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♠ So apparently, after this summer's two-trips-in-a-week to Canada, I'm considering making... another two trips to Canada in the next two months? Am I secretly Canadian? A bird confusedly migrating in the wrong season/opposite direction? IDEK GUYS, WHAT IS THIS. My Toronto friends are finally coming down to visit next month, but 3 trips to 1 (and 4:1, and 5:1, and 6:1) is clearly an uneven rate of exchange!

♠ Things I need to catch up on: Kuroko and Free! I have no idea why I haven't been in the headspace for these when I enjoy them so much; I guess the wedding I went to last weekend threw me off my pace in more ways than one. I'm more caught up with Free! than I am with Kuroko though- I've watched through episode 7 and it's GREAT. :D Bracing myself for the v. shiny back [personal profile] inkstone informs me is in episode 8!

♠ In related news, I need to start considering my Touch Pass assignment- it's been so long since I've written fic for anything, augh. Does anyone want to talk Kuroko characters with me or throw out some random prompts so I can get my hand back in? ^^;

♠ Finally, some booklog catch-up: Georgette Heyer, Li-Young Lee, Amit Chaudhuri, Divergent, Hikaru no Go, Agatha Christie, Catherine Coulter )
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+ Ugh, hiding in the library to escape the heat and my extremely frustrating modem. The internet in my apartment has been crapping out all week, but I don't have time to call about fixing it.

+ In between all the dancing and running around to see friends who are leaving/visiting the city, I managed to inhale Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper books- or most of them; the other half of Mastiff will have to wait. Is it just me, or are they the most entertaining ones she's written to date? (Also the least racially-questionable as far as I've noticed, heh.)

+ Speaking of binge-reads, I need to dust off my to-read list! I know N.K. Jemisin is on there but I can't remember what else I was looking forward to before my school-induced hiatus. What other exciting reads have I missed in the last two years, and/or what are you reading now? ♥

+ I'm taking the bus to Toronto tonight and won't be back til Wednesday. SO EXCITED! :D
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okay, not officially, but DONE. DONE DONE DONE \o/

now to catch up on little things like sleep! and fun! etc.! *collapses*
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Relatively, of course. Compared to NYC it's pretty balmy. This is still a novelty for me; I've never been to Taiwan before without dripping with sweat in 5 minutes flat. Because of this, my mom remains somewhat unconvinced that my cold is the result of sitting near a hacking person on the plane, not from having one too few layers on yesterday (though I'm sure that didn't help). Next time I plan to test my hypothesis with a facemask.

I'm going to be running around like a headless chicken until tomorrow, when we leave for Kaohsiung, so happy 2013 in advance!


Nov. 6th, 2012 05:03 pm
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I voted this morning! And am still fighting the urge to hide in bed until tomorrow. Running off to do homework now, so I can presumably get to the nervous drinking part later.
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» Things I've been meaning to watch this summer that I have not watched:
+ the Olympics (beyond some gold-round women's foil & an earlyish South Korea vs. US men's doubles badminton match *___*)
+ The Wire
+ more Coffee Prince
+ Natsume S4

Thing I have been watching obsessively instead: Kuroko no Basuke. Like, seriously, it's probably been months since I have been this full of RIDICULOUS GLEEFACE, and definitely the first time- well, barring Jeremy Lin- that I've gleefaced over something involving basketball! There may be icons coming up in the near future, heh. At this rate I'm gonna have to institute an "I BLAME [personal profile] inkstone" tag. :P

» Interesting link that came up via fb: Home: reflections for Anthony Shadid. To be honest I wasn't enthused about all of the passages, but I do like things that get me thinking about diaspora, so.

» I've been down with a summer cold since Thursday! BOO. Or, okay, I probably should be down/semi-quarantining myself but a) there is no air conditioning in my apartment and it has been DISGUSTING the last few days and b) I am really stubborn when it comes to not missing dance classes and/or people that I rarely see, so I've been drinking copious amounts of honey/lime(/ginger) tea and washing my hands all the time/etc. instead. >.>

Annnnd that's my procrastination limit for today, so it's back to work for me!
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it is late and i am tired but i would just like to say: any night that starts out with Caracas Arepa Bar and ends in ~16-18 FREE BUTTER LANE CUPCAKES (we walked by as they were closing) is made of win!

that is all. (and now i need a baked goods icon.) o/
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Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, Martín Espada, eta for Emmanuel Ortiz; possibly triggering; feel free to skip! )

Am in the midst of homework that I should get back to once my eyes stop crossing, especially if afternoon/evening plans & possibly shenanigans for moon festival tomorrow are still a go! (Dear self, please let's not to get behind on everything already.) Birds, as you say, fly forward*.

