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Signal-boosting first: [personal profile] kairia has a linkspam on the flooding in Pakistan. If you haven't already, and you happen to have time and/or resources to spare, please hop over to [ profile] help_pakistan and see if there's anything you'd like to offer or bid on! (Once again, in case anybody's interested, I am offering a short A:TLA fic here.)

+ Via angry asian man, Born in the USA is another excellent article on the history of Chinese immigration through Angel Island.
+ [personal profile] marina's put up five movie reviews with picspams, and all five of them look super-shiny!
+ [ profile] zahrawithaz has a post that may interest those of you in Merlin fandom: The History of the Arthurian Legends in Ten Easy Steps (With Recommended Reading)
+ This is a note-to-self more than anything, but in case you are like me and haven't been doing much comm reading, fellow Saiyuki fans, the [ profile] 7thnight_smut fics are up! (Everything is comm-locked, but I believe membership is non-moderated.)
+ [personal profile] vi's gorgeous Inception doodle has effectively kicked me back to excitement rather than resistance, ahaha- hopefully I'll get to watch the movie soon!
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So I kind of sort of managed like 90% of that Azula fic at work today? and also exploded in glee over [personal profile] iambickilometer's Monk Gyatso + guru ficbit? and then came home and blew through all the recs you guys threw at me? /o\ WHAT IS THIS, IDEK. Clearly there is no help for me, but while I am caving to the madness, that love letter post is still open!

In other news, I read some happy-making remixes today!
+ Saiyuki:
- Ordinary Day: the Move It Or Lose It remix
- Where the Heart Is (The Eightfold Path is a Circuitous Route Home Remix)
- Love Is Goodbye (The We Will Become Stars remix)
- Fertile Ground (The Demon Seed Remix)

+ HP:
- Useless Talent (Sundial in the Shade Remix)
- black dog (clear, acoustic, live through this)
- How to Build a Home (Living in the Wilderness Remix)
- Impressions in the Dust (Nothing Left But History Remix)
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Coworker's played-list so far today has gone something like this: Lady Gaga --> Mary J. Blige --> Daughtry --> LOTR soundtrack (just another normal day in the lab...), therefore I give you meme responses. What? Randomness makes me think of random things.

OTP-meme answers so far:

[personal profile] heathershaped & [personal profile] eumelkeks asked for Merlin: )

[personal profile] such_heights and [ profile] woldy asked for HP: )

[ profile] ruffwriter asked for Havemercy-verse: )

[ profile] moshesque asked for Saiyuki: )

I am totes willing to keep answering if you guys keep throwing fandoms at me! *g* I have LOTS of them. Also, have a rec! Via [ profile] secretsolitaire: Between the Bars by [ profile] hollycomb [Reboot; Sulu/Chekov; R]. IT IS GLORIOUS. GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU.
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is what i'm feeling today. *g* i have plans with Broadway-obsessed friend to try for the Avenue Q lotto in a few hours, and i've just finished The Sea Refuses No River, a Koumyou/Ukoku [ profile] 7thnight_smut fic by [ profile] rroselavy (which was kindly recced to me by [ profile] whymzycal). INSTA-REC, GUYS; it's lovely and serene and glorious! &hearts

... less positive is the fact that my beta-functions are stalling. D: *shakes fists at brain* will have another go at this draft after i've brewed myself tea! (though tbh i'll be satisfied if it helps me keep away whatever disease is scratching at the edges of my body right now, ugh.)

ETA: [community profile] camelot_fleet party post is up! :D :D :D I SEE WHAT I WILL BE DOING UNTIL LOTTO TIME.
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+ have just emerged from [ profile] 7thnight_smut. OMG, so much great Saiyuki fic! there were a couple of scenarios that... bugged me, but for the most part i loved them to bits! :D i have not read outside my (39/58) pairings, but if there's something REALLY SHINY that you guys think i would like, please let me know. i'll post my own favorites at... some future point. ... yeah, no, screw that. favorites! [now edited post-author reveals] )

+ [ profile] springkink Round VIII is gearing up; leave your prompts here! i am to sit on my hands this time around, JUST FOR THE RECORD; if i attempt to snatch a prompt, please to knock the crazy out of me with Internet Sticks. :P

+ i know you have seen the trailer 27091340945509468 times, so i will spare your flists, but: MERLIN S2. MY FLAILY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE TEXTUALLY RENDERED. MULTISHIPPER FANGASM PARTY, CAN WE HAVE ONE? RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW? OMG. *\o/*
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Title: Chasing the Sun
Fandom: Saiyuki (with references to Gaiden)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Summary/Notes: Prompt was watching, waiting, wanting: Goku and Sanzo, moments on the road west. Written for [ profile] ditch_gospel for Round 2 of [ profile] saltydogstories.

The town they're approaching is off the map again. If Goku were of a cynical mind, he'd wonder if Hakkai was getting lost on purpose, but the fatigue from the latest twelve-hour drive is palpable even behind his perpetual smile. )
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01. [ profile] saltydogstories Round 2 reveals are now up, so i can happily say that i wrote Chasing the Sun [Saiyuki, Sanzo/Goku, PG] for [ profile] ditch_gospel! :) i'll repost it here, when i get around to catching up on such things. also, a big thank-you to [ profile] liadhdain for writing my lovely Wild Adapter gift, Moirae!

02. made-by-me meme people! Amy, Whym, Mosh, [ profile] rudhampaiel, and [ profile] avendya: please leave your emails/addresses below, as i may or may not need them soon-ish. no, you won't be able to predict when your surprises are arriving, sorry! :D comments are screened.

off to brunch now with a family friend, before i go back to running errands! &hearts
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since i'm on hiatus in terms of rewriting/editing the next part of the inevitable conclusion, here's a couple of bridges to nowhere. *g* (sorry, [ profile] kispexi2! it's just the exchange season madness going on over here.) they are up for adoption, if anyone so pleases.

up for grabs, number 1 )


number 2 )
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Title: the inevitable conclusion
Author: [ profile] glass_icarus
Rating: PG-13?
Fandom: Saiyuki
Summary: Prompt- from yonks ago, as ever- from [ profile] kispexi2 was "Sanzo and Goku with office jobs and fancying each other rotten." Wish, command. :D

part 1: relocation )

More to come later, promise! :D


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