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♣ I downloaded the Daily Yoga app yesterday in yet another bid to get into the habit of daily stretching, and I did actually do some yoga this morning. Also I noticed there's a whole section on yoga poses during menstruation! This seems particularly promising, as my previous attempts at home exercise have been derailed by aches and cramps before. We'll see how this goes!

♣ I started on this sweater a few days ago, which looks nice in theory but is very, very boring to execute. Super tempted to break up the hdc monotony with rows of other stitches, except for the part where I'm not sure it'll actually look good, so I probably won't. If I manage to finish it before winter here is over I will be amazed.

♣ And finally, a few notes on Atomic Blonde, before I forget everything I had to say about it! I had no strong opinions or expectations going in beyond LADY SPY HOORAY!, which it delivers, in a Jane Bond sort of way. The plot twists were a bit hard to follow, not sure if that was the execution or my being fluff-brained while watching. The violence occasionally made me flinch (I really dislike gore) but it was pretty satisfying to watch Charlize Theron take on all comers. vague spoilers ) Also why is the espionage business portrayed as so overwhelmingly male?? Surely this can't be accurate? (Not even gonna touch the lily-whiteness of it; some of the Bond movies did better there.)


Jun. 20th, 2017 01:50 pm
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Last night in my browsing for Poirot videos, I ended up finding and watching David Suchet's documentary on Being Poirot instead. :D It's actually quite warm-and-fuzzies inducing, if a bit spoilery on various plot points for various stories. David Suchet talks about figuring out Poirot's character, method acting, sets, his other film references, Agatha Christie herself, international audiences, etc. If you're an Agatha Christie fan and haven't already seen it, I think it's quite worth it!


Jun. 2nd, 2017 03:51 pm
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I have been (unsurprisingly) useless this week, so I ended up in an internet spiral of fic* that somehow led to me marathoning Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds in, uh, 2 days. >.> It was surprisingly addictive for what seemed like a fairly fluffy premise- though in retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, come on, woman MC disguised as a man who somehow ends up as a palace eunuch falls in love with the crown prince? What is that, 5 romcom/fandom tropes smashed in one ball of epic glee? *g*

Anyway, after the pit of FEELS and TEARS that was re/watching Lang Ya Bang/Nirvana in Fire (which is the only thing I've been allowing myself to watch after I inhaled YOI), this kdrama hit the spot re: both feels and ALL THE FLUFF that made it better, haha. I couldn't say how accurate it is in terms of historical details, but I also felt that the storyline came from a more character- and relationship-driven angle than the incredible but unrelenting complex-politics-fest of NiF. As it definitely delivered on those, I'll leave analyzing those other parts to those who know them better :D

*Ending in the relevant stories: Day-to-Day Trials of a Longsuffering Cloud: The Diary of Head Eunuch Jang, A Warm and Generous Heart
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Went to see the live-action Beauty and the Beast with friend K after class today! Still narratively satisfying, still entertaining (if sometimes inadvertently), and my inner child remains stubbornly in love with almost every retelling of this fairytale regardless of more objective standards of quality, but I think the Disney cartoon works best in cartoon form.

Also: do these even count as spoilers? IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO BE SPOILED ABOUT THIS MOVIE?! anyway, live-action-specific details )

ANYWAY. A good time was had by all, but I'm super glad K had a 2-for-1 ticket deal. xD
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Yesterday, I watched The Handmaiden as a birthday-prelude outing with a couple of girls from my cohort. It was a super busy week (or 10 days, whatever), so all I'd based this decision on was this one-sentence synopsis from IMDB. Lady spy! I mean, really, there are a million awesome movies to be made about lady spies! Surely one can't go wrong!

