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Vacation doesn't officially start until I've finished the last of the synopses for the lit review I've been putting off, but I am back in the states! I managed to finish half a scarf on the train ride home, based on this pattern, except I plan to modify it to an infinity scarf. (I actually like the natural off-white/beige color but the yarn I had is a glorious red, so... maybe next time.)

Meme from [personal profile] tielan, who gave me the letter T:
1. Comment on this post with "MEEEEEE!"
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

Toph Bei Fong (A:TLA), because OF COURSE. ♥ ♥ ♥ What can I say about Toph that I haven't said before?? She takes no shit and gives no fucks (with her parents as the single exception), and her FACES are my favorite! (Well, okay, all of their faces are my favorite, but really though. &TOPH;)

Ty Lee (A:TLA), who I love for being 100% upbeat and also 100% underestimated, hahaha. Her section in that story I wrote about the Fire Nation ladies explains pretty much everything about my feels. :D

Tonks (HP), who was my favorite independent bouncy badass lady figure in HP, pre-Remus, and also because the metamorphmagus thing is super cool- I have a soft spot for transformation magic. I still don't love the Remus thing and personally am interested in shipping her with almost anyone else (I do have an R/S OTP problem but there are SO MANY interesting options- Kingsley for Auror fun, Charlie or Bill Weasley for oddball family hijinks, Fleur because that would be AMAZING, etc.?!), but the more distance I gain from HP6 & 7, the more I think I've come to appreciate some of fandom's takes on the tail end of canon too.

Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club), who is probably the most ridiculous character I have EVER SEEN, but also one of the most lovable, hee! My favorite thing about him is that his heart is so enormous, and that he's completely unashamed of wearing it on his sleeve at all times. Where Kyouya is all about the IQ, Tamaki is all about the EQ, which is why they make the perfect team, and he truly embodies the emotional generosity that I strive for.

The Iron Bull (Dragon Age: Inquisition) might be a liiiiiittle bit of a stretch, but I've got Dragon Age on the mind, so. *g* It's been a while since I last played and I'm looking forward to gaming with my sister; hopefully we'll get to this rather than Fallout (though teaming up on that last time was fun). Bull is an amiable and easygoing character who didn't strike me much during my playthrough, but he's definitely grown on me through fic (why yes, I have been reading ALL the Bull/Dorian, and it's been glorious). You have to love a spy who comes straight out and says he's a spy, and then proceeds to be so straightforward and genuinely thoughtful and good with people that you kind of forget that. It's a truly unique kind of sneaky! Also I love that he treats sex, kinks and safewords and all, with the same kind of easygoing openness that he treats everything else- canon sex talks with Bull are the most refreshing I've seen, actually.


Jan. 14th, 2016 08:20 pm
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RIP, Alan Rickman. ;___;

My strongest impressions of him are from Love Actually, and of course as Snape. He was so good at playing those characters I'd love to hate, but who are also so complicated and interesting. The tributes by HP cast members are touching, especially DanRad's. "As an actor he was one of the first of the adults on Potter to treat me like a peer rather than a child"-- a;sdflkajs;dlfkjasd.
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» I am SPOILED by DW A:TLA fandom, you guys. Someone made me an APPA HAT! State Dinner is the OTGaang ficlet of my heart!

Other reasons to love [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange:
+ a deep delight of the blood- wow, I find bloodbending practice an extremely believable basis for Katara/Zuko now.
+ Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists!
+ Primary Sources, aka Sokka and Suki vs. Wan Shi Tong, THE FACEOFF! xD
+ Spa Day is awesome lovely Katara/Toph (with OTGaang in the background ♥)!

» Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

» Check out [personal profile] terajk's Heroes Arrive Last fest!

» The Boy Who Only Lived Twice- I haven't read HP fic in a really long time & I've never read much Harry/Draco, but OMG SERIOUSLY, the way this story plays with all the levels of fucked-up those two are is fantastic.

