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Washington Post; Presidential Memorandum. &hearts I know that there are many larger issues that need work, but thank you, Mr. President, for not overlooking the more personal side of politics.

Also, this reminds me that I forgot to share the treasure trove of Time photos I discovered the other day! (Way late to the party, of course, but still.)


Why yes, there will be icons soon; why do you ask? *g*

In other news, it's a writing-at-work kind of day, so I think I'm gonna get back to that. :) Happy Friday, everyone!

eta; forgot today's poem!

Outside the Wind Whispers

Outside the wind
whispers through the dark,
softly, through trees
no one can see now-
Softly, from open hearts
the simple word floats up:
that you and I, love,
are still each other's.

This low voice
of wind from nowhere
blends itself
with your slowly spoken words-
Your body is open.
Your hand is friendly.
The night wraps us tight
in its giant quilt.

Hear how the branches are rustling
and sighing, heavy with sleep-
they've lived their life
for the whole summer.
But fall will come
with the storm tonight
and strip off
the weakened leaves.

Inklings of the storm,
of the heavy trembling,
are surely what drive
us together.
Inklings of loneliness,
of a creeping frost,
an imminent fall,
a futile cry.-

If the dark's quilt
suddenly lifts from you
perhaps I will see
more than I could guess:
That in the midst of the heat
you sense a painful warning,
search, frightened, for a
grip in the wide space.

-- Tarjei Vesaas

Date: 2010-04-16 04:52 pm (UTC)
effex: default (Default)
From: [personal profile] effex
...that is not what I was expecting. How so adorable, Mr. President?

I mean, the smile! The hat!

Date: 2010-04-16 04:53 pm (UTC)
eumelkeks: (pwetty please?)
From: [personal profile] eumelkeks

Date: 2010-04-16 06:38 pm (UTC)
heathershaped: (Obama bw)
From: [personal profile] heathershaped
PRES <333

Date: 2010-04-16 09:47 pm (UTC)
tielan: (love)
From: [personal profile] tielan
He's adorkable. :)

Also, extending visitation rights beyond immediate family and spouse...these days, with the splits and separations in families, I can think of plenty of people I know who would be terrified of their families being allowed in while their loved ones where kept out because they weren't connected by blood or marriage.

I mean, I get along fine with my family and would perfectly okay with them being allowed in. I'd be worried if they couldn't. But not everyone has that relationship. It's only fair and just to allow the people in who the patient deems closest to them.


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