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week of win, day 4;

I am not a believer in the power of retail therapy unless the purchases in question involve music or books. Yesterday, I indulged in the former, to great effect! :D So, two albums I downloaded from iTunes and two more that I got from friends, all of which are making me incandescent with glee:

&hearts Chup, by Zeb and Haniya. I'd been meaning to check them out since [personal profile] avendya brought them to my attention, and I am so, so glad I did. Pakistani fusion/pop! Awesome women singer/songwriters! I loved the entire album, but my favorite track was the title song, Chup, which is deliciously upbeat and has such a playful/whimsical feel. Check out their myspace and give them a listen, seriously.

&hearts ... And Then We Saw Land, by Tunng. Folksy/experimental music can be kind of hit and miss for me, but I got hooked on Hustle*, and the rest of the album just followed really seamlessly and smoothly. Also, I have an incredible weakness for guitar, and their lyrics were a really interesting treat.

*Possibly the video for Hustle amuses me more than it should, heh:

&hearts Skeletal Lamping, by Of Montreal; try Nonpareil of Favor and Wicked Wisdom for a taste! I fell for this band four years ago after seeing them live in Brooklyn, and they just keep getting better. Their lyrics are firmly in the realm of nonsensical/hilarious, but their sound is incredible- all layers and textures- and their approach to songwriting is amazing; there's never a moment when they aren't playing with something new. I didn't love their older albums quite enough to keep anything but my absolute favorite songs, but this one, oh. I can't even pick favorites; I just sat down and grinned like a fool the entire way through. Kevin Barnes, man, he's really something special, and I don't mean just the ridiculous falsetto range.

&hearts Asa's self-titled album. Yet another singer/songwriter! You might be sensing a sort of theme here. ;) The album as a whole didn't grab me the same way the others did, but holy hell do I love her voice- smooth and smoky and just, nnnngh. :> My favorite track from this one was definitely


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