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Hello all! Happy new year! Year-end reflections have largely passed me by, as my holidays were split between work, more work, revisions of various types, an exam the morning of 12/31, assorted family/friend gatherings, a couple of breaks for Dragon Age: Inquisition with my sister, and then a road trip for moving assistance purposes. I'll probably end up backdating any recap posts I make to the appropriate date, but your guess is as good as mine re: when I'll actually get around to them...

Thanks to upcoming app deadlines, I am now going to leap from one internet hiatus straight into another. /o\ THE CATCH-UP WILL HAPPEN AT SOME POINT THOUGH, REALLY. In the meantime, I'll leave you guys with my word for this year, as a way to keep myself accountable! In 2014 my word was connection, and despite all the mishaps and detours I think I did a fairly good job at working on it. To follow up on that, 2015 is going to be about communication. This... is likely to be an even more ridiculous journey than the last, but the goal is always to level up, no? ♥

love meme

Nov. 3rd, 2014 11:23 am
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Hosted by the lovely [personal profile] kaberett here! I'll be running over to leave comments sporadically. (My thread, if you're so inclined.)
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It's treat meme time!

How to play:
    1. Leave a comment with up to 3 prompts. Specify any fandoms and/or characters you wish.
    2. Browse other prompts and leave treats at will!
    3. Anon comments are on, so prompt (or treat!) anonymously if you choose. :)

  • I am not very Halloween-spirited, so this is not a trick-or-treat meme. However, if you want something Halloween-appropriate, feel free to say so!
  • You are NOT required to leave treats if you leave prompts, although the gesture would be appreciated. :)
  • If you do choose to leave a treat, you can do so in any way you wish- drabbles/ficbits, icons, artwork, etc. are all welcome.
  • I can't guarantee that I will be able to fill everyone's prompts, but I will do my best to make sure you get something if you comment!

Let's play! ♥

+ i knew you were trouble when you walked in [Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki/Haruhi/Kyouya, gen, domestic fluff]
+ my heart will rest in someone else's hands [attempts at Real City Slash/urban polygamy, gen, autumn]
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1. I dare you to look at these photos and NOT smile, homg. Jason Lee is BRILLIANT; these are the best family photos ever!!

2. We went apple-picking this afternoon! Today's haul: ~17lbs of Macoun, Liberty, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Empire apples )
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♠ Since I was apparently one of the last ones on the train, here's my thread at [personal profile] kate_nepveu's words & deeds love meme 2.0!

♠ NYC stats are so annoying, even with leads from the university librarian. /o\ The NYC City Planning Department and DOH sites have been helpful in the slightly-off-target, facedesk type of way; I keep running into overly detailed or overly expansive census files! You'd think someone somewhere would have a nice comprehensive county-level demographic overview, but if there is one (is that expectation really too convenient? idek), I haven't found it yet. In the meantime: if anyone has suggestions re: where to look for demographics and education-type stats overviews, I would really, really appreciate them. ;; Especially education-type stats.

♠ Anyone playing Health Month this month? I stopped for a while but I figured that what with the beginning of thesis-ing, I'd better start watching certain habits again. Sleep, for example. >.>
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1. I FINISHED CODING THE LAST OF MY 30 TRANSCRIPTS TODAY! \o/ \o/ \o/ and also OW, I feel a return of tendonitis-ish pain thanks to all that scribbling. I imagine this is what surfacing from scuba diving must feel like, except all in my brain.

2. Oh look, a Kuroko no Basuke friending meme! Maybe I'll actually play in this one while I'm recovering from thesis immersion... or maybe not, considering how little I've been able to interact with new people from the last friending meme I played in. ;____; (Hi, new people! I swear I am reading, it's just that I am awful at remembering to comment on things.) Also I have managed zero fannish content, icons notwithstanding. Woes.

3. Jeremy Lin meets Wat Misaka- ugh, my heart. JLin, how do you do this to me, I am not even invested in basketball. (Or... non-Kuroko basketball. >.>)

4. I've been going around spamming your threads at [personal profile] staranise's words and deeds love meme, but I know I've probably missed a bunch. If I haven't commented, please feel free to toss links my way! Also, I just put up my thread, because it would be nice to remember the things I've done that you felt were meaningful while I'm scrambling to accomplish so much thesis else.
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+ Came across this article on Chiune Sugihara on Sunday- another piece of history I never learned. Of course, I also live in the US.