+ Workin' It Out- dudes, I am not the biggest fan of Adam Lambert, but Adam Lambert + Tumbling earnestfaces = yes please, apparently! Also KIYAMA/MIZUSAWA, BRB STILL FLAILING EVERYWHERE. (Spoilers, obvs.)
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+ Glorious, ouchy racebending of Iron Man: horns of a deer, feet of a tiger
+ [personal profile] effex posted an adorable picspam of PUPPIES!!
+ [ profile] lgbtq_recs kicks off today & I believe is also still looking for volunteers to rec things?
+ [personal profile] boundbooks's Harry Potter Fandom, We Need to Talk is... depressing, to say the least. Not surprising, though. *is crankypants*
+ Was fwded Their Islam and Ours just now; sparkly hearts! *____*

... man, now this lady is late for the BELATED meeting time she set. I may have to put up some cheery fuck-you music spam later! Happy thoughts, self, happy thoughts.
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Dear internets: NEW DESKTOP HAS ARRIVED! IT IS AMEZZIN! \o/ Also, since it is a long weekend & I am taking next week off work (haring off to parts Canadian with the family, actually- er, why are we traveling to where it's colder during winter again?), I feel it is time to unload some Yuletide recspam: Bend it Like Beckham, Chinese Mythology, The Dark is Rising, Disney Princesses, The Effluent Engine, Ender's Game, Fairy Tales, Fire and Hemlock, Greek and Roman Mythology, Haru wo Daiteita, Hip Hop RPF, His Dark Materials, Kushiel's Legacy, Love Actually, Love Mode, Metropolis: the Chase Suite, Nikita, Old Kingdom- Garth Nix, Old Spice Guy, Pop Music RPF, Qing Hua Ci, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Spindle's End, Stigma, Telephone, Tortall, Westing Game )
last updated: 2 Jan. 2011

Probably I'll just continue to update this list as I keep reading; it's too easy for me to lose track of previous recs otherwise.

Oh, and while I'm spamming anyway, have some [ profile] rs_small_gifts too: [eta'd for more]
- To Make a New Beginning
- Marginalia
- Hot Mess (and I'm falling for you)
- Christmas Detention
- Lie still, Mr Black
- Watching me as he rows out

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THE SISTER & I SAW THIS LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS GLORIOUS (also, freezing). And now I am really really sleep-deprived and a bit late to work, but it was so totally worth it. &hearts

Have some shiny!
+ [personal profile] magnetic_pole: Because It Is My Heart, brilliant brilliant Petunia/Alice written for [personal profile] woldy's informal HP femslash exchange.
+ Via [personal profile] crossedwires, an interview with Hiromi Goto!
+ [ profile] rs_small_gifts: bonus round, Against the cold, For the Present
+ Ma-Yi theater company presents Flipzoids. I am kind of intrigued by this!

Via almost everybody, that end-of-year meme!- in which I think I repeat myself a lot. >.> )
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A very happy birthday to [personal profile] avendya, and a happy belated to [personal profile] thingswithwings! Have some shiny, lovelies. :>

» delicious things wot I've devoured over the past few days
+ Tenipuri: About Life and Stuff and Playing the Game, via these fic recs from [personal profile] wistfuljane
+ HP from [ profile] rs_small_gifts: Gold and Silver Days, Haere Mai (Come Here), The Secret Christmas Plan, Evergreen
+ & some more HP: Delta, A Weasley Tradition
+ A:TLA: unbolt the dark, to cover a bruise, Reign Within, Facing An Open Sea, "... and she rules the sky with lunar goodness."
+ V for Vendetta: the lights burn blue
+ Inception: Cities of Sand
+ Narnia: Adonai
+ Merlin: The Ink Still Drying, OMGWTFOTP

