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新年快樂! Last night I:
- watched Pink (the Bollywood film) with roommate and honorary roommate, which involved some shouting at the screen and also lots of cackling about Batman!Amitabh Bachchan;
- went to an awesome Szechuan restaurant in Chinatown with them and a couple of former housemates for New Year's Eve dinner, where I enthusiastically over-ordered things, including 水煮魚* (I confused people by saying to leave some for the next day, which they interpreted as "you want to leave it at the restaurant?!"), spicy cumin chicken, and a sizzling platter of... potatoes;
- ended the night with some beer with two classmates, which is always fun for the conversational sidetracks we manage to get into. Yesterday's included anarchists, inappropriate Tinder profiles, awkward loud street conversations, and old ladies who shout back when shouted at.

Small-group socialization is so much less draining; definitely a good way to go this year. Also, it amuses me- when it doesn't kind of sadden me- that I celebrated new year with not a single other Chinese person.
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♣ Back from my dance weekend (so worth the massive sleep debt) and back to work! The dance post will have to wait until later this week, but I haven't forgotten about the meme prompts.

♣ Not having participated in any of the marches, I was still super happy about all the updates my friends and family were sending me this weekend. Must figure out a photo post, but for now, the best sign I've seen (c/o my sister): "SUPER CALLOUS FRAGILE RACIST EXTRA BRAGGADOCIOUS", and the best link I've seen: protest llama!

♣ Lunar New Year is coming up this weekend, and I'm not sure how I'm going to celebrate yet! Well, I've already figured out when I'll get my preparatory cleaning in, but that's about it; I don't know if I have the time or energy to do a dumpling party the way I did last year. We could go to Chinatown for dinner or something but I'm guessing it'll be crowded and possibly a bit more expensive. Maybe a potluck or a dim sum brunch...?

♣ I've lost track of a number of links from private conversations, alas, but I've updated my resource list with some additional organizations.

♣ Roomie got some perfumes and essential oils on her family vacation, which all smelled nice but were completely perplexing. My nose is not accustomed to this many different things! The lavender oil she gave me relaxed me into a puddle of contented sleep yesterday though. \o/ :D
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Lunar new year time = foodporn time, haha, hence the photospamming everywhere. #sorrynotsorry Happy new year to everyone celebrating! :)

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Jan. 31st, 2014 02:50 pm
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新年快樂! Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating! :D
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Happy Lunar New Year! :)

Foodporn, as promised: )

Also, in fannishly celebratory news, yay Lunar New Year Exchange fanworks being posted at [community profile] white_lotus! I'm definitely looking forward to all the shinies. :) How were your celebrations?
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Which of these wins the blizzard-approaching battle?

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Go home for new year's!
17 (81.0%)

Thesis library day (with lemon bar break) as planned, dude, suck it up.
4 (19.0%)

eta; relevant considerations:
- I don't have class until Monday evening.
- At home there is food!
- However, here there is library access (and I put in a book request this afternoon...).
- Also, no worries about post-blizzard road conditions and shoveling.
- Productivity may or may not be a toss-up at either place.
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Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating! ♥ I am in between classes right now & cannot brain properly, so consider this an open party thread. Dragonspam welcome! ;)

Also, via angryasianman, this is probably relevant to your interests: enter gene luen yang's avatar: the last airbender - the promise part 1 twitter contest!
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Wow, okay, this is the first time in the last 48ish hours that I haven't been frantically doing ALL THE THINGS! I still have a lot more things to do, alas, but while I'm on my mental break, have some shinies:

&hearts [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag! Fandom-stocking-style wishlists! I am SO doing this the second I have free (procrastination) time again, omg. *____*

&hearts [personal profile] wistfuljane made a reclist of Ouran OT7 fic! SO MUCH GLEE.

