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1. Leaving this up top for anyone who, like me, is in danger of disappearing into a political news vortex: How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind

2. The65 has a list of issues and weekly calls to action, which are likely to be super helpful.

3. An incomplete list of shit going down as seen on fb, from 4 days in: It's Tuesday y'all )

4. Verso's Fuck Trump Reading List

5. Poem: From the Encyclopedia of Alternative Facts

6. Indivisible Guide: a practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda
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1. Yes, I'll accompany my neighbor is a great initiative in NYC, if anyone would like to participate! This is a small, simple thing that you can do to help keep Muslims, POC, LGBTQ, etc. safe, and I would also suggest looking out for and/or creating similar commute-company or rideshare initiatives local to you. It doesn't have to be limited to the US either- given the post-Brexit spikes in hate crimes, perhaps there are already things like this in the UK?

2. I know a lawyer who was "a little salty" over donating to the ACLU, as they are well-funded, and they suggested a number of alternative legal organizations that I thought would be worth passing on. Most of these are national groups so local suggestions would be welcome; I don't mind being the list-keeper for this if you don't mind some delays (grad school and all!). ^^;

a miscellaneous but immigration-heavy list:
- CARA Pro Bono Project
- Nebraska Appleseed
- Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP)
- Immigrant Defense Project
- National Immigration Law Center
- National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild
- Central American Legal Assistance
- Make the Road New York
- National Domestic Workers Alliance
- Equal Justice Initiative
- Southern Center for Human Rights
- NAACP Legal Defense Fund
- Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)
- Asian Americans Advancing Justice
- National Center for Access to Justice
- Immigrant Defenders Law Center
* Immigrant Justice Corps also has a list of host organizations.
- Southern Poverty Law Center
- Desis Rising Up and Moving
- National Day Laborer Organizing Network
- Mijente
- Sikh Coalition
- CUNY CLEAR (Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility)
- National Partnership for New Americans
- New York Immigration Coalition
- Detention Watch Network
- Families for Freedom
- Dream Defenders
- Black Alliance for Just Immigration
- South Asian Americans Leading Together
- United We Dream

They also suggested Arab American Association in NYC, but other organizations supporting Muslim communities would be welcome, so feel free to jump in and comment.

eta; some organizations supporting Muslim communities (thanks!):
- Muslims for Progressive Values
- Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity
- No One Left Behind
- Council on American-Islamic Relations
- Muslim Advocates
- MPower Change
- National Network of Arab American Communities

eta 2; more resources from another friend!
3. Fighting climate change:
- Sierra Club
- Union of Concerned Scientists
- Nature Conservancy

4. Gun control:
- Brady Campaign
- Everytown for Gun Safety

5. Investigative journalism, 1st Amendment Rights:
- Pro Publica
- Mother Jones
- First Amendment Coalition

6. Reproductive rights:
- Planned Parenthood Action
- Center for Reproductive Rights
- National Network of Abortion Funds

last updated: 1/28/17
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♣ The only (AWESOME) Yuletide story I've read so far this year: Our Voices Raised in Song by [personal profile] jibrailis! AHHHH ARCHANDROID-VERSE CROSSOVER ♥ ♥ ♥ :D

♣ Via angry asian man: Trolls and Martyrdom: Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie, by Arthur Chu

Gorgeous pic of the Grand Canyon after a New Year's snowstorm *___*

♣ Really cool Papaoutai remix by Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling!
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Post-performance tab-closing!

1. To whomever decided it was a good idea to sell a $245 pair of chopsticks: are you NUTS?! I don't think my parents' entire chopstick collection tallies up to $245, and that's between the everyday ones, the nicer ones, the non-heat-warped ones we use for guests, the fancypants souvenir ones from Japan, and the unused packages that are probably still in a drawer somewhere. If chopstick-users around the world laughed you off the face of the earth this minute, it wouldn't be a moment too soon.

2. Free access articles on mobile technology in health/behavioral sciences, anyone? I haven't actually read any of them yet, but this one looks like it could be interesting: Gamification for Behavior Change: Lessons from Developing a Social, Multiuser, Web-Tablet Based Prevention Game for Youths.

3. NOW HIRING FOR PANDA NANNIES?! That is a job description I could totally get behind! Too bad I don't actually live in China.
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Un-hermit? Whatever. Trying to stay more in touch, anyway.

