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Ugh... where did February go, and why didn't the cold weather start leaving with it??

Connection has been extra challenging lately! I haven't been writing much here, but it's not that I'm terribly busy- I just haven't had much to say. Life is rather horribly uninteresting outside of zouk at the moment and my fannish brain keeps running off to parts unknown unless reeled in by other people, so I've been sticking to chat, email, and Skype this past month. My one achievement was KagaNigou crackfic in which Kuroko is a Grey Warden, and that only happened because BPS chat is really good at enabling. :P (There will be more of it! I just need to think through some more KnB/Dragon Age crossover details before I continue.)

In other news: anybody have yarn store recommendations in the NYC area? Or favorite yarns? Seeing as this is the winter of my losing hats (including the one I crocheted over Christmas, sigh), I might as well go and make another one. Or two. Possibly three, if winter doesn't GO AWAY already.
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It's treat meme time!

How to play:
    1. Leave a comment with up to 3 prompts. Specify any fandoms and/or characters you wish.
    2. Browse other prompts and leave treats at will!
    3. Anon comments are on, so prompt (or treat!) anonymously if you choose. :)

  • I am not very Halloween-spirited, so this is not a trick-or-treat meme. However, if you want something Halloween-appropriate, feel free to say so!
  • You are NOT required to leave treats if you leave prompts, although the gesture would be appreciated. :)
  • If you do choose to leave a treat, you can do so in any way you wish- drabbles/ficbits, icons, artwork, etc. are all welcome.
  • I can't guarantee that I will be able to fill everyone's prompts, but I will do my best to make sure you get something if you comment!

Let's play! ♥

+ i knew you were trouble when you walked in [Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki/Haruhi/Kyouya, gen, domestic fluff]
+ my heart will rest in someone else's hands [attempts at Real City Slash/urban polygamy, gen, autumn]
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♠ Kuroko 2x01: flail ) I am now reminded that I meant to make some more Kuroko icons! I never even got through S1 properly, s-sigh. /o\

♠ Now that Touch Pass has been revealed, I can thank Jiri for writing me Moral of the Story! Also, I can now say that I wrote contrapunctus (finally, I wrote a thing! Finally, I wrote a KnB thing!) and properly apologize for the youtube vortex of doom, ahaha. ^^; More linkspam after I've finally finished reading Touch Pass entries!

♠ It feels so good to be writing again. I am already plotting my next project, but throw me prompts anyway? Any fandom, though I do want to experiment more with KnB. :3
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I am in a writing kind of mood today, but am sadly lacking in inspiration! There's the obvious Touch Pass assignment, but that requires more consideration and I still need to get my hand in in terms of writing fic again. SO! Toss me prompts please? Any fandom [incomplete list] will do, not just Kuroko. As usual I can't promise I'll fill everything, but I'll try to finish as many as I can.

+ balance [OT4, gen, "Red Cliff characters as benders from ATLA verse"]
+ weekend routines [Makoto & Haruka, gen, Free!]
+ what bros are for [Nippori & Ryosuke, gen, Tumbling]

*title from Li-Young Lee's "Immigrant Blues"
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Have some links instead!

+ The LNYE 2012 Masterlist is up! Which means I can now admit that I wrote crossing over, heh. Thanks to [personal profile] terajk for the OTGaang ficlet & [personal profile] beccastareyes for the Appa hat! ♥

+ Via... someone on twitter I think, N.K. Jemisin: Dreaming Awake.

+ Water marble nail art tutorial, which I stumbled upon via a friend. This... never would've occurred to me, but I foresee future procrastination experiments. >.>
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1. So I spent the entirety of Thanksgiving weekend either fooding or IN FOOD COMA, & am still not out of the latter. @____@

2. Now that Kaleidoscope reveals are out, I can say that I wrote ties that bind! (Natsume Yuujinchou, Hinoe/Reiko, gen.) If this was non-obvious it was only because of all the BRAND-NEW FANDOM FLAILING at [personal profile] littlebutfierce & [personal profile] sarashina! *showers hearts upon* Also, epic flaily hearts to [personal profile] dhobikikutti, [personal profile] littlebutfierce, and [personal profile] redsnake05 for my gifts, which I am still gleefacing about!

Finally, you guys should all run to the masterlist of Kaleidoscope works and check out all the shiny, shiny things people made (and the shiny fandoms)! And/or make more shiny things, if you are so inclined, now that the Kaleidoscope Treats collection is reopened for submissions!

