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Since the school year is well and truly over, in last night's edition of mentally-exhausted bumming, I decided to start watching Nirvana in Fire/Lang Ya Bang (thanks, [personal profile] colorblue!). HAHAHA. "Just one episode" turned into eight pretty much instantaneously; I only stopped because sleep was necessary for me to make another attempt at working in the office today.

Still at that stage of incoherent flailing about everything and everyone, so no spoilers here but OMG. CAN I JUST SAY THAT MEI CHANGSU/NIHUANG/JINGYAN IS THE MOST GLORIOUS OT3. And Meng! *draws 10,000 sparkly hearts*


Dec. 28th, 2015 02:28 pm
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Went to see Allegiance with my sister last night, and- as I mentioned elsenet- it was heart-exploding. George Takei!! Lea Salonga!!! And of course, that story. ♥ It appears that the primary facilitators of my access to literal gross sobbing are immigrant stories, of course. (I am not a frequent crier!) Also, can I just say how fucking refreshing it was to go and see a Broadway show with a majority-Asian cast?? As in, there were maybe four non-Asian people on stage (WHO SAYS THERE ISN'T A TALENT POOL). Such satisfying feelings of comfort and freedom and recognition and yes.

Of all the things George Takei must intend this story to be, it feels like a conversation starter more than anything else. The history of the Japanese internment camps, race relations, questions of belonging and citizenship, family tensions, the ways diasporados choose again and again to hold on or let go, the ways we express strength in the face of suffering, how we define and choose to be loyal (to a nation? to a family? to our history? to tradition?). It's about the borders we cross, how we live within them, and how we carry them with us. It's about how and where we choose to make our stand. And, of course, the prices of the choices we make.

I may never be able to achieve the most critical mindset about this musical. Quite frankly, to see George Takei perform on stage and pass on pieces of his family's own story put me in a state of emotional flailing even beyond the one accessed through Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights (and oh, when I saw in the program notes that George Takei also cried with recognition at that show. ♥ Immigrant stories!!). Also, LEA SALONGA!!!! My sister, who seems to have retained more dignity and critical thought than I did at the time, said quite accurately that she was great, but everyone else was a bit meepy. This is a fair statement, but it's not that the voice quality of the cast is mediocre; it's that Lea Salonga fucking eclipses everyone else in the room when she opens her mouth to sing.

Other assorted thoughts: spoilers-ish? )

In short: loved it, and if you have the chance to see it, do! Especially if you are in/around NYC and may therefore also be able to watch GEORGE TAKEI and LEA SALONGA live on stage. My only regret is that we were running for the bus and therefore couldn't hang around the theater to attempt to greet the cast as they left.
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THE EEPHUS IS OUT!!!! EEEEEEE, SO EXCITED. I already know and love half of this EP, as Jidenna's Classic Man and Janelle Monae's Yoga were released as singles earlier this year; I can't wait to check out the rest of it. Wondaland is Janelle's label, too! :D :D :D

♣ Not related to The Eephus, but similarly amazing: the Wondaland crew has also released Hell You Talmbout in support of #BlackLivesMatter. You know, in case you haven't already seen it.

This tweet by George Takei kind of makes me want to caption it "How to Make a Furby", omg. xD

♣ Via twitter, a fairly accurate list: top fanfic tropes! )

♣ While sorting through piles of random things to prepare for moving, I found this necklace: )
The cross pendant is not removable, which makes me hesitant to wear it as I'm not actually Christian. I'd be happy to send it on, if anyone here is interested! I also have a bunch of other jewelry (earrings from street fairs, etc.) but that will probably end up in another post.


Feb. 3rd, 2015 09:13 am
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1. She Keeps Me Warm: Saving Face vid from Festivids! ♥ ♥

2. Successfully met up, caught up, and generally nerded around with zouk friend A during his stopover yesterday, despite his lack of a winter coat and the generally disgusting weather. It's been a long time since I've talked music with anyone! We also spent a significant amount of time poking around the performing arts branch of the NYPL (by Juilliard, of course). Must go back to investigate more *___*

3. How Generous Are You Willing To Be? I'm working on communication this year, but I think I've just found my intention for next year.
"How generous are you willing to be? How generous are you willing to be with your whole life? Will you share yourself with us? With the world? Do you dare? Or are you just going to hold yourself tightly in, hold these long arms and legs all to yourself?

