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♣ Back from my dance weekend (so worth the massive sleep debt) and back to work! The dance post will have to wait until later this week, but I haven't forgotten about the meme prompts.

♣ Not having participated in any of the marches, I was still super happy about all the updates my friends and family were sending me this weekend. Must figure out a photo post, but for now, the best sign I've seen (c/o my sister): "SUPER CALLOUS FRAGILE RACIST EXTRA BRAGGADOCIOUS", and the best link I've seen: protest llama!

♣ Lunar New Year is coming up this weekend, and I'm not sure how I'm going to celebrate yet! Well, I've already figured out when I'll get my preparatory cleaning in, but that's about it; I don't know if I have the time or energy to do a dumpling party the way I did last year. We could go to Chinatown for dinner or something but I'm guessing it'll be crowded and possibly a bit more expensive. Maybe a potluck or a dim sum brunch...?

♣ I've lost track of a number of links from private conversations, alas, but I've updated my resource list with some additional organizations.

♣ Roomie got some perfumes and essential oils on her family vacation, which all smelled nice but were completely perplexing. My nose is not accustomed to this many different things! The lavender oil she gave me relaxed me into a puddle of contented sleep yesterday though. \o/ :D
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Since I tragically can't seem to find Guerlain's Pamplelune in Sephora anymore (I'm pretty sure it was [personal profile] kaberett who pointed me in that direction? if so, thanks!!), I've been playing a little bit with related citrus-y smells.

♣ Limon Verde (Guerlain): DELICIOUS LIMEY CAIPIRINHA!!, but more so in the bottle than on me (the herby bits come up a bit stronger on my skin). Basically, HOORAY. I still prefer grapefruit over lime/lemon/orange smells, but this one is fantastic.

♣ Mandarine Basilic (Guerlain): Orange, but a bit sweet for my liking. This is also a bit herby on me. Not bad, but I'm not the biggest fan either.

♣ Herba Fresca (Guerlain): The only non-citrus thing I tried, mostly because it was in the same line. Herby/grassy in a nice, light sort of way, but not something I'm super excited about.

♣ Cleopatra (Tocca): Really, really nice, grapefruit-y but with added sweet-ish/spicy layers. The mix is quite a bit richer than Pamplelune (which I love for its simple, perfect capture of cutting into a fresh grapefruit), but in a way I can appreciate. Definitely keeping this sample.

♣ Orange Sanguine (Atelier Cologne): A much better orange, imo! This one is also sweet, but in a fresher way than Mandarine Basilic. It also has a bit of a spicy undertone on my skin that smells not-quite-but-almost-like nutmeg? Also a sample I'm keeping.


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