Apr. 12th, 2010

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I am the conductor. The carrier of your
Frank confessions and the burden
Of your talent. And on the dry pages of a notebook
The heat-stamped ink.

I am the conductor. I do not exist beyond you.
And even if I do, even if I do
Then only as an obstacle, a broken shoot of life torn
From the earth unwhole

I am the conductor. I translate into human tongues
Volumes upon volumes
Of stellar melodies and the faces of eternity, songs of
Immortality and dreams

I am the conductor. Have mercy on me
If through weak strength
I did not uproot from my roots my desire to
“Take for myself”

I am the conductor. I conduct your light
Into the darkness of others’ hearts
To light up them, to blend them with you as a
Singer blends sound.

I am the conductor. Take my sacrifice:
Here is my life, here are my desires:
Take them for yourself. When I am empty-handed I will be
Better able to sing poetry.

I am your conductor.

-- Lera Auerbach

I saved this translation from the linked website about two years ago, when it still had a "reading room" section; alas, I didn't include the translator's name or the Russian text. :\ Auerbach is an incredibly talented poet, composer, and virtuoso pianist; I highly recommend her 24 Preludes for Violin and Piano which are made of gorgeous, gorgeous genius. &hearts


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