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Lunar new year time = foodporn time, haha, hence the photospamming everywhere. #sorrynotsorry Happy new year to everyone celebrating! :)

om nom nom )
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♣ Check out these language maps of the US! So interesting!

♣ I am currently reading Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice, so my face is pretty stuck like this: *_______* I think this is the first SF/F book that I've actually slowed down to savor on the first read, rather than my usual reaction of FULL SPEED AHEAD OMG MUST DEVOUR [/finishes in 3 hours or less]. It's kind of an interesting change, though commute-reading probably helped the slowness a bit?

♣ I caved and bought some yarn off Knitpicks, and my new project has grown a lot in the few hours since it began: beginning phase here )

(Okay, it has also grown crookedly somehow- the cloth doesn't lie flat and there's something a little one-sidedly wobbly looking about the starfish arms and I am trying to decide whether I want to redo rounds 3-6, sigh. But stitch-counting practice is good for me!)

[personal profile] such_heights! I watched your Flyweight Love vid last night, despite only having watched 30 minutes of Thor! ♥ And then promptly got suckered into the rest of the Aims video album, hahaha... Anyway, that was an excellent video vortex, even though I don't know most of the fandoms. :D (I am also super tempted to watch Sleepy Hollow now- THOSE VIDS OMG.)
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1. I dare you to look at these photos and NOT smile, homg. Jason Lee is BRILLIANT; these are the best family photos ever!!

2. We went apple-picking this afternoon! Today's haul: ~17lbs of Macoun, Liberty, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Empire apples )
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Happy Lunar New Year! :)

Foodporn, as promised: )

Also, in fannishly celebratory news, yay Lunar New Year Exchange fanworks being posted at [community profile] white_lotus! I'm definitely looking forward to all the shinies. :) How were your celebrations?
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To celebrate finishing my biostats final, I made lemon bars last night! I used 2/3 of this microwave lemon curd recipe* (discovered via [personal profile] musesfool) and my roommate and I threw together a haphazard crust using ~1.5c all purpose flour, a stick of softened butter, and some chopped nuts and dried fruit (okay, so it was really crushed/chopped trail mix *g*). This was more than sufficient crust to fill the bottoms of my 12-muffin tin; I really should've gone with the full lemon curd recipe though.

Anyway, 10 minutes of baking the crust at 350F, and then 5 minutes more after spooning the lemon curd on top, and voila: )

*Prep and cooking time for the lemon curd turned out to be around 10 minutes, for real- and I spent probably half that time rummaging around for a makeshift measuring cup and failing to zest the lemons properly with our grater.
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Awesome things about the weekend:

1. Hung out with friend M, who was visiting from out of town! I wouldn't recommend Saigon Grill (which we went to on Friday) because of its poor treatment of workers, but that one wasn't my choice. On the other hand, late-night Chicken & Rice is always satisfying, and I think Zoe's is going to be a new favorite brunch spot of mine. :)

2. ALSO (and more importantly), friends & I accomplished these creme brulee cupcakes! glorious foodporn & mods )

Of course now I am paying for all of these adventures with epic library time, but the lazy weekend was worth it!
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Hello lovelies! Am still out of town in parts where laptop cannot manage to stay online for more than 5 minutes running; as you can imagine this makes most things beyond checking my email rather difficult. So, while I have 3 minutes left to spare: have a happy Gregorian New Year! Will catch up when I get home (or whenever I next manage to get a decent connection) ♥

picture of the day )
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A very happy birthday to [personal profile] avendya, and a happy belated to [personal profile] thingswithwings! Have some shiny, lovelies. :>

» delicious things wot I've devoured over the past few days
+ Tenipuri: About Life and Stuff and Playing the Game, via these fic recs from [personal profile] wistfuljane
+ HP from [ profile] rs_small_gifts: Gold and Silver Days, Haere Mai (Come Here), The Secret Christmas Plan, Evergreen
+ & some more HP: Delta, A Weasley Tradition
+ A:TLA: unbolt the dark, to cover a bruise, Reign Within, Facing An Open Sea, "... and she rules the sky with lunar goodness."
+ V for Vendetta: the lights burn blue
+ Inception: Cities of Sand
+ Narnia: Adonai
+ Merlin: The Ink Still Drying, OMGWTFOTP

» shiny things wot I've received over the past few days
+ on the wings, a lovely Loveless ficlet by [ profile] lemniciate! Thank you, sweets!
+ Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse (trans. by Red Pine). &hearts &hearts &hearts *\o/* Thank you, [personal profile] avendya!!
+ The following, from the amazing [personal profile] artemis: thank youuu! *flails* )
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I meant to post this last night but got sidetracked because Avatar DVDs arrived homg YAY!!!- and so I rewatched the first half of Book One instead. Oops? ;)

For Bina, as promised; new shoes! )

In other news, Calle Ocho Monday night with [personal profile] musesfool and [ profile] midnitemaraud_r was made of awesome! :> Also, delicious: fresh-baked cornbread; sea scallops with avocado, tomato, and onion; red snapper and pineapple rice wrapped in a banana leaf; vanilla flan with mango sauce; tropical white-wine sangria with pineapple and mango, om nom nom. I wish I'd had my camera with me, though- it was all so pretty. *___*
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Happy Thanksgiving, statesiders! :) Also, happy birthday, [ profile] kelene! &hearts

Turns out that my mom hijacked the mango salsa production before I got home from work last night, so all I had to do today was the apple crumble, which has now been achieved (though it, um, narrowly avoided being charred to a crisp. /o\ Small ovens heat fast, okay??)!

recipe modifications & to-be-updated mini-picspam )
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At long last, Merlin meetup Renfaire picspam! WARNING: supremely image-heavy. part 1: here there be dragons )
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PREFACE: THIS IS NOT MY FANDOM, OKAY? IDEK, GUYS. You are all ENABLERS and I am, apparently, Far Too Easily Persuaded. :P

Mission BINA Today Show Taping: success! Or, well, relative success. *g* Cut for giant picspam of giant! )

Annnnd that's a wrap! (Except for the FOOTNOTES OF GEEKERY, obvs.)

Adam vs. Kris fangirling from a non-AI-fan perspective:
- Screamage: Approximately 50/50, volume-wise (no way for me to tell numbers-wise).
- Signage: hard to say as I couldn't see all of the signs; if not 50/50, then maybe 60/40?
- Paparazzi: Horrible picture-taking times all around. Worse when Adam was out than when Kris was, at least where I was standing.

Overall attendance observations:
- Guy to girl ratio: 45/55 (40/60 tops), from what I could see.
- VERY LARGE AGE SPECTRUM- grandparents to teeny kids. I'm not even gonna try to break this one down.
- Definitely a lot of out-of-town presence, although there were plenty of native New Yorkers. Harvard girls aside, there was one particularly memorable group wearing nuclear-phlegm-green Indiana tshirts. (Effective for head-count purposes, but talk about an eyesore.)


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