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Vacation doesn't officially start until I've finished the last of the synopses for the lit review I've been putting off, but I am back in the states! I managed to finish half a scarf on the train ride home, based on this pattern, except I plan to modify it to an infinity scarf. (I actually like the natural off-white/beige color but the yarn I had is a glorious red, so... maybe next time.)

Meme from [personal profile] tielan, who gave me the letter T:
1. Comment on this post with "MEEEEEE!"
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

Toph Bei Fong (A:TLA), because OF COURSE. ♥ ♥ ♥ What can I say about Toph that I haven't said before?? She takes no shit and gives no fucks (with her parents as the single exception), and her FACES are my favorite! (Well, okay, all of their faces are my favorite, but really though. &TOPH;)

Ty Lee (A:TLA), who I love for being 100% upbeat and also 100% underestimated, hahaha. Her section in that story I wrote about the Fire Nation ladies explains pretty much everything about my feels. :D

Tonks (HP), who was my favorite independent bouncy badass lady figure in HP, pre-Remus, and also because the metamorphmagus thing is super cool- I have a soft spot for transformation magic. I still don't love the Remus thing and personally am interested in shipping her with almost anyone else (I do have an R/S OTP problem but there are SO MANY interesting options- Kingsley for Auror fun, Charlie or Bill Weasley for oddball family hijinks, Fleur because that would be AMAZING, etc.?!), but the more distance I gain from HP6 & 7, the more I think I've come to appreciate some of fandom's takes on the tail end of canon too.

Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club), who is probably the most ridiculous character I have EVER SEEN, but also one of the most lovable, hee! My favorite thing about him is that his heart is so enormous, and that he's completely unashamed of wearing it on his sleeve at all times. Where Kyouya is all about the IQ, Tamaki is all about the EQ, which is why they make the perfect team, and he truly embodies the emotional generosity that I strive for.

The Iron Bull (Dragon Age: Inquisition) might be a liiiiiittle bit of a stretch, but I've got Dragon Age on the mind, so. *g* It's been a while since I last played and I'm looking forward to gaming with my sister; hopefully we'll get to this rather than Fallout (though teaming up on that last time was fun). Bull is an amiable and easygoing character who didn't strike me much during my playthrough, but he's definitely grown on me through fic (why yes, I have been reading ALL the Bull/Dorian, and it's been glorious). You have to love a spy who comes straight out and says he's a spy, and then proceeds to be so straightforward and genuinely thoughtful and good with people that you kind of forget that. It's a truly unique kind of sneaky! Also I love that he treats sex, kinks and safewords and all, with the same kind of easygoing openness that he treats everything else- canon sex talks with Bull are the most refreshing I've seen, actually.
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[personal profile] musesfool asked me about Katara! :D

I cannot even with Katara, she is the best. Well, really, I love all the A:TLA characters and think they are the best, but Katara holds a special place in my heart. She spends a lot of time being nurturing and responsible, which is a great and necessary role given who she travels with, she's compassionate, she's genuinely empathetic and kind, she's terrible at humor but a fantastic sib and friend. What makes her truly amazing, though, is the fact that she's so completely unafraid to get angry.

It's interesting to think about the way other characters- particularly other female characters- in A:TLA deal with anger. I don't think we see a lot of anger from Toph, Mai, Ty Lee, Azula, or Suki; the scenes I can recall involve more frustration or crankiness. The show doesn't invest a lot of time in anger that isn't Zuko's, and that comes from a completely different source and is also pretty impotent, Zuko being Zuko.

Unlike Zuko, Katara doesn't let anger get the best of her; she uses it to get results. We see this again and again throughout the series- with Sokka in the very first episode, with Master Pakku, with the Southern Raiders. Sometimes the results she gets are unintentional, like the iceberg, and sometimes they're unsuccessful, as with Master Pakku, but learning to use her anger productively is a key part of Katara's character development. I'd guess that Toph and Azula deal with anger in a similar fashion, but unlike Katara, we don't really see them actually or consciously acknowledging being angry. Katara, on the other hand, is always aware of her anger, the reasons for her anger, and the consequences of the actions she takes while she's angry, so much that we get entire episodes devoted to this process (Puppetmaster! Southern Raiders!). Unlike most of our protags, Katara understands feelings and copes well with them! This makes her, in a sense, both Aang's match and the ultimate anti-Zuko, and it's also what makes her so incredibly powerful. Azula is a frightening antagonist because she has pretty much no use for empathy. If Katara were the antagonist? That would be a whole different level of frightening.

Obviously there are many, many reasons to love Katara, but to me, this is possibly the biggest.
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[personal profile] yifu asked: if there's one thing (or two) you'd like to fix about A:TLA, what would it be?

Um, a fourth season? Hahaha, just kidding! Or, well, not really, but a hypothetical S4 wouldn't necessarily be a fix, in and of itself.