♣ Quick booklog! It's been a while since I've bothered to play catch-up, but here's what I've read in the past couple of weeks:
+ Shadows Return, Lynn Flewelling
+ The White Road, Lynn Flewelling
+ Casket of Souls, Lynn Flewelling: basically I picked up these three because I was rereading the Nightrunner series at the beginning of last month and realized there were more books! Definitely not the most intriguing in terms of plot or worldbuilding, but I wasn't in a state to process more complicated things at the time.
+ Claymore, v.1-4: I started the first volume and was like, monsters and monster-killing ladies, this is awesome in theory but idk why people love it so much? Then suddenly I hit the third one and went TERESAAAAAAAAAAA A:SDLKSJDF:LSDKFJ ♥ ♥ ♥ and okay, yes, now I get it. xD
+ Uraboku, v.6: This required that I backtrack through v.5 to remember character threads, lol. Cracktastic fluff remains fluffy and (so, so, so) cracktastic.
+ Kamisama Kiss, v.14: I love that Nanami never gives up. Also, aw, more backstory! ♥

(If you want to see what else I've been reading you can check out my 2014 shelf, but I leave almost no commentary on Goodreads.)

♣ A friend recently reminded me of the awesomeness that is Penn Masala via this video, and then I accidentally a not-so-mini vortex.

♣ Zouk earworm throwback! I hadn't realized that the singer was such eye-candy, heh. Gage- Pense à moi )
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(because this is what I do when the flail/scream is OVERWHELMING okay)

♣ Via angryasianman: Experiences of Asian-American Women survey. One of the things that caught my eye about this research study blurb is that the sponsor is Derald Wing Sue, who is one of my heroes for his academic publications about racial microaggressions! Not that that means that this study is necessarily related, but still. *geeks*

♣ Via [personal profile] littlebutfierce: Bao Phi, Yellowbrown Babies for the Revolution. There are many punch-in-the-gut lines, but for me what hit hardest was this:
    I will never ask you to change your name
    I will never ask you to change your name
    your name is at home on my tongue

    do you hear me

[personal profile] deepad and amazeface compatriots ♥: Nice White Lady Authors Take a Hike: 'Vacations from Hell' made me laugh and laugh.

♣ Via [personal profile] vi: Taymiya Zaman: Not Talking About Pakistan - another glorious gut-punch. For some reason it made me think of Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai's line about kindness over genius.
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Seeing as my highly-elevated neighborhood came through unscathed, I'm planning on trekking to Chinatown/the Lower East Side with some friends to volunteer tomorrow! We're looking to join CAAAV's relief efforts, but I know there are tons of other hurricane response initiatives. A highly incomplete list of links:

+ NYC Service
+ NY1: ways to help relief efforts
+ NYCares disaster response

Plus, some (semi-belated) information via fb:
Brooklyn )

Queens )

Manhattan )

Bronx )

Feel free to drop more in the comments!
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+ Via [personal profile] vi: The Name and the Face by Juliana Qian

+ Via [personal profile] happydork: adorable basketball rivalry video! )

+ Via angry asian man: Jeremy Lin in Taipei )

+ And because I'm super belated about most things fandom these days: prompt post at [community profile] kuroko_no_basket (which I've only been ogling since, er, it first went up >.>)!

» eta; Don't forget to sign up for Kaleidoscope!
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» Bidding for [community profile] help_for_ephemere closes on July 21, 21:00 GMT! A handy list of offers with no bids and offers with only one bid can be found here. Go check out the shinies! [personal profile] deepad is offering a spork post which promises to be extremely entertaining, for example, and there are a number of art and crafts type things as well. My offer for icons is here.

In other news:

» [personal profile] wistfuljane has a great Jeremy Lin linkspam!

» Via [personal profile] yifu, check out [community profile] avatar_ladyfest!

» [community profile] eid_ka_chand has announced its 2012 fanworks challenge!
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Wow, this is the first time I have actually had a class canceled! In celebration I had a glorious two-person dumpling party and, er, started inhaling notes for Monday's midterm. Which I need to get back to, actually! Therefore, some randoms:

» I'm not sure I made it clear in my last post that yes, I have watched (and rewatched and rewatched) the first Korra ep! Proper discussion will have to come post-midterm, though. In the meantime: CAPSLOCK SPOILERS )

» Check out Janelle covering Jimi Hendrix! )

» a number of recipes I am planning to try:
- the single lady pancake
- eggs in bell peppers or onion rings
- eggs in avocado slices
- guac omelette
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I have been all over the city these last few days, so my brain is in a similarly scrambled state! Have some random things:

+ SFW definition of bukkake, via [personal profile] littlebutfierce, I think?