So we go to the theater and get through Part 1, and huh, lady spy movie with lesbian romance? If ever there was a fanfic setup, but way to put that on the big screen. (At this point I note that I haven't read Fingersmith, which my friends later told me this was based on. Given that they came with me to watch this anyway, I likely wouldn't have changed my decision.) semi-detailed spoilers-ish start here )

Overall reaction: what did I just watch. (Answer: a bad fanfic.) My friends inform me that most of the reviews for this movie were great; I highly disagree. My sister calls it over the top; I'd call it an interesting mess that buried all the interesting bits in piles of wtf. Given wider media trends of hypersexualized Asian women, not to mention Asian women in porn, a lot of this movie made me uncomfortable. It's SO male gaze-y, often with LITERAL ON-SCREEN MALE GAZE. (Weirdly, the lesbian sex scenes are probably the least male gaze-y moments I could name in this movie.) Also, this movie perpetuates the narrative that Asian women need saving from Asian men, though at least vague spoiler? ). The various portrayals of mental illness, suicide, various types of abuse, and general sexual skeeviness probably need trigger warnings; I sure as hell wish someone had warned me about those. In conclusion, I'm not sure I exactly regret watching it, but it definitely left me in a haze of perplexity and dismay.
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Since the school year is well and truly over, in last night's edition of mentally-exhausted bumming, I decided to start watching Nirvana in Fire/Lang Ya Bang (thanks, [personal profile] colorblue!). HAHAHA. "Just one episode" turned into eight pretty much instantaneously; I only stopped because sleep was necessary for me to make another attempt at working in the office today.

Still at that stage of incoherent flailing about everything and everyone, so no spoilers here but OMG. CAN I JUST SAY THAT MEI CHANGSU/NIHUANG/JINGYAN IS THE MOST GLORIOUS OT3. And Meng! *draws 10,000 sparkly hearts*
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So I finally watched Free!, which is all [personal profile] inkstone's fault, of course. Predictably, my reaction to everything is LOLOL :DDDDD ♥ ♥ ♥ and other assorted incoherencies, but if you want some more specifics to my gleeface, they're all included in that primer post (except for a number of very specific spoilery bits).

1. Also predictably, Haruka is my FAVORITE. ♥________♥ Someone needs to write/draw him and Kuroko having an expressionless face-off!

2. Has anyone made icons yet? Should I be getting on that?

3. I checked out some of the [community profile] iwatobiswimclub fills, and would just like to state for the record that seen everything there is to be shown is A GEM. Seriously hilarious Rin/Haru, and long-suffering Nitori makes the whole story, poor baby. xDDDDDD
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1. Things I've read in the last week or so (between an afternoon in Book-Off and a couple of library stints): Nabari no Ou, Hikaru no Go, Monkey High, Rurouni Kenshin, Tattoo, A College of Magics, When the King Comes Home, Magic Under Glass, Kotuku, The Stone and the Maiden, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit )

2. While at the library, I also picked up Shaolin (because Andy Lau and Fan Bingbing!) and Painted Skin II (because REASONS, obviously) from their DVD collection. Since my thoughts on the latter are ASD:SLFJS:LDFJK *_____* ♥ ♥ ♥, here is my attempt at coherence for Shaolin: Pretty grim and manpain-y, and the three female characters were sadly auxiliary and spoiler/trigger warning ). I mean, it achieved its goal of ~heartbreaking wartime epic~, and I do enjoy martial arts action sequences, but seriously? It couldn't have done so without throwing the women under the bus (WARTIME epic! betrayal! power struggles! subthread of English people trying to advance their empire! etc.!)? Sigh.

3. I also discovered that the DVD section in the library has a HUGE Bollywood selection, so please to be throwing your recs at me! :D
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A taxi, bullet train, bus, plane, shuttle bus, and car ride later, I am home! Proper babble will come later (maybe, after the jetlag), but I wanted to log the movies I watched on this trip before I forget them all.

1. The Four/四大名捕: This is the one movie I watched on the plane to Taiwan, having for once in my life actually slept for most of the flight. The wiki has a fairly un-spoilery summary, and a more coherent one than I can muster at the moment. I generally enjoy watching wuxia movies, and I am always in need of badass ladies, but the jealous love triangle aspect made it kind of meh. It was a fun watch at the time (long plane flights are good for fairly brainless entertainment!), but I wouldn't rewatch it if I had the opportunity.

