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[personal profile] yifu has the BEST ideas. ♥ This is definitely a work in progress, so audience participation is welcome and encouraged, lol. Also, I haven't caught up with Korra at all (I lost investment at the end of S1), so if I'm missing half a cast by now, that's why.

Korra: ???
Mako: Harry Shum Jr.
Bolin: Daniel Cloud Campos
Asami: Fan Bingbing

Lin Bei Fong: Michelle Yeoh
Tenzin: Chow Yun Fat
Pema: Joan Chen
Hiroshi Sato: Tony Leung
Tarrlok: ???
Amon/Noatak: ???
Lieutenant: ???
Bumi: Jason Momoa?
Iroh: Daniel Henney
Ikki: ???
Jinora: ???
Meelo: ???

Master Katara: ???
Avatar Aang: ???
Sokka: Naveen Andrews?
Toph Bei Fong: Zhao Wei
Yakone: ???

You may have noticed how many question marks are involved in this list! There are implied question marks even for the names without question marks, so feel free to convince me to change my mind! THROW ME YOUR NAMES AND FACES, EVERYONE. :D
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce asked about my style philosophy!

... honestly, I'm not sure how to talk about my style? ^^; )

I'm not sure how well I answered this question, h-hahaha. If there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!
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Deadline #2 has now been made! I have 2 weeks to prep for the next huge item on the list, but since my brain is apparently Done with productivity for today, I figured I'd get back to my December prompts.

[personal profile] jhameia asked me about my favorite places in NYC. The problem with this question is, of course: favorite places to do what??? *g*

My favorite bookstore in Manhattan was the now-closed Barnes & Noble that used to be in Lincoln Center; I have fond childhood memories of binge-reading in the sunshine by the huge glass windows. Nowadays it's a toss-up between the one in Union Square, or the Strand, or Book-Off if I'm in the mood to go hunting for manga.

Park-wise, Central Park is so big that you can always find a crowded/isolated enough spot to suit your mood, not to mention all the free concerts and dance events that happen there in the summertime! Riverside has an amazing view of the Hudson and the benefit of EPIC LENGTH, which makes it a fun place if you like biking or running or super long walks. The Highline is also near the river but is more architecturally interesting, and its proximity to Chelsea Market makes it one of my favorite half-day outing recs. Fort Tryon has gardens and the Cloisters and the Renaissance festival in the fall. Thanks to outdoor dance socials, I have also fallen in love with Pier 45 and developed a bitter grudge against the new restaurant in the Union Square pavilion (WHYYYYYY ;___; GET OUT OF MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR DANCE SPACE! THAT PAVILION MEANS WE CAN ZOUK ON EVEN WHEN IT RAINS DAMMIT).

If we're talking about food, things get even more confusing. I have a favorite neighborhood tapas place in Washington Heights. I've only ever gone to Joe's Shanghai for xiao long bao in Chinatown. I love Thai Market for its lychee creme brulee and favor Doughnut Plant and Beard Papa's for occasional indulgences of the non-home-baked goods variety. Chicken & Rice at 53rd & 6th is the halal cart everybody knows, but everybody knows it for a reason, and I've had many an awesome brunch at Popover Cafe. Then there's, well, everything else... xD

I could keep going, but if you want to ask me about more specific favorite places, feel free!


Dec. 9th, 2014 07:01 pm
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Catch-up post #2: [personal profile] kaberett asked me about my favorite winterfood!

In my comfort food post I mentioned a bunch of things that I also associate with winter (in the sense of disease/cold weather), but when I think of winter food I think of holidays as well, and I didn't so much touch on that part. So! My current top three holiday-ish winterfoods:

1. HOTPOT. ♥ My family usually does hotpot somewhere around the December/January mark, occasionally (though not always) on Gregorian New Year's or Christmas. Usually it's just my parents, my sister, and me, so the logistics are simpler than they would be if we had a bigger group. Personally, I feel hotpot gets unwieldy if you have more than 6-8 people at the table, but that's more because I get a little bored of the constant cooking after a while. *g*

2. Gingerbread/gingersnaps! I'm not as enthused by the pumpkin-spiced or chocolate-laden or pepperminty or otherwise super-sweet things that tend to come out around year's end, but I am allll over the ginger flavor. Unfortunately my mom and I have yet to bake any gingerbread or gingersnaps that I would call an unqualified success, but I live in hope! Until that day comes, there's always the gingersnaps you can get from Trader Joe's or Ikea hereabouts. If any of you have recipe recs, I am ALL EARS.