+ cut for JLin macro )
This guy is the reason I went to a bar after brunch on Sunday and sat through most of a basketball game for the first time in my life, and it was great. :D Jenny Hyun, otoh, was the polar opposite of great. Anti-black racism needs to GTFO of everything, including our East Asian communities. This is unacceptable. >:|

+ music vid! )
So I'm pretty sure I'd like this song without the video, but the footage makes it even better, heh.

+ Seems like George Takei's got a great project in the works: the Allegiance musical follows the story of a Japanese-American family after Pearl Harbor as they are relocated to the internment camps. I'm linking the video segment because of George Takei's personal story, but the rest of the website is really worth checking out. (Frex, the foreword- In the Heights is an incredible show, and this is just one illustration of the richness I find in being a diasporian.) Also of interest to you guys? LEA SALONGA AND GEORGE TAKEI IN THE CAST HOMG!!! The premiere will be in San Diego, but Takei says they're aiming for Broadway, and I for one plan to be there.
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» I am SPOILED by DW A:TLA fandom, you guys. Someone made me an APPA HAT! State Dinner is the OTGaang ficlet of my heart!

Other reasons to love [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange:
+ a deep delight of the blood- wow, I find bloodbending practice an extremely believable basis for Katara/Zuko now.
+ Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists!
+ Primary Sources, aka Sokka and Suki vs. Wan Shi Tong, THE FACEOFF! xD
+ Spa Day is awesome lovely Katara/Toph (with OTGaang in the background ♥)!

» Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

» Check out [personal profile] terajk's Heroes Arrive Last fest!

» The Boy Who Only Lived Twice- I haven't read HP fic in a really long time & I've never read much Harry/Draco, but OMG SERIOUSLY, the way this story plays with all the levels of fucked-up those two are is fantastic.

+ Workin' It Out- dudes, I am not the biggest fan of Adam Lambert, but Adam Lambert + Tumbling earnestfaces = yes please, apparently! Also KIYAMA/MIZUSAWA, BRB STILL FLAILING EVERYWHERE. (Spoilers, obvs.)


Jan. 28th, 2012 12:24 pm
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Awesome A:TLA things:

» [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange has begun posting! Things I've consumed & enjoyed so far:
+ stitch me the fabric of fall, creepy/awesome Ursa fic!
+ Waiting to Spark, sweet and believable and complicated Katara/Zuko.
+ Isobel, an awesome Toph and Azula vid!
+ The Grace That It Takes, adorable Sokka/Suki! ♥

And some awesome non-A:TLA things:

» [ profile] gyzym: rumor has it, the first Glee-related gleeface I've had in a long while. SANTANA ♥

» Cities of You is an awesome art project based on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities! Check it out. :)
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-- because of course I am flailing about offline while everybody is being thinky and brilliant on the internets. :P

A few #YesGayYA links, more for my reference at this point than anyone else's:
» [personal profile] oyceter: Diversity in YA. I particularly love this post because I sort of... don't see the point of people arguing over a single "best" or "winning" solution for a thorny multi-level problem, when really what is needed is to tackle it at every level, community and individual, in whatever ways are possible.
» [personal profile] deepad: In which I am derailing and contrary and also unsupportive of the Market, because (among her many other points) while having/establishing a baseline of identity representation is important, I also don't believe it is enough. (I remember being grateful for Memoirs of a Geisha the first time I read it; I wouldn't wish such a feeling- for such a book!- on any East Asian immigrant child arriving and growing up here after me.)
» [personal profile] colorblue goes further into hierarchy dissection here.
» [personal profile] ephemere: Just business, because- well. Yes. *is incoherent*

Since I am likely to continue flailing about offline and being sporadic on the internets, have a signal-boost while I'm here: [personal profile] ephemere is taking pre-orders for Kandila, a calligraphy poembook! If you have not seen her calligraphy or art, GO AND OGLE FORTHWITH BECAUSE IT IS MADE OF MUCH GLORIOUS.
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... er. All excitement aside, I don't want to constantly spam you guys about Kaleidoscope, really! It's just that there are things that slip my mind (and new posts rolling out) every time I signal-boost. ><;


» If you're interested in making icons or banners for Kaleidoscope, you can submit them here at the graphics challenge post!

» If you'd like to signal-boost or just want to see what shiny things people have come up with, check out the Promotional Graphics & Templates post!