[Technically The Return of the King should follow here, as I rewatched it with my cousins' kids on New Year's Day, but a) I'm almost positive all of you have seen it, b) all of the LOTR movies still leave me verklempt.]

2. Johnny English Reborn: The wiki says this was a James Bond parody; I'm only surprised it's not called "Mr. Bean Does James Bond." I watched this one at my aunt's as well, though I missed the beginning. There are definitely elements (the Bond-ish and British Imperial elements, now I think of it) that bothered me when I watched it, but upon further reflection, using bumbling Mr. Bean Johnny English as a James Bond substitute is an interesting way to highlight those issues. In any case, Rowan Atkinson and his comedic genius made me cackle myself silly regardless.

3. The Thieves/도둑들 (wiki): Part of the movie marathon I had on the flight home, and also it has replaced Ocean's Eleven as the heist movie OF MY HEART. I loved Ocean's for the teamness of it, but The Thieves has layers and layers of infighting and intriguing as well, which makes things so much more interesting! (And also much more practically self-interested.) All the characters are amazingly developed and flawed, and I especially appreciated that the ladies varied in age and outlook and skill-sets, and that none of them were ever primarily a love interest.

4. Painted Skin: Resurrection/畫皮II (wiki, youtube: trailer, youtube: Korean-subbed): Wiki has a very short summary and the trailer is pretty spoilery, so I will just say that Vicky Zhao + Zhou Xun = FLAILY HANDS OF YAY!! Also, they have more chemistry together than Vicky Zhao does with her actual love interest in this movie, which I think is more awesome than it is a mistake. Heh. Sorry, actor dude.

5. Rurouni Kenshin (live action): I watched this without having consumed the manga or anime versions, and I liked it a lot! Went *____* at the fight scenes, and also Kenshin and Kaoru, who were adorable. Now I'll have to hunt down the rest, dammit. (Maybe before school starts up again? I don't have that much time to be fannish these days!)

6. Clash/Bẫy Rồng (IMDb): Being a mob-type movie, this was distinctly more grim. Fight scenes were much dirtier (which comes with the territory), but also pretty fun to watch. I enjoyed Trinh being a boss, but am not so sure I enjoyed the movie as a whole- there is quite a bit of fridging, including spoilers (trigger warnings apply) ) Also, Clash is not nearly as character-driven as the other movies I watched on the flight home, and the plot was a little flat. I think these are flaws in most contemporary action films, though, so it would probably be unfair of me to single out this one.

Finally, just for the record: I want ALL THE FANWORKS for The Thieves and Painted Skin: Resurrection! (Tagging to remind myself to nominate them for Kaleidoscope.)
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+ Currently debating the [community profile] white_lotus exchange- I really want to play (and am overdue for a rewatch!), but given all the things I have to accomplish over winter break, I don't know if I'll be able to manage even a treat. :< Also, there's that A:TLA thing I still haven't finished (er, ~2 years later) that I should really get done first!

+ Finally finished watching Natsume S4 yesterday! ALL THE FEELS (and ALL THE CRIES), omg. ♥ Natsume is actually atypical for me in terms of anime- I don't usually go for slice-of-life in things I watch, though I like to read them- but I do so love its themes around chosen family and kindness.

+ Re: other things I've been watching- SAO just got more exciting again?? Or has it just been a while since the ~cliffhanger~ has been sufficiently hang-y?

+ A partial list of my Kuroko ships of glee, for no reason at all: Aomine/Kuroko/Kagami (all permutations), Kiyoshi/Hyuuga/Riko (all permutations), Kise/Kasamatsu, Midorima/Takao, Aomine/Kise, Kise/Kuroko (... maybe more one-sided than not, I really love the canon dynamics xD), Momoi/Riko (RUNNING THE WORLD), everyone/everyone (especially Seirin and Miragen ♥)

+ Ask me anything! No, really. (Well, except maybe things involving finals.)
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Belated & abbreviated watchblog!