3. Cranberry sauce! Okay, so really we make this for Thanksgiving, but that's what kicks off the holiday season for me and starts the slide into actual winter. I can and have eaten this stuff for days, lol. My mom has this AMAZING raw cranberry sauce recipe from a friend that we made again this year, which involves putting a bag of fresh cranberries in a blender with some fresh-squeezed orange juice, sugar (or honey or, in the case of this year's version, maple syrup), and a dash of Grand Marnier. We added in some peeled orange slices in before serving for extra flavor. :9
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Hah, I've already missed posting on the first day of December, go figure. /o\ Anyway! [personal profile] whymzycal asked me to write about my favorite comfort food today. If you know me you know it's hard for me to pick singular favorite anything, but my top three are probably xi fan, soy sauce eggs, and chicken soup (aka homemade broth, heh). There's a significant overlap in my mind between comfort food and food I eat when I'm feeling sick, for obvious reasons... Seasonal (and non-disease-associated) comfort foods include ramen, hot spiced apple cider, and my recently-repeated hot chocolate experiment.

What are your comfort foods? Does anyone else have seasonal craving shifts???
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Snagging this from [personal profile] kaberett as I have been very short of words lately. Tell me what you'd like me to post about next month!

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1. Came home from Canada last night and am currently EXHAUSTED, but since today's meme topic is very simple I'll do it anyway. :) [personal profile] inkstone asked about my top 5 comfort foods, so in no particular order:
- xi fan/congee
- steamed eggs
- scrambled eggs with soy sauce
- corn soup (I don't actually make this a lot, being lazy- my preferred version involves various other ingredients that include ham, which I rarely buy- but I do find it very comforting!)
- chicken soup, which by other people's standards is more or less homemade broth

2. A few random things I haven't the brain to make coherent:
a) I finally watched Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame! JING'ER/EMPRESS FTW.
ii) Board/card games I have played in the last 5 days: Dominion, Taboo, Hanabi, Ligretto, Star Trek Catan. (I'm not counting the construction of a homemade-gingerbread house that was overrun by gummy candies and invaded by bears of cracker/gummy origin.)
» I appear to have begun to learn to crochet while being delayed at an airport yesterday? At least, there is a ball of squishy gray yarn not-very-slowly being turned into an attempt at a beanie, and so far it doesn't actually look that terrible! The first 30 minutes or so were an exercise in frustrated confusion, though, and I had to unravel most of my initial work and redo it on the plane home. This is a new and exciting revelation: apparently one way to force me to pick up a new skillset is to give me a diagram, directions, and materials, and put me in a situation so boring that the only preferred alternative is to start learning it? WHO KNEW.
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Tomorrow I head off to parts Canadian for a few days, so the December meme posts will be on a brief hiatus. Feel free to keep jumping in on the previous posts if you like! :)

[personal profile] livrelibre asked about something I've read lately and/or an old favorite! Since I finished Battle for Bittora the other day, this post will also serve for [personal profile] deepad's Anuja Chauhan reading club.

Jinni Pande is a cartoon animator who comes from a line of Indian politicians. When her bossy, supposedly-retired grandmother ropes her into campaigning for the upcoming elections, she soon finds herself running for a Parliament seat against Zain Altaf Khan, a childhood friend from her hometown of Bittora.

As with The Zoya Factor, Chauhan conveys the feeling of being swept up in larger social currents incredibly well, but my favorite aspect of this book was the family dynamics. Jinni's relationships with her mother and grandmother were heartwarming and hilariously, believably complicated. Pushpa Pande is probably the most indomitable Terrible Old Woman I've ever had the pleasure to encounter in fiction, and I wanted more of her backstory with Jinni's grandpa!

I also loved Jinni herself- her sense of perspective, her self-awareness, her refusal to forget about the social problems other politicians keep glossing over during the campaign. It's easy to let cynicism about politicians and their motives become cynicism/fatalism about politics, but Jinni never slides into that, and I admire her for it. She's aware of the realities of campaigning, she isn't afraid to face dirty truths, and she wants to make a positive change, even though becoming an election candidate was never her idea in the first place. "Social responsibility" is an easily warped term, but I think a certain interpretation of it does describe Jinni's attitude pretty well: since she's running, she wants to stand up for the interests of all the people she's representing, not just the wealthy and powerful.

Jinni's romance with Zain was pretty adorable; friends-to-lovers and childhood sweethearts are narrative tropes I enjoy, and I thought the development of their relationship in the context of the campaign was very well done. One thing I really appreciated about Battle for Bittora and The Zoya Factor is that the romance is one thread in a larger plot arc, rather than the main (or at least singular) focus. Romantic relationships always happen in the context of something else, and I like them best when the "something else" is at least as big and messy and well-fleshed-out as the relationships themselves. Chauhan is amazing at doing exactly this!
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[personal profile] musesfool asked me about Katara! :D

I cannot even with Katara, she is the best. Well, really, I love all the A:TLA characters and think they are the best, but Katara holds a special place in my heart. She spends a lot of time being nurturing and responsible, which is a great and necessary role given who she travels with, she's compassionate, she's genuinely empathetic and kind, she's terrible at humor but a fantastic sib and friend. What makes her truly amazing, though, is the fact that she's so completely unafraid to get angry.

