OF WIN! &hearts &hearts All that joyful gorgeousness is guaranteed to make you feel better; go have a look.
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Three things that made me happy and one thing that didn't:

+ [ profile] cherrybina's bb!JGL spam!

+ [ profile] robanybody's Ain't Gotta Flaunt For Me, awesome awesome Hawaii 5-O fic: Danny/Kono with Kono & Chin's family shenanigans to boot! Also, Kono is the best ever. &hearts If H5O were more the Chin-and-Kono show, I would watch the shit out of it despite my general apathy towards the setup- I am a cop show kind of girl, but not so much this cop show, DDK & Grace Park notwithstanding. Woe!

+ Current can't-stop-listening: La Pastillita- Chino y Nacho... although you may want to keep in mind that I don't know Spanish. >.> (IDK, am I the only one who's never been in the habit of listening to music for the lyrics??)

- This makes my teeth itch, and I can't even bring myself to watch the ad in question.

incoherent crankypants ramble )

In other news, it's my mom's birthday today, so what with that and my incredibly low-energy state and all the writing I have to get done this weekend despite my words falling out of my head, I will probably be around/interacting even more sporadically than usual. &hearts &hearts!
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things white people do: unacceptable "social"/"flirtation" behaviors
[note for anyone wondering if these examples are hypothetical: THEY ARE NOT]

cut for head-explosion; possibly triggering for racism & harassment )

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Look: I don't care if your ox took a dump or had diarrhea; either way, THE BULLSHIT SMELLS THE SAME.
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I tried to separate these out but got overwhelmed by categorization; therefore, another haphazard mess! Trigger warnings apply to some of the following. cut for A LOT )


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:58 am
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Have been writing bits and pieces of various fandom commitments in between reading and procrastinatory internet dabbling and epic photo uploading, but still haven't actually finished any of them. *headdesk* So, uh, links! A lot of them.

+ fuck you ever so: )

+ requisite followup of shiny: )

Okay, distraction time over, back to the grind.

eta; also, shana tova to those who are celebrating! HELLO, I FAIL AT LIFE. /o\
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+ Via yeats & angry asian man, Ahmed Sharif and his family are in need of help.

+ [personal profile] dhobikikutti and [personal profile] kairia have kicked off a combined-challenge over at [community profile] eid_ka_chand to support the Pakistan relief efforts here.

+ Via [personal profile] yifu, 30 mosques. &hearts

+ Via angry asian man: the API/A love letter project.

Also: due to the crosspost-comment-fuckery, I am turning off comments on my LJ again starting today (I am hostile towards facebook and have zero interest in twitter; please do not crosspost your comments on my entries!). I know there are scripts and such to deal with it, but frankly, LJ has been a pain in my ass for a long time now and if it weren't for all the lovely people still on it, I would already have jumped ship entirely. My DW invite codes are listed here for anybody who's been thinking about moving their stuff (just let me know if you've grabbed one so I can cross it off!), but if you don't plan to do so you can still comment on my journal using OpenID. People who primarily use LJ, let me know if you have trouble with access- I've done a bit of access/subscription revamping and so might have changed some things.
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[personal profile] ephemere wrote Patalim, which is painful and gorgeous (and also triggering for descriptions of violence), even if I wish it weren't so necessary to say:
I don't want to erase this blood staining my legacy. I don't want to forget, as if it never happened. I don't want to keep coming across, "I didn't know the Philippines was a U.S. colony!" as if I do not bear the damage of American occupation written in my nerves and across my tongue. I don't want to see "deathmarching" used as a verb, the same way I deplore how "imeldific" is used as an adjective -- as if history were an erasable thing and words slipping into common parlance an apology or a healing of all these wounds. I don't want people to go on using this in a misguided attempt to remove the blood in it, because forgetting is what gives the evil behind this more power, by allowing the word to go unchallenged and slip under the veneer of acceptability, lightness, cheapening, banality. I don't want the atrocities of war to become equated with mundane things.

I don't want common use. I don't want a sanitized history. I want my stories, past and present, these stories of my people that we have lost and that we're on the verge of losing, held close to my heart and remembered. I want these stories told over and over again, because the need for them will never lift, not the necessity for memory and not the blatant spitting on the dignity of it. I want to claim them though I may choke on tears and tongue in doing so, though I surrender on so many other things daily and remain one frail and weak person still grappling with the fractures in her present and in her past. Because this, too, is part of who I am. Because every story told and every careless use challenged is defiance, is struggle, is me raising my head and saying, this happened, this matters -- is yet another blow against erasure, silence, the unmarking of graves.

(See also: [personal profile] megwrites with context, [personal profile] manifesta on "mythologizing".)

My two cents, modified from a comment I left elsewhere:

You know the thing about turning history into myth? It makes people believe that these things never happened, these things were never true. Take it one step further: suddenly we become replaceable, interchangeable, lives and memories and stories and histories (hair and skin and blood and bones) fodder for your plagiarism, convenient backdrops for your stories- a book of myths in which our names do not appear**.

Turning us into magical unicorns, orcs, a handy spice rack with which you can ~flavor~ your realities and imaginations, all while erasing ours- this is respect? Please. Look me in the eye. Say it again. I'll warn you right now, though: I am not that inscrutable.

*Li-Young Lee
**Adrienne Rich- yes, I am capable of appropriating right back.

eta: two more links while I'm on the subject of history;
- [personal profile] troisroyaumes on history and memory
- The Spirit of Hiroshima, a personal account of August 6th, 1945 by Matsubara Miyoko. Trigger warning applies.
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Book post derailed by RAGE STROKE.

Roundups: [personal profile] torachan's here, [personal profile] amazonziti's here. [personal profile] bossymarmalade was a saint and collected excerpts; I want to run around stapling [personal profile] ephemere's Silly matters to the foreheads of everyone involved in this fail, everyone who stood by and said nothing or gave encouragement while this thing was being written, everyone who says "but she didn't intend to be offensive!!!"

The intent of the author, for the 12039872309873490586345th fucking time, is NOT THE POINT. What matters is the RESULTS, and the results of this travesty are not just offense, they are PERPETUATING HARM. So forgive me if I don't give a shit about the author's hurt feelings; forgive me if I and everyone else calling this shit out don't sound polite or nice enough for you. If you can still, after endless rounds of fail, waste your time on the (zombie) tone argument, what you are saying is that you can only see POCs as paper dolls, as puppets, as props and set dressing for your own personal dramas. You are saying that you cannot see us as real human beings with real human lives, and that... that does not make me as angry as it makes me sad for you, and believe me, I am very fucking angry right now.

Read these. Read these. I cannot trust myself to be coherent any longer, but I refuse to remain silent.

eta: via [personal profile] inkstone- not the first time post-earthquake Haiti has been used as a backdrop?!?!? BRB, need to borrow brass knuckles.


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