&hearts Kaleidoscope! I know, I know, I am like THE LAST PERSON ON THE INTERNET to rifle through the collections (& am being terribly slow at that), but seriously, so many gorgeous things! &doers of darkness; Actual recs to come at... some point, I promise. :3

&hearts [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange is running again this year! Signups have closed, but drop ALL THE TREATS REQUESTS, you guys! ALL OF THEM. :D
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In no particular order, a spam of things I have been reading/encountered on the internets:

  • [personal profile] sam_storyteller: My Home and Native Land, a Ronon story which made me have thinky thoughts on diaspora. And cultural imperialism. (Possibly I will actually write them out sometime when I am not feeling lazy!)
  • Zinn: A People's History (via I think [personal profile] the_future_modernes?)
  • [ profile] sheafrotherdon: Rescue [warning: discussion of depression & mention of sexual assault]
  • [personal profile] deepad: वैष्णव जन तो...
  • [personal profile] troisroyaumes's review of Kenji Yoshino's Covering
  • Kelly Tsai: culture or crazy?
  • Kelly Tsai on publishing: indelible part 3
  • [personal profile] allchildren: those anarcho-nerds are mysterious
  • [ profile] imaginarybeasts Book #25: Erase/Rewind
  • APIA love letter that maybe possibly kind of made me cry. A little.
  • via [personal profile] leupagus, DDK AND GRACE PARK ARE AMAZEBALLS, an epic photographic proof!
  • [community profile] donebykorra! &hearts I did not know this rewatch was occurring, though admittedly, I need no excuse to rewatch. Er. >.>
  • [personal profile] ardhra brings a link to the REAL White Lotus Society! *____*
  • Some things from [ profile] halfamoon that I enjoyed:
    - The Unpopular Woman Love Post
    - [personal profile] such_heights: Tightrope
    - [ profile] innervoice_chan: Picspam: The Women of Mongol
    - [personal profile] timeasmymeasure: Miranda Bailey (Grey's Anatomy)
    - [personal profile] fly_to_dawn: advance
  • Remember Surveyfail? WELL. >:E Looks like it's time for Internet vs. Ogas & Gaddam, Round Two, eh?
  • Chinese Puzzles exhibit at MOCA! Anybody in the city want to come with me? ;)
  • MOCA's Lunar New Year programs, which are admittedly mostly over. Oops.
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    1. Happy lunar new year to everyone celebrating! &hearts

    2. I am wearing red today, but not visibly: the gorgeous new shirt my mom gave me happens to be very obviously Chinese, and I don't feel up to being questioned and prodded as some exotic sideshow on a holiday that I'm already celebrating without my family this year. It was a no-win situation, really, but I still feel like I lost.

    3. I still haven't decided what I'm doing for tonight/whether I want to brave Chinatown after work. My email chain regarding Saturday's hotpot/potluck party is exploding like a firecracker, though, and [personal profile] wistfuljane pointed to the most adorable Appa/Catbus fanart and posting for the [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year exchange has kicked off, so I think I'll be content no matter what. :)

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    Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

    Celebratory things:
    &hearts Amazing Saving Face CNY fanart by [personal profile] sqbr!
    &hearts eating hearts and linkspam by [ profile] stephiepenguin!
    &hearts All-fandom New Year of the Tiger party, hosted by [personal profile] dhobikikutti!


    I don't do Valentine's Day; I am not, have never been, will never be one for the candy hearts and flowers. The red that I am wearing today is mine, to welcome the tiger (my mother's and mine) with teeth and claws.

    Last night we had nuò mǐ xiè and yóu jī, qié zi bǎo and fried fish, although we substituted yóu cài for the spinach that we forgot to buy, and... yeah. NOM. The traditional leftovers are even more plentiful than usual! *g* This year is a little strange- my dad went to Flushing to buy most of our dinner last night, circumventing our usual cookathon; my sister is away for a grad school interview and won't be back until tonight; and I even forgot to put my hóng bāo under my pillow- but it is still the new year, and I am home with my family, and we're making huǒ guō tonight. Later, maybe, I'll see if anyone wants to go to the parade in Chinatown; for now, I am going to enjoy the last of the white wine I brought home from Maine and the red-and-gold firecrackers exploding in my heart. :)


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