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♣ In an ~epic moment~ of impulsive 30th-birthday genius, I decided to attempt the free Windows 10 upgrade. I didn't particularly like the new interface and was distinctly unenthused by the built-in OS activity tracking thing (are we not sufficiently tracked already??), so I decided to revert to Windows 7. HAHAHA. Hello, endless startup loop with total repair failure! Hello, 3 days of aggravation and off-and-on troubleshooting attempts! Hello, unsubtle reminder from the universe that I really need to improve my system backup habits! (I'm super paranoid about schoolwork, current/recent research, and resume-type things, but my equally necessary mood-equilibrating/happy memories stuff? Not so much.) I have still not managed to block out time to actually fix things because I need to finish my endless lit review first. /o\

♣ Officemate didn't believe me when, in our mutual exchange of birthday-almost-twin wishes, I told him I'm 30. Buddy, I realize that you're trying to compliment me but... have you never met any other Asians our age??

♣ Last night must have been the first time I've managed a full REM cycle in a while. Most of the time I don't dream even when I do get decent sleep, but I woke up this morning with very perplexing half-images of a NYC dance friend, what seemed to be a toy koala bear (?!), and pretty but nondescript cityscapes with parks and buildings in my head. What even. 0.o

♣ My family is coming to visit this weekend, and I don't think I have enough time to actually hang out with them because WORK WORK WORK SO MUCH WORK (and also a previously-organized trip to a cabane for dinner). Non-overlapping spring "break" schedules are the devil.

♣ A friend of mine in NYC really wants to become a copyeditor, and is generally seeking information on careers in the publishing industry. Does anyone have ideas or recs for info sources, or maybe some general advice that I could pass on to her?
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Yesterday my mom informed me that old (white) men are GROSS. cut for those who don't want to deal with yellow fever today )

Clearly if this goes on, I will end up KEEPING A LIST. OF SHUN. To be circulated not only immediately, but for the rest of my life.
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A few days ago I said, How ironic that we are called imaginary when the western world can hardly imagine us. Apparently it's too difficult for some people to comprehend that the way to fix that is to REALLY LISTEN to REAL STORIES and REAL VOICES- and for some super-special jackasses NOT to act as if our identities are some sort of superhero costume that exist only to be at their disposal. Even if they're "only" playing dress-up with words.

The irony of that statement I made cuts both ways: sometimes the western world is too fucking busy with its ~fantasies~ to acknowledge our realities.

Things acknowledgment does not equal, an incomplete list:
1. cultural tourism!
2. fancy displays of mental masturbation! (there is probably something to be said here about non-con/dub-con but am literally too angry to work it out)
3. fauxpologies!


eta; Minal Hajratwala- A Thousand Sighs: Memoir of a Hoax. This includes excerpts that you may not actually want to read (goodness knows there's more than enough to rage on).
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In no particular order, a spam of things I have been reading/encountered on the internets:

  • [personal profile] sam_storyteller: My Home and Native Land, a Ronon story which made me have thinky thoughts on diaspora. And cultural imperialism. (Possibly I will actually write them out sometime when I am not feeling lazy!)
  • Zinn: A People's History (via I think [personal profile] the_future_modernes?)
  • [ profile] sheafrotherdon: Rescue [warning: discussion of depression & mention of sexual assault]
  • [personal profile] deepad: वैष्णव जन तो...
  • [personal profile] troisroyaumes's review of Kenji Yoshino's Covering
  • Kelly Tsai: culture or crazy?
  • Kelly Tsai on publishing: indelible part 3
  • [personal profile] allchildren: those anarcho-nerds are mysterious
  • [ profile] imaginarybeasts Book #25: Erase/Rewind
  • APIA love letter that maybe possibly kind of made me cry. A little.
  • via [personal profile] leupagus, DDK AND GRACE PARK ARE AMAZEBALLS, an epic photographic proof!
  • [community profile] donebykorra! &hearts I did not know this rewatch was occurring, though admittedly, I need no excuse to rewatch. Er. >.>
  • [personal profile] ardhra brings a link to the REAL White Lotus Society! *____*
  • Some things from [ profile] halfamoon that I enjoyed:
    - The Unpopular Woman Love Post
    - [personal profile] such_heights: Tightrope
    - [ profile] innervoice_chan: Picspam: The Women of Mongol
    - [personal profile] timeasmymeasure: Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy)
    - [personal profile] fly_to_dawn: advance
  • Remember Surveyfail? WELL. >:E Looks like it's time for Internet vs. Ogas & Gaddam, Round Two, eh?
  • Chinese Puzzles exhibit at MOCA! Anybody in the city want to come with me? ;)
  • MOCA's Lunar New Year programs, which are admittedly mostly over. Oops.
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    So I was going to wait until I had more happy things to post, but that is taking me longer than usual! Sorry. ;;

