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1. For those of you who haven't come across it already, [personal profile] littlebutfierce is hosting a love meme! Thanks for my thread. ♥

2. I just finished Random Family, and it is AMAZING. Ostensibly I'm reading this for academic reasons, but I just inhaled it at my fiction-reading pace. (It feels SO GOOD to be reading things at my fiction-reading pace!) I'm in no state to book-blog properly, as my head is full of ten million other things, but INCOHERENT FLAIL. I am so glad the author chose to tell the stories of the people in the South Bronx.

3. Kao Kalia Yang's essay on The Science of Racism is a must-read. I can say nothing about this piece that she doesn't say more eloquently herself.

4. Because I want to end on a more cheerful note today: check out GQ's Jeremy Lin interview! JLin, please never lose your down-to-earthness, it is the most adorable omg.
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A reporter for the New Yorker, observing that people try to find an extra north-south passage in the too-long blocks between Fifth and Sixth avenues, once attempted to see if he could amalgamate a makeshift mid-block trail from Thirty-third Street to Rockefeller Center. He discovered reasonable, if erratic, means for short-cutting through nine of the blocks, owing to block-through stores and lobbies and Bryant Park behind the Forty-second Street Library. But he was reduced to wiggling under fences or clambering through windows or coaxing superintendents, to get through four of the blocks, and had to evade the issue by going into subway passage for two.

- Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (Chapter 9: The need for small blocks).

You guys, this book was originally published in 1961! It's amazing how many of her observations re: patterns of use of space are still valid 50 years later. LONG CROSSTOWN BLOCKS, BANE OF EVERYONE'S EXISTENCE!

Adding the reclist-of-doom tag because while the use of urban space is not a topic of interest to everyone, this book is extremely down to earth and uses very simple observations to tear down common notions of urban planning. Also, it explains the DULL AS DIRT problem of many housing projects and civic centers built for that specific purpose, requirements for vibrant neighborhoods, actual and not presumed street safety, and other everyday issues in plain and (to me, at least) entertaining words. Even if none of these topics interest you, if you are or have ever been a New Yorker, you may still want to pick it up and see how her observations match up with your own. *g*
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1. A few posts of interest:
+ Fury Meets Mad Men! Cindy Pon is doing a giveaway contest for Fury of the Phoenix! Check out the link for details.
+ I See No Possible Way How This Incredible Cover Letter Could Ever Fail- LOLARIOUS.
+ N.K. Jemisin: Dear Hollywood: How's That Bigotry Working Out for You?
+ [personal profile] bossymarmalade: maybe the problem will just fix itself

2. I finished Malalai Joya's A Woman Among Warlords this morning and, just. A:SLDKJS:DHSLDFJK *______* &hearts &hearts &hearts!!! This is going on my to-buy list, both in support and for all the times when I need reminding that truth can be a blaze, not just a whisper.
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Some more belated notes! I definitely recommend all three of these, though they all have some potentially triggering moments (two of them deal with WWII).

1. The Interpreter- Suki Kim )

2. The Calligrapher's Daughter- Eugenia Kim )

3. When the Emperor Was Divine- Julie Otsuka )
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1. Have just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy, and just, wow. Also, I think it says a lot about the ways I've changed that I adore the second and third books so much more than the first. &hearts

2. LNYE VIDS!! FOR ME!!! Bad Romance and Cold War, omg eeeeeeeeee, still so entirely incoherent. Thank you, vidder(s?)!!! *showers hearts upon*

In conclusion, I have totally won the lottery for dangerous ladies today. *\o/* How's your weekend coming along?
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-- so yesterday was rather full of win; I did bo ssam (OH DELICIOUS FOODGASM) with the usual suspects +4, followed by a liiiittle bit of Max Brenner and Pinkberry and lazing about in Central Park (foodies ftw, fuck yes &hearts) and then I spent a lovely three hours in the Columbus Circle Borders reading:

1. N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms, which I promptly bought because HOLY SHIT SO FULL OF WIN I CANNOT EVEN!!!! ASD:LFKSJDGL:KHSDFJLS:LDK *\o/* *\o/*

