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So would you call this Ghost in the Shell whitewashing bullshit Dolezal, or reverse-Dolezal?? Inquiring minds would like to know.

(Sidenote: I can't believe Dolezal is what passes for plot twist these days. Thanks, Hollywood.)
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1. Yes, I'll accompany my neighbor is a great initiative in NYC, if anyone would like to participate! This is a small, simple thing that you can do to help keep Muslims, POC, LGBTQ, etc. safe, and I would also suggest looking out for and/or creating similar commute-company or rideshare initiatives local to you. It doesn't have to be limited to the US either- given the post-Brexit spikes in hate crimes, perhaps there are already things like this in the UK?

2. I know a lawyer who was "a little salty" over donating to the ACLU, as they are well-funded, and they suggested a number of alternative legal organizations that I thought would be worth passing on. Most of these are national groups so local suggestions would be welcome; I don't mind being the list-keeper for this if you don't mind some delays (grad school and all!). ^^;

a miscellaneous but immigration-heavy list:
- CARA Pro Bono Project
- Nebraska Appleseed
- Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP)
- Immigrant Defense Project
- National Immigration Law Center
- National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild
- Central American Legal Assistance
- Make the Road New York
- National Domestic Workers Alliance
- Equal Justice Initiative
- Southern Center for Human Rights
- NAACP Legal Defense Fund
- Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)
- Asian Americans Advancing Justice
- National Center for Access to Justice
- Immigrant Defenders Law Center
* Immigrant Justice Corps also has a list of host organizations.
- Southern Poverty Law Center
- Desis Rising Up and Moving
- National Day Laborer Organizing Network
- Mijente
- Sikh Coalition
- CUNY CLEAR (Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility)
- National Partnership for New Americans
- New York Immigration Coalition
- Detention Watch Network
- Families for Freedom
- Dream Defenders
- Black Alliance for Just Immigration
- South Asian Americans Leading Together
- United We Dream

They also suggested Arab American Association in NYC, but other organizations supporting Muslim communities would be welcome, so feel free to jump in and comment.

eta; some organizations supporting Muslim communities (thanks!):
- Muslims for Progressive Values
- Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity
- No One Left Behind
- Council on American-Islamic Relations
- Muslim Advocates
- MPower Change
- National Network of Arab American Communities

eta 2; more resources from another friend!
3. Fighting climate change:
- Sierra Club
- Union of Concerned Scientists
- Nature Conservancy

4. Gun control:
- Brady Campaign
- Everytown for Gun Safety

5. Investigative journalism, 1st Amendment Rights:
- Pro Publica
- Mother Jones
- First Amendment Coalition

6. Reproductive rights:
- Planned Parenthood Action
- Center for Reproductive Rights
- National Network of Abortion Funds

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Dec. 28th, 2015 02:28 pm
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Went to see Allegiance with my sister last night, and- as I mentioned elsenet- it was heart-exploding. George Takei!! Lea Salonga!!! And of course, that story. ♥ It appears that the primary facilitators of my access to literal gross sobbing are immigrant stories, of course. (I am not a frequent crier!) Also, can I just say how fucking refreshing it was to go and see a Broadway show with a majority-Asian cast?? As in, there were maybe four non-Asian people on stage (WHO SAYS THERE ISN'T A TALENT POOL). Such satisfying feelings of comfort and freedom and recognition and yes.

Of all the things George Takei must intend this story to be, it feels like a conversation starter more than anything else. The history of the Japanese internment camps, race relations, questions of belonging and citizenship, family tensions, the ways diasporados choose again and again to hold on or let go, the ways we express strength in the face of suffering, how we define and choose to be loyal (to a nation? to a family? to our history? to tradition?). It's about the borders we cross, how we live within them, and how we carry them with us. It's about how and where we choose to make our stand. And, of course, the prices of the choices we make.

I may never be able to achieve the most critical mindset about this musical. Quite frankly, to see George Takei perform on stage and pass on pieces of his family's own story put me in a state of emotional flailing even beyond the one accessed through Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights (and oh, when I saw in the program notes that George Takei also cried with recognition at that show. ♥ Immigrant stories!!). Also, LEA SALONGA!!!! My sister, who seems to have retained more dignity and critical thought than I did at the time, said quite accurately that she was great, but everyone else was a bit meepy. This is a fair statement, but it's not that the voice quality of the cast is mediocre; it's that Lea Salonga fucking eclipses everyone else in the room when she opens her mouth to sing.

