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1. USians who celebrated, I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I've been enjoying mine! As always, I am grateful for all of you. ♥

2. Thanks to my dad, I have unexpectedly and fairly reluctantly achieved smartphonelandia at last. Any iPhone apps you guys find particularly handy?

3. On a completely random note/for my non-twitter folks, I would wear boring white button-downs EVERY DAY if they had cats embroidered on them.

4. I found this article on Productive Stretching for Dancers via one of my dance friends and thought it was worth passing on. Obviously, not everybody dances and ymmv on the utility of the specific exercises mentioned, but the concept of productive stretching is a useful one.
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Multifandom treat meme is still open! I haven't managed to fill anything yet since I have to prepare for a presentation this week, but in the meantime, prompt away! I'm just getting started, promise. :D

♣ This week's booklog:
+ Blade of the Immortal, v.1-2: I read these at Book-Off last week and it hasn't quite sucked me in (yet? haha), but I thought the mechanism of immortality was an interesting premise. Thoughts/opinions? Is this a series I should invest more time in?
+ Reader and Raelynx, Sharon Shinn: More interesting than the other Twelve Houses book that I picked up, definitely.
+ Troubled Waters, Sharon Shinn: I think this is my favorite out of all the Shinn books I've read so far. I loled at some "science what science" aspects of the worldbuilding, but since this is more on the fantasy side of SF/F, that was okay. Also, I found this setting much more intriguing than the Samaria or Twelve Houses ones.

♣ Found a new EP via angry asian man (soundcloud stream & free download at the link)! This has been a year of shiny new music for me; I'm quite enjoying Bright Vices. *___*

♣ Anyone interested in makeup blogs? Obviously tips and recs are never universal, but I spent an afternoon in a vortex of shiny pictures/etc. on sweet little place (mostly in French) and frmheadtotoe (thanks for the link, [personal profile] vi!).

♣ Random home remedy that my mom showed me recently: carve out the ends of an Asian pear, put it in a bowl, add some salt/rock sugar in the hole where the stem was, and steam it. The pear and its juices are supposed to be good for your throat/if you have a cough.

♣ And now for something completely hilarrible! Mandarin-speakers (I don't know if this also scans in Cantonese): 一只小白加一只小白是什麼?
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Seeing as my highly-elevated neighborhood came through unscathed, I'm planning on trekking to Chinatown/the Lower East Side with some friends to volunteer tomorrow! We're looking to join CAAAV's relief efforts, but I know there are tons of other hurricane response initiatives. A highly incomplete list of links:

+ NYC Service
+ NY1: ways to help relief efforts
+ NYCares disaster response

Plus, some (semi-belated) information via fb:
Brooklyn )

Queens )

Manhattan )

Bronx )

Feel free to drop more in the comments!
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Dear internets: does anybody have info on/recommendations for other online survey platforms than surveymonkey? Doesn't necessarily have to be free, but options that might be more convenient for data analysis would be nice. ^^;
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Y'all, I do not expect earthquakes here! But more to the point, the US East Coast is IN NO WAY earthquake-prepared, which is why the parents just freaked out (we're from Taiwan).

Recent quake info courtesy [personal profile] avendya, whom I was gchatting at the time; also, when looking for information on fault lines I found this, which fellow US East Coasters may be interested to know.
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Since I am having bag trauma at the moment, you guys can perhaps benefit from my headaching?

tl;dr ramble? )

Anyway, I am still trying to decide on something that meets my criteria, but here is a brief rundown of several makers of (what I consider) nice bags on etsy:

» sineminugur: really nice & practical designs, cute fabric choices; okay budget-wise & shipping-wise
» ikabags: ecofriendly, practically designed, cute fabric choices; not low-budget & awful shipping costs
» namu: I like the shinkansen designs, but not so practically-pocketed; pretty good budget-wise & shipping-wise
» CrazyBoy: nice practical bags; less okay budget-wise & shipping-wise
» tippythai: stylish and practical (some designs more so than others), water resistant fabrics available; okay budget-wise & shipping-wise

Alternate suggestions/thoughts would be more than welcome!

eta; I has achieved a satisfyingly-pocketed solution! \o/ (I still think the etsy ones win on style, though.)
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[in order of stumble-upon, not importance]

» [personal profile] synecdochic's IP logging, internet privacy, geolocation, and you: facts to consider is a scary useful post.

» [personal profile] boundbooks also has links re: a bill in Congress that would make streaming copyrighted material a felony.

» Proposed Law to Revoke Visas Without Court Oversight Threatens Americans and their Families. I can't even. Maybe someday I'll be able to compartmentalize enough, or control/deal with blank rage well enough, to read the news on a regular basis? I'm not sure I ought to look forward to that day though. :x
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things white people do: unacceptable "social"/"flirtation" behaviors
[note for anyone wondering if these examples are hypothetical: THEY ARE NOT]

cut for head-explosion; possibly triggering for racism & harassment )

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I've been having various conversations with people about home remedies/mom-advice recently, so I figured it would be nice to consolidate and share. :D This post is in no way meant to be a universal prescriptive, as different things work for different people, so please feel free to jump in as well!

for relieving headaches:
+ Massage/pressure points: temples, eye-sockets, the spot right under the center of the lower lip, and (sometimes, for me) also the upper curve of the ear. The juncture of neck and shoulder is good for tension relief as well, whether or not my muscles are actually tight (which, let's face it, they generally are). I press hard enough to get me to the borderline of pain and discomfort while my mom presses hard enough to hurt, but either way works just fine.