2. the first volume of a delicious new manga discovery, The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service/黒鷺死体宅配便! Which is about five Buddhist students who start a business settling accounts for the dead, and it is HOMG SO SO AMAZING but uh, possibly not for the faint of heart/weak of stomach. Which, okay, usually includes me, but apparently not in manga format? 0.o ANYWAY. If you like horror (*eyes [personal profile] inkstone & [personal profile] sarashina*) there's a good chance you will enjoy it! Of course the caveat is that I've only finished the first volume, but I totally plan on returning to binge the other 14 or so that I saw, so if you would like to wait for a more complete verdict, I will get there... eventually? *g*

3. Nabari no Ou, volume 1! &hearts I didn't get to finish watching the anime, so I was delighted to see it on the shelf & reacquaint myself with the beginning of things. Miharu: STILL MY FAVORITE. So delightfully deadpan! I love his indifferent little faaaaace, zomg, the sneaky manipulative little bastard. :3

AND THEN. I WENT TO THIS. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS HILARIOUS PORNY FUN, THE END. &hearts Hello to all the awesome people I saw/met there, I am sorry I had to run out so early, I hope y'all managed to properly traumatize the frat-boy-looking crowd by the end of the night! >:D
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Finished Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner on my way to work this morning, and aaaaasd;lfkjs;dlfkjsdlfj! &hearts &hearts &hearts Most beautiful work of fiction I've read in a long time. (I think I may have changed my plans for [community profile] eid_ka_chand, heh.)

Other things I meant to add but somehow have neglected: books & some manga )

Also, a note: this reclist includes many childhood favorites and consists of mostly SF/F, so a lot of these books are not ones I find unproblematic (I love broken things as much as anyone!). Am contemplating a new tag/list, going back to annotate the things I can rec more wholeheartedly, and/or separating out the things by chromatic authors for greater visibility, but that is a project for another day. In the meantime, if you would like further details on anything, feel free to ask me! I am always happy to talk books. :)


May. 14th, 2010 09:30 pm
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1; Went back to the library this week for the first time in a couple months, and picked up Catherine Coulter's The Nightingale Legacy, which I think I read once back in high school along with a few of her other ones? (It's been years since I've done the whole romance novel thing; back in the day, I only nosed into that section to give myself (occasional & very brief) breaks between SF/F binges. :P What can I say, I imprinted on my favored genres at a very young age.) In any case, the Coulter was just as bland as I half-remembered. Feh.

On the other hand, I also picked up Ursula LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness on [personal profile] karanguni's long-ago recommendation, and as;dlkfja;sldgkh eeeeee! &hearts &hearts &hearts HOLY SHIT, you guys, that was SO SATISFYING. ALSO, MINDBLOWING. I've been dying for a good scifi kick for ages; should've remembered to go back to LeGuin. MORE OF HER BOOKS, I NEED THEM, NOW. Um, possibly I will blog about this one properly when I am more coherent/have finished the rest of the books I borrowed.

2; [personal profile] sophinisba gave me six icons to talk about! here )

Let me know if you want six! :)
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1. Orig-fic first: Chaobell's 100 Candles! Slashy supernatural stuff; hilarious and really fucking creepy by turns. This one's a completely different genre than Shadow of the Templar, but there's a good chance that if you are a Templar fan (aka a sucker for banter/humor), you'll enjoy this one as well.

2. Webcomics commence! Tab Kimpton's Khaos Komix series explores the lives and relationships of various LGBTQ (not just L and G!) teenagers. This one's, well, kind of cutesy, but hey- it's about high school kids, after all. The lack of epic (non-teen) angstfests is a good thing in my book. Also, there's a good proportion of POC main characters, so extra bonus points for that!

3. Jesse Hajicek's Metanoia: really damn gorgeous artwork. &hearts Another slashy supernatural-type story, rather grittier than 100 Candles. This one's got some graphic violence, although it's not particularly gory.