And now there is homework I should probably try to accomplish, but all I would like to do is sleep.
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Happy Mother's Day, awesome moms in my circle! &hearts

Remix reveals are up! I wrote no returns or exchanges (the equilibration remix), which was probably PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to everybody who read it. (Also it is true I haven't exactly inhaled everything from the archive yet, but you may have noticed my crafty radio silence regarding A:TLA remix stories, so EVEN MORE PAINFULLY OBVIOUS, no? xD)

... and now I shall go back to rereading Stealing Harry & Laocoon's Children, because HELLO NOSTALGIA.
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Title: a series of inopportune moments
Fandom: Junjou Romantica
Rating: PG
Summary: He always knew this would happen; he just didn't expect it to happen so soon, and in such a public place.
Notes: Written for [ profile] ruffwriter for [ profile] help_haiti.

This, Hiroki thinks, is crossing the line. )
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This weekend ended up as an unintended A:TLA marathon, because my dad was curious and started watching, and I am apparently as incapable of watching just one/a reasonable number of eps as he is! (Seriously, we're talking Friday night straight through Saturday here- the self-control thing, um, runs in the family? /o\)

THEREFORE. I declare trick-or-treat promptfest! Have at it, guys, I am SO ready for more. :D

- one-upmanship [Sokka, Zuko, Toph; G; "tough-guy bonding"] for [personal profile] whymzycal
- prep talk [Aang, Zuko, Mai; G; "Zuko and Aang being dorky bff leaders together"] for [personal profile] nan
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because it is MOON FESTIVAL. Happy 中秋節/추석/Trung Thu/Lantern Festival/Mid-autumn Festival! :D &hearts I am opening drabble requests (again! despite my to-write list!) in celebration, so in the event that anybody wants Saving Face, or Avatar, or more Cho Chang, etc., you've got about 12 hours to spam me with prompts. I won't promise to finish all of them as I am only allowed to faff off RL things for tonight, but hey- if you see something you'd like to write, feel free to jump in!

Also, some more links (not all related);
- Results are in for [personal profile] wistfuljane's Most Awesome Asian Characters & Celebrities Fest!
- [personal profile] chagrined made an IROH VID!!!
- [personal profile] copperbadge wrote The .doc file of J. Alfred Prufrock
- [personal profile] troisroyaumes: Chuseok
- [personal profile] crossedwires: cedar and bamboo
eta;- Bao Phi's guest post at angry asian man: the yellow plague: asians and asian americans in post-apocalyptic and zombie fictions

eta 2;
- picky eaters and other small blasphemies (Saving Face, Wil, Viv) for [personal profile] crossedwires
- desperate "housewives" (Saving Face, Wil, Viv) for [personal profile] sophinisba
- counterfeits (A:TLA, Toph, Sokka) for [personal profile] fulselden
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Not finished with all the prompts yet, but I'm putting these up first as my brain has been decidedly derailed by the need to scream inside myself for a while. ([personal profile] crooked & [ profile] zarathuse, I will get back to writing shortly! &hearts)

1. flip [A:TLA, Ty Lee & Azula, G] for [personal profile] wingstodust:
Ty Lee's practicing her handstands after school when Azula comes in, scowling. )

2. unfortunate facial growths [HP, MWPP, "five o'clock shadow," G] for [ profile] ruffwriter:
Sirius. What is that on your face? )

3. that unnoticed, & that necessary [HP, Cho Chang, G] for [personal profile] gehayi:
Lunar New Year falls on the day of a Hufflepuff-Gryffindor Quidditch match, )

4. truth, lies, & cabbages [A:TLA, Aang, Katara, cabbage merchant, "something to do with the Ember Island Players," G] for [personal profile] whymzycal:
They're out buying ingredients for hotpot when Aang sees them: the most beautiful cabbages he could have imagined, sitting in the most dilapidated cart he's ever laid eyes on. )

5. hearthfire [A:TLA, Iroh, "lessons in preparing tea," G] for [personal profile] magnetic_pole & [personal profile] crossedwires:
Now rinse out the pot and do it again, properly. )
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Friend's going-away party last night + dim sum today with [personal profile] magnetic_pole, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, [ profile] onehundredmoons, and [ profile] kellychambliss (which was a most excellent way to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, now that I think of it! ;D) = tiiiiired omg. Off to nap and/or mainline some more A:TLA S3, probably- toss me some drabble prompts so I can get back into the swing of writing? &hearts Any fandom is okay, though Avatar and HP are preferred for this round!