"Are you just going to be stingy? Just keep yourself to yourself for the rest of your life? In case you fall? In case you fail? In case you make a fool of yourself? In case we see how imperfect you are?

"OR: are you going to choose to just be generous anyway? To just take up as much space as you actually take up? To be as big, as graceful, as long, as gorgeous, as enormous as you actually are?"

And now, back to work!


Dec. 4th, 2013 12:18 pm
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1. Since there are still a bunch of gaps in my calendar, I was planning to fill some of them with recs for other people's meme posts! Alas, I was so busy reading people's posts yesterday that I forgot to actually... rec anything. ><; To make up for it, have a few of the posts I've enjoyed so far:

[personal profile] troisroyaumes: Favorite Asian dramas and Starter dramas and dramas vs. anime!
[personal profile] qian: Geek authenticity and its symbols

2. [personal profile] kate_nepveu asked me: After all the essentials, what's the first thing you'd take out of your home in an emergency?

I found this kind of difficult because... what do I consider essential, beyond "survival" things? My phone, for contacts reasons. My desktop, for data reasons- my thesis stuff has been backed up religiously in multiple online and physical locations, but everything else? Not so much. My ipod, because my music collection is one of those un-backed-up things. My books.

Obviously, emergency situations would preclude me hauling away a desktop or a bookshelf, but those items are replaceable. (My data is less so, but since I'm out of school now this is less of a problem than it otherwise would be.) Phone and ipod are easy enough to locate and grab at a moment's notice and so would be in with my essentials.

What's left? Hobby things, really: my dance shoes (I have a lot of them), my violin, the piano (another un-removable object). When it comes down to it, I'd take the violin first. There's a good decade of my life bound up in that instrument, and we bought it from one of my teachers, not a violin shop. Dance shoes have a certain lifespan, you know? They scuff, they break, you wear holes in them and stink them up and eventually get rid of them. Instruments, though, live longer than we do.
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So I finally watched Free!, which is all [personal profile] inkstone's fault, of course. Predictably, my reaction to everything is LOLOL :DDDDD ♥ ♥ ♥ and other assorted incoherencies, but if you want some more specifics to my gleeface, they're all included in that primer post (except for a number of very specific spoilery bits).

1. Also predictably, Haruka is my FAVORITE. ♥________♥ Someone needs to write/draw him and Kuroko having an expressionless face-off!

2. Has anyone made icons yet? Should I be getting on that?

3. I checked out some of the [community profile] iwatobiswimclub fills, and would just like to state for the record that seen everything there is to be shown is A GEM. Seriously hilarious Rin/Haru, and long-suffering Nitori makes the whole story, poor baby. xDDDDDD
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After making some room escape game recs elsewhere, I figured it'd be worth reposting them here for anyone else who likes puzzle games! Room escape focus because that's all I've played in recent years, and also because I spent part of my time in Toronto playing The Room on my sister's phone, heh. As far as The Room goes, the storyline's got some pretty cheeseball ~magic~ stuff as far as I can tell (my sister's in Toronto and I'm not so I haven't played very far), but the puzzles themselves are awesome and the graphics are also extremely pretty.

Here are the online favorites I've bookmarked:
+ MOTAS: Mystery of Time and Space - almost entirely puzzle-focused. What little storyline there is makes no sense, but luckily you don't have to care? *g* Mostly what I liked about this one was the variety and the sheer number of levels.
+ Trapped: The White Rabbit - murder mystery and puzzles! Double the fun. Also, there are three parts, which makes it even more satisfying. I remember the graphics being really small Having replayed part of it after making the recs, the graphics are tiny, but to me it was definitely the most engaging of the three in terms of gameplay.
+ Something Amiss - I haven't actually played this one in a long time, so my storyline impressions are really vague, but there is also some sort of mystery plot to go with all the puzzles. Also has pretty nice graphics, though not as nice as The Room.

If you're wondering about my puzzle-game preferences, the Myst series is sort of my gold standard in terms of complexity and attention to detail. The gorgeous graphics are just a bonus, though; I grew up loving old-school Sierra games (King's Quest, Quest for Glory), Hugo's House of Horrors, and some even older purely-text games whose names I can't recall. After all these years, they're still my favorites- partly because of the imaginative storylines and/or adventure setups, but mostly because of the way they make you think creatively. It's the figuring-out part that I like best.