4. Bayou, by Jeremy Love and Patrick Morgan. This one was recced to me by [ profile] ruffwriter, and... holy shit. Totally mindblowing. First off, the sheer amount of effort that went into this comic is incredible- the artwork is stunning, and the setting and details are palpably well-researched. The story is a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland derivative, but it's also so much more than that. It's set in the south of the US in the early 20th century with a young black girl as the Alice-like figure, and draws on many folktales/cultural references that I know I'm missing.

Because of the setting, it's also an incredibly difficult read. The creators never flinch away from showing us the interracial power dynamics: the prejudices, the stereotypes, the racially-motivated violence. This is a horror/fantasy story, it's true, but much of the horror is rooted in the reality of USian black/white race relations in various historical contexts; there are many, many instances that may be triggering. The pacing and the intricate plot arcs helped me to get past some of the difficult parts, but please take care if you decide to give Bayou a try.
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Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, by Lillian Faderman.

I'm not finished reading yet- I'm taking my time for once, because there's a lot of information to turn over in my head- but points for talking about intersectionality with regard to race and class, even though I'm not yet entirely positive about how deeply it's been explored! This one's tentatively going on the reclist of doom.

In other news (while I'm compiling my next batch of recspam), a quick poll, since it's nearly time to do that Yuletide friending fest again:

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as I am taking a brief emotional health break from IBARW. (The post I planned is draining, is all; I shall recommence tomorrow.)

1. Have purchased and devoured Jaidani's SHADOW MAGIC, OMG! SO GOOD. SO SO GOOD. I MIGHT LOVE IT EVEN MORE THAN HAVEMERCY, FOR SRS. If any of you guys have read it, BRING ON THE SQUEE. :D SUBTEXT! SUBTEXT EVERYWHERE, IN LARGE AND SPARKLY LETTERS! (I am resisting [ profile] thremedon at the moment, as I don't want to accidentally spoil anybody.) Also, I have some flaily race-related thinky-thoughts (of the win variety) just waiting to emerge, so, y'know, let me know when more of you guys have read it! A party of one ain't a party. *g*

2. Also! I received a NYR story today: Deserving, by mechaieh! It's Haru wo Daiteita, and features Yoshizumi, and is just about making my life- outside of the aforementioned, anyway. ;)

PS- I have been failing MASSIVELY at reading things other than [ profile] ibarw lately, so please hurl your links at me: fic must-reads, personal posts, lulz, macros, music/picspams, rants, whatever. I promise I'll play catch-up after this week is over! &hearts

ETA: WIRELESS!FAIL, omg. Have been trying to post this for an hour.
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01. FIRST THINGS FIRST! i have pimped this one already, but seriously, guys- if you have not read [personal profile] karanguni's awesome Reboot!fic of awesome, you should totally get on that RIGHT. NOW: To The Enterprise: of Warp Barriers, Captains, and Other Scary Things. Scotty! Spock! Kirk! Chekov &hearts! fans of ensemble-fic and/or the science/engineering-type geekery, eat your heart out. :D

02. watched Angels & Demons last night, which was pleasantly entertaining, if necessarily more graphic than the DaVinci Code. Ewan McGregor = best casting choice ever for the camerlengo, yum. &hearts :D i wasn't as absorbed in it as i was in the DaVinci Code, probably because Angels & Demons was a more interesting book than the DaVinci Code and i therefore remembered more plot points, etc. still, it was a good movie; i'd definitely watch it again, though i wouldn't pay money to do so. *g*

03. adding to the reclist because i had an episode of book!glee yesterday, thanks to [personal profile] yasaman's recent mention of Santa Olivia )

speaking of my reclist, some other books i forgot to add: )

how are you guys faring this week?
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still at 110 words, oh dear god, thanks to holiday craze and this extremely addictive series: Shadow of the Templar. original novels, FBI/cops-and-robbers type capers, full of hilarious and awesome (and quite omnisexual) banter! GO. READ. (well, provided you don't have Yuletide looming over your head like i do.) i was literally up until 5am to finish them on a work-night.

goal: 400-500 more words today, finish tomorrow. *bites nails* thank goodness i don't have much to do at work today, despite the holiday party i can't get out of tonight.