It's interesting to think about the way other characters- particularly other female characters- in A:TLA deal with anger. I don't think we see a lot of anger from Toph, Mai, Ty Lee, Azula, or Suki; the scenes I can recall involve more frustration or crankiness. The show doesn't invest a lot of time in anger that isn't Zuko's, and that comes from a completely different source and is also pretty impotent, Zuko being Zuko.

Unlike Zuko, Katara doesn't let anger get the best of her; she uses it to get results. We see this again and again throughout the series- with Sokka in the very first episode, with Master Pakku, with the Southern Raiders. Sometimes the results she gets are unintentional, like the iceberg, and sometimes they're unsuccessful, as with Master Pakku, but learning to use her anger productively is a key part of Katara's character development. I'd guess that Toph and Azula deal with anger in a similar fashion, but unlike Katara, we don't really see them actually or consciously acknowledging being angry. Katara, on the other hand, is always aware of her anger, the reasons for her anger, and the consequences of the actions she takes while she's angry, so much that we get entire episodes devoted to this process (Puppetmaster! Southern Raiders!). Unlike most of our protags, Katara understands feelings and copes well with them! This makes her, in a sense, both Aang's match and the ultimate anti-Zuko, and it's also what makes her so incredibly powerful. Azula is a frightening antagonist because she has pretty much no use for empathy. If Katara were the antagonist? That would be a whole different level of frightening.

Obviously there are many, many reasons to love Katara, but to me, this is possibly the biggest.
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[personal profile] magnetic_pole asked me about some favorite restaurants! THIS IS AN EXCITING TOPIC! Restaurants become my favorites for various reasons, the company I'm with being no less important than the food. Also, I swear I am actually restraining myself in this post! (For one thing, I'm not including much in the way of dessert.) I have a FOOD LIST, okay?

Toronto, Montreal, Boston, & NYC noms )
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[personal profile] yifu asked: if there's one thing (or two) you'd like to fix about A:TLA, what would it be?

Um, a fourth season? Hahaha, just kidding! Or, well, not really, but a hypothetical S4 wouldn't necessarily be a fix, in and of itself.

The things that I would most like to fix about A:TLA are things I think everyone's already gone over: does anyone on my flist still need a spoiler cut? oh well, spoilers through S3, regardless )
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[personal profile] eruthros asked: What if the characters from ATLA were animals? What kind of animals would they be?

For the sake of my brain I am using real-world animals, not A:TLA animals! Also, I'm leaving out Korra, since I'm less invested in it. Feel free to fill in or disagree in comments! If you decide you want to include Korra characters, though, please note that I have not yet watched S2. :D

- Katara: wolf
* Sokka: dog (if at first you don't succeed...)
- Aang: monkey (though not quite Monkey)
- Toph: star-nosed mole
- Suki: fox
* Zuko: (awkward) penguin
- Uncle Iroh: bear
- Mai: cat
- Azula: cobra
- Ty Lee: magpie

* I kept flip-flopping on these two, lol, but in the end I think this is more fitting? :P
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[personal profile] troisroyaumes asked for a KnB post, so here it is! I still haven't caught up though; the last ep I watched was 2x01 and I probably haven't read beyond chapter 230-something. >.>

This is yet another Fandom [personal profile] inkstone Has Enabled Me Into- thanks to V, I watched the first anime series and read the manga and loved them- but all my actual participation in KnB fandom to date has been instigated by [personal profile] troisroyaumes. GOOD JOB, GUYS, THANKS! xD

Things I love about Kuroko:

♥ TEAM! This is not surprising as it's one of my top narrative kinks, but ughhhhh the relationship dynamics are delicious delicious candy. And there's so many of them! Also, team development is something I find super interesting, both in terms of individual player growth and the way each team operates as a whole.

♥ Relatedly, the training and practice bits! Aka the main reason I love and favor Seirin and Miragen so much. I'm not really a team sports person, so it's less the actual basketball (which is kind of fudgy anyway) than it is the senpai/kouhai and coach relationships. Also, I appreciate the actual portrayal of the hard work that results in people being ~awesome~! I mean, of course I like awesome people, I just like them better when their abilities aren't being handwaved as INSTANT MAGICAL GENIUS. I also like seeing people whose hard work doesn't result in super-special skills, because the truth is that just because you work really hard at something doesn't mean you'll become the best at it. Everyone has a different level of ability and a different learning curve, and that's okay! The learning process tells you a lot about a person's character.

