Aug. 26th, 2017 11:37 am
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Well! I finished my comp rewrite yesterday morning and my friend R finished hers earlier today, so I'm hoping we can do a mutually congratulatory brunch in short order. If not, we have a friend's farewell party this evening, so there will be lots of celebrating to do.

So far the Daily Yoga app has been very helpful in making me go ahead and just do it. It helps that their sessions range from 5-30ish minutes, so even if I'm busy (or in the middle of comps) I can take a quick break. It was also quite helpful for me in putting aside the cluster of school-related anxieties that I woke up to this morning. (Zouk has a much quicker effect, but it's nice to have an alternate solution when practices and socials aren't conveniently timed.)

In other news, I've just spent a lot of brainless fluff time watching interviews and cast/director commentary for Justin Chon's Gook, a very timely film about the LA race riots. It was released yesterday in theaters in various cities; Angry Asian Man has a list up. I'm hoping I'll be able to watch it here as well, as it was apparently a hit at Sundance! In the meantime, if any of you decide to go see it, I'd really appreciate your comments/thoughts. :)
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I've spent the entirety of winter break in quiet: partly finishing up the last of my fall work before next term starts, but mostly unwinding at home. This is the first time I haven't visited the city- yet, at least- or tried to meet up with friends while on break, which feels a bit odd and which I may regret later. I just felt, somewhere below the level of conscious thought, that I'd like to spend the last of 2016 gathering myself and restoring my energy (read: hermiting) rather than spending it all outwardly.

In between the work, actual leisure reading (!!), and bouts of gaming with my sister (Fallout 4, Civ 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3), I've been thinking over my one-word intentions. I started with connection in 2014, moved on to communication in 2015, and last year I was working on generosity. This year is going to be the start of many challenges, so I think it needs something else. I've considered follow-through, clarity, blaze, sustain, and open, and I'll probably go for one of these in future years, but after 2016 I need to re-center. I want to rediscover the things that will keep me grounded, that will anchor me to myself and to what's most important.

Happy new year, everyone! Let's write ourselves a better 2017. ♥


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