Jan. 19th, 2017 09:49 pm
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My ability to read serious political news remains low, especially now I've started reading for my area exams, but these two things made me tear up.
Obama's goodbye letter
RESISTANCE POSTERS OF AMAZING (including some made by the artist of Obama's "Hope" poster)

I'll be marathon-dancing off my Trumperdink feels this weekend. This era is ending; all that's left is to center and sustain.
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To Obama With Love, and Hate, and Desperation is a somewhat questionable title but a really interesting read. I had never thought about the doings in the White House mailroom before, but reading this, I think it's going to be one of many legacies that I'll be sad to see come to an end.
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Still can't bring myself to watch President Obama's farewell speech, though I saw clips of him talking about Michelle (with Malia trying to keep it together) making the rounds on youtube. And I did watch the Hamilton crew's White House performance of One Last Time, which, augh, is managing to give me feels even without having watched/listened to Hamilton.

Whatever else there is to say about President Obama- and there's a lot- he knows how to carry hope, and grace, and love.
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Washington Post; Presidential Memorandum. &hearts I know that there are many larger issues that need work, but thank you, Mr. President, for not overlooking the more personal side of politics.

Also, this reminds me that I forgot to share the treasure trove of Time photos I discovered the other day! (Way late to the party, of course, but still.) collegiate!Obama spam )

Why yes, there will be icons soon; why do you ask? *g*

In other news, it's a writing-at-work kind of day, so I think I'm gonna get back to that. :) Happy Friday, everyone!

eta; forgot today's poem!

Outside the Wind Whispers

Outside the wind
whispers through the dark,
softly, through trees
no one can see now-
Softly, from open hearts
the simple word floats up:
that you and I, love,
are still each other's... )

-- Tarjei Vesaas
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Okay, so today is also not a poetry day, but that's because I want to mention this man:

"I have a huge political problem with the role. It was essentially accepting a form of racial profiling. I think it's repulsive. But it was the first time I had a chance to blow stuff up and take a family hostage. As an actor, why shouldn't I have that opportunity? Because I'm brown and I should be scared about the connection between media images and people's thought processes?" (in New York Magazine, commenting about his recurring role as a terrorist on TV's "24")

There are a ton of reasons why I admire Kal Penn: his acting skills (see: Kumar, Gogol of The Namesake, Kutner of House...), his sense of humor, his approachability, the way he presents himself to the world. He isn't afraid of expressing his opinion or speaking out against prejudice (see the above quote), and he stumped for Obama during the presidential campaign alongside many other celebrities and speakers.

Now, Kal Penn is leaving House to work for Obama at the White House [warning: House spoilers!], and I find myself speechlessly, hopelessly proud:

"I've been thinking about [moving into politics] for a while. It's probably because of the value system my grandparents instilled in me. They marched with Gandhi in the Indian independence movement, and that was always in the back of my head. So the past couple of years I thought about it a little more ... and I thought this might be the right time to go off and do something else."

Rock on, brother. Rock on. \o/
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how awesome was that inauguration? SO AWESOME. can that ceremony REALLY have spoilers? )

&hearts &hearts &hearts!

ETA for the inauguration speech!
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i watched the news last night, walked home with my roommate in Harlem at 11pm, with people screaming the news from window to window and smiling and laughing as we passed in the streets, and it wasn't freaky- it was love. we high-fived the doorman on the way in. there were fireworks going off outside my window, car horns blaring and people clapping and tin can brigades passing, probably until hours after i went to sleep around 2am.

i had to watch the speeches on bbc on a hijacked wireless network, since we don't have internet/cable set up yet, and yes, i totally, totally cried. i've been rereading it here all day, just to remind myself that i'm not dreaming, that i won't wake up and find him not in office.

dear President-elect Obama,

may your vision never fail. may you lead this country with dignity and grace for all the years of your office, and may the spirit of community that you have fostered here remain for long after you leave it. may you remind us, always, that hope is stronger than fear, and that dreams can become a reality, if only we dare to try.

&hearts &hearts &hearts

hope begins

Nov. 5th, 2008 12:09 am
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OBAMA'08! yes, we did.
&hearts &hearts &hearts


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