Mar. 27th, 2017 08:44 pm
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Wow, the end of the semester swamped me fast... Emerging from grading/paper/presentation doom momentarily to write down tonight's really good first attempt at fish stew:

- 1 large yellow onion, chopped
- 2 large cloves garlic, minced
- 3 slices ginger, minced
- 1 dried bird's eye chili pepper, crushed
- white pepper to taste
- salt to taste (I used ~2-3 tsp?)
- 1 pinch turmeric
- 1 pinch paprika
- cumin to taste (~2 tsp?)
- sesame oil
- dried shiitake mushrooms
- white fish filets, chopped (~900g, which I only know because mine were frozen/prepackaged)
- dried lentils (~1 cup?)
- 1 tomato

I threw everything except the lentils, fish, tomato, and mushrooms in the bottom of my inner rice pot* and sauteed it until the onions were cooked soft. Then I added the remaining ingredients, put in enough water to cover everything, and cooked it in my rice pot (this took maybe 30-40 minutes?). I'm sure you could also do this in a slow-cooker or on the stove, but if you do it on the stove you may want to simmer everything for a longer time on a lower heat to get more flavor into the fish (assuming you don't pre-marinate it, which I didn't).

*Mine is a Tatung rice pot with removable inner pots, i.e. the kind where cooking time is determined by how much water you put in the outer pot, so I can't be very specific. ^^;
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新年快樂! Last night I:
- watched Pink (the Bollywood film) with roommate and honorary roommate, which involved some shouting at the screen and also lots of cackling about Batman!Amitabh Bachchan;
- went to an awesome Szechuan restaurant in Chinatown with them and a couple of former housemates for New Year's Eve dinner, where I enthusiastically over-ordered things, including 水煮魚* (I confused people by saying to leave some for the next day, which they interpreted as "you want to leave it at the restaurant?!"), spicy cumin chicken, and a sizzling platter of... potatoes;
- ended the night with some beer with two classmates, which is always fun for the conversational sidetracks we manage to get into. Yesterday's included anarchists, inappropriate Tinder profiles, awkward loud street conversations, and old ladies who shout back when shouted at.

Small-group socialization is so much less draining; definitely a good way to go this year. Also, it amuses me- when it doesn't kind of sadden me- that I celebrated new year with not a single other Chinese person.
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First one in a while, which is probably a good thing? On the other hand, random impulse baking means I ended up with a pretty great modified version of these easy peanut butter oatmeal cookies.

- used slightly less than 1/2 c sugar (certainly not packed), because
- added probably around 1/2 c dried cranberries
- melted a few chunks of unsweetened chocolate & mixed it in with the peanut butter
- added a few shakes of cayenne pepper

DELICIOUS. Also, I could've maybe done this vegan by leaving the egg out altogether- the peanut butter and melted chocolate combo seemed thick enough to hold pretty well.
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The other day, I attempted yet another mod of the lime yogurt olive oil cake I love so much because I have a bag of Meyer lemons and wanted to play!

Normally when I make this cake, I halve the sugar and ignore all measurements re: lime juice in favor of juicing an entire lime, or occasionally 1.5-2 limes. This time, rather than juicing and zesting, I decided I'd just toss a whole Meyer lemon in my bullet blender along with a couple slices of chopped frozen ginger and the 1/3 cup of vegetable oil (I don't have olive oil at the moment). I used a packet of "ginger tea" (basically, really strongly flavored ginger sugar) instead of regular sugar that prooobably amounted to ~1/4 c, which is about half again what I usually do for this cake. Also, I used maple yogurt rather than plain or vanilla. (When in Canada...?)

Results: The batter came out thicker than I'm used to, possibly because a whole blended lemon changes the texture a bit, or alternately because I usually ~double the lime juice. The Meyer lemon gives a great smell but not as much flavor intensity; I think I'll double it if/when I try this again. Also, I've finally gone below the minimum re: cutting sugar; 1/4 c was definitely too little given that my maple yogurt wasn't all that sweet. What I ended up with can be more accurately described as "interesting, subtly-lemon-flavored bread" than "lemon/ginger/maple yogurt cupcakes" (I used a cupcake tin this time). xD Sticking to 1/3 to 1/2 c sugar is safest!
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+ Ugh, I keep saying I plan to be Better At DW sometime soon and then, well, things just happen. I'm making a last-minute trip to Montreal for school stuff )

+ Happy even-more-pi(e)-than-usual day! I don't know that I'm patient enough to do this, but someone else should definitely make a PIE-RATE SHIP for today. :D I am, however, sadly lacking in pie-cons, so if anyone has images of delicious pie, please share so I can make those?

