Apr. 21st, 2010

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[personal profile] deepad's written an open letter to Charles Tan, and [personal profile] ciderpress has a post taking down (yet another Glee-related incident of) hipster racism.

As for me, I need to stop engaging for a while with the things that make me angry. Instead, I'm clearing out my mental/emotional space: for the next seven days, I am going to make and/or link to satisfyingly squeeful things, with enough shiny to wallow myself back into a good mood. You're all welcome to join me if you like! :) Ergo,

week of win, day 1:

+ Via angry asian man, Raymond Lee's official Glee audition. SHOWERS OF SPARKLY HEARTS, OMG YES PLEASE, etc. etc.

+ Attention Gwen and Morgana (and OT4) lovers: if you haven't seen [personal profile] leupagus's Home to the Weary, it is a joygasm waiting to happen.

+ Just found a youtube clip of the Of Montreal concert I saw a few years back!

The Party's Crashing Us may still be my favorite song of theirs, ever. &hearts

+ Not relevant to anybody else, but fuck if I'm going to ignore RL awesome when I has it: I have accrued a fairly ridiculous number of paid vacation hours, and am going to see the World Expo in Shanghai this summer! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*


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