+ So... there's going to be a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel?! (The title of that article makes me lol forever, though. Potential for returning cast members? 2 out of 4 lead characters are dead/ish? HMM, I WONDER IF WE'LL GET ANY MICHELLE YEOH. *facepalm*)
** eta; more info via zuky on tumblr. Wait a second, a JOHN FUSCO is the scriptwriter for a wuxia movie based on a Chinese novel? >:| I MIGHT HAVE TO TAKE BACK THAT GLEEFACE.

+ [personal profile] oyceter's kicking off a non-western fandom friending meme!

+ I think this is my favorite UpGoerFive entry so far, purely for reasons of this sentence: "In cells there are tiny hair-like things which DO THE WAVE very fast." xD

+ [personal profile] dingsi is hosting another love meme! Thanks for my thread; I plan to spend the next couple of planned procrastination sessions throwing sparkly hearts. ♥
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1. For those of you who haven't come across it already, [personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme! Thanks for my thread. ♥

2. I just finished Random Family, and it is AMAZING. Ostensibly I'm reading this for academic reasons, but I just inhaled it at my fiction-reading pace. (It feels SO GOOD to be reading things at my fiction-reading pace!) I'm in no state to book-blog properly, as my head is full of ten million other things, but INCOHERENT FLAIL. I am so glad the author chose to tell the stories of the people in the South Bronx.

3. Kao Kalia Yang's essay on The Science of Racism is a must-read. I can say nothing about this piece that she doesn't say more eloquently herself.

4. Because I want to end on a more cheerful note today: check out GQ's Jeremy Lin interview! JLin, please never lose your down-to-earthness, it is the most adorable omg.

soul food

Sep. 21st, 2012 12:14 pm
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This song is gorgeous (and Maisey Rika is amazing!): Tangaroa Whakamautai )

Here's the link for those of you who don't like embeds.
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+ Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

+ Spreading the word re: [community profile] kuroko_no_basket!

+ I am having Kaleidoscope nomination woes! Things I'm currently considering:
  • Who Fears Death - Nnedi Okorafor
  • Whale Rider - Witi Ihimaera
  • Lagaan
  • eta; In the Heights

Feel free to suggest wishlist fandoms or recs, especially for non-East Asian fandoms! :D All strategizing welcome.

+ Shiny zouk video for your time! Shani & Yuval: )
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An incoherent list of things, as usual, but basically: HI LIN HI! ♥ ♥ ♥ spoilers! )
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Love meme at [personal profile] ephemere's! Thank you for my thread- today has already been a multilayered cake of fail/grossness, so it really brightened the afternoon. :) ♥
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Wow, this is the first time I have actually had a class canceled! In celebration I had a glorious two-person dumpling party and, er, started inhaling notes for Monday's midterm. Which I need to get back to, actually! Therefore, some randoms:

» I'm not sure I made it clear in my last post that yes, I have watched (and rewatched and rewatched) the first Korra ep! Proper discussion will have to come post-midterm, though. In the meantime: CAPSLOCK SPOILERS )

» Check out Janelle covering Jimi Hendrix! )

» a number of recipes I am planning to try:
- the single lady pancake
- eggs in bell peppers or onion rings
- eggs in avocado slices
- guac omelette
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AIR DATE 4/14! EEEEEEEEEE! Flail-party at white_lotus! ;D

This is only 1230982730928375094837 times better than the pi day pie I just had. *\o/*
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» I am SPOILED by DW A:TLA fandom, you guys. Someone made me an APPA HAT! State Dinner is the OTGaang ficlet of my heart!

Other reasons to love [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange:
+ a deep delight of the blood- wow, I find bloodbending practice an extremely believable basis for Katara/Zuko now.
+ Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists!
+ Primary Sources, aka Sokka and Suki vs. Wan Shi Tong, THE FACEOFF! xD
+ Spa Day is awesome lovely Katara/Toph (with OTGaang in the background ♥)!

» Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

» Check out [personal profile] terajk's Heroes Arrive Last fest!