Other assorted thoughts: spoilers-ish? )

In short: loved it, and if you have the chance to see it, do! Especially if you are in/around NYC and may therefore also be able to watch GEORGE TAKEI and LEA SALONGA live on stage. My only regret is that we were running for the bus and therefore couldn't hang around the theater to attempt to greet the cast as they left.
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THE EEPHUS IS OUT!!!! EEEEEEE, SO EXCITED. I already know and love half of this EP, as Jidenna's Classic Man and Janelle Monae's Yoga were released as singles earlier this year; I can't wait to check out the rest of it. Wondaland is Janelle's label, too! :D :D :D

♣ Not related to The Eephus, but similarly amazing: the Wondaland crew has also released Hell You Talmbout in support of #BlackLivesMatter. You know, in case you haven't already seen it.

This tweet by George Takei kind of makes me want to caption it "How to Make a Furby", omg. xD

♣ Via twitter, a fairly accurate list: top fanfic tropes! )

♣ While sorting through piles of random things to prepare for moving, I found this necklace: )
The cross pendant is not removable, which makes me hesitant to wear it as I'm not actually Christian. I'd be happy to send it on, if anyone here is interested! I also have a bunch of other jewelry (earrings from street fairs, etc.) but that will probably end up in another post.
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People keep responding to #blacklivesmatter with "all lives matter." Um. I got so annoyed that I... wrote a 101 mini-screed on fb. OF ALL PLACES, AMIRITE.

(Still not in a place to really talk about this; I'm processing my feelings underneath all the stuff I have to do. Just, ♥ and rage and hugs all around, okay?)

Anyway. In happier news, I am leaving for Montreal for the weekend after work tomorrow! Visiting zouk buddy and doing some school research on the same trip, woohoo. :D Since I still haven't finished packing yet, I'll write up the next couple of post prompts when I get back. See you guys next week! ♥
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(because this is what I do when the flail/scream is OVERWHELMING okay)

♣ Via angryasianman: Experiences of Asian-American Women survey. One of the things that caught my eye about this research study blurb is that the sponsor is Derald Wing Sue, who is one of my heroes for his academic publications about racial microaggressions! Not that that means that this study is necessarily related, but still. *geeks*

♣ Via [personal profile] littlebutfierce: Bao Phi, Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution. There are many punch-in-the-gut lines, but for me what hit hardest was this:
    I will never ask you to change your name
    I will never ask you to change your name
    your name is at home on my tongue

    do you hear me

[personal profile] deepad and amazeface compatriots ♥: Nice White Lady Authors Take a Hike: 'Vacations from Hell' made me laugh and laugh.

♣ Via [personal profile] vi: Taymiya Zaman: Not Talking About Pakistan - another glorious gut-punch. For some reason it made me think of Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai's line about kindness over genius.
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1. For those of you who haven't come across it already, [personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme! Thanks for my thread. ♥

2. I just finished Random Family, and it is AMAZING. Ostensibly I'm reading this for academic reasons, but I just inhaled it at my fiction-reading pace. (It feels SO GOOD to be reading things at my fiction-reading pace!) I'm in no state to book-blog properly, as my head is full of ten million other things, but INCOHERENT FLAIL. I am so glad the author chose to tell the stories of the people in the South Bronx.

3. Kao Kalia Yang's essay on The Science of Racism is a must-read. I can say nothing about this piece that she doesn't say more eloquently herself.

4. Because I want to end on a more cheerful note today: check out GQ's Jeremy Lin interview! JLin, please never lose your down-to-earthness, it is the most adorable omg.
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+ Via [personal profile] vi: The Name and the Face by Juliana Qian

+ Via [personal profile] happydork: adorable basketball rivalry video! )

+ Via angry asian man: Jeremy Lin in Taipei )

+ And because I'm super belated about most things fandom these days: prompt post at [community profile] kuroko_no_basket (which I've only been ogling since, er, it first went up >.>)!

» eta; Don't forget to sign up for Kaleidoscope!
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Via angry asian man: Francis Lam & Eddie Huang: Is it Fair for Chefs to Cook Other Cultures' Foods?

It doesn't quite get into the areas/nuances that I'd like- I'm more interested in, frex, the chefs and cuisines that mix outside of the US/Europe- but diasporado foodies talking about food? YES PLEASE. This was, predictably, the part I liked best:

Eddie: Well, the crux of the issue for me is this... Immigrants, my parents and myself included, are exposed to years of ridicule. I was made fun of for my stinky lunch upwards of 10 years. Immigrants of our parents' generation have largely given up any hope that Americans will like their food.

Francis: Word.

Eddie: Then, to have these CIA grads come through, repackage the food, and sell it back to me at a premium is just ludicrous. You made fun of us until we were embarrassed about our food and changed our menus to appease your HORRIBLE taste in shrimp with lobster sauce, now your kid grows up and wants to tell ME what Chinese food is because Bear Stearns sent him to Shanghai for six months? Cue Jim Mora: “We talkin’ bout expats?!?!” F*** OUTTA HERE!

