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Trying out a friending meme for the first time in ages (hello, new people!):

This also means I haven't written an intro post in ages, so... bear with me? ^^; Relevant fannish details: I am a HUGE MAGPIE and a lifelong SF/F fan, which you may have noticed if you checked out the list I linked, heh. I mostly write (or at least, wrote) fic, and have occasionally made icons. Relevant personal details: I'm a grad student, a social dancer, and a Chinese-American woman currently living north of the border. I talk loudly and unrepentantly about race and politics, though I've done so less often in internet-public lately.

I'd go into more detail, but since I'm also doing a daily posting meme this month, you can leave me more specific prompts or questions there!
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&hearts multifandom drawbles by [personal profile] glockgal: MADE OF WIN! Ron eating a chocolate frog, Toph and Mai as not-so-dutiful daughters, hipster!Jet-and-Zuko, Ron & Hermione swimming, Parvati with racebended Hermione & Lavender, and desi!Watson = HEARTSPLOSION! *\o/*

&hearts two A:TLA/ATLoK fancomics via [personal profile] inkstone. sd;flksjdflkj!!!!!

Also, I have been remiss as usual in terms of introductory-type things, so: hello, new DW A:TLA party people! Ask me anything! Or we can do post-series speculation. or just scream and keysmash about KORRAAAAAAAAA, whatever works for you. ;D (<-- these go for old friends too, hobvs. &hearts)
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About me:
, n. (fem.)
1. magpie; long-time NYCer transplanted to Montreal
2. writes: fanfiction, some original writing, crankypants rants, some attempts at book/anime/other media blogging.
3. consumes: too many things, mostly of the F/SF genre; this includes assorted manga & anime series.
4. listens: eclectic; music may occasionally turn up here. (some current favorites worth noting: Janelle Monae, Sara Bareilles, Joey Eppard, Vienna Teng, Of Montreal, Quintus.)

synonyms: Y, [archiveofourown.org profile] glass_icarus
inactive: [livejournal.com profile] glass_icarus, [insanejournal.com profile] glass_icarus

Current (writing) fandoms:
Harry Potter
Good Omens
Guy Gavriel Kay 'verses except Last Light of the Sun (maybe someday) & River of Stars (unlikely)
His Dark Materials
Kyou Kara Maou
Shounen Onmyouji
Wild Adapter
Okane ga Nai
Robin McKinley (Damar series)
BBC Merlin
Antique Bakery
Junjou Romantica
Saving Face
Red Cliff
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Natsume Yuujinchou
Kuroko no Basuke
Ouran High School Host Club

As-yet-unwritten fandoms:
The Dark is Rising
McKillip's Riddlemaster trilogy
Godchild/Cain Saga
Special A
Haru wo Daiteita/Fuyu no Semi
Nabari no Ou
Star Trek: Reboot
Darker Than Black
Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru
Occult Academy
Peacemaker Kurogane
Shikabane Hime
Toshokan Sensou
Avatar: The Legend of Korra
Samurai 7
Coffee Prince
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Dragon Age: Origins
Dragon Age: Awakening
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Nirvana in Fire/Lang Ya Bang
Yuri!! on Ice

For more book fandoms that I may eventually be tempted into writing, see my reclist of doom; I've also posted some fandom rambling here for the super-bored/curious. Thanks to RaceFail, I've written a number of personal essays and Remyth stories on identity, cultural appropriation, and other topics relating to my experience as a Chinese-American woman. All of my fanfiction and much of my race-related writing is public, so if that's what you're here for, have at it!

On subscription/access: If I've subscribed to you already, it's probably because we know each other, or because I recognize you from one corner of the internets or another. If I've granted you access, it's because we know each other well personally and/or have talked enough for me to be comfortable with doing so. If you know me and I haven't added you, just poke me- I probably haven't seen you yet. *g* New friends are always welcome!

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