    » related to the Arizona shooting:
    + The Face of Terrorism: What (and Who) Gets Labeled and What Doesn't
    + some linkspam from [personal profile] vi (not all related)
    + more links from [personal profile] the_future_modernes (not all related)
    + radicallyhottoff @ tumblr: 1, 2

    » a miscellany (of fail)
    + fuck you, Jezebel, I roll my eyes forever.
    + [personal profile] ursamajor on United Airlines fail
    + [personal profile] heathershaped: loving the bad things
    + [ profile] rawles: on the evaluation of the merits of problematic fiction
    + various links from crossedwires, jha, & unusualmusic on Amy Chua. Frankly, I don't know if I'll ever be ready or willing to talk about this in public. Either way, [personal profile] deepad's post has some good things to keep in mind.

    » happy things:
    + Water Tribe by rufftoon! aka that 400+ page fancomic about Zhao. AMAZING. &hearts
    + Eight-year-old children publish bee study in Royal Society journal- n'awwwwwwwww. :3
    + [personal profile] marina's a truly revolutionary adaptation made me laugh and laugh today, omg.
    + this gif (via my tumbleroll), which has gotten something of a workout & is a pretty accurate depiction of my mood this week:
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    things white people do: unacceptable "social"/"flirtation" behaviors
    [note for anyone wondering if these examples are hypothetical: THEY ARE NOT]

    cut for head-explosion; possibly triggering for racism & harassment )

    In conclusion: HOME TRAINING, GET YOU SOME. >:E
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    Look: I don't care if your ox took a dump or had diarrhea; either way, THE BULLSHIT SMELLS THE SAME.
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    I tried to separate these out but got overwhelmed by categorization; therefore, another haphazard mess! Trigger warnings apply to some of the following. cut for A LOT )


    Sep. 9th, 2010 11:58 am
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    Have been writing bits and pieces of various fandom commitments in between reading and procrastinatory internet dabbling and epic photo uploading, but still haven't actually finished any of them. *headdesk* So, uh, links! A lot of them.

    + fuck you ever so: )

    + requisite followup of shiny: )

    Okay, distraction time over, back to the grind.

    eta; also, shana tova to those who are celebrating! HELLO, I FAIL AT LIFE. /o\
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    [personal profile] ephemere wrote Patalim, which is painful and gorgeous (and also triggering for descriptions of violence), even if I wish it weren't so necessary to say:
    I don't want to erase this blood staining my legacy. I don't want to forget, as if it never happened. I don't want to keep coming across, "I didn't know the Philippines was a U.S. colony!" as if I do not bear the damage of American occupation written in my nerves and across my tongue. I don't want to see "deathmarching" used as a verb, the same way I deplore how "imeldific" is used as an adjective -- as if history were an erasable thing and words slipping into common parlance an apology or a healing of all these wounds. I don't want people to go on using this in a misguided attempt to remove the blood in it, because forgetting is what gives the evil behind this more power, by allowing the word to go unchallenged and slip under the veneer of acceptability, lightness, cheapening, banality. I don't want the atrocities of war to become equated with mundane things.

    I don't want common use. I don't want a sanitized history. I want my stories, past and present, these stories of my people that we have lost and that we're on the verge of losing, held close to my heart and remembered. I want these stories told over and over again, because the need for them will never lift, not the necessity for memory and not the blatant spitting on the dignity of it. I want to claim them though I may choke on tears and tongue in doing so, though I surrender on so many other things daily and remain one frail and weak person still grappling with the fractures in her present and in her past. Because this, too, is part of who I am. Because every story told and every careless use challenged is defiance, is struggle, is me raising my head and saying, this happened, this matters -- is yet another blow against erasure, silence, the unmarking of graves.

    (See also: [personal profile] megwrites with context, [personal profile] manifesta on "mythologizing".)

    My two cents, modified from a comment I left elsewhere:

    You know the thing about turning history into myth? It makes people believe that these things never happened, these things were never true. Take it one step further: suddenly we become replaceable, interchangeable, lives and memories and stories and histories (hair and skin and blood and bones) fodder for your plagiarism, convenient backdrops for your stories- a book of myths in which our names do not appear**.

    Turning us into magical unicorns, orcs, a handy spice rack with which you can ~flavor~ your realities and imaginations, all while erasing ours- this is respect? Please. Look me in the eye. Say it again. I'll warn you right now, though: I am not that inscrutable.

    *Li-Young Lee
    **Adrienne Rich- yes, I am capable of appropriating right back.

    eta: two more links while I'm on the subject of history;
    - [personal profile] troisroyaumes on history and memory
    - The Spirit of Hiroshima, a personal account of August 6th, 1945 by Matsubara Miyoko. Trigger warning applies.
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    Book post derailed by RAGE STROKE.