» shiny things wot I've received over the past few days
+ on the wings, a lovely Loveless ficlet by [ profile] lemniciate! Thank you, sweets!
+ Poems of the Masters: China's Classic Anthology of T'ang and Sung Dynasty Verse (trans. by Red Pine). &hearts &hearts &hearts *\o/* Thank you, [personal profile] avendya!!
+ The following, from the amazing [personal profile] artemis: thank youuu! *flails* )
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~ Wow, still haven't made up my sleep debt from the weekend. It feels like I'm clawing my way through cotton gauze right now. 0.o

~ Saw DH last night, with C & R! I wasn't entirely blown away (let's face it, I've never been blown away by any of the HP movies) but my goodness, so many feeeeeeeelings about spoilers I guess? )

~ Still haven't revisited my Yuletide source. Need to do that! Also feeling the need for A:TLA and Junjou marathons, since I'm still that far behind on my writing to-do list. /o\

~ I've kind of spent most of this year in a writing funk interrupted by bouts of productivity, huh. It'd be nice to have things the other way around! *shakes fists*
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First Deadline has been made! *\o/* (Okay, am a bit nervous about PDF previewing failure but I did check the online form about 230947 times, so.) Time for a celebratory linkspam, haha.

» some overdue fanspam
+ Check out the Merlin lexicon, [personal profile] risingsunpub!
+ [ profile] zahrawithaz wrote some Morgana meta!
+ I have spent shameful amounts of procrastination time devouring Guide Me Home, a gigantor Ursa/Hakoda fic. >.>
+ Also, Disclosure will never stop being hilarious. Mai/Zuko complementary failboats, ahahahahahah! &hearts
+ game on: Mai vs. Iroh in a pai sho showdown! Also Mai/Zuko cuteness, hahaha.
+ [ profile] rs_small_gifts has begun posting, yay!

» foodspam (now I want a food carnival!)
+ [personal profile] deepad: Doodh se Dhuli
+ [personal profile] vi: gross, weird, inedible
+ Jha's Lunar Year's End! AWESOME. &hearts
+ [personal profile] troisroyaumes: Seven things

» +1: Via deadbro, Keeping Hobbits White since 1937 made me laugh and laugh, but also prodded me into some thoughts regarding racebending. )
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[personal profile] dhobikikutti has laid out much food for thought in Yuletide, AO3, and me, and [personal profile] bossymarmalade is brainstorming alternative rare-fandom challenges. That said, a recovery of my productive braining ability means I need to drop most of my fannish concerns for the moment, because I have so much to do omg. /o\

Some things to amuse you:

+ Sirius birthday fic!
+ 50 Fatwas for the Virtuous Vampire, by Pamela K. Taylor
+ [personal profile] yeloson: "too asian"
+ With Love from Mr. Hyphen: API/A Love Letter Project. (I've linked the project previously, but it's worth linking again.)
+ [ profile] sheafrotherdon posted dear ______, a collection post for messages to survivors of sexual assault.
+ A:TLA fanart I've reblogged- this one is my current favorite! Ovary-exploding cuteness + foiled!Zuko = two great tastes that taste great together, okay.
+ [personal profile] wistfuljane has a list of Asian & other chromatic authors and illustrators!
+ angry asian man: Saving the Wat
+ [community profile] white_lotus has a poll to gauge interest in an A:TLA fic exchange, possibly to coincide with Lunar New Year. To which, of course, all I have to say is *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*!!!!

Annnnd now I must be off to get some work done. I'll see you when I see you! &hearts
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I tried to separate these out but got overwhelmed by categorization; therefore, another haphazard mess! Trigger warnings apply to some of the following. cut for A LOT )


Sep. 9th, 2010 11:58 am
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Have been writing bits and pieces of various fandom commitments in between reading and procrastinatory internet dabbling and epic photo uploading, but still haven't actually finished any of them. *headdesk* So, uh, links! A lot of them.

+ fuck you ever so: )

+ requisite followup of shiny: )

Okay, distraction time over, back to the grind.

eta; also, shana tova to those who are celebrating! HELLO, I FAIL AT LIFE. /o\
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Fandom + randoms!

