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Went to see the live-action Beauty and the Beast with friend K after class today! Still narratively satisfying, still entertaining (if sometimes inadvertently), and my inner child remains stubbornly in love with almost every retelling of this fairytale regardless of more objective standards of quality, but I think the Disney cartoon works best in cartoon form.

Also: do these even count as spoilers? IS THERE ANYTHING LEFT TO BE SPOILED ABOUT THIS MOVIE?! anyway, live-action-specific details )

ANYWAY. A good time was had by all, but I'm super glad K had a 2-for-1 ticket deal. xD
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So would you call this Ghost in the Shell whitewashing bullshit Dolezal, or reverse-Dolezal?? Inquiring minds would like to know.

(Sidenote: I can't believe Dolezal is what passes for plot twist these days. Thanks, Hollywood.)
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I've spent the entirety of winter break in quiet: partly finishing up the last of my fall work before next term starts, but mostly unwinding at home. This is the first time I haven't visited the city- yet, at least- or tried to meet up with friends while on break, which feels a bit odd and which I may regret later. I just felt, somewhere below the level of conscious thought, that I'd like to spend the last of 2016 gathering myself and restoring my energy (read: hermiting) rather than spending it all outwardly.

In between the work, actual leisure reading (!!), and bouts of gaming with my sister (Fallout 4, Civ 5, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 3), I've been thinking over my one-word intentions. I started with connection in 2014, moved on to communication in 2015, and last year I was working on generosity. This year is going to be the start of many challenges, so I think it needs something else. I've considered follow-through, clarity, blaze, sustain, and open, and I'll probably go for one of these in future years, but after 2016 I need to re-center. I want to rediscover the things that will keep me grounded, that will anchor me to myself and to what's most important.

Happy new year, everyone! Let's write ourselves a better 2017. ♥


Dec. 26th, 2015 09:34 pm
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First dive into the archive today! :D (Still not returning to Yuletide writing, but devouring all the fic remains one of my favorite things about this time of year.) Kicking things off with my year's-end nostalgia fandoms, by which I mean (for now, at least) the stuff still withstanding my Arthurian-legend burnout: The Dark is Rising* and GGK - someone wrote Fionavar this year! And Kim/Dave, no less. (I always get a kick out of seeing GGK fic written by NOT ME, as I don't really know other people who have written multiple GGK stories, lol.)

*Favorite of the lot: Wherein was bound a child, because... well. Because. asdkfja;sldkgj *_________* ♥

So excited to see Riddle-master fic this year omg!! McKillip's trilogy is one of my oldest favorites, and Like Petals from the Bough is basically heart-exploding.

Also, this year I can appreciate Georgette Heyer! Like this Inconvenient Marriage one: Inconvenience- a perfect non-textual love-triangle resolution if there ever was one, hah. And this Devil's Cub one: a thing with feathers- a modern AU that works surprisingly, hilariously, well.

And Bel Dame Apocrypha fic: The Ending is the Same Every Damn Time - Rhys/Nyx, pretty much the way I'm convinced that would go.

And Matrix fic! Ahh, I never realized I needed a fic like Parking in places with girls until I read it. Dorky Neo and awkward Trinity!! Heee. ♥

Also, Queen's Thief, eeeee :D for sins and false alarms is a great look at Gen's attendants, and you got me begging, begging, i'm on my knees is... exactly what it sounds like, heh.

Also excited to see a bunch of stories for Captive Prince and the Imperial Radch! And Gangsta. fic, which reminds me that I mean to read it at some point when I actually have time to spare... And good lord, 57 Hamilton stories (59 if you count the RPF)?! I haven't watched the show or really been particularly tempted to do so, despite my general appreciation for Lin-Manuel Miranda, but at this point I might just have to.
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THE EEPHUS IS OUT!!!! EEEEEEE, SO EXCITED. I already know and love half of this EP, as Jidenna's Classic Man and Janelle Monae's Yoga were released as singles earlier this year; I can't wait to check out the rest of it. Wondaland is Janelle's label, too! :D :D :D

♣ Not related to The Eephus, but similarly amazing: the Wondaland crew has also released Hell You Talmbout in support of #BlackLivesMatter. You know, in case you haven't already seen it.

This tweet by George Takei kind of makes me want to caption it "How to Make a Furby", omg. xD

♣ Via twitter, a fairly accurate list: top fanfic tropes! )

♣ While sorting through piles of random things to prepare for moving, I found this necklace: )
The cross pendant is not removable, which makes me hesitant to wear it as I'm not actually Christian. I'd be happy to send it on, if anyone here is interested! I also have a bunch of other jewelry (earrings from street fairs, etc.) but that will probably end up in another post.
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Finally blocking out some writing time this summer! I've been missing the inspiration and creativity of fandom for... a long time now, really, and I'd like to jump back in while I have the chance. So! Give me a prompt, any prompt, for any of my fandoms, and I'll attempt some sort of drabble. Chances of fills are greater for the fandoms I've written before, but really- you name it, I'll take a stab at it. Let's see what/how much I can come up with by tomorrow.
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+ I've been avoiding Rachel Dolezal bullshit beyond headlines and friends' snarky commentary. It makes my head explode, and right now I don't have the energy to deal with rage or the processing power for comments beyond "wow, dat entitlement doe." Thankfully, life has been full of shiny and emotionally restorative distractions lately!

