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So I'm sure some of you have already come across this patty-cake cover of Adele's Send My Love, right? Well, Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider did another cover, this time with that cup game: I Don't Wanna Live Forever

These might feel a bit gimmicky for some people, but I actually quite like them- awesome a capella aside, it's pretty clever to use catchy rhythms from kids' games like these, not to mention fun to try duplicating. I don't even remember when/how I picked up these elementary school skills, honestly. Also, the Adele cover is zoukable! :D Maybe a good future demo song?
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I just picked five organizations to donate to! That was much more fun and interesting (and felt way more worthwhile) than trying to figure out how stocks work as my dad has been pushing me to do, lol.

Every day is a great day to put The ArchAndroid on repeat, but today it feels especially relevant. Thank you, universe, for the gift that is Janelle Monae.

... & now I need to finish some readings before road tripping off to my marathon dance party. I hope you do something to restore your energy this weekend too! ♥
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1. Seriously (written by Sara Bareilles), Leslie Odom Jr.
2. Hallelujah, Pentatonix
3. Cold War, Janelle Monae
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THE EEPHUS IS OUT!!!! EEEEEEE, SO EXCITED. I already know and love half of this EP, as Jidenna's Classic Man and Janelle Monae's Yoga were released as singles earlier this year; I can't wait to check out the rest of it. Wondaland is Janelle's label, too! :D :D :D

♣ Not related to The Eephus, but similarly amazing: the Wondaland crew has also released Hell You Talmbout in support of #BlackLivesMatter. You know, in case you haven't already seen it.

This tweet by George Takei kind of makes me want to caption it "How to Make a Furby", omg. xD

♣ Via twitter, a fairly accurate list: top fanfic tropes! )

♣ While sorting through piles of random things to prepare for moving, I found this necklace: )
The cross pendant is not removable, which makes me hesitant to wear it as I'm not actually Christian. I'd be happy to send it on, if anyone here is interested! I also have a bunch of other jewelry (earrings from street fairs, etc.) but that will probably end up in another post.
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+ I've been avoiding Rachel Dolezal bullshit beyond headlines and friends' snarky commentary. It makes my head explode, and right now I don't have the energy to deal with rage or the processing power for comments beyond "wow, dat entitlement doe." Thankfully, life has been full of shiny and emotionally restorative distractions lately!

+ Had an awesome weekend in sort-of-upstate NY with dance friends, cooking, exploring rivers and waterfalls, and generally relaxing. ♥ I need more of this kind of time this summer.

+ Loving the music video for The New International Sound Pt. II by GENER8ION and M.I.A.! cut for embed )

+ Upcoming dance weekend!! *\o/* So excited to see everyone from out of town again, hooray :D

+ Also planning to take a day or two (sometime next week or so?) for a mini writing blitz- I miss writing fic. Toss me some prompts, please? Any fandom is fine, though I'm feeling a bit biased towards A:TLA and HP at the moment and I can't guarantee that I'll fill everything.
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♣ The only (AWESOME) Yuletide story I've read so far this year: Our Voices Raised in Song by [personal profile] jibrailis! AHHHH ARCHANDROID-VERSE CROSSOVER ♥ ♥ ♥ :D

♣ Via angry asian man: Trolls and Martyrdom: Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie, by Arthur Chu

Gorgeous pic of the Grand Canyon after a New Year's snowstorm *___*

♣ Really cool Papaoutai remix by Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling!
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Three performances and endless people to entertain/dance with/hang out with/learn from over the next three days, hooray! :D See you all on the other side!

In the meantime, have a theme song: Bailando (English) (also in Spanish if preferred!).
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Ingrid Michaelson's Parachute is a pretty great song! DJ Libre's zouk remix, however, I could listen to FOREVER.