+ A has just informed me that Rodrigo y Gabriela are performing at the Montreal jazz fest, which is ~incidentally~ right before a zouk weekend event. Bribery: ACHIEVED.
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Lunar new year time = foodporn time, haha, hence the photospamming everywhere. #sorrynotsorry Happy new year to everyone celebrating! :)

om nom nom )
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Deadline #2 has now been made! I have 2 weeks to prep for the next huge item on the list, but since my brain is apparently Done with productivity for today, I figured I'd get back to my December prompts.

[personal profile] jhameia asked me about my favorite places in NYC. The problem with this question is, of course: favorite places to do what??? *g*

My favorite bookstore in Manhattan was the now-closed Barnes & Noble that used to be in Lincoln Center; I have fond childhood memories of binge-reading in the sunshine by the huge glass windows. Nowadays it's a toss-up between the one in Union Square, or the Strand, or Book-Off if I'm in the mood to go hunting for manga.

Park-wise, Central Park is so big that you can always find a crowded/isolated enough spot to suit your mood, not to mention all the free concerts and dance events that happen there in the summertime! Riverside has an amazing view of the Hudson and the benefit of EPIC LENGTH, which makes it a fun place if you like biking or running or super long walks. The Highline is also near the river but is more architecturally interesting, and its proximity to Chelsea Market makes it one of my favorite half-day outing recs. Fort Tryon has gardens and the Cloisters and the Renaissance festival in the fall. Thanks to outdoor dance socials, I have also fallen in love with Pier 45 and developed a bitter grudge against the new restaurant in the Union Square pavilion (WHYYYYYY ;___; GET OUT OF MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR DANCE SPACE! THAT PAVILION MEANS WE CAN ZOUK ON EVEN WHEN IT RAINS DAMMIT).

If we're talking about food, things get even more confusing. I have a favorite neighborhood tapas place in Washington Heights. I've only ever gone to Joe's Shanghai for xiao long bao in Chinatown. I love Thai Market for its lychee creme brulee and favor Doughnut Plant and Beard Papa's for occasional indulgences of the non-home-baked goods variety. Chicken & Rice at 53rd & 6th is the halal cart everybody knows, but everybody knows it for a reason, and I've had many an awesome brunch at Popover Cafe. Then there's, well, everything else... xD

I could keep going, but if you want to ask me about more specific favorite places, feel free!


Dec. 9th, 2014 07:01 pm
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Catch-up post #2: [personal profile] kaberett asked me about my favorite winterfood!

In my comfort food post I mentioned a bunch of things that I also associate with winter (in the sense of disease/cold weather), but when I think of winter food I think of holidays as well, and I didn't so much touch on that part. So! My current top three holiday-ish winterfoods:

1. HOTPOT. ♥ My family usually does hotpot somewhere around the December/January mark, occasionally (though not always) on Gregorian New Year's or Christmas. Usually it's just my parents, my sister, and me, so the logistics are simpler than they would be if we had a bigger group. Personally, I feel hotpot gets unwieldy if you have more than 6-8 people at the table, but that's more because I get a little bored of the constant cooking after a while. *g*

2. Gingerbread/gingersnaps! I'm not as enthused by the pumpkin-spiced or chocolate-laden or pepperminty or otherwise super-sweet things that tend to come out around year's end, but I am allll over the ginger flavor. Unfortunately my mom and I have yet to bake any gingerbread or gingersnaps that I would call an unqualified success, but I live in hope! Until that day comes, there's always the gingersnaps you can get from Trader Joe's or Ikea hereabouts. If any of you have recipe recs, I am ALL EARS.

