Jan. 28th, 2012 12:24 pm
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Awesome A:TLA things:

» [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange has begun posting! Things I've consumed & enjoyed so far:
+ stitch me the fabric of fall, creepy/awesome Ursa fic!
+ Waiting to Spark, sweet and believable and complicated Katara/Zuko.
+ Isobel, an awesome Toph and Azula vid!
+ The Grace That It Takes, adorable Sokka/Suki! ♥

And some awesome non-A:TLA things:

» [ profile] gyzym: rumor has it, the first Glee-related gleeface I've had in a long while. SANTANA ♥

» Cities of You is an awesome art project based on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities! Check it out. :)
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+ DADT enforcement struck down by California federal judge
+ Wisconsin law challenges race-based school mascots
+ [personal profile] mercredigirl: ontd_f fail
+ [personal profile] such_heights: let's talk about awesome ladies* [brief linkspam]
+ [personal profile] musesfool: but they will never be what she was to me
+ kristina wong, asian american women, and depression
+ Jenna Ushkowitz & Harry Shum Jr.: "Sing!"
+ artists interested in a nanowrimo-type challenge may want to check out [ profile] nanomango!
+ [personal profile] zephre: Blue Violet Study [Gwen, Gwaine, G]
+ Camelot Remix at the AO3
+ W. Va. senate candidate has a little trouble with names (LULZ FOREVER)
+ ladies at centre stage
+ Sara Bareilles: All the Single Ladies
+ Disney-Mulan!Inception, ahahahahah!
+ Only Poems Can Translate Poems: On the Impossibility and Necessity of Translation
+ via [personal profile] yeloson, MJ/Fela Kuti mashup
+ South Korean kimchi crisis
+ [ profile] sheafrotherdon: 1824, incoming
+ Katara Toph Loathing, a fanvid of shiny and hilarious!
+ [personal profile] the_future_modernes has some links on Wiscon
+ [community profile] access_fandom is looking to start up a challenge similar to [community profile] dark_agenda for disabled characters & creators! If you happen to have time or resources to spare and would like to offer a helping hand, please hop over to this post!
+ & speaking of [community profile] dark_agenda, we now have a nominations spreadsheet & masterlist of promotion posts!

This is quite possibly the last linkspam I will do for a while, as life just got BUSY. I may not fall off the face of the internet exactly, but will probably revert to relative radio silence, so. &hearts!
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-- yeah, I think it's time for a tag. *g* (Though the thought of going back to tag all of my linkspams... oh god. /o\ I NEVER MEANT TO GET INTO THIS HABIT, YOU GUYS!)

+ [personal profile] eccentricyoruba on historical globalization
+ [personal profile] such_heights on recent events
+ some gorgeous photos of Afghanistan
+ Beau Sia: Check Yourself
+ [personal profile] oyceter on 30 Rock (& Tiger Beatdown here)
+ Asian American Women in Leadership conference
+ Historians admit to inventing ancient Greeks (... oh, The Onion. xD)
+ [personal profile] crossedwires: on a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise
+ Driving While Brown (via [personal profile] the_future_modernes)
+ [personal profile] crossedwires has a batch of Undercovers icons!
+ some more Undercovers icons!
+ Pompeiian wall painting of a threesome, via my tumbleroll!
+ Petition for National Holiday for Native Americans
+ 2010 Asian American music festival
+ [personal profile] wistfuljane: on Fanlore's tropes and genres, more on Fanlore and its Tropes & Genres category
+ a blogspam by angry asian man (includes several links on The Social Network, for those of you who are interested!)
+ Oxfam urges that aid for Haiti be earmarked for agriculture
+ 9th Conference of the Puerto Rican Studies Association
+ Kollaboration in Seattle, 10/23
+ Cayman Islands Brewery recycles for a cause (via Repeating Islands)
+ Get Arthur and Gwen Laid Campaign (Hello Merlin fandom! &hearts Maybe I will come back to you one day...)
+ Confounding Fathers: The Tea Party's Cold War Roots
+ The lovely [ profile] cherrybina has put up a picspam/math poll that is EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY-MAKING TO MY NERDY SELF, JUST SAYIN'.
+ Deb Reese on Neil Gaiman
+ Reconsider Columbus Day
+ [personal profile] axelrod on Spirit Day
+ Kate Harding On Good Kids and Total Fucking Assholes
+ [personal profile] trinker: Render unto... (interesting thoughts on translation!)
+ Oh Aaron Sorkin, no.
+ Glee linkspam at [community profile] access_fandom
+ This female character flowchart pisses me off. This post explains some of the reasons why; [personal profile] inkstone's linkspam goes into further detail. [personal profile] marina makes an interesting point, but to me, the chart reduces all those strong female characters AND REAL WOMEN to their (perceived as) problematic characteristics for... what, exactly? We already hold women- real and fictional- to impossibly high and contradictory standards; I'm not happy with the fact that the chart flattens all those different contexts to highlight their flawed narratives/perceived negatives. We should be talking about how these women are flawed and STRONG/AWESOME ANYWAY, not reducing them to their flaws, and frankly, I don't see the chart furthering that discussion much. Even if the creators are just having a spork at notions of/expectations for "strong female characters," this is so totally not the best format in which to do it. **eta for [personal profile] bossymarmalade on Yoko Ono, because YES.
+ VAMP responds to "Prostitutes of God" documentary
+ more links from [personal profile] vi
+ Surprise-- the Very Dark Side of US History (trigger warning applies)
+ Bechdel Test Comment-ficathon!
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how not to write a personal statement- or, i am the biggest magpie known to man:

1. attempt to multitask by "brainstorming" (wakefulness: 85%) on commute.
2. notice giant glaring Glee promo plastered to the side of a wall right next to the port authority bus ramp.
3. see Tina's (maybe 500x life-size) face!
4. think about that Tina/Mike clip pimped on angry asian man. (nnnngh, Tina/Mike.)
4a. also, dancing shirtless Mike.

in conclusion;
iii. THE END.
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Pre-Montreal tab-clearing! Have a good weekend, lovelies; I'll see you on the other side. &hearts

+ This list of the 15 most overrated contemporary American writers makes me wonder just what Anis Shivani's definition of "contemporary" is. (My list would include Dan Brown and Stephenie Meyer, just sayin'...) Still, the snark was enjoyable to read!

+ Mao's Last Dancer looks shiny.

+ Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather, Devil Wears Prada fic by [personal profile] woldy! UNF.

+ Troy Polamalu's hair is insured for a million bucks. Why do I suspect that this is less whimsical than it first appears?

+ MC Jin's rapping in Cantonese these days. (Interesting commentary on bilingualism!)

+ This Tina & Mike still via angry asian man is HOT, y'all. People who are still watching Glee, promise to let me know if I should poke my head in just to watch that scene? ;)

+ Rambutans in Puerto Rico! ... I have still never tasted a rambutan. ;____; Someday I can has??
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[personal profile] petra's Be Excellent to Each Other love-meme came at a very good time for me, so. My thread! :> Will be back to comment-trawl for you guys later, but feel free to point me to your threads~ &hearts

Also, fandom looooove was had last night, yays! Some happies:

+ Glee: Discovered via [ profile] sequinedfairy, i'd gouge my eyes out if it would make your clothes less heinous by [ profile] ohladybegood made me seal-clap irl! Oh Kurt, oh Mercedes, ILU and your snarky condescension so. &hearts

+ Merlin: [community profile] camelot_fleet is having a mini-party week leading up to Femslash Day! *\o/* I haven't been much in the mood for Merlin, but I look forward to dropping in.

+ Avatar: the Last Airbender:
- Avatar Kyoshi ficlet by [personal profile] thedeadparrot! eeeee, so incoherent about this still.
- Zuko on a velociraptor, ahahahahah. OH ZUKO. I MOCK BECAUSE I LOVE.
- [personal profile] thingswithwings has a delightful post of happy squeetimes! eta: AND A ZUKO POLL OF LOL.
- [personal profile] dhobikikutti has a crunchy meta/love post, om nom nom. :D

+ Uraboku: I watched ep 14 with [ profile] ruffwriter last night and OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS, IT WAS MADE OF SO MUCH CRACKY SLASHY RIDICULOUS DELICIOUSNESS, I CAN'T EVEN. small excerpt of our live gchat-flail )

+ RIZZOLI & ISLES: Guys, I'm pretty sure I have a new TV boygirlfriend! Caught the premiere last night after watching The Closer (hi Brenda &hearts), and eeeeeee lady cop show with TWO AWESOME LADIES! Zvi and musesfool have, you know, some actual thoughts, but I'm still stuck in the flailing phase because cop shows are totes my thing and also it is the first time I have insta-femslashed ever. (Merlin took me a while, okay, shush.) I will note that this ep is seriously triggering, but despite that and the pacing issues and ~sudden pilot-y DRAMA~, I loved the crap out of the fact that: spoilers )

In short, I HAS A GLEE, and am so excited for next week already omg. :D
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first; Link-boosting [personal profile] ephemere's incredibly powerful No country for strangers (in response to Charles Tan's No Foreigners Allowed):
I will not say: no foreigners allowed. That is a rather horrible thing to say considering an overwhelming tendency here to welcome foreigners with open arms and bend over backwards for them, at the cost of discriminating against our fellow Filipinos. It is a statement that assumes we have the power to say such a thing and enforce such a rule when we, well, don't. "No foreigners allowed" is a fantasy -- a short-sighted, narrow-minded, twisted fantasy, but a fantasy nonetheless.

Instead I will say: this is no country for strangers. This is not a people that can be known by observation alone, without the risk of actual engagement. This is no land where you can set yourself apart and then delude yourself with claims that comprehension naturally comes with high-minded goals and noble intentions to enlighten a system whose only fundamental flaw is ignorance of your ways. This is not a place that needs more foreigners coming in to visit, then taking away with them their misconceptions and their privileged judgments -- because we have been misrepresented enough, not just in the international community but also amongst ourselves, and false categorizations and claims about who we are and where we came from and where we should go are unneeded and shouldn't be welcomed.

