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So this idea came about through some gchat silliness, when [profile] koyal started us off by referring to A:TLA as "Zuko Travels Around the World And Some Other Guys Save the World In the Background I Guess"--

[me: Aang & Zuko's Excellent Adventures!

[profile] koyal: Aang Laughs At Gravity

me: Katara vs. Misogyny, An Epic Saga!
Sokka's Eternal Quest for Meat! (And Maybe More Sarcasm)

[profile] koyal: Toph Beats Up Everyone

me: Suki & Her Fangirls!
Mai's Exercises in Target Practice?
Azula Rules the World With Force Lightning

[profile] koyal: Azula Scares The Crap Out of Everything
Uncle Iroh in "I'll Make a Tea-Brewer Out of You"


-- so of course we decided that it should be a meme! So, dear internets: have at it! Party in the comments! A:TLA and Korra are fair game, but please do note any spoilers for Korra. ;) ♥
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The deadline for Potluck #2 has been extended to May 31! You can drop submissions at the link. Hopefully this gives more people the opportunity to participate! All signal-boosting is appreciated. :3

Other nice things: [personal profile] littlebutfierce's 3w4dw love meme! Thank you for my thread, as;dlkfj. I will spam you guys when I have recovered sufficient brain to string words together &hearts

([personal profile] azuire, I will get to your picspam! As soon as I manage to actually... remember my camera, orz.)
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Basically: I went to tumblr in search of antidotes to my crankypants and decided to share! Additions are of course welcome ;)

spammity spam spam )
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While I picked up The Arrival thanks to various glowing comments, I actually had a very ambivalent reaction to the book. Shaun Tan's artwork is lovely and fantastically strange, but I find the immigration storylines as presented problematic on many levels. [personal profile] oyceter and I spent about an hour gchatting about it a while back, so this post is going to be something of a rehashing of the points we bounced off each other in that conversation, with some expansion on my part. (I was really tempted to just c/p chat log excerpts, except that I meant this to be more digestible to people unfamiliar with my/our thought processes! *g*) Anyway, I suppose everything to follow counts as spoilery- both for general themes and specific panels/subsections- so, you know, fair warning.

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There is officially Too Much going on and I'm still trying to finish this write-up, so have some links!

+ [personal profile] wistfuljane put together an awesome 2PM primer! :D
+ This year we have REMIX MADNESS, FUCK YES!!!

+ Link roundup from livrelibre and a disability-themed roundup from [personal profile] rydra_wong.
+ My (Iku/Doujou, insubordination) Toshokan Sensou prompt was filled over at the anime/manga/manhwa/manhua fest! N'awwww. &hearts
+ Speaking of the fest, [personal profile] ephemere coded up the shiny list of prompts and fills, WHICH EVERYBODY SHOULD GO FORTH AND OGLE. *g*
+ [personal profile] inkstone did an awesome FONSFAQ post for my Filipino folk dances prompt! *\o/*
+ [personal profile] troisroyaumes is hosting a FONSFAQ for manhwa!
+ Some foodie posts: [personal profile] were_duck is looking for vegan recipes, and [personal profile] meloukhia has a What's That Recipe? post! NOM.
+ [personal profile] ephemere did a FONSFAQ for her favorite Filipino musicians!
+ [personal profile] vi drew an adorable comic: Two of a Kind. &hearts

And now that I've run out of exclamation points, a poem:

The Rune of St. Patrick )
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+ [personal profile] such_heights's Female Character Trope Fest is up and running!
+ Via [personal profile] rydra_wong, [personal profile] jmtorres's A DNA TRIPLE HELIX MAKES NO SENSE made me laugh and laugh.
+ [personal profile] azuire posted お知らせ: الإسلام, which seems to be part of the Frequently (Or Not So Frequently) Asked Questions project ([personal profile] dingsi has a masterlist)? In any case, it's a cool project! I'm excited for 3W4DW. :)

Poems for today:

What My Child Learns of the Sea )

Oaxaca )

-- Audre Lorde

And now I must disappear again to finish Remix! (Well, that and work, obviously.) o/
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... why am I awake this early on a Saturday? ;;;; Brief linkdump before I attempt to go back to sleep (or, you know, run errands. or work on REMIX. sd;fkjsd;lj):

+ [personal profile] starlurker: Itanong Mo at Sasagutin Ko (Kung Alam Ko)
+ Tokyopop shutting down USian operations
+ [personal profile] such_heights is talking about a femslash fanwork trope fest!

Poem for today:

Dinner with the Metrophobe

I could tell from our onion blossom
this was all a mistake. There was no
"flower" of fried petals, but a soggy mess
in a napkin-lined wicker basket instead,

a bad corsage at the end of prom night.
But at work he was kind—always had
an extra envelope, a red pen, offered
to get me coffee from the machine

downstairs. He was the only one
who didn't gasp when I cut eight inches
off my hair. There was no competition
over publications (he never even read

The New Yorker), and sometimes, he'd hold
my elbow as we climbed staircases.
So when he asked me out for dinner over
e-mail, I thought it was just his way.

I had to lower my silly poet-standards
of expecting roses with each question,
a clever note snuck in my coat pocket
about my eyelashes breaking his heart

or how he must see me right now. I never
expected this guy's hands to shake all over
our appetizer of clams casino—shook so hard
his shell spilled its stewy contents on his tie.

The clatter of his teeth on his sweaty
water glass as he dribbled. The hives.
All I said was Don't be too nice to me.
One day I might write this all down.