» We've also posted a Nomination Addendum for those who are mulling over their choices and/or are confused by our wording.


Aug. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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homg this heat I cannot take it! I feel so weaksauce this year; I could withstand last summer after China/Taiwan, but it seems that going to parts Scandinavian had the opposite effect. ;________;

Instead of whining about how much I feel like a useless puddle at the moment, here are some things you guys might be interested in:

» 观音山/Buddha Mountain, which is about three friends who move in with a retired Chinese opera singer. I don't really know how to explain or describe this movie, but I watched it on the flight home and found it pretty touching (if a little slow-moving). I really like things that explore friendships and chosen-family themes, and I also have more appreciation for slice-of-life stuff these days. You can watch the trailer on youtube here, and Film Asia has a longer/more spoilery synopsis here; I would also say that the movie may be triggering for spoilerish territory? )

» How She Move, which- nota bene- I only caught the second half of, and it's a dance movie, but it stars Rutina Wesley! And it's an all-POC cast! And it's step dancing, which I loooooove to watch. (Well, okay, I will watch pretty much any type of dance with a *_____* face, but still- step! It's awesome guys.)

» [personal profile] ephemere: Schoolbook. This gave me such shivers. &hearts &hearts

» Stop Trying to 'Save' Africa, an awesome essay by Uzodinma Iweala (special note for those of you whom I owe certain items of post! ;D This was actually reprinted in the ARS 11 exhibition book, alas that I couldn't justify 38 euros for its purchase).

» One quick signal-boost, via [personal profile] la_vie_noire: Panic on the streets of London

Also, I watched Center Stage (or most of it, I think I missed about 15 minutes somewhere towards the end?) during an extended brain-lapse phase last night and basically, ZOE SALDANA I HEART YOU WHY ARE YOU NOT THE PROTAGONIST. Also also, catching up on the beginning of SYTYCD S6 was one of the best TV decisions I've made recently. *sparkly hearts*
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[in order of stumble-upon, not importance]

» [personal profile] synecdochic's IP logging, internet privacy, geolocation, and you: facts to consider is a scary useful post.

» [personal profile] boundbooks also has links re: a bill in Congress that would make streaming copyrighted material a felony.

» Proposed Law to Revoke Visas Without Court Oversight Threatens Americans and their Families. I can't even. Maybe someday I'll be able to compartmentalize enough, or control/deal with blank rage well enough, to read the news on a regular basis? I'm not sure I ought to look forward to that day though. :x
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» Potluck #2: Comfort Food is up! I do apologize for my disorganized state; I dropped the ball in terms of wider promotions, & I will make sure I have things more together for next time. *shakes fists* In the meantime, we are still looking for volunteers to host the next issue, so please do poke me/[personal profile] yiduiqie if you're interested!

» [personal profile] marina's posted chewy meta and links to X-Men: First Class reviews! :3

» Have posted this elsewhere, but Amina, who blogs at A Gay Girl in Damascus, is currently missing. I can't help but notice who is questioning her existence, how quickly and easily the lives of POC & LGBTQ people in general, but particularly outside of Europe & the United States, are dismissed as fictional, how acknowledgment requires a sufficient body of proof. How ironic that we are called imaginary when the western world can hardly imagine us.

» Via twitter/tumblr, “A darkness was ripped from my eyes”, or, How can anyone like Mary Oliver’s “Singapore”? SIGH, SADFACE, FROWNYFACE. I really like other stuff of hers that I've encountered, but that poem...!

» & finally, thanks to everybody who commented on my rice-love post! It made my life about 1000% better, you should all go and check out the threads because DELICIOUS COMMENTS ARE DELICIOUS. AND WARM. &hearts (Though perhaps it is best to avoid it until you've eaten, ahaha!)
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+ Glorious, ouchy racebending of Iron Man: horns of a deer, feet of a tiger
+ [personal profile] effex posted an adorable picspam of PUPPIES!!
+ [ profile] lgbtq_recs kicks off today & I believe is also still looking for volunteers to rec things?
+ [personal profile] boundbooks's Harry Potter Fandom, We Need to Talk is... depressing, to say the least. Not surprising, though. *is crankypants*
+ Was fwded Their Islam and Ours just now; sparkly hearts! *____*

... man, now this lady is late for the BELATED meeting time she set. I may have to put up some cheery fuck-you music spam later! Happy thoughts, self, happy thoughts.


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