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Finished an old Dragon Age: Origins game yesterday, which is the first one where I persuaded my way into Cousland/Alistair royal power couple, almost entirely because I wanted to see Alistair's script at the beginning of Awakening if you're married and queen. Despite my completist urges about this game (ALL the origin stories! ALL the character types! ALL the fighting styles!), there are still a number of narrative choices I have trouble making because a) I can't turn my personal ethics off long enough to play through the resulting consequences, and b) I can't bring my character to act like a complete asshole. (Yes it's a game universe, but what's the point of spending so much time on a character that I don't even like?)

... Am I the only one who has these problems? *g*
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After making some room escape game recs elsewhere, I figured it'd be worth reposting them here for anyone else who likes puzzle games! Room escape focus because that's all I've played in recent years, and also because I spent part of my time in Toronto playing The Room on my sister's phone, heh. As far as The Room goes, the storyline's got some pretty cheeseball ~magic~ stuff as far as I can tell (my sister's in Toronto and I'm not so I haven't played very far), but the puzzles themselves are awesome and the graphics are also extremely pretty.

Here are the online favorites I've bookmarked:
+ MOTAS: Mystery of Time and Space - almost entirely puzzle-focused. What little storyline there is makes no sense, but luckily you don't have to care? *g* Mostly what I liked about this one was the variety and the sheer number of levels.
+ Trapped: The White Rabbit - murder mystery and puzzles! Double the fun. Also, there are three parts, which makes it even more satisfying. I remember the graphics being really small Having replayed part of it after making the recs, the graphics are tiny, but to me it was definitely the most engaging of the three in terms of gameplay.
+ Something Amiss - I haven't actually played this one in a long time, so my storyline impressions are really vague, but there is also some sort of mystery plot to go with all the puzzles. Also has pretty nice graphics, though not as nice as The Room.

If you're wondering about my puzzle-game preferences, the Myst series is sort of my gold standard in terms of complexity and attention to detail. The gorgeous graphics are just a bonus, though; I grew up loving old-school Sierra games (King's Quest, Quest for Glory), Hugo's House of Horrors, and some even older purely-text games whose names I can't recall. After all these years, they're still my favorites- partly because of the imaginative storylines and/or adventure setups, but mostly because of the way they make you think creatively. It's the figuring-out part that I like best.

(Obscure fandom tag because I've only ever talked to 5 people about these games and haven't seen them mentioned in my corner of the internets since, well, I first started finding my corner of the internets.)


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