    Roundups: [personal profile] torachan's here, [personal profile] amazonziti's here. [personal profile] bossymarmalade was a saint and collected excerpts; I want to run around stapling [personal profile] ephemere's Silly matters to the foreheads of everyone involved in this fail, everyone who stood by and said nothing or gave encouragement while this thing was being written, everyone who says "but she didn't intend to be offensive!!!"

    The intent of the author, for the 12039872309873490586345th fucking time, is NOT THE POINT. What matters is the RESULTS, and the results of this travesty are not just offense, they are PERPETUATING HARM. So forgive me if I don't give a shit about the author's hurt feelings; forgive me if I and everyone else calling this shit out don't sound polite or nice enough for you. If you can still, after endless rounds of fail, waste your time on the (zombie) tone argument, what you are saying is that you can only see POCs as paper dolls, as puppets, as props and set dressing for your own personal dramas. You are saying that you cannot see us as real human beings with real human lives, and that... that does not make me as angry as it makes me sad for you, and believe me, I am very fucking angry right now.

    Read these. Read these. I cannot trust myself to be coherent any longer, but I refuse to remain silent.

    eta: via [personal profile] inkstone- not the first time post-earthquake Haiti has been used as a backdrop?!?!? BRB, need to borrow brass knuckles.
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    AAARGH. Arizona is still number one on my list of States to Excise From Maps With a Plastic Knife right now, but Texas is making a good bid from second place. >:(

    Happy things:

    + I finally started watching Avatar: The Last Airbender last night! I didn't get past the first two eps since the rest got removed from the site I found them on, boo. On the other hand, [personal profile] crossedwires's A:TLA recast is now that much more awesome.

    + I have also caught up with Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru! Which, okay, is possibly a bit ridiculous, but I don't care because it is hitting my character/relationship kinks so hard. SO SO HARD. ([ profile] ruffwriter, let me know when you has time and we will repeat the epic gchat flail!watching of doom, y/y??? ;D)

    + [personal profile] viklikesfic wrote a Zoe Saldana/John Cho commentfic, WITH ZOE ON TOP. UNF. *____*

    + [personal profile] leupagus's Only Good for Legends, which I finally got around to finishing yesterday. *\o/* Spooooock, omg. (And Uhura, and Kirk, and T'Pring, and that George/Winona backstory offshoot, and and and- &hearts) Star Trek fandom, sometimes I love you LOTS. :>
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    ... you know, after seeing Sonoma County's epic fail yesterday, I was kind of hoping to have some time to recover, but no. Nothing like a hefty dose of rage first thing in the morning, eh?

    + A roundup of LJ's recent transfail can be found here.

    + A quick roundup of OH NEIL GAIMAN, NO:
    - What Neil Gaiman said...- American Indians in Children's Literature
    - neil gaiman's racist fail- [ profile] kynn
    - Words, Context, Power- [ profile] yeloson
    - A few privileged pants-droppers- [ profile] fiction_theory

    I wish I could say that this was unexpected, but to be quite honest, the cynic in me has been waiting for the other shoe to drop since his defense of Amanda Palmer during the Evelyn Evelyn business came up. I could have done with being wrong.

    Some collegiate!Obama icons to counteract the cold and tired and angry: 14 icons from the Time photoshoot )
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    So the last 48 hours have been kind of a one-two punch of fail, or something; I really, really did not need to know that people anywhere were this kind of asshole, much less government officials in my country. Newsflash: nuclear war? ALSO NOT A SUBJECT FOR ~IRONY~!

    ... yeah, um. It's a good thing I'm going out tonight- I can dance away all this aggression. Here, have a happyspam:
    &hearts Via [ profile] yeloson, Miyoko Ihara's photos of her grandmother and her cat! SO ADORABLE OMG.

    &hearts Being by Zanele Muholi, a series of beautiful photographs of black lesbian women in South Africa.

    &hearts Nichelle Nichols coauthored a gen OTT short story in Star Trek: The New Voyages 2? I didn't know that! I may have to rethink my decision to not jump into Trek books now, hm.
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    JFC, the world is set on making my head explode today. Between the wtfery coming out of the woodwork regarding WB's Bleach shenanigans and Amanda Palmer invoking the KKK in her latest bid for ~hipster whatever~ ([ profile] sparkymonster's response is highly on point and also likely triggering) in addition to various Twitter gems regarding Lady Gaga... omg. Chang E, can you hook a girl up with some of those magic pills? I wanna come join you on the moon.

    Also, [ profile] bookshop has an excellent post on Bad Romance (or, YA & Rape Culture).