+ [personal profile] musesfool's A:TLA squee post is indeed an instrument of joy- I love seeing A:TLA squee, y'all, and discussions never fail to put a big dorktastic grin on my face. Putting this here specifically so I remember to get back to it!... eventually. Hopefully. /o\

+ Via [personal profile] crossedwires: SULU-OFF! STAR TREK FANDOM, I HAVE NEW SHINY LOVE FOR YOU ALL OVER AGAIN. *____*

+ Guinevere of Rohan by [ profile] felix_aeternus is gorgeous, omg.

+ The inestimable [personal profile] woldy wrote an amazing HP fic! Chasing Charlie is delightful, I haven't enjoyed reading Harry-POV fic this much in a very long time.

+ A Subversive Expression of Resistance is a fabulous interview with Marlon Hom on the poetry of Chinese immigrants detained at Angel Island.

+ Yakuza 3 reviewed by yakuza, via I think [personal profile] effex?

+ [personal profile] marina made a shiny fanvid: Home Now is breathtaking, and it makes me want to watch East West 101 RIGHT NOW.

+ [community profile] camelot_fleet is holding a Writers' Round Table! Come and play! :D

... and now I must be off to the library before I faff away the hours until closing time. &hearts!
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Not finished with all the prompts yet, but I'm putting these up first as my brain has been decidedly derailed by the need to scream inside myself for a while. ([personal profile] crooked & [ profile] zarathuse, I will get back to writing shortly! &hearts)

1. flip [A:TLA, Ty Lee & Azula, G] for [personal profile] wingstodust:
Ty Lee's practicing her handstands after school when Azula comes in, scowling. )

2. unfortunate facial growths [HP, MWPP, "five o'clock shadow," G] for [ profile] ruffwriter:
Sirius. What is that on your face? )

3. that unnoticed, & that necessary [HP, Cho Chang, G] for [personal profile] gehayi:
Lunar New Year falls on the day of a Hufflepuff-Gryffindor Quidditch match, )

4. truth, lies, & cabbages [A:TLA, Aang, Katara, cabbage merchant, "something to do with the Ember Island Players," G] for [personal profile] whymzycal:
They're out buying ingredients for hotpot when Aang sees them: the most beautiful cabbages he could have imagined, sitting in the most dilapidated cart he's ever laid eyes on. )

5. hearthfire [A:TLA, Iroh, "lessons in preparing tea," G] for [personal profile] magnetic_pole & [personal profile] crossedwires:
Now rinse out the pot and do it again, properly. )
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+ yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, by [ profile] crooked! (HP; Sirius, Regulus, Uncle Alphard; G; before things went pear-shaped, they were like this.) sd;flskjd;lf ahhhhhhh, cutest, oh my heart. :>

+ via [personal profile] were_duck, Old Spice Man + FEMINIST HULK + Judith Butler.

+ lolbender on tumblr! INSTA-FOLLOW.

+ this gem on Kanye's twitter, discovered thanks to [personal profile] heathershaped's heads-up (no, i am still not a twitter person.)

ETA: via [personal profile] magnetic_pole, PROP 8 OVERTURNED
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Friend's going-away party last night + dim sum today with [personal profile] magnetic_pole, [ profile] midnitemaraud_r, [ profile] onehundredmoons, and [ profile] kellychambliss (which was a most excellent way to celebrate Harry Potter's birthday, now that I think of it! ;D) = tiiiiired omg. Off to nap and/or mainline some more A:TLA S3, probably- toss me some drabble prompts so I can get back into the swing of writing? &hearts Any fandom is okay, though Avatar and HP are preferred for this round!