“The Man” may not outright turn countries into colonies anymore, but it’s only because it’s easier to commodify the goods. It relegates foreign people and countries to the role of factories whose sole purpose is to create culture that gets bought and amplified by someone else and they get left hanging. For people like me who have watched Americans cycle through Kung-Fu, The Art of War, Feng Shui, and Kung Pao Chicken (which done right is still a classic) like culture fit for a scenester’s email blasts… you’ll have to excuse my paranoia when an American chef tries to express sincerity about understanding our culture and cuisine. These cultural artifacts may be the butt of ironic jokes today, but they meant something to us.
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I have been all over the city these last few days, so my brain is in a similarly scrambled state! Have some random things:

+ SFW definition of bukkake, via [personal profile] littlebutfierce, I think?

+ cut for JLin macro )
This guy is the reason I went to a bar after brunch on Sunday and sat through most of a basketball game for the first time in my life, and it was great. :D Jenny Hyun, otoh, was the polar opposite of great. Anti-black racism needs to GTFO of everything, including our East Asian communities. This is unacceptable. >:|

+ music vid! )
So I'm pretty sure I'd like this song without the video, but the footage makes it even better, heh.

+ Seems like George Takei's got a great project in the works: the Allegiance musical follows the story of a Japanese-American family after Pearl Harbor as they are relocated to the internment camps. I'm linking the video segment because of George Takei's personal story, but the rest of the website is really worth checking out. (Frex, the foreword- In the Heights is an incredible show, and this is just one illustration of the richness I find in being a diasporian.) Also of interest to you guys? LEA SALONGA AND GEORGE TAKEI IN THE CAST HOMG!!! The premiere will be in San Diego, but Takei says they're aiming for Broadway, and I for one plan to be there.
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Have some links instead!

+ The LNYE 2012 Masterlist is up! Which means I can now admit that I wrote crossing over, heh. Thanks to [personal profile] terajk for the OTGaang ficlet & [personal profile] beccastareyes for the Appa hat! ♥

+ Via... someone on twitter I think, N.K. Jemisin: Dreaming Awake.

+ Water marble nail art tutorial, which I stumbled upon via a friend. This... never would've occurred to me, but I foresee future procrastination experiments. >.>
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While I picked up The Arrival thanks to various glowing comments, I actually had a very ambivalent reaction to the book. Shaun Tan's artwork is lovely and fantastically strange, but I find the immigration storylines as presented problematic on many levels. [personal profile] oyceter and I spent about an hour gchatting about it a while back, so this post is going to be something of a rehashing of the points we bounced off each other in that conversation, with some expansion on my part. (I was really tempted to just c/p chat log excerpts, except that I meant this to be more digestible to people unfamiliar with my/our thought processes! *g*) Anyway, I suppose everything to follow counts as spoilery- both for general themes and specific panels/subsections- so, you know, fair warning.

Read more... )
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1. [personal profile] colorblue posted links to the Yellow Seeds archive!

2. [community profile] chromatic_podfic posting has begun, and there is already plenty of multifandom shiny! :3 ALSO, omg [personal profile] springgreen podficced my Yuletide story Filial Daughters, eeeeee, time to download when I get home today~ &hearts

3. People need to stop tempting me with food I can't have right now. *_____* /shamelessly passes along

4. I am not quite finished with Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies, but OMG, ALLLLL THE SPARKLEHEARTS!!

Happy March, everyone! &hearts
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There are a few things I meant to post, but since I've spent all week trying to recover my brain, have some links instead:

+ Via [personal profile] eccentricyoruba, FSI Language Courses and Nnedi Okorafor's The Go-Slow!
+ [personal profile] vi posted some excellent notes on SBS's Immigration Nation.
+ You Have Two Voices by Nancy Prasad (@ [community profile] forkedtongues)
+ Shiny things for sale at ChunInda!
+ And more shiny things at [ profile] con_or_bust.
+ Avaaz is working to blackout-proof protests in Libya, Bahrain, and other nations in the Middle East.
+ [personal profile] colorblue posted libya note.
+ [personal profile] troisroyaumes posted an interesting assortment of links.
+ There is an Alexander McQueen exhibition that will open at the Met in May. *____*