3. Cranberry sauce! Okay, so really we make this for Thanksgiving, but that's what kicks off the holiday season for me and starts the slide into actual winter. I can and have eaten this stuff for days, lol. My mom has this AMAZING raw cranberry sauce recipe from a friend that we made again this year, which involves putting a bag of fresh cranberries in a blender with some fresh-squeezed orange juice, sugar (or honey or, in the case of this year's version, maple syrup), and a dash of Grand Marnier. We added in some peeled orange slices in before serving for extra flavor. :9
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Hah, I've already missed posting on the first day of December, go figure. /o\ Anyway! [personal profile] whymzycal asked me to write about my favorite comfort food today. If you know me you know it's hard for me to pick singular favorite anything, but my top three are probably xi fan, soy sauce eggs, and chicken soup (aka homemade broth, heh). There's a significant overlap in my mind between comfort food and food I eat when I'm feeling sick, for obvious reasons... Seasonal (and non-disease-associated) comfort foods include ramen, hot spiced apple cider, and my recently-repeated hot chocolate experiment.

What are your comfort foods? Does anyone else have seasonal craving shifts???


Feb. 17th, 2014 03:39 pm
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My hot chocolate experiment turned out really well, so I'm putting this down lest I forget.

+ 1 wedge Ibarra chocolate
+ 4 blocks of Trader Joe's 72% dark chocolate
+ ~2-3 cups milk
+ cayenne pepper to taste
+ El Dorado golden rum cream liqueur

Let the milk simmer on medium heat and melt in the Ibarra chocolate. Melt the dark chocolate using the double boiler method. Slowly add the milk mixture to the dark chocolate and combine, then add the cayenne pepper. Pour the hot chocolate into cups, then add a dash of liqueur to each. Serves 2-3.

Notes: You can probably substitute other rums or Bailey's for the liqueur, I just used it because we had it on hand. Milk substitutions (e.g. soy milk) are probably better than water, though ymmv. I've made Ibarra hot chocolate using water before, and I definitely didn't like it as much- I found it too sweet on its own and not rich enough, which is why I decided to try this version in the first place. I also don't know how well this recipe scales up, since I was just making it for me and my dad. An experiment for another time, I guess?
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1. Came home from Canada last night and am currently EXHAUSTED, but since today's meme topic is very simple I'll do it anyway. :) [personal profile] inkstone asked about my top 5 comfort foods, so in no particular order:
- xi fan/congee
- steamed eggs
- scrambled eggs with soy sauce
- corn soup (I don't actually make this a lot, being lazy- my preferred version involves various other ingredients that include ham, which I rarely buy- but I do find it very comforting!)
- chicken soup, which by other people's standards is more or less homemade broth

2. A few random things I haven't the brain to make coherent:
a) I finally watched Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame! JING'ER/EMPRESS FTW.
ii) Board/card games I have played in the last 5 days: Dominion, Taboo, Hanabi, Ligretto, Star Trek Catan. (I'm not counting the construction of a homemade-gingerbread house that was overrun by gummy candies and invaded by bears of cracker/gummy origin.)
» I appear to have begun to learn to crochet while being delayed at an airport yesterday? At least, there is a ball of squishy gray yarn not-very-slowly being turned into an attempt at a beanie, and so far it doesn't actually look that terrible! The first 30 minutes or so were an exercise in frustrated confusion, though, and I had to unravel most of my initial work and redo it on the plane home. This is a new and exciting revelation: apparently one way to force me to pick up a new skillset is to give me a diagram, directions, and materials, and put me in a situation so boring that the only preferred alternative is to start learning it? WHO KNEW.
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[personal profile] magnetic_pole asked me about some favorite restaurants! THIS IS AN EXCITING TOPIC! Restaurants become my favorites for various reasons, the company I'm with being no less important than the food. Also, I swear I am actually restraining myself in this post! (For one thing, I'm not including much in the way of dessert.) I have a FOOD LIST, okay?

Toronto, Montreal, Boston, & NYC noms )
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1. I dare you to look at these photos and NOT smile, homg. Jason Lee is BRILLIANT; these are the best family photos ever!!

2. We went apple-picking this afternoon! Today's haul: ~17lbs of Macoun, Liberty, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Empire apples )


Sep. 10th, 2013 02:20 pm
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While I'm thinking over more drabbles (prompts still open!), have some foodporn: This tutorial on making castella cake in a rice cooker is making me regret the fact that I don't have a rice cooker that I'd be willing to bake in! ;____;

youtube embed )

I don't understand the hat she's wearing, but the bit at the end where she's eating the cake with happy noises made me laugh a lot, heh. The recipe can also be found on the youtube page and in Japanese here, but for convenience's sake I've posted it below.

