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Obsessive rewatching of Kuroko no Basuke has led, inevitably, to obsessive iconing of Kuroko no Basuke! Given that I just spent ~40 minutes iconing the 2ish-minute intro, this is probably the first set of many. *g*

32 icons, most ensemble characters )
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A:TLA S3 finale icon set uploading and coding is finally complete! *\o/* I've subdivided it more or less by featured characters so your eyes don't glaze over looking through the entire 339-icon block, heh. Enjoy! *collapses*

icons featuring Aang: )

icons featuring Azula: )

icons featuring Bumi & assorted Earth Kingdomers: )

icons of the Gaang (various combinations): )

icons featuring the Water Tribe/waterbenders, Iroh, and the White Lotus: )

icons featuring Katara: )

icons featuring past Avatars: )

icons featuring Mai: )

icons featuring Ozai: )

icons featuring Sokka, Suki, and Toph: )

icons featuring Zuko: )
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I had a moment of... something and did a huge 339-icon batch of the S3 finale yesterday, and I currently don't have the energy to upload & code all of them! However, I wanted to put up a few so y'all can hold me to the rest of them eventually: 16 icons- SPOILERS, obvs! )
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Naturally, as end-of-semester trudges inexorably closer, I am on the internets MOAR! Who knew. :P

-- of course, I still do not have the brain to say anything beyond KALEIDOSCOPE, YAYS!!! at the moment (doers of darkness, y'all are awesome &hearts), but, you know. In the meantime: have a couple icons, just because! (Look, Alek Wek and Jasika Nicole are gorgeous, okay? Check out these photos!)

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One more rec that I missed: Some Like It Hotman! Sokka and Zuko shenanigans FTW!

Anyway, the LNYE reveals/masterlist is up now, which means that I can spout my incoherent keysmashes at [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] terajk directly, because vids of the Fire Nation OT3 of my heart and ALL THE AWESOME LADIES and that entirely adorable Appa/Momo ficlet are never not made of win. THANK YOU!!! &hearts &hearts &hearts

Also, I can now say that I made 120 faces! Which, er, well. I'd been tossing around fic ideas, but I was still in deadlines-crunch-time and my brain was totally not wired at that point, so instead I rewatched the entire series in dribs and drabs while procrastinating! And then I hit what was probably snow day number 5 and I was watching The Blind Bandit again, and I thought, wow. Toph Bei Fong is fucking beautiful in motion, so I started screencapping and just... didn't stop for about five hours, ahahaha. /confession But I do think that icon set contains all the things I would ever want to capture about Toph in writing (or, well, almost), so I am happy in all sorts of ways to have made it. :D Someday I will finish capping her through the rest of the series!


Jan. 6th, 2011 01:39 pm
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Since I am suitably brainless today, have two more roundups!

» 2010 book log + notes )

» 2010 icon roundup- partially locked, sorry! )
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Vienna Teng & Alex Wong icons, at last! :D Photo credit goes to [personal profile] ursamajor and [personal profile] such_heights; pictures were taken at the Cambridge & NYC shows, respectively. (All the best-lit ones are from the Cambridge shows [personal profile] ursamajor saw, and all the ~dramatically colored~ ones are from New York, where [personal profile] such_heights and I had our epic flailgasm.)

31 icons: Alex Wong & Vienna Teng )
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... you know, after seeing Sonoma County's epic fail yesterday, I was kind of hoping to have some time to recover, but no. Nothing like a hefty dose of rage first thing in the morning, eh?

+ A roundup of LJ's recent transfail can be found here.

+ A quick roundup of OH NEIL GAIMAN, NO:
- What Neil Gaiman said...- American Indians in Children's Literature
- neil gaiman's racist fail- [ profile] kynn
- Words, Context, Power- [ profile] yeloson
- A few privileged pants-droppers- [ profile] fiction_theory

I wish I could say that this was unexpected, but to be quite honest, the cynic in me has been waiting for the other shoe to drop since his defense of Amanda Palmer during the Evelyn Evelyn business came up. I could have done with being wrong.

Some collegiate!Obama icons to counteract the cold and tired and angry: 14 icons from the Time photoshoot )
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+ Yuletide Madness: go, go, go! *\o/*

+ i'll be heading down to philly sometime tomorrow, and i won't be back until sunday, so merry christmas to all of you who are celebrating! &hearts

+ also, happy birthday to [personal profile] bossymarmalade! some more mango-happy for you, including promised icons: )
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OHAI GUYS. So, um, do you remember that picspam I made a while back? WELL. THE RESULTS ARE IN: [20] )

All pictures come from the posts I linked in the original picspam; some crops are... experimental, and it shows, I think. :P ENJOY!

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So! Thanks to several posts by [personal profile] such_heights, [personal profile] heathershaped, and [ profile] sheafrotherdon, and further spurred by the stupid that followed [ profile] karnythia home, I am now taking icon requests on the theme of FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. Caps and text suggestions are welcome; popcorn donations in the form of GIFs are also very much appreciated. (Please note that I haven't figured out how to make GIF icons yet. *is clueless*)

Let's get this party started, ladies. I'll kick it off: )

ETA: Icons! )
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] whymzycal! *\o/* *\o/* For you, a return to that eternal question: Is the goldfish cosmic, or is the cosmos a goldfish?


Also, a couple of stories you may not have seen, following the theme of live long and prosper:
- Delta Delta Vega (or Dude, Bro) by [ profile] zarathuse
- untitled commentfic (in progress?) of AWESOME by [personal profile] karanguni [ETA: This has now been COMPLETED and REPOSTED! To The Enterprise: of Warp Barriers, Captains, and Other Scary Things *\o/* *\o/* GO! READ!]

AND, while we're talking crazy futuristic shenanigans, take a look at Project Natal! THE GAMING OF THE FUTURE, IT IS HERE. AND AWESOME. And... talking to you from your screen, and reading the shit you doodle on your piece of non-virtual paper, and. Yeah. Um. Am I alone in thinking that's also kind of freaky as hell?

Anyway, I hope you had an amazing day! &hearts :D


In other news, I signed up for Remix last night. Welcome back, insanity! &hearts
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... so, um. that thing i said about summer and friends and plans? they are hijacking my life, for real, IDEK. i had a crazy good weekend spent sunning and dancing and making mango salsa (when not dealing with my friend's latest debacle in his great series of unfortunate moving events), but i clearly need to make a bigger effort not to default on my upcoming fandom/internet commitments! :S

anyway, this time i return from Unexpected Short Hiatus bearing gifts! first, some Joshua Bell, as i promised [ profile] ego_chan and [ profile] leandergasped: The Red Violin Chaconne for Violin & Orchestra &hearts

also, in lieu of that bigass icons post i didn't make earlier: )

001-003: Junjou Romantica artbook
004-010: Freida Pinto
011-026: Stigma

so, how are you guys? have i missed anything from you this weekend? hurl your links at me, go!
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so last night, i had an icon-spaz. :D :D WARNING: SUPREMELY IMAGE-HEAVY.

icons for you: )

dance icons for me! & source images )
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because i am hoping to distract myself out of Block, here are the results of the pretty i was babbling about last night:

now with bonus colorization! )

er. as you guys may or may not have realized from the above, i have kind of an unhealthy adoration for Colin's doof-ears, heh. i still stand by their cuteness! &hearts :D


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