ETA: also, big thank yous to [ profile] louiselux and [ profile] lovingyouin1963 for the lovely cards! seriously, flist, you guys are awesome. &hearts
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i'm still alive, i promise! ;0 i'm just terrible at keeping writing resolutions, which the no-computer situation at the apartment doesn't help. AND my laptop has been delayed, again. WTF. i just got a notification saying it's "no longer in stock," which is understandable as it's been backordered for at least three months, but come on. does it really take four and a half weeks to notify your customers of that? i'm at the point where i want to throw it out the window upon arrival.

on a more cheerful note, i've just finished another fantastic book: The Cellist of Sarajevo, by Steven Galloway, who is possibly the first author outside of GGK to make me cry within the first five pages. the book is centered around the principal cellist of the symphony orchestra, who was at his window when 22 of his neighbors were killed by a mortar while waiting in line for bread during the civil war. he resolves to play the Albinoni Adagio at the site of the explosion for 22 consecutive days in memory of them. as i'm sure most of you know, i don't often venture outside my F/SF comfort zone, but i'm so glad that this caught my eye. go! read! it's spare and stunning in all the best ways.
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so i finally caved and went to Barnes & Noble, and proceeded to devour Godchild 6-8 in the two hours i was there- i'm going to need a good long squee about it at some point, hope you all won't mind! :D- and ALSO ALSO ALSO

i bought Havemercy. YOU NEED TO READ THIS, GUYS. whether or not you are a fan of the Shoebox Project, you have to admit that [ profile] ladyjaida (and [ profile] danibennett!) is one hell of a fantastic storyteller. i'm going to save my more specific flailing for some other time, since it's only been out for a week, but: metal dragons + slashy, slashy goodness of the fangirl-feeding variety (of course, it being a novel written by fellow fen) + FABULOUS STORY = what's not to like? :D
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again adding to the reclist, because i somehow failed to mention Sheri S. Tepper! really, really imaginative and, er, twisty sci-fi. my favorite of hers is Singer from the Sea, and i also liked Family Tree, but most of her stuff is pretty awesome, if (in my opinion) slightly less mindblowing than those two.
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the state of the NY Public Library near Columbia is pretty pathetic, in terms of the amount/variety of stock i'm used to seeing. (i know, i know, the contents of the libraries here are constantly shuffling, but one can't properly browse without a certain number of copies for each place, yes?) however, i found such a gem in there that it's utterly redeemed itself for me: if you haven't read Autumn Bridge, by Takashi Matsuoka, you need to. right now. it spans six centuries of Japanese history, and all of the storylines in all of the eras are woven together so subtly and seamlessly, it's breathtaking. if you're at all interested in samurai, or Japanese spiritualism, or the conflict between tradition and modernism as Japan opens to the West- read. i don't often venture outside my fantasy/SF preferences anymore, but i am so glad i did; i haven't come across a book that's left me even close to the kind of breathless GGKay has in a long, long time. this was a quieter kind of punch to the gut, but no less powerful.
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or, books that mostly shouldn't need to be recced, but which i am reccing anyway: )

and now to stop procrastinating and actually start work on my thermo problem set...
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still exhausted from the flight back! have residual bug bites and sunburn, which itches like hell. pictures to be uploaded shortly.

a few more books recently dredged up in my memory: reclist addendum )
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01. hangama '07 was today! aka the pakistani mock wedding. i will perhaps give an actual explanation/recap later on, but suffice it to say that i'm listening to this year's mix on repeat. &hearts it's a little inexpertly cut, but still... :D

02. omg. i just looked at my remix, and. holy shit. i just. my original story was just a throwaway bunny (or rather several R/S getting-together throwaway bunnies combined), but i clicked on it and got veil!sirius, and there is so much overarching meta commentary that could be drawn from this, and... omfg. i am SO in love with my remixer right now. *ADORES* thank you!

03. yesterday's book vomit, it appears, isn't quite over yet! *g* so, addendum number 1: to the reclist of doom )


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