    Also also, I forgot about Ada Lovelace Day yesterday, but today at work my coworkers unearthed the fact that the scientist who originally discovered Harvey Ras in the 1960s was, in fact, Jennifer Harvey, when previously they had been operating under the assumption that the discoverer was a man. So FUCK YEAH, women in science! \o/
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    It's been that kind of week, apparently. Be careful of your blood pressure!

    + Points of frothing rage, which I refuse to link to directly:
    - Syfy's epic Gwen-fail as reported by [personal profile] heathershaped, with requisite rebuttal Gwen/Angel picspam started by [personal profile] such_heights!
    - two takes on Norman Spinrad's recent SF/F failitude (have we gone for more than a month this past year without somebody running around sans pants?). Basically I am glad there are people who are more articulately angry than I am, omg.

    + [ profile] stephiepenguin has a great linkspam up: sometimes i love broken things (feminism)

    + Study finds median wealth for single black women at $5. Tell me again about your bootstrap mythology, country of mine!

    + [personal profile] deepad has a really interesting paper on Creative Othering: The Oriental in Ballet.

    + And finally, I feel like I may be linking [ profile] yeloson's post about Disengagement and "Educate me!" very often in future.
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    Y HELO THAR, failboats! Back again so soon? *facedesk* Seriously, 2009, I want my refund.

    + Regarding this idiocy on HuffPost, [ profile] yeloson breaks it down for great justice. (There is also some massive twitter!fail by the HuffPost writer, but it is so ridiculous I'm not even going to bother linking.)

    + BBC: should straight people face execution [on the basis of their sexual orientation]? No? THEN FFS, STOP PRETENDING LIKE THIS WAS AN ACCEPTABLE QUESTION TO ASK AND FIRE WHOEVER WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT "DISCUSSION" POST.

    + In less-head-exploding news, [ profile] sheafrotherdon has a great post up about historical AUs and what it means to take certain liberties in the context of power and privilege. The discussion includes some details about a specific holiday exchange story, but is definitely applicable to wider contexts.

    + A Remus/Sirius rec that totally sweetened my ragey day: It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah, by [ profile] crooked! OMG, SHE IS KILLING ME THESE DAYS. &hearts [ profile] rs_small_gifts recs to come when I have more time to poke about; for now, I shall retreat to my Yuletiding.
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    + HELLO AGAIN COLD WEATHER. D: I did not miss you, at all. THERE IS NO SNOW TO MAKE UP FOR THIS RIGHT NOW. Also it irks me more than it should to have to go to my friend's dress-up-in-hooker-heels-and-dance (okay, not actually the theme, but it's a nice excuse to break out the purple boots, shut up!) birthday party tonight swathed in a GIANT DOWN COAT that feels/looks like wearing a bed outside, which TOTALLY ruins the aesthetic, hmph. Yes, I am a bit shallow about these things (thank you, ballroom), but at least I am sensible about my anti-freezing clothing choices, even if it makes me grumpy.

    + Speaking of birthdays: happy birthday, [personal profile] avendya! &hearts I will write whatever Yuletide-fandom scenario tickles your fancy, since it's the season and it has been a really long time since I wrote in... any of my small fandoms, really. Er, no promises on the actual execution date, though, especially since I need to get cracking on my ACTUAL Yuletide story. /o\

    + Some fashion win: Mataano. OMG SO PRETTY. *__*

    + And some fashion fail, via [ profile] racebending: Karl Lagerfeld Opened His Pre-Fall Show in Shanghai With a Film That Included Yellow Face. Yes, you read that correctly. REAL CLASSY, eh? Obviously the Orientalist idea of China trumps the ACTUAL REALITY of China in western fashion, surprise surprise. *makes vomit face*

    + To end on a happy note: R/S shippers, RUN, DO NOT WALK, to Keep Calm and Carry On by the ever-awesome [ profile] crooked. &hearts &hearts &hearts Stuff like this is why [ profile] rs_small_gifts is still totally my favorite non-Yuletide exchange of the year, omg.
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    - Shakira!fail on DWTS results show last night = this is why i'm hot; this is why you're not. )

    seriously, lady, you need to NOT take a page out of Gwen Stefani's book, 'kay? i love you and your music and your GQMF dancing lots, but gimmick!Asians are not cool.

    - it's Party of Mock time for this latest gem of misogynist SF bitching. how many ways can these entitled white male assholes come up with to be complete fuckmuppets (tm [ profile] yuki_onna) on the internet? oh, that's right; COUNTLESS. *is utterly UNsurprised*

    - and now for the happy; fellow Yuletiders who haven't already seen this, Yuletide nominations are OPEN! :D mine are as follows:

    Saving Face (film)
    Guy Gavriel Kay- Ysabel
    Patricia McKillip- Riddlemaster Trilogy
    Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler
    Shounen Onmyouji
    Cain Saga aka Count Cain aka Godchild

    how about you? :)


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