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Happy Mother's Day! :) &hearts

My brain is apparently determined to stay off this weekend despite my best efforts to the contrary, therefore you get random things.

+ [ profile] stephiepenguin's The Last Rickshaw is a lovely Malaysian steampunk story! I really, really enjoyed it. :)

+ oh Diana Gabaldon no, a nice takedown by [ profile] sheafrotherdon. (Her previous posts are also goldmines of lulz and awesome, in case you haven't seen them already.) I still haven't bothered to read any of DG's posts, but the fandom responses? A++. &hearts

+ Via [personal profile] effex, Dancers Among Us, aka the incredibly gorgeous dance photos I have been ogling on and off since Friday. LOVE AND GLEE, y'all.

+ Is it possible to password-lock a youtube video the same way you can on Vimeo? Inquiring minds want to know!

+ I defaulted on Remix. :\ Life is being supremely uncooperative this year, so cheerleading from the sidelines it is, I guess! On the plus side, this means I uploaded some more stories to my AO3 account. (IT IS SLOW GOING, OKAY? I have trouble making decisions about how to handle things like seasonal drabbles, and which stories I like enough to preserve on the archive!)

+ eta: Japanese recast of Merlin, by [personal profile] fly_to_dawn! HOMG SO PRETTY.

i is back!

Mar. 21st, 2010 07:03 pm
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And really, really tired. Two bus rides in one day are draining, even if they were relatively short.

I know I promised y'all Minimerlin crime-scene updates, but I just could not swallow paying for hotel internet access after I had free wifi on my public transportation. I also failed on camera duty, but in my defense, 70s Fahrenheit weather, epic booze and hilarity, and collective fangirl glee makes a lot of distraction!

Things what happened this weekend, an incomplete list:
- two-part vid show of EPIC! ([personal profile] such_heights, I may or may not have made some very embarrassing squeaking noises at yours &hearts)
- booze
- hilarity
- booze and hilarity
- very loud public discussions of fandom, slash, embarrassing family/friend discoveries of gay porn on computer screens, and origami penises
- a certain discussion (of pain and hilarity and PAIN, DID I MENTION THE PAIN?) of Things That Are Not Lube
- a certain beaver quote that I cannot actually type because I am still busting a gut
- drunken porn-readings, complete with author DVD-style commentary BY A CERTAIN SOMEONE I AM NOT NAMING :D &hearts

In short, AWESOME FANGIRLS ARE AWESOME; also, all hail [ profile] puckling and [ profile] ras_elased for being amazing Queens of the Con. &hearts

-- ETA:
2. epic spoilery glorious Saving Face picspam by [personal profile] ciderpress = I AM SO FLAILY RIGHT NOW, Y'ALL DON'T EVEN KNOW. And for the record, I had a VERY FLAILY WEEKEND.
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Why yes, I do have too much to do and too little time to do it in, but sometimes you just gotta Gaga, okay? I'll save my actual two cents on her for some other day, I promise.

Some (more) Telephone spam!

- In case you haven't seen it already: Gaga-acknowledged (and credited) Gaga/B fanart of AWESOME, plus subsequent thank-you fanart! As [personal profile] avendya said when we were talking last night, fourth wall, what fourth wall?

- [personal profile] effex has a few links here.

- gudbuytjane's critique

- [personal profile] bossymarmalade in response to this article on Feministe: what a brave corporate logo!
Hey there, did it ever occur to you that Asian women sometimes think and speak IN ASIAN LANGUAGES?!? Maybe she's thinking "a different language than everybody else's" (nice) because, hmmm, she has access to a "different language than everybody else". What's so wrong with her using it, or -- horror of horrors! -- reflexively reacting with it in her own mind? Is this a fucking performance sport?

3/19 ETA OF AWESOMESAUCE: Kinda Busy, Gaga/B by [ profile] yeats. How did I not see this before?! Internet, you are fired.

In other news: MINIMERLIN TOMORROW OMG*.\o/ \o/ \o/ So excited can't speak! I'll be bringing my laptop with me, so you may even get crime-scene updates! WHO KNOWS. :D &hearts

*Which also means I will be scrambling tonight to finish everything I'm supposed to do, including overdue fic. Oops? /o\
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Some quick notes, since I'm supposed to be haring off to do things in a bit:

- [ profile] rs_small_gifts signups are open! :D Yeah, Remus/Sirius folks, I'm looking at you.

- I forgot to say that I'm doing [ profile] choc_fic's 100 Days of Color! Saving Face (because this is apparently the Year of Pimpage for me), February 8th. \o/

- [community profile] camelot_fleet party post is open for business!

- The deadline for submissions for the 4th Asian Women Blog Carnival is coming up! NOVEMBER 1st is... next weekend, omg. Where did October go??
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At long last, Merlin meetup Renfaire picspam! WARNING: supremely image-heavy. part 1: here there be dragons )
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is what i'm feeling today. *g* i have plans with Broadway-obsessed friend to try for the Avenue Q lotto in a few hours, and i've just finished The Sea Refuses No River, a Koumyou/Ukoku [ profile] 7thnight_smut fic by [ profile] rroselavy (which was kindly recced to me by [ profile] whymzycal). INSTA-REC, GUYS; it's lovely and serene and glorious! &hearts

... less positive is the fact that my beta-functions are stalling. D: *shakes fists at brain* will have another go at this draft after i've brewed myself tea! (though tbh i'll be satisfied if it helps me keep away whatever disease is scratching at the edges of my body right now, ugh.)

ETA: [community profile] camelot_fleet party post is up! :D :D :D I SEE WHAT I WILL BE DOING UNTIL LOTTO TIME.
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+ have just emerged from [ profile] 7thnight_smut. OMG, so much great Saiyuki fic! there were a couple of scenarios that... bugged me, but for the most part i loved them to bits! :D i have not read outside my (39/58) pairings, but if there's something REALLY SHINY that you guys think i would like, please let me know. i'll post my own favorites at... some future point. ... yeah, no, screw that. favorites! [now edited post-author reveals] )

+ [ profile] springkink Round VIII is gearing up; leave your prompts here! i am to sit on my hands this time around, JUST FOR THE RECORD; if i attempt to snatch a prompt, please to knock the crazy out of me with Internet Sticks. :P

+ i know you have seen the trailer 27091340945509468 times, so i will spare your flists, but: MERLIN S2. MY FLAILY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE TEXTUALLY RENDERED. MULTISHIPPER FANGASM PARTY, CAN WE HAVE ONE? RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW? OMG. *\o/*
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before i go to bed early in an attempt to catch that free AI concert tomorrow, a collection of the awesome i have been subjected to today!

&hearts Merlin macros of WIN, by [ profile] franticsga
&hearts Uhura macro & Star Trek: TOS, kindly linked to me by [personal profile] skywardprodigal
&hearts [personal profile] such_heights's Reboot!delicious which is comprised of FICS MOST EXCELLENT
&hearts Reboot icons posts at [community profile] icontent, which are hilarious and fab!

wish me luck in going to sleep/waking up; with my insomniac habits, i'll need it!
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because i am hoping to distract myself out of Block, here are the results of the pretty i was babbling about last night:

now with bonus colorization! )

er. as you guys may or may not have realized from the above, i have kind of an unhealthy adoration for Colin's doof-ears, heh. i still stand by their cuteness! &hearts :D


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