Also, fangirl dinner tonight! I am excite. :3
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» Still more fanworks from the [community profile] white_lotus exchange (and more capslock):
  • within the walls- TOPH COMIC. ASD:LSKJDF:LSHKD:LSDJF
  • Three Conversations- Mai learning about politics, eeeeeeee!
  • It's Yet Another Day (In Ba Sing Se), the PI!Jun FIC OF MY HEART.
  • No One Asks About the Scars- Aang/Tooooph, omg. &hearts
  • Next Generation- gorgeous artses! with Tenzin!!
  • 托 夫- trans fic about Toph!
  • Somewhere in the Middle- MAI VID OMG *\o/*
  • The Good Life- the Katara/Toph I didn't know I wanted! :>
  • Ambition- URSAAAAA. &hearts

  • » -- and some random links of interest:
  • [personal profile] allchildren: casting memes and the uneven swap
  • [personal profile] torachan: Manga: Gunjo by Nakamura Ching (via I think [personal profile] la_vie_noire?)
  • It's qualifying Remix fandoms time!
  • Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen launch Thick Dumpling Skin! (via angry asian man)
  • Relevant to several things I've seen today: ACRJ Reproductive Justice paper, turned up via past google-surfing.
  • glass_icarus: (ofelia)
    In no particular order, a spam of things I have been reading/encountered on the internets:

  • [personal profile] sam_storyteller: My Home and Native Land, a Ronon story which made me have thinky thoughts on diaspora. And cultural imperialism. (Possibly I will actually write them out sometime when I am not feeling lazy!)
  • Zinn: A People's History (via I think [personal profile] the_future_modernes?)
  • [ profile] sheafrotherdon: Rescue [warning: discussion of depression & mention of sexual assault]
  • [personal profile] deepad: वैष्णव जन तो...
  • [personal profile] troisroyaumes's review of Kenji Yoshino's Covering
  • Kelly Tsai: culture or crazy?
  • Kelly Tsai on publishing: indelible part 3
  • [personal profile] allchildren: those anarcho-nerds are mysterious
  • [ profile] imaginarybeasts Book #25: Erase/Rewind
  • APIA love letter that maybe possibly kind of made me cry. A little.
  • via [personal profile] leupagus, DDK AND GRACE PARK ARE AMAZEBALLS, an epic photographic proof!
  • [community profile] donebykorra! &hearts I did not know this rewatch was occurring, though admittedly, I need no excuse to rewatch. Er. >.>
  • [personal profile] ardhra brings a link to the REAL White Lotus Society! *____*
  • Some things from [ profile] halfamoon that I enjoyed:
    - The Unpopular Woman Love Post
    - [personal profile] such_heights: Tightrope
    - [ profile] innervoice_chan: Picspam: The Women of Mongol
    - [personal profile] timeasmymeasure: Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy)
    - [personal profile] fly_to_dawn: advance
  • Remember Surveyfail? WELL. >:E Looks like it's time for Internet vs. Ogas & Gaddam, Round Two, eh?
  • Chinese Puzzles exhibit at MOCA! Anybody in the city want to come with me? ;)
  • MOCA's Lunar New Year programs, which are admittedly mostly over. Oops.
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    In the absence of brain, have some shiny!

    + Yoon Ha Lee: The Winged City
    + [personal profile] trascendenza: Kamikaze Girl & Nikita icons
    + The Man With the Knives
    + [personal profile] wistfuljane's fic roundup
    + 12/21 lunar eclipse!
    + vidspam by [personal profile] vi
    + [personal profile] copperbadge's post on holiday giving

    Also, via practically everyone at this point: If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've made and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

    eta; h-hahaha, I have been putting off tag re/organization forever but you can probably find most stuff here: 1, 2.
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    First Deadline has been made! *\o/* (Okay, am a bit nervous about PDF previewing failure but I did check the online form about 230947 times, so.) Time for a celebratory linkspam, haha.

    » some overdue fanspam
    + Check out the Merlin lexicon, [personal profile] risingsunpub!
    + [ profile] zahrawithaz wrote some Morgana meta!
    + I have spent shameful amounts of procrastination time devouring Guide Me Home, a gigantor Ursa/Hakoda fic. >.>
    + Also, Disclosure will never stop being hilarious. Mai/Zuko complementary failboats, ahahahahahah! &hearts
    + game on: Mai vs. Iroh in a pai sho showdown! Also Mai/Zuko cuteness, hahaha.
    + [ profile] rs_small_gifts has begun posting, yay!

    » foodspam (now I want a food carnival!)
    + [personal profile] deepad: Doodh se Dhuli
    + [personal profile] vi: gross, weird, inedible
    + Jha's Lunar Year's End! AWESOME. &hearts
    + [personal profile] troisroyaumes: Seven things

    » +1: Via deadbro, Keeping Hobbits White since 1937 made me laugh and laugh, but also prodded me into some thoughts regarding racebending. )


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