» The Boy Who Only Lived Twice- I haven't read HP fic in a really long time & I've never read much Harry/Draco, but OMG SERIOUSLY, the way this story plays with all the levels of fucked-up those two are is fantastic.

+ Workin' It Out- dudes, I am not the biggest fan of Adam Lambert, but Adam Lambert + Tumbling earnestfaces = yes please, apparently! Also KIYAMA/MIZUSAWA, BRB STILL FLAILING EVERYWHERE. (Spoilers, obvs.)
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Love meme at [personal profile] littlebutfierce's! Thanks to everyone who commented on my thread. ♥

Also, thanks to yesterday's late-night music video exchangery OF DOOM1, this song has been semi-appropriately stuck in my head all day:

1. *eyes [personal profile] noldo*

(No, I still haven't watched One Piece, though I confess the limiting factors are basically canon volume and the length of my to-watch list.)
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I'm back! Or at least, I have a brain again, which is more than I can say for myself over the last month or so. Unfortunately I don't have the attention span right now to go beyond skip=60 on the reading list, so if there's anything* from the last couple of weeks that you guys wanted me to see, please to chuck it here? &hearts


Also, since I was off rowing on a lake sans laptop on your birthday: happy belated, [personal profile] oyceter! I have a feeling you would enjoy Runway Beat, which I watched on my flight a few days ago (I thought it might have been a manga adaptation, but it was apparently adapted from a mobile phone novel by Harada Maha). Mizorogi Biito, a transfer student who has a knack for designing clothes, stages a fashion show with his classmates for the annual high school festival. Of course, this sounds much less adorable/awesome than it actually is- there's family drama! and career infighting! and a love triangle (which actually gets pulled off with no cattiness whatsoever)! and classmate bonding, which is the thing that really made it for me because teamwork is a huge narrative kink of mine. :3 Anyway, short, sweet, and feel-good, so if you get the chance, I think you might find it worth a shot!
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The deadline for Potluck #2 has been extended to May 31! You can drop submissions at the link. Hopefully this gives more people the opportunity to participate! All signal-boosting is appreciated. :3

Other nice things: [personal profile] littlebutfierce's 3w4dw love meme! Thank you for my thread, as;dlkfj. I will spam you guys when I have recovered sufficient brain to string words together &hearts

([personal profile] azuire, I will get to your picspam! As soon as I manage to actually... remember my camera, orz.)
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-- so yesterday was rather full of win; I did bo ssam (OH DELICIOUS FOODGASM) with the usual suspects +4, followed by a liiiittle bit of Max Brenner and Pinkberry and lazing about in Central Park (foodies ftw, fuck yes &hearts) and then I spent a lovely three hours in the Columbus Circle Borders reading:

1. N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms, which I promptly bought because HOLY SHIT SO FULL OF WIN I CANNOT EVEN!!!! ASD:LFKSJDGL:KHSDFJLS:LDK *\o/* *\o/*

2. the first volume of a delicious new manga discovery, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service/黒鷺死体宅配便! Which is about five Buddhist students who start a business settling accounts for the dead, and it is HOMG SO SO AMAZING but uh, possibly not for the faint of heart/weak of stomach. Which, okay, usually includes me, but apparently not in manga format? 0.o ANYWAY. If you like horror (*eyes [personal profile] inkstone & [personal profile] sarashina*) there's a good chance you will enjoy it! Of course the caveat is that I've only finished the first volume, but I totally plan on returning to binge the other 14 or so that I saw, so if you would like to wait for a more complete verdict, I will get there... eventually? *g*

3. Nabari no Ou, volume 1! &hearts I didn't get to finish watching the anime, so I was delighted to see it on the shelf & reacquaint myself with the beginning of things. Miharu: STILL MY FAVORITE. So delightfully deadpan! I love his indifferent little faaaaace, zomg, the sneaky manipulative little bastard. :3

AND THEN. I WENT TO THIS. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS HILARIOUS PORNY FUN, THE END. &hearts Hello to all the awesome people I saw/met there, I am sorry I had to run out so early, I hope y'all managed to properly traumatize the frat-boy-looking crowd by the end of the night! >:D


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