(Obscure fandom tag because I've only ever talked to 5 people about these games and haven't seen them mentioned in my corner of the internets since, well, I first started finding my corner of the internets.)
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+ Favorite age-up of Aang thus far omg ♥ ♥ ♥

+ I already have 123098723095872309487 Korra icon themes plotted in my head! April: SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR A:SDLKJA:LSKFJA.

... I had other things to say and also I think some links and maybe someday they will return to me, but KORRA. Brain is waving goodbye for the foreseeable future!
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» I am SPOILED by DW A:TLA fandom, you guys. Someone made me an APPA HAT! State Dinner is the OTGaang ficlet of my heart!

Other reasons to love [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange:
+ a deep delight of the blood- wow, I find bloodbending practice an extremely believable basis for Katara/Zuko now.
+ Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists!
+ Primary Sources, aka Sokka and Suki vs. Wan Shi Tong, THE FACEOFF! xD
+ Spa Day is awesome lovely Katara/Toph (with OTGaang in the background ♥)!

» Love meme at [personal profile] dingsi's! Thanks for my thread. ♥

» Check out [personal profile] terajk's Heroes Arrive Last fest!

» The Boy Who Only Lived Twice- I haven't read HP fic in a really long time & I've never read much Harry/Draco, but OMG SERIOUSLY, the way this story plays with all the levels of fucked-up those two are is fantastic.

+ Workin' It Out- dudes, I am not the biggest fan of Adam Lambert, but Adam Lambert + Tumbling earnestfaces = yes please, apparently! Also KIYAMA/MIZUSAWA, BRB STILL FLAILING EVERYWHERE. (Spoilers, obvs.)


Jan. 28th, 2012 12:24 pm
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Awesome A:TLA things:

» [community profile] white_lotus's Lunar New Year Exchange has begun posting! Things I've consumed & enjoyed so far:
+ stitch me the fabric of fall, creepy/awesome Ursa fic!
+ Waiting to Spark, sweet and believable and complicated Katara/Zuko.
+ Isobel, an awesome Toph and Azula vid!
+ The Grace That It Takes, adorable Sokka/Suki! ♥

And some awesome non-A:TLA things:

» [ profile] gyzym: rumor has it, the first Glee-related gleeface I've had in a long while. SANTANA ♥

» Cities of You is an awesome art project based on Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities! Check it out. :)


Dec. 23rd, 2011 04:25 pm
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SEMESTER: FINALLY FINISHED! *falls over* Also apparently we have last-minute holiday travel plans this year, but I will worry about those later. ^^; While I recover brain for my shiny-things backlog, have some recs!

The Revelation of Orev is my favorite story from SSBB 34, though I also liked The Black River Rises and Freestyle Match (<-- OW.).

Also, I finally read Find Your Own Way Home, the amazingface sequel to one of the dearest SSBB fics OF MY HEART! Super-belated discoveries ftw. :D
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My paper is done and so I have finally read my Kaleidoscope stories! EPIC GLEEFACE IS EPIC.

&hearts Patience, love, courage, tea is the RED CLIFF STORY OF MY HEART, omg. Sun Shangxiang being awesome on and off the battlefield! Friendship with Xiao Qiao! All the banter and snark and needling Zhuge Liang that anybody could wish for! Favorite non-explicitly OT4 is FAVORITE. *draws sparkly hearts forever* (Contains graphic violence.)

&hearts Feminine Wiles, a Red Cliff treat that is also entertainingly snarky! My fondness for terrible innuendo, it is great. xD

&hearts Somewhere Different Now, which is TUMBLING! My brand new sparkly fandom of glee! And also features Kiyama, who is my favoritest favorite character omg, and deals with canon homophobia in a way that I find very satisfying. &hearts &hearts &hearts Also: the appearances by Ryosuke and Wataru are PERFECT. :D


Aug. 9th, 2011 12:55 pm
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homg this heat I cannot take it! I feel so weaksauce this year; I could withstand last summer after China/Taiwan, but it seems that going to parts Scandinavian had the opposite effect. ;________;

Instead of whining about how much I feel like a useless puddle at the moment, here are some things you guys might be interested in:

» 观音山/Buddha Mountain, which is about three friends who move in with a retired Chinese opera singer. I don't really know how to explain or describe this movie, but I watched it on the flight home and found it pretty touching (if a little slow-moving). I really like things that explore friendships and chosen-family themes, and I also have more appreciation for slice-of-life stuff these days. You can watch the trailer on youtube here, and Film Asia has a longer/more spoilery synopsis here; I would also say that the movie may be triggering for spoilerish territory? )

» How She Move, which- nota bene- I only caught the second half of, and it's a dance movie, but it stars Rutina Wesley! And it's an all-POC cast! And it's step dancing, which I loooooove to watch. (Well, okay, I will watch pretty much any type of dance with a *_____* face, but still- step! It's awesome guys.)