  • 3 eggs
  • 90g (3.2oz. or 3/8 cup) sugar
  • 45g (1.6oz. or ~1/2c) cake flour*
  • 45g (1.6oz. or ~3/8c) bread flour (strong flour)*
  • 2 tbsp. milk
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • butter (to grease the rice cooker/cake container)
    *you can use 90g (3.2oz. or ~3/4c) all purpose flour instead

    1. Warm the milk in a saucepan. Add honey and mix well.
    2. Place the eggs and sugar in a large bowl. Beat them with an electric mixer until white and fluffy.
    3. Add 1 in 2. Place the bowl over a pan of hot water. Mix until the batter continuously drips back into the bowl like a ribbon when you scoop it up.
    4. Sift in flour and gently cut through the mixture with a spatula until combined.
    5. Butter the pot of the rice cooker and pour in the mixture. Drop the pot lightly on the counter to raise the air bubbles out of the batter. Place the pot in the rice cooker, close the rice cooker, then press the button to start. *When it is half-baked, press the button to start (cook) once again.
    6. When it's done, let cool on a wire rack until warm. Then place it in a plastic bag (to keep it moist) to cool completely. It tastes even better the next day after the flavors have settled!

If using an oven: Bake at 170C (338F) for 10 minutes. Then turn down to 140C (284F) and bake for 40-45 minutes.
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Among the things I turned up while cleaning half my life old high school notebooks and ALL THE DUST out of my closet were two Chelsea Market recipe cards.

Moules Mariniere )

Seared Scallops w/Shallots & Wine )

Being a lazy cook, I've tried neither of these recipes, but please let me know if you do!
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What do you guys think of first when you think of "American music"? Artists, genres, top 5 songs; whatever comes into your head.

*(This is only partly morbid curiosity, you understand. The rest of my objective is to gauge how much wtf face I should make. ;P)

eta; also I am spared from making smitten kitchen's salted caramel brownies only because a) I'm scared of making caramel and b) my roommate made a pan of triple-chocolate brownies the other day. >.>
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Happy Lunar New Year! :)

Foodporn, as promised: )

Also, in fannishly celebratory news, yay Lunar New Year Exchange fanworks being posted at [community profile] white_lotus! I'm definitely looking forward to all the shinies. :) How were your celebrations?
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1. I remember linking Miyoko Ihara's adorable grandma & cat pictures ages ago, but now they're apparently available in photo book format! *_____*

2. Sriracha lip balm! Who thinks up this stuff. Also, I totally said I'd get this for a friend but forgot until just now, oops.

3. You know it's finals season when you get into conversations like this:
"What's the most popular risk factor for death, you guys? LIFE!!"
"But... that's 100% exposure and no non-exposure, doesn't that make it a necessary pre-condition?"

4. I made the mistake of buying an entire head of cabbage something like 3 weeks ago. I've been trying and failing to finish it since I bought it, and now have to finish it before I go home (in 3 days), enforced pre-holiday detox style. WHAT DO I DO WITH CABBAGE, GUYS, TELL ME.
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To celebrate finishing my biostats final, I made lemon bars last night! I used 2/3 of this microwave lemon curd recipe* (discovered via [personal profile] musesfool) and my roommate and I threw together a haphazard crust using ~1.5c all purpose flour, a stick of softened butter, and some chopped nuts and dried fruit (okay, so it was really crushed/chopped trail mix *g*). This was more than sufficient crust to fill the bottoms of my 12-muffin tin; I really should've gone with the full lemon curd recipe though.

Anyway, 10 minutes of baking the crust at 350F, and then 5 minutes more after spooning the lemon curd on top, and voila: )

*Prep and cooking time for the lemon curd turned out to be around 10 minutes, for real- and I spent probably half that time rummaging around for a makeshift measuring cup and failing to zest the lemons properly with our grater.
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Awesome things about the weekend:

1. Hung out with friend M, who was visiting from out of town! I wouldn't recommend Saigon Grill (which we went to on Friday) because of its poor treatment of workers, but that one wasn't my choice. On the other hand, late-night Chicken & Rice is always satisfying, and I think Zoe's is going to be a new favorite brunch spot of mine. :)

2. ALSO (and more importantly), friends & I accomplished these creme brulee cupcakes! glorious foodporn & mods )

Of course now I am paying for all of these adventures with epic library time, but the lazy weekend was worth it!


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