- flip [A:TLA, Ty Lee & Azula], for [personal profile] wingstodust
- attack of the not!pornstache [HP, MWPP, "five o'clock shadow"], for [ profile] ruffwriter
- that unnoticed, & that necessary [HP, Cho Chang], for [personal profile] gehayi
- truth, lies, & cabbages [A:TLA, Aang, Katara, cabbage merchant], for [personal profile] whymzycal
- hearthfire [A:TLA, Iroh, "lessons in preparing tea"], for [personal profile] magnetic_pole & [personal profile] crossedwires
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Scrapping the current draft of the Azula fic as it needs a total rewrite, but I think this bit stands on its own. (Also goddamn, I need an Azula icon. *g*)

title: appetite
fandom: A:TLA
rating: G; no warnings.

She devours knowledge the way lightning strikes: )
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Uh, so much for finishing the Azula fic first? /o\

Title: never gonna keep me down
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Rating: G
Summary: Zuko is a giant failboat, but at least he never stops trying. [Mai/Zuko]

There were fire lilies on her desk. )
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Title: quid pro quo
Fandom: Good Omens
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes Aziraphale is more of a bastard than he lets on.
Notes: A very, very belated [ profile] help_haiti ficlet for [ profile] viggorlijah, whose prompt was baby in a jar. Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights for looking this over! &hearts You may want to skip this if you are squicked by mention of hands-on anatomical studies (not in the porn sense), embalming methods, and weird medical phenomena.

Outside, the storm redoubled in force, sending rivulets of rainwater down the windowpanes. )


Feb. 15th, 2010 04:17 pm
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The 5th Asian Women Blog Carnival is up! [ profile] stephiepenguin did a great job compiling these, and I plan to devour everything today.

Still so groggy, omg. I have been failing to kickstart my brain into writing (well, what I'm supposed to be writing, at least) for the past four days, but thanks to the power of the collective awesome over at [personal profile] dhobikikutti's, I did come up with this:

Fandom: Red Cliff
Rating: G
Summary/notes: First attempt! Written for [personal profile] troisroyaumes's request; reposted from here. Vague spoilers for parts I and II- I watched the full-length version, not the cut one. *g*

Meng Meng is nearly grown now, and Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu can both be found at the stables more often than not, lingering longer and longer as the summer wears on. )

Okay, retreating to my word docs! Hopefully I can finish at least one of them. :S
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Title: gang aft agley
Recipient: [ profile] netgirl_y2k
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Vaguely up to 2x03?
Summary: Arthur and Merlin are Not Talking; Morgana stages an intervention with help from Gwen. Gen/OT4.
Notes: Originally posted here. Many thanks to [ profile] woldy, [personal profile] such_heights, [ profile] kelene, and [personal profile] ineffabilitea for their invaluable assistance! This couldn't have happened without you all.

Not for the first time, Morgana contemplated locking the two of them in the dungeons together until they'd managed to talk things out. )
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Happy new year, loves! :)

We spent the night at home, my sister and I, with cheap lobster and unopened wine, nearly sleeping through the last few seconds of 2009. (Our parents rang in the new year at Taipei 101, in the company of old and rarely-seen friends- a getaway that they fully deserve, although my dad remains chained to his work and his laptop.) I passed the time watching CSI and NCIS and (ha) The Replacements rather than any of the new year's countdowns, and was quite content with that.

2009: me and you )

Anyway! Moving right along, here's a fandom/writing retrospective:

Fic )


On race )

Phew. Apparently I wrote a lot more than I thought I did. *g* Icons and more Yuletide recs to come later!

ETA: Yuletide reveals! This year my assigned story was five exercises in aggravation {Junjou Romantica), and I also wrote eating together (Saving Face) for Yuletide Madness. I find it inordinately amusing/amazing that all of the Saving Face fic this year was written either for or by me. &hearts &hearts xD
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SGH:SLDKFJ FINALLY, OMG. just two left, bbs!

title: the fair in the park by the sea in the dark
rating: pg
summary: for [ profile] dogdaysofsummer, prompt day 29. also, apologies for any discombobulated-ness! /o\ (i wasn't originally planning to do this one; it sort of snuck up on me!)

Sirius bounces impatiently, craning his neck to watch the (agonizingly slow) progress of the queue. )


1. [ profile] bigbangblackout is UP AND RUNNING, BBS! &hearts come and get your dose of Sirius.
2. [ profile] fortassetu is BACK, Merlin ladies: A Remedy to Cure Something That Wasn't Ill In the First Place. GO FORTH AND SHOWER HER WITH LOVE, for lo! YE OLDE SEX POLLEN: Camelot now has it. xD
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title: colder seas behind
rating: pg
summary: for [ profile] dogdaysofsummer, prompt day 31. (no, i am not done yet; earlier prompts are still in the works!)

He emerges from the sea at sunset, a bedraggled, salt-encrusted mess of black fur. )


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