The things that I would most like to fix about A:TLA are things I think everyone's already gone over: does anyone on my flist still need a spoiler cut? oh well, spoilers through S3, regardless )
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[personal profile] eruthros asked: What if the characters from ATLA were animals? What kind of animals would they be?

For the sake of my brain I am using real-world animals, not A:TLA animals! Also, I'm leaving out Korra, since I'm less invested in it. Feel free to fill in or disagree in comments! If you decide you want to include Korra characters, though, please note that I have not yet watched S2. :D

- Katara: wolf
* Sokka: dog (if at first you don't succeed...)
- Aang: monkey (though not quite Monkey)
- Toph: star-nosed mole
- Suki: fox
* Zuko: (awkward) penguin
- Uncle Iroh: bear
- Mai: cat
- Azula: cobra
- Ty Lee: magpie

* I kept flip-flopping on these two, lol, but in the end I think this is more fitting? :P
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[ profile] fandomaid is doing a buy it now fundraiser to support those affected by Typhoon Haiyan (donation information here). Since I'm usually terribly slow about filling fic requests*, I've offered 3 sets of up to 25 icons here (A:TLA, Saving Face, Love Actually, Star Trek Reboot, or non-fandom).

*Speaking of which, I am still working on the treat meme prompts. My writing-brain is slow to start, ugh.
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I am in a writing kind of mood today, but am sadly lacking in inspiration! There's the obvious Touch Pass assignment, but that requires more consideration and I still need to get my hand in in terms of writing fic again. SO! Toss me prompts please? Any fandom [incomplete list] will do, not just Kuroko. As usual I can't promise I'll fill everything, but I'll try to finish as many as I can.

+ balance [OT4, gen, "Red Cliff characters as benders from ATLA verse"]
+ weekend routines [Makoto & Haruka, gen, Free!]
+ what bros are for [Nippori & Ryosuke, gen, Tumbling]

*title from Li-Young Lee's "Immigrant Blues"
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Happy Lunar New Year! :)

Foodporn, as promised: )

Also, in fannishly celebratory news, yay Lunar New Year Exchange fanworks being posted at [community profile] white_lotus! I'm definitely looking forward to all the shinies. :) How were your celebrations?
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+ Currently debating the [community profile] white_lotus exchange- I really want to play (and am overdue for a rewatch!), but given all the things I have to accomplish over winter break, I don't know if I'll be able to manage even a treat. :< Also, there's that A:TLA thing I still haven't finished (er, ~2 years later) that I should really get done first!

+ Finally finished watching Natsume S4 yesterday! ALL THE FEELS (and ALL THE CRIES), omg. ♥ Natsume is actually atypical for me in terms of anime- I don't usually go for slice-of-life in things I watch, though I like to read them- but I do so love its themes around chosen family and kindness.

+ Re: other things I've been watching- SAO just got more exciting again?? Or has it just been a while since the ~cliffhanger~ has been sufficiently hang-y?

+ A partial list of my Kuroko ships of glee, for no reason at all: Aomine/Kuroko/Kagami (all permutations), Kiyoshi/Hyuuga/Riko (all permutations), Kise/Kasamatsu, Midorima/Takao, Aomine/Kise, Kise/Kuroko (... maybe more one-sided than not, I really love the canon dynamics xD), Momoi/Riko (RUNNING THE WORLD), everyone/everyone (especially Seirin and Miragen ♥)

+ Ask me anything! No, really. (Well, except maybe things involving finals.)
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A:TLA S3 finale icon set uploading and coding is finally complete! *\o/* I've subdivided it more or less by featured characters so your eyes don't glaze over looking through the entire 339-icon block, heh. Enjoy! *collapses*

icons featuring Aang: )

icons featuring Azula: )

icons featuring Bumi & assorted Earth Kingdomers: )

icons of the Gaang (various combinations): )

icons featuring the Water Tribe/waterbenders, Iroh, and the White Lotus: )

icons featuring Katara: )

icons featuring past Avatars: )

icons featuring Mai: )

icons featuring Ozai: )

icons featuring Sokka, Suki, and Toph: )

icons featuring Zuko: )
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I had a moment of... something and did a huge 339-icon batch of the S3 finale yesterday, and I currently don't have the energy to upload & code all of them! However, I wanted to put up a few so y'all can hold me to the rest of them eventually: 16 icons- SPOILERS, obvs! )
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So this idea came about through some gchat silliness, when [profile] koyal started us off by referring to A:TLA as "Zuko Travels Around the World And Some Other Guys Save the World In the Background I Guess"--

[me: Aang & Zuko's Excellent Adventures!

[profile] koyal: Aang Laughs At Gravity

me: Katara vs. Misogyny, An Epic Saga!
Sokka's Eternal Quest for Meat! (And Maybe More Sarcasm)

[profile] koyal: Toph Beats Up Everyone

me: Suki & Her Fangirls!
Mai's Exercises in Target Practice?
Azula Rules the World With Force Lightning

[profile] koyal: Azula Scares The Crap Out of Everything
Uncle Iroh in "I'll Make a Tea-Brewer Out of You"


-- so of course we decided that it should be a meme! So, dear internets: have at it! Party in the comments! A:TLA and Korra are fair game, but please do note any spoilers for Korra. ;) ♥
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+ Favorite age-up of Aang thus far omg ♥ ♥ ♥

+ I already have 123098723095872309487 Korra icon themes plotted in my head! April: SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR A:SDLKJA:LSKFJA.