This is a place where one must know rage to know sight. I wrote, somewhat recently: "[S]ometimes rage is useful. Sometimes anger is necessary. Sometimes you need a great and brutal force to drive ugly and hidden secrets into the light; sometimes self-satisfaction and complacency cannot be worn down gradually, but must be wrenched apart. Sometimes fear is the only edge that will compel you to walk a difficult and unfamiliar path. Sometimes you can't just politely ask rotting structures to make way for the construction of new ones. You have to knock them down. Burn them to the ground." I believe this is as true of the writing of fiction as it is of development policy, or economic research, or the study of Philippine institutions.

second; videos via angry asian man for week of win day 7--

+ M.I.A.'s new music video for Born Free is both a shock to the heart and (imo) an embarrassment of riches, but seriously: trigger warning.

+ Two segments from Caught in the Act, featuring Misnomers and the amazing Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai.

+ And to end on a lighter note, here's yet another Glee audition roundup!

eta because I dropped a link! /o\ [personal profile] avendya's Blood Makes Noise is an incredible (first!) vid about Morgana. Send her some love!
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La la la James Cameron I can't hear you! [ profile] sheafrotherdon, on the other hand, is awesome. :*

week of win, day 2:

+ [personal profile] bookshop has created the [community profile] tenwomen challenge! Check out her post on the subject and the community profile for details.

+ angry asian man has a Glee audition round-up! My favorites are Jennifer Chung's Hate on Me and Sam Tsui's True Colors (and not just because I really cannot take Lean On Me, I swear!).

+ HAVEMERCY LOVERS: the third book of the series, Dragon Soul, is out on pre-order! The US release date is June 8th; not sure if it's different elsewhere. Amazon; Barnes & Noble; blurb from Random House. ROOK AND THOM, you guys! ROOK AND THOM. I adored Shadow Magic for Kouje and Mamoru and the Ke-Han, but I am so excited that my favorite dysfunctional brothers are coming back.

+ The amazing [personal profile] glockgal's done a gorgeous commission for Saundra Mitchell's forthcoming YA novel, Shadowed Summer! Go forth and shower her with love, if you haven't already. :D &hearts

Poem for today:

Enough to Say It's Far

About the distance
to the sun and moon, to the stars,
whatever else, it is
enough to say it's far.

And the distance between
my love and me,
since it cannot be measured with a rule,
for this too
it is enough to say it's far.

I cannot see beyond
these things, afloat,
in the bowl of cool water.
And because of my thirst
now I have no other thought
than to drink of this cool water.

-- Pak Chaesam
(trans. by David R. McCann & Jiwon Shin)
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[personal profile] deepad's written an open letter to Charles Tan, and [personal profile] ciderpress has a post taking down (yet another Glee-related incident of) hipster racism.

As for me, I need to stop engaging for a while with the things that make me angry. Instead, I'm clearing out my mental/emotional space: for the next seven days, I am going to make and/or link to satisfyingly squeeful things, with enough shiny to wallow myself back into a good mood. You're all welcome to join me if you like! :) Ergo,

week of win, day 1:

+ Via angry asian man, Raymond Lee's official Glee audition. SHOWERS OF SPARKLY HEARTS, OMG YES PLEASE, etc. etc.

+ Attention Gwen and Morgana (and OT4) lovers: if you haven't seen [personal profile] leupagus's Home to the Weary, it is a joygasm waiting to happen.

+ Just found a youtube clip of the Of Montreal concert I saw a few years back!

The Party's Crashing Us may still be my favorite song of theirs, ever. &hearts

+ Not relevant to anybody else, but fuck if I'm going to ignore RL awesome when I has it: I have accrued a fairly ridiculous number of paid vacation hours, and am going to see the World Expo in Shanghai this summer! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*
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first things first: happy happy birthday, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r! &hearts :D i hope you're having a fabulous day!

so on wednesday i was flailing so much about SYTYCD that i neglected to mention i caught the episode of Glee that came on right after it! i am bad at watching TV shows in general, but i am especially terrible at non-crime/hospital TV shows, so the fact that Glee was actually entertaining for me was kind of a surprise. i tend to find these sorts of shows rather cringeworthy, but so far the good bits outweigh the cringey bits, so yay for that! even if i did have BUST THE WINDOWS OUT YA CARRRRR stuck in my head for hours after, oh god. xD

i also watched The Informant last night, because i figured Matt Damon was worth a try and the premise sounded interesting, and... wow, the movie is actually nothing like what i thought it was going to be. Matt Damon was good, but the character he played was- oh my god, i have never been so aggravated watching a movie in my life. i love Matt Damon and i respect him as an actor, but i spent most of the movie wanting to punch him in the face. slight spoilers )

annnnd now i have Merlin 2x01 downloading, just to continue the trend, but i am Not Watching It until i get my beta-work done!

ETA: OH AND. at work the other day, i discovered that there is a strain of ethanol-sensitive Drosophila (fruit flies) called cheapdate. no, i am not lying; according to this paper, cheapdate is actually an allele of amnesiac? BIOGEEK HUMOR, IT NEVER FAILS TO AMUSE ME. xD


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