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I am in a writing kind of mood today, but am sadly lacking in inspiration! There's the obvious Touch Pass assignment, but that requires more consideration and I still need to get my hand in in terms of writing fic again. SO! Toss me prompts please? Any fandom [incomplete list] will do, not just Kuroko. As usual I can't promise I'll fill everything, but I'll try to finish as many as I can.

+ balance [OT4, gen, "Red Cliff characters as benders from ATLA verse"]
+ weekend routines [Makoto & Haruka, gen, Free!]
+ what bros are for [Nippori & Ryosuke, gen, Tumbling]

*title from Li-Young Lee's "Immigrant Blues"
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♠ So apparently, after this summer's two-trips-in-a-week to Canada, I'm considering making... another two trips to Canada in the next two months? Am I secretly Canadian? A bird confusedly migrating in the wrong season/opposite direction? IDEK GUYS, WHAT IS THIS. My Toronto friends are finally coming down to visit next month, but 3 trips to 1 (and 4:1, and 5:1, and 6:1) is clearly an uneven rate of exchange!

♠ Things I need to catch up on: Kuroko and Free! I have no idea why I haven't been in the headspace for these when I enjoy them so much; I guess the wedding I went to last weekend threw me off my pace in more ways than one. I'm more caught up with Free! than I am with Kuroko though- I've watched through episode 7 and it's GREAT. :D Bracing myself for the v. shiny back [personal profile] inkstone informs me is in episode 8!

♠ In related news, I need to start considering my Touch Pass assignment- it's been so long since I've written fic for anything, augh. Does anyone want to talk Kuroko characters with me or throw out some random prompts so I can get my hand back in? ^^;

♠ Finally, some booklog catch-up: Georgette Heyer, Li-Young Lee, Amit Chaudhuri, Divergent, Hikaru no Go, Agatha Christie, Catherine Coulter )
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So I finally watched Free!, which is all [personal profile] inkstone's fault, of course. Predictably, my reaction to everything is LOLOL :DDDDD ♥ ♥ ♥ and other assorted incoherencies, but if you want some more specifics to my gleeface, they're all included in that primer post (except for a number of very specific spoilery bits).

1. Also predictably, Haruka is my FAVORITE. ♥________♥ Someone needs to write/draw him and Kuroko having an expressionless face-off!

2. Has anyone made icons yet? Should I be getting on that?

3. I checked out some of the [community profile] iwatobiswimclub fills, and would just like to state for the record that seen everything there is to be shown is A GEM. Seriously hilarious Rin/Haru, and long-suffering Nitori makes the whole story, poor baby. xDDDDDD


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