... I had other things to say and also I think some links and maybe someday they will return to me, but KORRA. Brain is waving goodbye for the foreseeable future!
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Have some links instead!

+ The LNYE 2012 Masterlist is up! Which means I can now admit that I wrote crossing over, heh. Thanks to [personal profile] terajk for the OTGaang ficlet & [personal profile] beccastareyes for the Appa hat! ♥

+ Via... someone on twitter I think, N.K. Jemisin: Dreaming Awake.

+ Water marble nail art tutorial, which I stumbled upon via a friend. This... never would've occurred to me, but I foresee future procrastination experiments. >.>
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» I am SPOILED by DW A:TLA fandom, you guys. Someone made me an APPA HAT! State Dinner is the OTGaang ficlet of my heart!

Other reasons to love [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange:
+ a deep delight of the blood- wow, I find bloodbending practice an extremely believable basis for Katara/Zuko now.
+ Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists!
+ Primary Sources, aka Sokka and Suki vs. Wan Shi Tong, THE FACEOFF! xD
+ Spa Day is awesome lovely Katara/Toph (with OTGaang in the background ♥)!

» Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

» Check out [personal profile] terajk's Heroes Arrive Last fest!

» The Boy Who Only Lived Twice- I haven't read HP fic in a really long time & I've never read much Harry/Draco, but OMG SERIOUSLY, the way this story plays with all the levels of fucked-up those two are is fantastic.

+ Workin' It Out- dudes, I am not the biggest fan of Adam Lambert, but Adam Lambert + Tumbling earnestfaces = yes please, apparently! Also KIYAMA/MIZUSAWA, BRB STILL FLAILING EVERYWHERE. (Spoilers, obvs.)


Jan. 28th, 2012 12:24 pm
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Awesome A:TLA things:

» [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange has begun posting! Things I've consumed & enjoyed so far:
+ stitch me the fabric of fall, creepy/awesome Ursa fic!
+ Waiting to Spark, sweet and believable and complicated Katara/Zuko.
+ Isobel, an awesome Toph and Azula vid!
+ The Grace That It Takes, adorable Sokka/Suki! ♥

And some awesome non-A:TLA things:

» [ profile] gyzym: rumor has it, the first Glee-related gleeface I've had in a long while. SANTANA ♥

» Cities of You is an awesome art project based on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities! Check it out. :)
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Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating! ♥ I am in between classes right now & cannot brain properly, so consider this an open party thread. Dragonspam welcome! ;)

Also, via angryasianman, this is probably relevant to your interests: enter gene luen yang's avatar: the last airbender - the promise part 1 twitter contest!
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Wow, okay, this is the first time in the last 48ish hours that I haven't been frantically doing ALL THE THINGS! I still have a lot more things to do, alas, but while I'm on my mental break, have some shinies:

&hearts [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag! Fandom-stocking-style wishlists! I am SO doing this the second I have free (procrastination) time again, omg. *____*

&hearts [personal profile] wistfuljane made a reclist of Ouran OT7 fic! SO MUCH GLEE.

&hearts Kaleidoscope! I know, I know, I am like THE LAST PERSON ON THE INTERNET to rifle through the collections (& am being terribly slow at that), but seriously, so many gorgeous things! &doers of darkness; Actual recs to come at... some point, I promise. :3

&hearts [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange is running again this year! Signups have closed, but drop ALL THE TREATS REQUESTS, you guys! ALL OF THEM. :D


Nov. 19th, 2011 07:05 pm
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Last ~5 hours for Kaleidoscope treats, guys! (Or you can check out the countdown clock if you want to be precise.)

And, for those of you not biting your nails over Kaleidoscope:
&hearts [personal profile] starlady's put up a delicious looking port balsamic cranberry sauce recipe that I want to try. *_____*
&hearts SIGNUPS FOR THE [community profile] white_lotus LUNAR NEW YEAR EXCHANGE ARE OPEN!! *\o/* which I will properly flail about later, I promise!

And now I am going back to writing my paper - okay, ogling the request list to see if there's anything my brain will wake up to. >.>
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Happy Mother's Day, awesome moms in my circle! &hearts

Remix reveals are up! I wrote no returns or exchanges (the equilibration remix), which was probably PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to everybody who read it. (Also it is true I haven't exactly inhaled everything from the archive yet, but you may have noticed my crafty radio silence regarding A:TLA remix stories, so EVEN MORE PAINFULLY OBVIOUS, no? xD)

... and now I shall go back to rereading Stealing Harry & Laocoon's Children, because HELLO NOSTALGIA.


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