1. Snow White and the Huntsman. Dear internets, I was forewarned, and it still made even less sense than I was expecting! Totally agree with [personal profile] oyceter that there are about four logical movies that could have been made out of it (two of which I would actually have enjoyed watching). I should have listened to you all and not paid to see it in the theater, but at least I didn't pay full price?

2. Korra. I... keep trying and failing at coherence, but in the meantime, my general reaction:
in macro form )

3. The Dark Knight Rises. I watched this post-dance-class, not for full price, and with my brain half off, which may have contributed to my enjoyment of the movie in addition to my complete lack of knowledge of comics-verse. spoilers-ish )

4. Kuroko no Basuke, for which I blame [personal profile] inkstone! ♥ I seriously inhaled all of the manga and anime in a day. I don't even know where to begin talking about it and also am in a state of total A:JKS:DLFHSDL:F *\o/*!!!!!!, but if you enjoy sports series and/or are a sucker for all things team like me, I recommend checking it out! Also: endless eye candy, even though there aren't a lot of female characters. >.> [personal profile] inkstone's promo post has video clips.
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An incoherent list of things, as usual, but basically: HI LIN HI! ♥ ♥ ♥ spoilers! )
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Wow, this is the first time I have actually had a class canceled! In celebration I had a glorious two-person dumpling party and, er, started inhaling notes for Monday's midterm. Which I need to get back to, actually! Therefore, some randoms:

» I'm not sure I made it clear in my last post that yes, I have watched (and rewatched and rewatched) the first Korra ep! Proper discussion will have to come post-midterm, though. In the meantime: CAPSLOCK SPOILERS )

» Check out Janelle covering Jimi Hendrix! )

» a number of recipes I am planning to try:
- the single lady pancake
- eggs in bell peppers or onion rings
- eggs in avocado slices
- guac omelette
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Since I was craving a bit of mindless movie tonight and vaguely remembered enjoying a couple iterations of Fast & the Furious, I decided I'd give Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift a shot. BAD IDEA. It was mindless all right, but it also really annoyed me. See also: white boy protag is THE MOST BORING CHARACTER OF ALL, WHY IS HE THE FUCKING PROTAG-- except duh, he's the only white main character (I see you, Hollywood logic). -.-;;;;;; Also, he was totally the least impressive driver before he got ~schooled~. Seriously, I would have happily watched a movie about Neela-learns-to-drive, or Twinkie entering the drift scene, or the epic bad romance between angstball D.K. and hotass sit-back-and-make-popcorn man Han (Sung Kang ilu!)1, and I am cranky that none of these were the movie that was actually made.

Otoh I appear to be committing the bad romance fic2 in my head at this very moment, so. *hands* (Should've known to kick myself into writing process via getting cranky, heh.) Er, anybody up for beta when it's done?

1. Okay, so I ended up watching for the epic bad romance, but a more central and less subtextual version would have been nice.
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Since I went show-marathoning yesterday (twice), I figured I'd finally tackle the list of things I have watched & flailed about over the last few months!

Mononoke )

Tumbling )

Coffee Prince )

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon )


And that brings us to last night's marathons!

Ayakashi )

Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales )


Aug. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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homg this heat I cannot take it! I feel so weaksauce this year; I could withstand last summer after China/Taiwan, but it seems that going to parts Scandinavian had the opposite effect. ;________;

Instead of whining about how much I feel like a useless puddle at the moment, here are some things you guys might be interested in:

» 观音山/Buddha Mountain, which is about three friends who move in with a retired Chinese opera singer. I don't really know how to explain or describe this movie, but I watched it on the flight home and found it pretty touching (if a little slow-moving). I really like things that explore friendships and chosen-family themes, and I also have more appreciation for slice-of-life stuff these days. You can watch the trailer on youtube here, and Film Asia has a longer/more spoilery synopsis here; I would also say that the movie may be triggering for spoilerish territory? )

» How She Move, which- nota bene- I only caught the second half of, and it's a dance movie, but it stars Rutina Wesley! And it's an all-POC cast! And it's step dancing, which I loooooove to watch. (Well, okay, I will watch pretty much any type of dance with a *_____* face, but still- step! It's awesome guys.)