What tracks have made you happy recently?
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Happy things:

♣ Successfully fought off a minor job-hunt meltdown today! (I am considering starting a Me vs. Imposter Syndrome tally just so I can say TAKE THAT every time I kick its butt. >.>)

♣ Recent booklog! Obviously influenced by you guys. *g*
+ Jasmine and Stars: Reading More than Lolita in Tehran, Fatemeh Keshavarz: Finally hunted this down! [personal profile] dhobikikutti recced it to me a couple years back, I think, and it is indeed fabulous and smart (and has a very nice section that breaks down "New Orientalism").
+ Coming Out Under Fire, Allan Bérubé: Also found this on [personal profile] thingswithwings's rec, which was quite interesting and informative.
+ Ancillary Justice, Ann Leckie: Grabbed this on [personal profile] qian's mention; STILL SQUEAKING INCOHERENTLY. MULTIPLE IDENTITY(?) FORMERLY-A-SHIP PROTAG! Everything I did not know I wanted! ♥ ♥ ♥ *_____*
+ Maid Marian, Elsa Watson: Read in hopes that it would be better than Stephen Lawhead's Hood, because I was disappoint. Which it was, but I'm still looking for awesome Maid Marians!
+ These Old Shades, Georgette Heyer: Continuing my Heyer read-through (sparked by [personal profile] kate_nepveu's poll); this one was enjoyable, but not spectacularly so. I liked the cross-dressing, though!
+ One Piece v.2-4: As is frequently true, this one is [personal profile] inkstone's fault, though the sheer number of volumes is keeping me from blasting through ALL OF IT. Unlike Kuroko, which I inhaled at a truly ridiculous rate (and should really catch up on, sigh).

♣ I've uploaded In-Grid's Rendez-Vous album for [personal profile] littlebutfierce, but if anyone else happens to be interested, it is here. Some of it is quite tango-influenced, as you can see, but this remains my favorite song.
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Un-hermit? Whatever. Trying to stay more in touch, anyway.

♣ Quick booklog! It's been a while since I've bothered to play catch-up, but here's what I've read in the past couple of weeks:
+ Shadows Return, Lynn Flewelling
+ The White Road, Lynn Flewelling
+ Casket of Souls, Lynn Flewelling: basically I picked up these three because I was rereading the Nightrunner series at the beginning of last month and realized there were more books! Definitely not the most intriguing in terms of plot or worldbuilding, but I wasn't in a state to process more complicated things at the time.
+ Claymore, v.1-4: I started the first volume and was like, monsters and monster-killing ladies, this is awesome in theory but idk why people love it so much? Then suddenly I hit the third one and went TERESAAAAAAAAAAA A:SDLKSJDF:LSDKFJ ♥ ♥ ♥ and okay, yes, now I get it. xD
+ Uraboku, v.6: This required that I backtrack through v.5 to remember character threads, lol. Cracktastic fluff remains fluffy and (so, so, so) cracktastic.
+ Kamisama Kiss, v.14: I love that Nanami never gives up. Also, aw, more backstory! ♥

(If you want to see what else I've been reading you can check out my 2014 shelf, but I leave almost no commentary on Goodreads.)

♣ A friend recently reminded me of the awesomeness that is Penn Masala via this video, and then I accidentally a not-so-mini vortex.

♣ Zouk earworm throwback! I hadn't realized that the singer was such eye-candy, heh. Gage- Pense à moi )

new faves

Feb. 25th, 2014 02:26 pm
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Zouk songs sustaining me through today's exercises in mapping frustration:
+ Faz Sentir
+ Vou no F.I.E.L.

What have you guys been listening to recently? Any earworms?
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Multifandom treat meme is still open! I haven't managed to fill anything yet since I have to prepare for a presentation this week, but in the meantime, prompt away! I'm just getting started, promise. :D

♣ This week's booklog:
+ Blade of the Immortal, v.1-2: I read these at Book-Off last week and it hasn't quite sucked me in (yet? haha), but I thought the mechanism of immortality was an interesting premise. Thoughts/opinions? Is this a series I should invest more time in?
+ Reader and Raelynx, Sharon Shinn: More interesting than the other Twelve Houses book that I picked up, definitely.
+ Troubled Waters, Sharon Shinn: I think this is my favorite out of all the Shinn books I've read so far. I loled at some "science what science" aspects of the worldbuilding, but since this is more on the fantasy side of SF/F, that was okay. Also, I found this setting much more intriguing than the Samaria or Twelve Houses ones.

