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Dear internets: NEW DESKTOP HAS ARRIVED! IT IS AMEZZIN! \o/ Also, since it is a long weekend & I am taking next week off work (haring off to parts Canadian with the family, actually- er, why are we traveling to where it's colder during winter again?), I feel it is time to unload some Yuletide recspam: Bend it Like Beckham, Chinese Mythology, The Dark is Rising, Disney Princesses, The Effluent Engine, Ender's Game, Fairy Tales, Fire and Hemlock, Greek and Roman Mythology, Haru wo Daiteita, Hip Hop RPF, His Dark Materials, Kushiel's Legacy, Love Actually, Love Mode, Metropolis: the Chase Suite, Nikita, Old Kingdom- Garth Nix, Old Spice Guy, Pop Music RPF, Qing Hua Ci, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, Spindle's End, Stigma, Telephone, Tortall, Westing Game )
last updated: 2 Jan. 2011

Probably I'll just continue to update this list as I keep reading; it's too easy for me to lose track of previous recs otherwise.

Oh, and while I'm spamming anyway, have some [ profile] rs_small_gifts too: [eta'd for more]
- To Make a New Beginning
- Marginalia
- Hot Mess (and I'm falling for you)
- Christmas Detention
- Lie still, Mr Black
- Watching me as he rows out

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... so, um. that thing i said about summer and friends and plans? they are hijacking my life, for real, IDEK. i had a crazy good weekend spent sunning and dancing and making mango salsa (when not dealing with my friend's latest debacle in his great series of unfortunate moving events), but i clearly need to make a bigger effort not to default on my upcoming fandom/internet commitments! :S

anyway, this time i return from Unexpected Short Hiatus bearing gifts! first, some Joshua Bell, as i promised [ profile] ego_chan and [ profile] leandergasped: The Red Violin Chaconne for Violin & Orchestra &hearts

also, in lieu of that bigass icons post i didn't make earlier: )

001-003: Junjou Romantica artbook
004-010: Freida Pinto
011-026: Stigma

so, how are you guys? have i missed anything from you this weekend? hurl your links at me, go!
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Title: piece of sky
Fandom: Stigma
Rating: PG
Pairing: Stork/Tit
Summary/notes: This was written as a Yuletide Treat for Cyn! Post-manga, not particularly spoilery.

Tit can be found at the library, usually, surrounded by dust and books. )


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