*&Li-Young Lee;;;;
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Y'all, I do not expect earthquakes here! But more to the point, the US East Coast is IN NO WAY earthquake-prepared, which is why the parents just freaked out (we're from Taiwan).

Recent quake info courtesy [personal profile] avendya, whom I was gchatting at the time; also, when looking for information on fault lines I found this, which fellow US East Coasters may be interested to know.
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1. We can almost map out our family history with food. Some of the first memories I have of Taiwan are of sitting at my 外婆's kitchen table, eating 絲瓜 and 番薯 and pan-fried fish, sharing cans of shu pao in front of the living room fans to cool down, and how it was so different to eat the same things in my ama's house in 鳳山 with my dad's family. My dad will reminisce at night about 宵夜 with ama, my mom still drools over the 牛肉麵 she used to eat with her college friends, my sister adores 鹹魚茄子煲 (which I think she first had with our cousin), I still remember the time I woke in the night at my 三姨媽's house and stumbled into the kitchen to find her and 二舅母 in front of the fridge with a just-opened box of creampuffs.

2. When I got sick when I was little, my mom used to stir glasses of Sprite until the carbonation disappeared and give me a couple of slightly crumbled Saltines at a time whenever I woke feverish and nauseous. If I could keep those down, I could have 稀飯 with a little bit of salt the next morning, or- if I was feeling even better than that- with 魚鬆. This led to some perplexity when my non-Asian school friends told me about BRAT diets years later, and also some relief; I have never been particularly fond of applesauce, though I'll eat it.

3. An incomplete list of things I've developed cravings for over the years: 玉米 (so NOT the same as stateside corn), 芭樂, 蓮霧, 蚵仔煎, 烏魚子 (which I didn't like at first, and can still only take about two slices of at a time). Those cravings can't be completely fulfilled even by going back to Taiwan, simply because three of my grandparents are no longer there to share them with.

4. Living in Manhattan during and after undergrad was a great way to expand my culinary horizons, but it also made me recognize just how integral food is to my concept of home. I didn't actually move very far, and I've had countless amazing food adventures with friends (late-night Chicken & Rice treks, bo ssam at Momofuku, Picnic Garden in Flushing, brunch at Popover Cafe, and my former roommate R's quest for the best sushi in Manhattan, just to name a few), but sometimes what I wanted the most was my mom's haphazard noodle soups or experimental casseroles thrown together from a random assortment of things in the fridge.

5. I've realized that I don't so much rely on specific foods for comfort as I do on cooking and eating with specific groups of people. 火鍋 with my immediate family is different from 火鍋 with my relatives in Taiwan is different from hotpot with all the different permutations of my "usual suspects," friends from ballroom/undergrad. Dim sum with my "American grandma" is different from dim sum with my Chinese family friends (where there's never any explanation involved but the check-grabbing fights remain the same). Making far too much frosting with R- and burning my fingers on his molten chocolate cupcakes- for a birthday party we threw for a friend was different from my current adventures in baking, now that I'm living alone. These days it's not that the easiest cake ever is fast becoming a comfort food for me; it's comforting to make it even when I'm the only person eating it because I know I share that experience with so many of you.
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Slow day + gorgeous weather = SO DISTRACTED OMG. Freedom, so close I can almost taste it!! Kind of like the awesome cheese* & blueberry liqueur we're going to share in a bit, ahaha. (Yes, at work; yes, our collective foodie tendencies are ~amazing~.)

Was thinking of a random last-minute jaunt out of town, but since I literally just had one last weekend, a staycation seems to be in order this time. Currently I have no plans other than catching up on sleep/picspams/writing, doing some cleaning & errands I haven't got round to for a while, and hitting the library if it's nice out so I can spend hours reading in the sun (or stay indoors/at B&N if it ends up raining). Oh, and treating some family friends to this lime/yoghurt/olive oil cake if my first attempt tonight comes out successfully! :3 *crosses fingers*

How are you guys? &hearts

*foiled re: cheese, alas! blueberry liqueur = &hearts &hearts &hearts, however. /post-drink eta


Dec. 25th, 2010 02:50 pm
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Oh, man, one of the best Christmases I've had in a while; )

I'm trying to keep myself off the AO3 today, but I did manage to read a couple of Yuletide stories, and they are glorious! I received The Sugarcane Drive, which is utterly delicious intriguing and politicking with Eugenie and Jessaline and HOMG YOU GUYS, I GOT EFFLUENT ENGINE FIC, HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!? I also managed to read Sincerely, Cindi, a Metropolis: The Chase Suite fic which is one of the best love letters to visionaries and revolutionaries that I have ever come across. I plan to hit up [community profile] dark_agenda's Chromatic Yuletide masterlist and trawl through the Chromatic Yuletide Madness prompts next! :D

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating, and happy Yuletide/happy Saturday to the rest of us!
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] magnetic_pole! &hearts I hope it's a good one.