♥ Speaking of characters! I love the variety of personalities! Kuroko is my favorite of favorites, but I've yet to see a single character that I can't appreciate, even the ones I personally dislike (e.g. Hanamiya- sorry, I just don't like that particular brand of jerkface! Doesn't mean I can't appreciate his manipulation skills though.). This is a show where you can ship FLEETS, and I will happily ship your favored permutations of everyone/everyone as soon as you can sell me on them, lol.

I could keep babbling but I'm starting to lose my place now, so I'll leave you with this first attempt at KnB fanart: cockroach Kise )
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[personal profile] littlebutfierce asked for something about how I got started in dance, maybe things I've learned along the way or how my relationship to it has changed or what I get out of it. Obviously this is a lot of topics smashed into one, but I will do my best! xD For those of you who don't feel like reading a lot of dance-babble, the short form of what I get out of dance can be more or less encapsulated by Daft Punk: if that song doesn't give you an instant hit of the kind of euphoria that I call dance-high, I doubt that anything I have to say could describe it for you.

For those of you who want the long version, here it is: )

I... am going to stop here before I continue to feels-babble everywhere, haha, but if you're curious about anything or want more specifics, feel free to ask!


Dec. 6th, 2013 03:17 pm
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Another December posting meme topic: [personal profile] via_ostiense asked me for my favorite thing about each season of the year.

Summer is arguably my favorite season: in NYC, it's dance-outdoors season! I love the heat- well, dry heat is better than wet heat- and the sun and basking in the long afternoons before sunset. Stone fruits and berries are in season, which are my favorites when I can't get my hands on any mango or guava. It's the season when I can actually enjoy being outside in rainstorms! and indulge my sea cravings! Beach weather, I love it.

I love fall for its crisp weather, though it takes me a long time to appreciate it since I'm always reluctant for summer to end. I love watching the leaves shift from green to yellow to red to brown, especially the yellow-to-red spectrum at its most beautiful (in sunlight, against a clear blue sky). Thanks to school, it's the season I associate with new beginnings- a clean slate for the coming year. It's also apple season, and the start of US year-end holiday season, which I like because making and eating food with family and friends is a great joy in life.

The best thing about winter is snow, though obviously urban and non-urban experiences are quite different. I don't actually mean being out in the snow, though that's fun too; the part I love best is watching the snow fall, especially late at night when the sky turns reddish. The long nights can be depressing, but the stars look incredibly clear in winter, and there's something about the haloed moon when it looks like snow is coming. I also like being able to do something about the cold; it's nice to adjust for temperatures by adding or removing layers (as opposed to summer heat, when you hit the inevitable point when there's nothing left to remove :P).

Spring is birthday season, flower season, new-green-leaf season. I feel like I never have much to say about spring since I've always been busy during it, but I like watching as the days grow longer and things start to grow again. Shedding the winter-weight clothes is also a relief! Really, I think the thing I like best about the seasons is living in a place where all four of them are distinct.


Dec. 4th, 2013 12:18 pm
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1. Since there are still a bunch of gaps in my calendar, I was planning to fill some of them with recs for other people's meme posts! Alas, I was so busy reading people's posts yesterday that I forgot to actually... rec anything. ><; To make up for it, have a few of the posts I've enjoyed so far:

[personal profile] troisroyaumes: Favorite Asian dramas and Starter dramas and dramas vs. anime!
[personal profile] qian: Geek authenticity and its symbols

2. [personal profile] kate_nepveu asked me: After all the essentials, what's the first thing you'd take out of your home in an emergency?

I found this kind of difficult because... what do I consider essential, beyond "survival" things? My phone, for contacts reasons. My desktop, for data reasons- my thesis stuff has been backed up religiously in multiple online and physical locations, but everything else? Not so much. My ipod, because my music collection is one of those un-backed-up things. My books.

Obviously, emergency situations would preclude me hauling away a desktop or a bookshelf, but those items are replaceable. (My data is less so, but since I'm out of school now this is less of a problem than it otherwise would be.) Phone and ipod are easy enough to locate and grab at a moment's notice and so would be in with my essentials.

What's left? Hobby things, really: my dance shoes (I have a lot of them), my violin, the piano (another un-removable object). When it comes down to it, I'd take the violin first. There's a good decade of my life bound up in that instrument, and we bought it from one of my teachers, not a violin shop. Dance shoes have a certain lifespan, you know? They scuff, they break, you wear holes in them and stink them up and eventually get rid of them. Instruments, though, live longer than we do.
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Snagging that meme from, oh, everyone: pick a date below & give me a topic to write about!

everything except today & tomorrow )


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