♣ Found a new EP via angry asian man (soundcloud stream & free download at the link)! This has been a year of shiny new music for me; I'm quite enjoying Bright Vices. *___*

♣ Anyone interested in makeup blogs? Obviously tips and recs are never universal, but I spent an afternoon in a vortex of shiny pictures/etc. on sweet little place (mostly in French) and frmheadtotoe (thanks for the link, [personal profile] vi!).

♣ Random home remedy that my mom showed me recently: carve out the ends of an Asian pear, put it in a bowl, add some salt/rock sugar in the hole where the stem was, and steam it. The pear and its juices are supposed to be good for your throat/if you have a cough.

♣ And now for something completely hilarrible! Mandarin-speakers (I don't know if this also scans in Cantonese): 一只小白加一只小白是什麼?
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♠ Apparently this week my thing is going to be zouk earworms! Here's another of my favorite dance songs (the official video also cracks me up, and I like the dancing in it, which is a nice bonus!): Ne-Yo: One in A Million )

♠ UGH, how has it been almost two months since I've made a book post?? My backlog is officially too long to catch up on now, but if you're interested in finding out all the books I've skipped over, I have yearly bookshelves on goodreads. Currently I'm getting back to The Tale of Genji, which I haven't had sufficient brain to read in large doses (for once in my life I actually had to renew a book! twice!).

♠ I like the idea of treat memes, but I'm not terribly big on Halloween. How many people would be interested in doing such a thing if I made a post? (Multi-fandom, of course!)
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For the first time in ages, I am actually planning to buy music! My friend in Toronto introduced me to the joys of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, and now I can't get Give Life Back to Music or Get Lucky out of my head. I've also been meaning to acquire Janelle Monae's The Electric Lady since I heard about it because *______* NEW JANELLE OMG.

In the meantime, thanks to zouk, I've been chasing down a ton of random songs based only on the melodies/intros and what few lyrics I can piece together. Ellie Goulding, for example- High For This and Burn, and I Need Your Love; Chris Brown's Don't Judge Me (which despite my distaste for both title and singer is still a beautiful song, musically speaking, to dance to); MJ's Whatever Happens; Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful; Anselmo Ralph's Não Me Toca; Tarkan's Dudu... and also, courtesy of that Toronto friend again, David Tao's Melody (CHEESEBALL, I KNOW. And yet!). And this isn't even getting to DJ mixes like Nyx's!

How about you guys? What music has been making you happy recently?
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Listening to Paulo Mac again, after about a month's hiatus, two months of almost nonstop listening at zouk parties, and two live concerts during a couple of those parties! His voice is sweeter than it is strong (not so much with the lung power), but man, this guy knows how to write good songs. Musically speaking, that is- I can't speak to his lyrics as they're in Portuguese and Duolingo hasn't gotten me all that far in terms of vocab parsing. Obviously I am most familiar with his zouk music (Vontade de amor is one of my favorite zouk songs!), but he's pretty versatile sound-wise. You can check out his music on his website, which also has a number of free downloads.

And now I should get back to preparing for my friend's wedding weekend! E.g., packing. And checking in for my flight tomorrow. And finishing that goddamn wedding present omfg /o\
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Janelle Monae + Erykah Badu = AS:LJKSD:FLJKSD:LGHS:DLFJK!!!!

Q.U.E.E.N. )
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What do you guys think of first when you think of "American music"? Artists, genres, top 5 songs; whatever comes into your head.

*(This is only partly morbid curiosity, you understand. The rest of my objective is to gauge how much wtf face I should make. ;P)

eta; also I am spared from making smitten kitchen's salted caramel brownies only because a) I'm scared of making caramel and b) my roommate made a pan of triple-chocolate brownies the other day. >.>

soul food

Sep. 21st, 2012 12:14 pm
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This song is gorgeous (and Maisey Rika is amazing!): Tangaroa Whakamautai )

Here's the link for those of you who don't like embeds.
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Magnetic North & Taiyo Na, ft. Jin. LOOKIT ALL THE AWESOME PEOPLE PACKED INTO ONE VID!! Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Far East Movement, Beau Sia, Vienna Teng, Travis Wong, Poreotix, Phil Yu aka the Angry Asian Man, YURI KOCHIYAMA... ♥

I Got My )


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