+ Using wanjingyou/Tiger Balm on these points is extra helpful, although I would suggest not doing so if you are sensitive to strong smells.

+ Coffee/tea/caffeinated substances have been a solution for my mom in the past, though coffee is not a go-to for me after noon (I go to sleep late enough as it is).

for relieving menstrual cramps:
+ Ginger soup! Slice fresh ginger into a pot of boiling water & leave for ~30 minutes (this is approximately the amount of time my mom leaves it on, but longer/shorter periods should be fine as well, I think). Add sugar to taste & drink hot. Note: this can be made in large quantities & kept in the fridge to be reheated when necessary.

+ Lower back massage, if you are like me and get a horrible band of tightness around your midsection. This mostly helps me not to tense up and make the pain worse, although if I get to a certain point of relaxation the cramps will actually recede for a while.

+ Also, avoiding cold drinks/foodstuffs (such as ice cream) for the duration generally helps.

+ Also also, no swimming for the duration, if at all possible. (I have never been tempted to do this anyway, but I had a couple of friends on the swim team back in high school, so.)

for coughs/colds:
+ Lemon tea (actual tea not necessary): hot water, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and honey to taste. I mostly use green tea if I'm in the mood for actual tea.

+ Tea with honeyed kumquats: Soak fresh kumquats in a jar of honey for extended periods of time (as in 2-3 weeks or longer); make sure they are completely covered with the honey. Over time the kumquats should sink from the top of the jar; you can then take dollops of the kumquat/honey and put it in your tea (mostly green tea for me- my family is in the habit of drinking green, basically- but we've also been known to use oolong). My mom swears by it for allergy-relief as well, as it works for her where actual allergy medications such as Claritin have failed miserably; she no longer sneezes or suffers itchy, watery eyes in the springtime. It is true that she is always making and drinking the stuff these days, but hey, it's a tasty (and healthy) preventative measure!

+ Breathing steam. I prefer to stay in the bathroom for a few minutes after a hot shower when I'm feeling congested, but you can also just boil some water and sit with your face over it & a towel draped over your head, if you like.

... why yes, you may have noticed that we use tea for, um, everything? TEA IS THE SUBSTANCE OF LIFE, OKAY. xD

eta because I have fallen off the bandwagon re: poetry month! five poems by Purvi Shah; I particularly love the last one.
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I thought I was done with the flames of fury here, or at least on hiatus, but this post by [personal profile] keeva just made Wrede's thought train-wreck even more clear.

However, in the face of the mammoth fail, people are already being awesome! [ profile] rushthatspeaks points out the effects of a US history written by the white majority; [ profile] kaigou has an excellent post about the hazards of sleeping with the status quo; [personal profile] spiralsheep addresses the reasons why shutting up about social justice is never helpful; [ profile] delux_vivens's roll call for PoC SF/F fans over at [ profile] deadbrowalking is being answered by a wild unicorn legion (if you identify as PoC/non-white and you are an SF/F fan, stand up and be counted!); and [personal profile] naraht is doing an amazing job at archiving this particular revolution. All of these people and more are saying the things that I want to say, that need to be said and heard, and I am once again humbled by and grateful for this show of solidarity. There are some truly beautiful minds out there.

And now for some tangentially-related Obama cheer, because the awesome of my president, I cannot even. &hearts!

ETA for [personal profile] ciderpress, because she brings a little love back to PoC fans.
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Happy open-beta phase, everyone! As I mentioned previously, I am still hanging out mostly on LJ, with very little cross-posting thus far. It's nice to see more familiar faces over here, though! :)

There will be more fic up here soon, when I get around to finishing/organizing the stuff from my drabble free-for-all on LJ. I realize I forgot to cross-post that, so, er, if any of you Dreamwidth-only folks would like a prompt, feel free to drop one here? *headdesk*

Also, a quick PSA for those of you who may be interested/haven't already heard the news from [personal profile] ciderpress or [personal profile] oyceter: [personal profile] oyceter is hosting the second edition of the Asian Women Blog Carnival, and she's taking submissions until June 1st! So, so excited for this. \o/

ETA: I made a post over at LJ about swine flu, and it occurs to me that it may bear repeating over here! [ profile] setissma has some useful information over here. Also, some helpful tips:

- Coughing/sneezing into your sleeve- as opposed to into your hands- decreases the likelihood of spreading your germs everywhere, for the simple reason that shit sticks to your hands (which you will forget about once your cough/sneeze is over) and it is very easy to reinfect everything around you by touching stuff.
- Used tissues should be discarded ASAP, and giving convenient surfaces- i.e. computer desks, kitchen counters, dining room tables, etc.- a quick spray & wipe-down is always a good idea.
- Avoid touching your eyes/nose/mouth, as mucous membranes are disease-friendly areas.
- Wash your hands! Everyone is saying this; everyone is repeating it for a reason. Don't just rinse, either- soap & lather, don't forget to clean around your fingernails & between your fingers, etc., and use warm/hot water if it's available. Around twenty seconds should do it.
- It's also a good idea to pop one of those Purell hand sanitizer things in your bag, for use when sinks are not convenient to you. Very easy quick-fix, believe me.

Also, please remember that you are not in danger of catching swine flu from eating pork. That is all!


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