» [personal profile] ephemere: Schoolbook. This gave me such shivers. &hearts &hearts

» Stop Trying to 'Save' Africa, an awesome essay by Uzodinma Iweala (special note for those of you whom I owe certain items of post! ;D This was actually reprinted in the ARS 11 exhibition book, alas that I couldn't justify 38 euros for its purchase).

» One quick signal-boost, via [personal profile] la_vie_noire: Panic on the streets of London

Also, I watched Center Stage (or most of it, I think I missed about 15 minutes somewhere towards the end?) during an extended brain-lapse phase last night and basically, ZOE SALDANA I HEART YOU WHY ARE YOU NOT THE PROTAGONIST. Also also, catching up on the beginning of SYTYCD S6 was one of the best TV decisions I've made recently. *sparkly hearts*
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I'm back! Or at least, I have a brain again, which is more than I can say for myself over the last month or so. Unfortunately I don't have the attention span right now to go beyond skip=60 on the reading list, so if there's anything* from the last couple of weeks that you guys wanted me to see, please to chuck it here? &hearts


Also, since I was off rowing on a lake sans laptop on your birthday: happy belated, [personal profile] oyceter! I have a feeling you would enjoy Runway Beat, which I watched on my flight a few days ago (I thought it might have been a manga adaptation, but it was apparently adapted from a mobile phone novel by Harada Maha). Mizorogi Biito, a transfer student who has a knack for designing clothes, stages a fashion show with his classmates for the annual high school festival. Of course, this sounds much less adorable/awesome than it actually is- there's family drama! and career infighting! and a love triangle (which actually gets pulled off with no cattiness whatsoever)! and classmate bonding, which is the thing that really made it for me because teamwork is a huge narrative kink of mine. :3 Anyway, short, sweet, and feel-good, so if you get the chance, I think you might find it worth a shot!
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[For those of you who don't feel like reading about anime flail WITH ALLCAPS, have fun with this Inception fic! Because The Adventures of Yusuf, Best Superhero Ever is MADE OF FABULOUS. ;)]

1. Tiger and Bunny: up to episode 9? I am surprised at myself! Superhero shenanigans are usually not my thing, much less a series about superhero reality TV, but whoever it was on tumblr who coined "Team Dad and Butthurt" got EXACTLY what hooked me in the end, ahahaha!

2. Spice and Wolf: all of it! Not quite sure why I bulled ahead with this one, either, though it was admittedly pretty despite the... quietness. And the quietness is maybe a little odd, come to think of it, considering the entire thing is- a traveling merchant and wolf goddess on what amounts to an endless road trip? I would have expected more mishaps from a WOLF GODDESS WHO ENJOYS GETTING DRUNK AND (LOTS OF) GOOD FOOD, I'm just saying. Also, I have a feeling people who are into economics/marketing might enjoy this more than me, considering the amount of ~supply and demand~ and ~trading tactics~. xD

3. Shounen Onmyouji: almost all of it! Pretty much everybody on this show is MY FAVORITE, which is a marker of the shows I like best, really. ;) Abe no Masahiro is the cutest onmyouji-in-training ever, and Abe no Seimei is THE MOST LOLARIOUS DOTING GRANDPA IN EXISTENCE (not to mention totally the Uncle Iroh of the show), and I am just going to stop before I hit spoiler territory, as;dlfjka;s. &hearts I would have finished the last two eps if I didn't want to be CRYING (MOAR) FOREVER OMG; thankfully [personal profile] sarashina was awesome and saved me with a summary of what is SADLY NOT PICTURED ON THE SHOW. :3 Not-too-spoilery icons to come, once my eyes have stopped crossing from the awesomeness of