» [personal profile] ephemere: Schoolbook. This gave me such shivers. &hearts &hearts

» Stop Trying to 'Save' Africa, an awesome essay by Uzodinma Iweala (special note for those of you whom I owe certain items of post! ;D This was actually reprinted in the ARS 11 exhibition book, alas that I couldn't justify 38 euros for its purchase).

» One quick signal-boost, via [personal profile] la_vie_noire: Panic on the streets of London

Also, I watched Center Stage (or most of it, I think I missed about 15 minutes somewhere towards the end?) during an extended brain-lapse phase last night and basically, ZOE SALDANA I HEART YOU WHY ARE YOU NOT THE PROTAGONIST. Also also, catching up on the beginning of SYTYCD S6 was one of the best TV decisions I've made recently. *sparkly hearts*
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I'm back! Or at least, I have a brain again, which is more than I can say for myself over the last month or so. Unfortunately I don't have the attention span right now to go beyond skip=60 on the reading list, so if there's anything* from the last couple of weeks that you guys wanted me to see, please to chuck it here? &hearts


Also, since I was off rowing on a lake sans laptop on your birthday: happy belated, [personal profile] oyceter! I have a feeling you would enjoy Runway Beat, which I watched on my flight a few days ago (I thought it might have been a manga adaptation, but it was apparently adapted from a mobile phone novel by Harada Maha). Mizorogi Biito, a transfer student who has a knack for designing clothes, stages a fashion show with his classmates for the annual high school festival. Of course, this sounds much less adorable/awesome than it actually is- there's family drama! and career infighting! and a love triangle (which actually gets pulled off with no cattiness whatsoever)! and classmate bonding, which is the thing that really made it for me because teamwork is a huge narrative kink of mine. :3 Anyway, short, sweet, and feel-good, so if you get the chance, I think you might find it worth a shot!
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[For those of you who don't feel like reading about anime flail WITH ALLCAPS, have fun with this Inception fic! Because The Adventures of Yusuf, Best Superhero Ever is MADE OF FABULOUS. ;)]

1. Tiger and Bunny: up to episode 9? I am surprised at myself! Superhero shenanigans are usually not my thing, much less a series about superhero reality TV, but whoever it was on tumblr who coined "Team Dad and Butthurt" got EXACTLY what hooked me in the end, ahahaha!

2. Spice and Wolf: all of it! Not quite sure why I bulled ahead with this one, either, though it was admittedly pretty despite the... quietness. And the quietness is maybe a little odd, come to think of it, considering the entire thing is- a traveling merchant and wolf goddess on what amounts to an endless road trip? I would have expected more mishaps from a WOLF GODDESS WHO ENJOYS GETTING DRUNK AND (LOTS OF) GOOD FOOD, I'm just saying. Also, I have a feeling people who are into economics/marketing might enjoy this more than me, considering the amount of ~supply and demand~ and ~trading tactics~. xD

3. Shounen Onmyouji: almost all of it! Pretty much everybody on this show is MY FAVORITE, which is a marker of the shows I like best, really. ;) Abe no Masahiro is the cutest onmyouji-in-training ever, and Abe no Seimei is THE MOST LOLARIOUS DOTING GRANDPA IN EXISTENCE (not to mention totally the Uncle Iroh of the show), and I am just going to stop before I hit spoiler territory, as;dlfjka;s. &hearts I would have finished the last two eps if I didn't want to be CRYING (MOAR) FOREVER OMG; thankfully [personal profile] sarashina was awesome and saved me with a summary of what is SADLY NOT PICTURED ON THE SHOW. :3 Not-too-spoilery icons to come, once my eyes have stopped crossing from the awesomeness of

4. Samurai 7, which I just finished! Too flaily to talk coherently about this, but- based on Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, futuristic flying mecha, and full of POLITICKING AND REVOLUTIONS?? FUCK YES. :D Another show where pretty much everybody is my favorite, though I admit I have huge soft spots for Kyuzo and Heihachi and also Shichiroji!


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