- flip [A:TLA, Ty Lee & Azula], for [personal profile] wingstodust
- attack of the not!pornstache [HP, MWPP, "five o'clock shadow"], for [ profile] ruffwriter
- that unnoticed, & that necessary [HP, Cho Chang], for [personal profile] gehayi
- truth, lies, & cabbages [A:TLA, Aang, Katara, cabbage merchant], for [personal profile] whymzycal
- hearthfire [A:TLA, Iroh, "lessons in preparing tea"], for [personal profile] magnetic_pole & [personal profile] crossedwires
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Lots of interesting things popping up on my reading list today:

+ [personal profile] megwrites's we are the knights who say "no!"
+ [personal profile] miss_haitch's review of Gaslight Dogs
+ [ profile] shaggydogstail's Sirius Black love post
+ more A:TLA/ATLoK fanart links of glee from [personal profile] inkstone
+ [personal profile] such_heights's utterly gorgeous New Directions, which I was lucky enough to see first (& also it is her first A:TLA fic, yesssss! *\o/*)

-- but ahhh, nothing hit me quite like [personal profile] vi's fantastic poem mother tongue. &hearts

I've talked about language before (the tongue that I lost, the name I forgot), but every time I come back to the subject there's always more to say, and more that I don't know how to say.

This is a shore that I never leave: )
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&hearts multifandom drawbles by [personal profile] glockgal: MADE OF WIN! Ron eating a chocolate frog, Toph and Mai as not-so-dutiful daughters, hipster!Jet-and-Zuko, Ron & Hermione swimming, Parvati with racebended Hermione & Lavender, and desi!Watson = HEARTSPLOSION! *\o/*

&hearts two A:TLA/ATLoK fancomics via [personal profile] inkstone. sd;flksjdflkj!!!!!

Also, I have been remiss as usual in terms of introductory-type things, so: hello, new DW A:TLA party people! Ask me anything! Or we can do post-series speculation. or just scream and keysmash about KORRAAAAAAAAA, whatever works for you. ;D (<-- these go for old friends too, hobvs. &hearts)
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Link-basket today, since I cannot think.

+ [ profile] rawles: a quick note (erasing women from the narrative is never feminist)

+ [personal profile] ephemere: What we remember (on Imelda Marcos; Listen: every time you reduce Imelda to frivolity and excess, you spit on countless unnamed graves.)

+ [personal profile] yeloson: Privilege hates, but doesn't know what hate is

+ [ profile] fiction_theory: The internet IS real life

+ [personal profile] deepad: On talking and not about Israel and Palestine

+ [personal profile] crossedwires: Red Cliff Part I icons! SO SHINY, omg. *___*

+ [personal profile] damned_colonial: Wiscon vid party playlist

+ [personal profile] nextian: where you got lost, how you got by; Star Trek reversebang; Sulu(/Chekov) is AWESOME. &hearts

+ [personal profile] magnetic_pole: Air Heart; HP; stunning; young McGonagall learns to fly.

+ Book 21 of [ profile] imaginarybeasts (aka edition: WUXIAAAAAAAAAA) is up! *\o/*

+ Thanks to Mynuet for the lovely remix! &hearts
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So I kind of sort of managed like 90% of that Azula fic at work today? and also exploded in glee over [personal profile] iambickilometer's Monk Gyatso + guru ficbit? and then came home and blew through all the recs you guys threw at me? /o\ WHAT IS THIS, IDEK. Clearly there is no help for me, but while I am caving to the madness, that love letter post is still open!

In other news, I read some happy-making remixes today!
+ Saiyuki:
- Ordinary Day: the Move It Or Lose It remix
- Where the Heart Is (The Eightfold Path is a Circuitous Route Home Remix)
- Love Is Goodbye (The We Will Become Stars remix)
- Fertile Ground (The Demon Seed Remix)

+ HP:
- Useless Talent (Sundial in the Shade Remix)
- black dog (clear, acoustic, live through this)
- How to Build a Home (Living in the Wilderness Remix)
- Impressions in the Dust (Nothing Left But History Remix)


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