4. Samurai 7, which I just finished! Too flaily to talk coherently about this, but- based on Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, futuristic flying mecha, and full of POLITICKING AND REVOLUTIONS?? FUCK YES. :D Another show where pretty much everybody is my favorite, though I admit I have huge soft spots for Kyuzo and Heihachi and also Shichiroji!
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+ Glorious, ouchy racebending of Iron Man: horns of a deer, feet of a tiger
+ [personal profile] effex posted an adorable picspam of PUPPIES!!
+ [ profile] lgbtq_recs kicks off today & I believe is also still looking for volunteers to rec things?
+ [personal profile] boundbooks's Harry Potter Fandom, We Need to Talk is... depressing, to say the least. Not surprising, though. *is crankypants*
+ Was fwded Their Islam and Ours just now; sparkly hearts! *____*

... man, now this lady is late for the BELATED meeting time she set. I may have to put up some cheery fuck-you music spam later! Happy thoughts, self, happy thoughts.
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Clearing out some tabs again;

+ @ deadbro: The Hunger Games: Racially Ambiguous? Perhaps Not.
+ Interesting links from [personal profile] la_vie_noire!
+ [ profile] glvalentine's review of Red Riding Hood (via I think [personal profile] marina? or possibly [personal profile] inkstone) = DEATH BY LULZ.
+ 起狮, 行礼 (Rising Lion—The Lion Bows) by Zen Cho! GHOSTBUSTING LION-DANCERS FTW *\o/*

In other news, I have been watching some (more) Devil May Cry recently, and now the intro song has been stuck in my head for two weeks. Apparently I really do need to rethink my genre preferences, if horror and/or Things with Demons and Other Monsters of Interest* are going to be a continuing theme with me!

*Qualifier because... I really don't know what the appropriate category for "Dante fights demons and also eats pizza and strawberry sundaes and is generally grumpy and ridiculous" is, but it's not horror to me! xD
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One more rec that I missed: Some Like It Hotman! Sokka and Zuko shenanigans FTW!

Anyway, the LNYE reveals/masterlist is up now, which means that I can spout my incoherent keysmashes at [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] terajk directly, because vids of the Fire Nation OT3 of my heart and ALL THE AWESOME LADIES and that entirely adorable Appa/Momo ficlet are never not made of win. THANK YOU!!! &hearts &hearts &hearts

Also, I can now say that I made 120 faces! Which, er, well. I'd been tossing around fic ideas, but I was still in deadlines-crunch-time and my brain was totally not wired at that point, so instead I rewatched the entire series in dribs and drabs while procrastinating! And then I hit what was probably snow day number 5 and I was watching The Blind Bandit again, and I thought, wow. Toph Bei Fong is fucking beautiful in motion, so I started screencapping and just... didn't stop for about five hours, ahahaha. /confession But I do think that icon set contains all the things I would ever want to capture about Toph in writing (or, well, almost), so I am happy in all sorts of ways to have made it. :D Someday I will finish capping her through the rest of the series!
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1. Have just finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy, and just, wow. Also, I think it says a lot about the ways I've changed that I adore the second and third books so much more than the first. &hearts

2. LNYE VIDS!! FOR ME!!! Bad Romance and Cold War, omg eeeeeeeeee, still so entirely incoherent. Thank you, vidder(s?)!!! *showers hearts upon*

In conclusion, I have totally won the lottery for dangerous ladies today. *\o/* How's your weekend coming along?
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» Still more fanworks from the [community profile] white_lotus exchange (and more capslock):
  • within the walls- TOPH COMIC. ASD:LSKJDF:LSHKD:LSDJF
  • Three Conversations- Mai learning about politics, eeeeeeee!
  • It's Yet Another Day (In Ba Sing Se), the PI!Jun FIC OF MY HEART.
  • No One Asks About the Scars- Aang/Tooooph, omg. &hearts
  • Next Generation- gorgeous artses! with Tenzin!!
  • 托 夫- trans fic about Toph!
  • Somewhere in the Middle- MAI VID OMG *\o/*
  • The Good Life- the Katara/Toph I didn't know I wanted! :>
  • Ambition- URSAAAAA. &hearts

  • » -- and some random links of interest:
  • [personal profile] allchildren: casting memes and the uneven swap
  • [personal profile] torachan: Manga: Gunjo by Nakamura Ching (via I think [personal profile] la_vie_noire?)
  • It's qualifying Remix fandoms time!
  • Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen launch Thick Dumpling Skin! (via angry asian man)
  • Relevant to several things I've seen today: ACRJ Reproductive Justice paper, turned up via past google-surfing.
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