Things wot I did yesterday:

1. Finished my goddamn personal statement!

2. Got my Yuletide assignment!

(One of these things is more exciting than the other!)

\o/ Bring it, Monday. >:)
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1. It is generally a terrible life decision to go to work on 2 hours of sleep, y'all. Also a terrible life decision? Staying up until ass o'clock in the morning reading epic 100,000+ word A:TLA fic when I still have to do ALL THE THINGS. It's a good thing I was productive yesterday, otherwise I'd be kicking myself really hard over that "writing break."

1a. In unrelated terrible life decision news, I have been neglecting to back up recent icons and music & video files to my external hard drive, and now my creaky 6-year-old desktop where most everything is housed is suddenly refusing to turn on and I have no idea what is wrong with it! Probably it's not worth fixing since I need a new computer anyway, but argh. 6 years' worth of ahemmables! And now I will not be able to check which media files I need to re-ahem, sigh. At least I use googledocs/laptop/thumb drive religiously these days, I don't know what I would have done if actual important things (like my personal statement!) were on it.

2. [community profile] dark_agenda has a useful AO3 invites and reminders post! Which actually reminds me that I have an AO3 invite, should anybody need one. *g*

3. Still debating Yuletide signups. /o\ None of my Deadlines coincide with the fest deadline this year, so I will technically have enough time to write fic! Must ponder requests...

* &hearts


Jul. 27th, 2010 12:09 pm
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City Crab on Sunday was fun! but alas, not at all picture-worthy. D: I had my camera, but when the food arrived it just looked so... uninspiring, even if it was pretty tasty: gazpacho with avocado & sour cream & crab meat (mussels for C), Alaskan king crab with sweet potato fries* (crab cakes & rice for C), summer berries with a dollop of whipped cream & the key lime pie that CM got, which we split between the three of us. Even the desserts weren't that pretty-looking, which I personally do not understand because I think berries are innately pretty! Come on. *sigh* Still, well worth it for all the catching-up time, and I finally managed to give C her pineapple cake from Taiwan! :> &hearts

*The third entree option was twin lobsters, but none of us were hungry enough to eat that much, even though it probably would've been more satisfying... and we totally could've taken it home. /o\ We r smrt!

I watched The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles last night, but for some reason my TV was playing everything an hour behind schedule. 0.o (Is there some sort of fuck-up-able time setting that I'm unaware of?) Still, I didn't exactly mind rewatching last week's Closer on a bigger screen; that was a solid sparkly-hearts-inducing episode of the kind I thought I could only dream about.

The Closer 6x02 & 6x03; trigger warning for mention of sexual assault )

The premise of this week's Rizzoli & Isles made me side-eye, but it was actually not as 100% terrible as I was expecting?

Cons: )

Pros: )

I still haven't seen 1x02, nor have I decided whether to keep watching, but. I don't want to be in another Glee place! :( Compartmentalizing is hard.
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Things I am doing this weekend: arranging a thesis defense party (ARGH), another round of Restaurant Week (\o/!), some cleaning, haphazard cooking of random things in the fridge, catching up with Occult Academy/Rizzoli & Isles/The Closer/possibly Uraboku, Loveless rewatch, finishing my giant book post (& resisting the library/B&N as I should not read ALL THE BOOKS while it is still being drafted)...

... and so of course what I am doing right now is putting up linkspam. :P

+ [personal profile] livrelibre has a content notes collection for VVC collated from public posts in spreadsheet form, for those of you who might find it useful. (NB: I am not going to the con and don't have even a pinky toe in vidding fandom. I merely support things that can help attendees to make informed decisions about what they choose to watch.)

+ [personal profile] oyceter is looking for kdrama anecdotes, so, friends who watch kdramas- if you have a moment to comment on your experiences, please pop over!

+ [ profile] zahrawithaz's review of Covert Affairs 1x01 is bumping the show higher on my consideration list. Alas that I already have many things to watch this weekend! *g*

+ For all two(?) of you who might have missed it- [personal profile] dharmavati's hosting an ATLoK friending/squee post on LJ, and [personal profile] nan's hosting the ATLA/ATLoK friending meme on DW! I'm sticking to the DW meme because I &hearts DW, but whatever floats your boat. :)

Jul. 22nd, 2010 02:09 pm
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I stand on the borders of mountains and skies;
at the water's edge, waves breaking over
sand, concrete-

reaching back for a land that is mine, not-mine,
seeking sounds of home in strangers' tongues. It is
a poor inheritance for an unfilial daughter, but
were I a better one I still could not escape

the politics of possession,
the yearnings of the dispossessed.

