Jun. 1st, 2009

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... so, um. that thing i said about summer and friends and plans? they are hijacking my life, for real, IDEK. i had a crazy good weekend spent sunning and dancing and making mango salsa (when not dealing with my friend's latest debacle in his great series of unfortunate moving events), but i clearly need to make a bigger effort not to default on my upcoming fandom/internet commitments! :S

anyway, this time i return from Unexpected Short Hiatus bearing gifts! first, some Joshua Bell, as i promised [livejournal.com profile] ego_chan and [livejournal.com profile] leandergasped: The Red Violin Chaconne for Violin & Orchestra &hearts

also, in lieu of that bigass icons post i didn't make earlier: )

001-003: Junjou Romantica artbook
004-010: Freida Pinto
011-026: Stigma

so, how are you guys? have i missed anything from you this weekend? hurl your links at me, go!
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*Reposted here for the second Asian Women Blog Carnival.

My name is 張玉涵, and for the last seventeen years, I didn't remember it. )

I said I had no words for this, and it is true, because a simple thank you can never be enough, but- thank you, [livejournal.com profile] drelfina. That means more than you can ever know. &hearts


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