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Trying to get back in the habit of posting, so I'm reverting to lists/assorted randoms while I wait for today's paper comments.

+ Apropos of today, I think I forgot to mention that I finally watched a Star Wars movie a few weeks back? Can't say I found it particularly exciting, but it was entertaining to watch with zouk-geek friends. I'd much prefer a proper LOTR marathon, though (we did a Matrix one already).

+ FINALLY got my hands on An Ember in the Ashes! I put in a request at the library nearly two months ago, hopefully it's worth the wait. :9 *excited*

+ Speaking of books, I haven't been reading as much this year, which is something I should fix as I will be back in the grad school grind soon enough. Does anyone have recs for shiny things to hunt down? So far my list consists of the rest of the God's War series, but that's about it. Anime and manga recs are similarly welcome!
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Some happy/things that cracked me up recently:

♣ Still working on my first drabble, but my multifandom promptathon remains open! I'll be attempting to write in my procrastination/downtime all this week, so keep tossing ideas at me. :)

♣ I nearly finished a cowl from a free crochet pattern last night! All it needs is either whip stitching or some cute buttons. :3

♣ You know that meme? That "Pick up the book nearest to you and turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life." meme? ... yeah. As I said to [personal profile] oyceter when I saw it a few days ago, the book nearest to me was (and still is, actually, as I haven't rearranged my desk) a blank diary.

Speaking of books, if anyone has recs for shiny books of the fluffier variety, I'd really appreciate them! It's been a while since I've found anything to just fall into.
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Upon rereading Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood last month, I had the sudden urge to hunt down some more Robin Hood and have therefore managed to borrow all of Stephen Lawhead's King Raven trilogy. Sadly, the first book has left me feeling distinctly less than enthused. I wasn't bored or annoyed enough to stop reading it after I'd started, but now that I'm finished, I can't think why! Anyway. I think my strange completist tendencies are now satisfied enough to stop reading this trilogy (unless anyone is more pleased with the subsequent books than the first?), but this situation doesn't satisfy my need for DIFFERENT ROBIN HOOD BOOKS. Does anyone have recommendations? ;____; Moar Maid Marian, by preference?
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1. Things I've read in the last week or so (between an afternoon in Book-Off and a couple of library stints): Nabari no Ou, Hikaru no Go, Monkey High, Rurouni Kenshin, Tattoo, A College of Magics, When the King Comes Home, Magic Under Glass, Kotuku, The Stone and the Maiden, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit )

2. While at the library, I also picked up Shaolin (because Andy Lau and Fan Bingbing!) and Painted Skin II (because REASONS, obviously) from their DVD collection. Since my thoughts on the latter are ASD:SLFJS:LDFJK *_____* ♥ ♥ ♥, here is my attempt at coherence for Shaolin: Pretty grim and manpain-y, and the three female characters were sadly auxiliary and spoiler/trigger warning ). I mean, it achieved its goal of ~heartbreaking wartime epic~, and I do enjoy martial arts action sequences, but seriously? It couldn't have done so without throwing the women under the bus (WARTIME epic! betrayal! power struggles! subthread of English people trying to advance their empire! etc.!)? Sigh.

3. I also discovered that the DVD section in the library has a HUGE Bollywood selection, so please to be throwing your recs at me! :D
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+ Ugh, hiding in the library to escape the heat and my extremely frustrating modem. The internet in my apartment has been crapping out all week, but I don't have time to call about fixing it.

+ In between all the dancing and running around to see friends who are leaving/visiting the city, I managed to inhale Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper books- or most of them; the other half of Mastiff will have to wait. Is it just me, or are they the most entertaining ones she's written to date? (Also the least racially-questionable as far as I've noticed, heh.)

+ Speaking of binge-reads, I need to dust off my to-read list! I know N.K. Jemisin is on there but I can't remember what else I was looking forward to before my school-induced hiatus. What other exciting reads have I missed in the last two years, and/or what are you reading now? ♥

+ I'm taking the bus to Toronto tonight and won't be back til Wednesday. SO EXCITED! :D
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Earlier this week I went to Bookoff and read the first two volumes of Rurouni Kenshin. They were cute, but so far I am not extremely enthused, just interested enough to keep reading when I get a chance. I am in the mood for moar manga/anime series right now, so any recommendations/reminders for those &/or fluffy books would be welcome!

Also, I've decided to start Duolingo now that I'm freeeeeee, haha. I know a bunch of you have mentioned you're on it, but remind me? :) ♥
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Dear internets: does anybody have info on/recommendations for other online survey platforms than surveymonkey? Doesn't necessarily have to be free, but options that might be more convenient for data analysis would be nice. ^^;
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Guys, Kaleidoscope's current nominations list gives me a bigger grinny face every time I look at it! I am SO EXCITED, thanks so much to everyone who's nominated/promoted/volunteered/helped spread the word thus far. Also, &hearts to [personal profile] dharmavati, [personal profile] troisroyaumes, and [personal profile] wistfuljane! &Team Darkness;;;

On a personal note, though: dear circle, please rec me some more non-East-Asian fandoms! Of course I am all excite about the East Asian movies/shows/dramas/anime/manga series/etc. that people have already nominated, but I am uncomfortable with spending my nomination slots on East Asian sources that someone else will probably come up with anyway and would instead prefer to boost some underrepresented groups that deserve love.

So, revamping from my previous ideas, my current consideration list looks like this:
- Janelle Monae's albums (NEED MOAR CINDI MAYWEATHER FIC!)
- Karen Lord, Redemption in Indigo
- Witi Ihimaera, Whale Rider
- Louise Erdrich, The Birchbark House

I haven't decided whether or not I want to reserve a slot for Sarai-ya Goyou (or perhaps Hiromi Goto's Half World? or Samurai 7?), but either way, I have at least two definite openings for non-East-Asian stuff! Anything you'd particularly like to see? Anything short-ish that you think I should watch or read (since I'd prefer to nominate things I can, you know, actually offer)?
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i'm sure you've all encountered my giant reclist already, but i've realized recently that i keep forgetting the books you guys have suggested to me! so, in the interests of keeping a to-read list that even i can't lose, and in hopes that i will actually read some new things in addition to rereading my old favorites, please feel free to toss any authors, titles, or series that you can come up with my way. call it a Chinese New Year's resolution. :)

(oh yeah, and just so you know, i've already put Swordspoint and Melusine on that list, as they've been recommended to me multiple times. *g*)

also, i won't be around much this weekend, thanks to dance practice, Chinese New Year's festivities, and last-minute ski plans, so have a good one, everyone! &hearts

ETA 3/18/09: Ave's recs:
- Italo Calvino: if on a winter's night a traveller
- China Mieville: Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Un Lun Dun


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