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I've spent the entirety of winter break in quiet: partly finishing up the last of my fall work before next term starts, but mostly unwinding at home. This is the first time I haven't visited the city- yet, at least- or tried to meet up with friends while on break, which feels a bit odd and which I may regret later. I just felt, somewhere below the level of conscious thought, that I'd like to spend the last of 2016 gathering myself and restoring my energy (read: hermiting) rather than spending it all outwardly.

In between the work, actual leisure reading (!!), and bouts of gaming with my sister (Fallout 4, Civ 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3), I've been thinking over my one-word intentions. I started with connection in 2014, moved on to communication in 2015, and last year I was working on generosity. This year is going to be the start of many challenges, so I think it needs something else. I've considered follow-through, clarity, blaze, sustain, and open, and I'll probably go for one of these in future years, but after 2016 I need to re-center. I want to rediscover the things that will keep me grounded, that will anchor me to myself and to what's most important.

Happy new year, everyone! Let's write ourselves a better 2017. ♥
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Happy 2016, everyone! Overall, 2015 was pretty good to me, but I still hope this year is better for all of us than the last. I've zouked my way into the new year (though of course I got distracted from taking any sort of decent non-giant-group pictures) and spent today hanging out with old friends, so I'm feeling both supremely content and like a creaky marionette.

My one-word intention for this year is generosity (see also: How Generous Are You Willing To Be?). This is the third year I've decided on an intention as opposed to new year's resolutions, which I rarely remember and never manage to keep. I find it a lot easier to prioritize one thing to work on at a time (2014 was connection, 2015 was communication). I've thought about sticking to my previous words before, but these things are always works in progress, and a new year deserves a fresh start.

So: generosity. It's something I'm always reaching for and never quite grasp, and it's particularly hard to achieve when I'm tired, angry, busy, entering school tunnel-vision mode, etc. By generous, I mean actively taking time out of the day (each day, ideally; most days, realistically) to be present with or for someone. I mean being openhearted, forgiving, non-judgmental, a good and active listener. I mean being vulnerable by making myself more visible to other people, taking up the spaces I take up and being unafraid to share them. I mean expressing my emotions the way I feel them, rather than squashing them down to size. I mean being myself in unapologetic, kind truth. If there's one hope I have for this year, it's that we are all more generous with (and to) ourselves.
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Hello all! Happy new year! Year-end reflections have largely passed me by, as my holidays were split between work, more work, revisions of various types, an exam the morning of 12/31, assorted family/friend gatherings, a couple of breaks for Dragon Age: Inquisition with my sister, and then a road trip for moving assistance purposes. I'll probably end up backdating any recap posts I make to the appropriate date, but your guess is as good as mine re: when I'll actually get around to them...

Thanks to upcoming app deadlines, I am now going to leap from one internet hiatus straight into another. /o\ THE CATCH-UP WILL HAPPEN AT SOME POINT THOUGH, REALLY. In the meantime, I'll leave you guys with my word for this year, as a way to keep myself accountable! In 2014 my word was connection, and despite all the mishaps and detours I think I did a fairly good job at working on it. To follow up on that, 2015 is going to be about communication. This... is likely to be an even more ridiculous journey than the last, but the goal is always to level up, no? ♥

2013 recap

Jan. 1st, 2014 01:29 pm
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Happy 2014, everyone! It's time to square away some of last year's things, I guess. 2013 was another low-fannish-output year for me; I feel like I did very few things that were not either my thesis/some other academic obligation or zouk! But here they are anyway.

writing roundup (you can see I clearly read more than I wrote): )

It seems that I iconed not at all this year (!?), but I did make a somewhat unorthodox first attempt at fanart, hahaha: Kise the cockroach! xD Oh, KuroBase fandom. I don't play in your sandbox very often, but clearly I will happily continue to be enabled into ridiculous things.

Anyway, short list, but I was also very busy getting my master's! And I got published, and I made my first conference presentation, which was a success! Plus, I spent a lot of time on zouk: performing, traveling, going to classes and workshops and congresses, dancing ALL the socials, volunteering, and generally making new friends with a whole lot of people. So challenges and all, 2013 was a pretty good and productive year. :)

I've seen a few mentions of one-word intentions for the coming year, and I think I want to give it a try! The last few years seem to have been all about finding a direction and/or building for me, so this year I want to focus on something a little different, something that takes a little more effort. This year I want to focus on connection. Of course, I have some concrete goals for this year- get a job, somehow arrange things so I can continue to zouk as much as possible, get back to writing poetry, try to increase my fannish output- but if I don't manage to do all of that, I'd still be happy to get better at connection. ♥


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