But up where the air is thin, solitude can pass
for freedom- or near enough- for a time;
even sorrows and injustices can be
dwarfed momentarily by the vastness of the sea that
erases all footprints, sings salt upon the shore.

Here, then, a small serenity
breathes in with the wind,
out with the tide.


(Why yes, I was going through pictures yesterday. Also not quite satisfied with this, but it is what I wanted to say, or close enough.)

In other news, [ profile] zahrawithaz posted a link to "Tell Our Own Stories": Contemporary African Women's Fiction (a review of four books with some publishing context), which seems relevant to some of your interests, circle! ;)

Going to a minor-league baseball game tonight. I anticipate boredom, but at least it will be boredom in amusing company?
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[personal profile] deepad's written an open letter to Charles Tan, and [personal profile] ciderpress has a post taking down (yet another Glee-related incident of) hipster racism.

As for me, I need to stop engaging for a while with the things that make me angry. Instead, I'm clearing out my mental/emotional space: for the next seven days, I am going to make and/or link to satisfyingly squeeful things, with enough shiny to wallow myself back into a good mood. You're all welcome to join me if you like! :) Ergo,

week of win, day 1:

+ Via angry asian man, Raymond Lee's official Glee audition. SHOWERS OF SPARKLY HEARTS, OMG YES PLEASE, etc. etc.

+ Attention Gwen and Morgana (and OT4) lovers: if you haven't seen [personal profile] leupagus's Home to the Weary, it is a joygasm waiting to happen.

+ Just found a youtube clip of the Of Montreal concert I saw a few years back!

The Party's Crashing Us may still be my favorite song of theirs, ever. &hearts

+ Not relevant to anybody else, but fuck if I'm going to ignore RL awesome when I has it: I have accrued a fairly ridiculous number of paid vacation hours, and am going to see the World Expo in Shanghai this summer! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/*
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hello! am finally back, omg, and currently resisting sleep so i can actually wake up at a normal time tomorrow. Philly was awesome, but the company? :S it was me, sister, sister's friend, and the friend's little brother; i am not exactly a fan of the friend, and am now even less a fan of her brother, oh god. it was fun to run around, even in the pouring rain, but i seriously felt like i spent the entire weekend babysitting. which... ugh. never doing that again.

in happier news, my story has been posted at [ profile] rs_small_gifts, which i'd nearly forgotten about due to the aggravation! then there are blackbirds, PG, written for [ profile] dreamdustmama's prompt: You ask of my companions. Hills, sir, and the sundown, and a dog as large as myself that my father bought me. They are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell. ~Emily Dickinson

recspam to commence when i am less tired and have done more reading. in the meantime, how's it going for you guys? any links i should read ASAP? ;) &hearts!
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small gifts is DOWN, so there's just Yuletide left to go! \o/ /o\ five days is totes enough to get this thing going, right? right?? (... anybody got the time to put up with yet moar babbletimes? *facedesk*)

depending on the writing, i may or may not be around much; therefore i'll leave you lovelies with the following.

three fandom things of greatness:

1. anybody who has not yet seen [personal profile] such_heights's AMAZING VID OF UTTER BRILLIANCE needs to go watch it, RIGHT NOW. and i say this as someone who generally doesn't watch vids; it is staying on my ipod, oh, forever. Bad Romance, spoilers up to Merls 2x08, Morgana/Gwen, Morgana/Morgause! MOST EPIC FEMSLASH EVER. &hearts &hearts *\o/*

2. so you want to write fanfictions on the internets: LOL, A++ MADE OF WIN. xD

3. my [ profile] camelotsolstice gift came up! *\o/* Shiloh, Merlin/Arthur/Gwen, PG-13. so full of layers! *____*

three non-fandom things of greatness:

1. via [ profile] sheafrotherdon: [Manohla Dargis] on Hollywood, Women, and Why Romantic Comedies Suck. &hearts &hearts &hearts

2. via angry asian man: Did Asians Scare Palin Out of Hawaii? BRB LOLING FOREVER. as someone once said, "Please allow me to sing you the song of my people: AHAHAHAHAHAHA."

3. Philly for Christmas! this is number one on my to-do list, but other suggestions are welcome! &hearts :)


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