-- Aimee Nezhukumatathil
[audio file from Slate]
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Closing ALL the tabs today (a very haphazard collection):

-- and now, back to my backlog of things owed/too many thinky thoughts! o/
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It's brainless fun day over here, bbs! GAME ON. ;)
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Since I am stuck on my goddamned story, AGAIN: tell me what I should do next for 3w4dw! Make icons? Food blog? Book babble? Talk ballroom? Something else? Or, you know, since I shouldn't actually promise a post when I have three urgent projects looming (and one lying in wait to eat my brain when it's least convenient), let's just declare this open thread day. Ask me questions, party in the comments, whatever you want!

oh, pop.

May. 3rd, 2010 05:12 pm
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Music-geek love, heh. I like (certain subsets of) pop songs, okay? It's just that every so often, I feel like hitting people with the theory stick when it comes to compositional "originality."

Axis of Awesome on four-chord songs:

If the above sounds vaguely familiar, that could be because the chord progression is the same as the one highlighted in the Pachelbel rant: )
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I've been having various conversations with people about home remedies/mom-advice recently, so I figured it would be nice to consolidate and share. :D This post is in no way meant to be a universal prescriptive, as different things work for different people, so please feel free to jump in as well!

for relieving headaches:
+ Massage/pressure points: temples, eye-sockets, the spot right under the center of the lower lip, and (sometimes, for me) also the upper curve of the ear. The juncture of neck and shoulder is good for tension relief as well, whether or not my muscles are actually tight (which, let's face it, they generally are). I press hard enough to get me to the borderline of pain and discomfort while my mom presses hard enough to hurt, but either way works just fine.

+ Using wanjingyou/Tiger Balm on these points is extra helpful, although I would suggest not doing so if you are sensitive to strong smells.

+ Coffee/tea/caffeinated substances have been a solution for my mom in the past, though coffee is not a go-to for me after noon (I go to sleep late enough as it is).

for relieving menstrual cramps:
+ Ginger soup! Slice fresh ginger into a pot of boiling water & leave for ~30 minutes (this is approximately the amount of time my mom leaves it on, but longer/shorter periods should be fine as well, I think). Add sugar to taste & drink hot. Note: this can be made in large quantities & kept in the fridge to be reheated when necessary.

+ Lower back massage, if you are like me and get a horrible band of tightness around your midsection. This mostly helps me not to tense up and make the pain worse, although if I get to a certain point of relaxation the cramps will actually recede for a while.

+ Also, avoiding cold drinks/foodstuffs (such as ice cream) for the duration generally helps.

+ Also also, no swimming for the duration, if at all possible. (I have never been tempted to do this anyway, but I had a couple of friends on the swim team back in high school, so.)

for coughs/colds:
+ Lemon tea (actual tea not necessary): hot water, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and honey to taste. I mostly use green tea if I'm in the mood for actual tea.

+ Tea with honeyed kumquats: Soak fresh kumquats in a jar of honey for extended periods of time (as in 2-3 weeks or longer); make sure they are completely covered with the honey. Over time the kumquats should sink from the top of the jar; you can then take dollops of the kumquat/honey and put it in your tea (mostly green tea for me- my family is in the habit of drinking green, basically- but we've also been known to use oolong). My mom swears by it for allergy-relief as well, as it works for her where actual allergy medications such as Claritin have failed miserably; she no longer sneezes or suffers itchy, watery eyes in the springtime. It is true that she is always making and drinking the stuff these days, but hey, it's a tasty (and healthy) preventative measure!

+ Breathing steam. I prefer to stay in the bathroom for a few minutes after a hot shower when I'm feeling congested, but you can also just boil some water and sit with your face over it & a towel draped over your head, if you like.

... why yes, you may have noticed that we use tea for, um, everything? TEA IS THE SUBSTANCE OF LIFE, OKAY. xD

eta because I have fallen off the bandwagon re: poetry month! five poems by Purvi Shah; I particularly love the last one.
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[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw kicks off today, which means that it is an opportune moment to try out this consolidation of comments business that I've been thinking about! We'll call this a three-week trial run, yeah? Comments are off on LJ starting today, but you can comment over here using OpenID.

week of win, day 6, aka fun places to frequent on dreamwidth:

+ [community profile] camelot_fleet, a Merlin community with notoriously awesome parties (never mind the fact that I rarely remember to stop by them /o\) and lots of love and glee for every character in the series, not just the usual suspects! :)

+ [community profile] dark_agenda, a community which many of you will recognize from the Yuletide challenge with the goal of promoting cultural diversity in fanworks. There is also a challenge up for Remix Redux, for those of you who might have missed it the first time around!

+ [community profile] forkedtongues, a community devoted to multilingualism, has had an influx of amazing poetry this month with English translations/transliterations.

+ [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, which is... pretty much self-explanatory. If you like heroines and discussions of awesome women, this comm is a good place to be! Or, you know, lurk, as I do. ;)

+ [community profile] multibeautiful, a community devoted to gorgeous POC picspams!

+ [community profile] queerlygen, which I think is also fairly self-explanatory- its (most excellent) premise is on the profile page.

Also, three things for Three Weeks:

+ [personal profile] torachan is hosting a transfic mini fest,

+ [personal profile] inkstone has a small fandom friending meme, and

+ [personal profile] such_heights would like to challenge you to say, fuck yeah she's awesome.

In conclusion, and apropos of nothing, we have a baby venus flytrap at work! Its name is Gaga.


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