+ Had an awesome weekend in sort-of-upstate NY with dance friends, cooking, exploring rivers and waterfalls, and generally relaxing. ♥ I need more of this kind of time this summer.

+ Loving the music video for The New International Sound Pt. II by GENER8ION and M.I.A.! cut for embed )

+ Upcoming dance weekend!! *\o/* So excited to see everyone from out of town again, hooray :D

+ Also planning to take a day or two (sometime next week or so?) for a mini writing blitz- I miss writing fic. Toss me some prompts, please? Any fandom is fine, though I'm feeling a bit biased towards A:TLA and HP at the moment and I can't guarantee that I'll fill everything.
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Trying to get back in the habit of posting, so I'm reverting to lists/assorted randoms while I wait for today's paper comments.

+ Apropos of today, I think I forgot to mention that I finally watched a Star Wars movie a few weeks back? Can't say I found it particularly exciting, but it was entertaining to watch with zouk-geek friends. I'd much prefer a proper LOTR marathon, though (we did a Matrix one already).

+ FINALLY got my hands on An Ember in the Ashes! I put in a request at the library nearly two months ago, hopefully it's worth the wait. :9 *excited*

+ Speaking of books, I haven't been reading as much this year, which is something I should fix as I will be back in the grad school grind soon enough. Does anyone have recs for shiny things to hunt down? So far my list consists of the rest of the God's War series, but that's about it. Anime and manga recs are similarly welcome!
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Some happy/things that cracked me up recently:

♣ Still working on my first drabble, but my multifandom promptathon remains open! I'll be attempting to write in my procrastination/downtime all this week, so keep tossing ideas at me. :)

♣ I nearly finished a cowl from a free crochet pattern last night! All it needs is either whip stitching or some cute buttons. :3

♣ You know that meme? That "Pick up the book nearest to you and turn to page 45. The first sentence explains your love life." meme? ... yeah. As I said to [personal profile] oyceter when I saw it a few days ago, the book nearest to me was (and still is, actually, as I haven't rearranged my desk) a blank diary.

Speaking of books, if anyone has recs for shiny books of the fluffier variety, I'd really appreciate them! It's been a while since I've found anything to just fall into.
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So one of my goals earlier this year was to write moar things, and, well, I haven't managed to finish or start anything fandom-related yet. /o\ So! Toss me a prompt and I will write you a drabble! Any fandom goes. :D
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♣ Check out these language maps of the US! So interesting!

♣ I am currently reading Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice, so my face is pretty stuck like this: *_______* I think this is the first SF/F book that I've actually slowed down to savor on the first read, rather than my usual reaction of FULL SPEED AHEAD OMG MUST DEVOUR [/finishes in 3 hours or less]. It's kind of an interesting change, though commute-reading probably helped the slowness a bit?

♣ I caved and bought some yarn off Knitpicks, and my new project has grown a lot in the few hours since it began: beginning phase here )

(Okay, it has also grown crookedly somehow- the cloth doesn't lie flat and there's something a little one-sidedly wobbly looking about the starfish arms and I am trying to decide whether I want to redo rounds 3-6, sigh. But stitch-counting practice is good for me!)

[personal profile] such_heights! I watched your Flyweight Love vid last night, despite only having watched 30 minutes of Thor! ♥ And then promptly got suckered into the rest of the Aims video album, hahaha... Anyway, that was an excellent video vortex, even though I don't know most of the fandoms. :D (I am also super tempted to watch Sleepy Hollow now- THOSE VIDS OMG.)
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1. Came home from Canada last night and am currently EXHAUSTED, but since today's meme topic is very simple I'll do it anyway. :) [personal profile] inkstone asked about my top 5 comfort foods, so in no particular order:
- xi fan/congee
- steamed eggs
- scrambled eggs with soy sauce
- corn soup (I don't actually make this a lot, being lazy- my preferred version involves various other ingredients that include ham, which I rarely buy- but I do find it very comforting!)
- chicken soup, which by other people's standards is more or less homemade broth

2. A few random things I haven't the brain to make coherent:
a) I finally watched Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame! JING'ER/EMPRESS FTW.
ii) Board/card games I have played in the last 5 days: Dominion, Taboo, Hanabi, Ligretto, Star Trek Catan. (I'm not counting the construction of a homemade-gingerbread house that was overrun by gummy candies and invaded by bears of cracker/gummy origin.)
» I appear to have begun to learn to crochet while being delayed at an airport yesterday? At least, there is a ball of squishy gray yarn not-very-slowly being turned into an attempt at a beanie, and so far it doesn't actually look that terrible! The first 30 minutes or so were an exercise in frustrated confusion, though, and I had to unravel most of my initial work and redo it on the plane home. This is a new and exciting revelation: apparently one way to force me to pick up a new skillset is to give me a diagram, directions, and materials, and put me in a situation so boring that the only preferred alternative is to start learning it? WHO KNEW.
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[ profile] fandomaid is doing a buy it now fundraiser to support those affected by Typhoon Haiyan (donation information here). Since I'm usually terribly slow about filling fic requests*, I've offered 3 sets of up to 25 icons here (A:TLA, Saving Face, Love Actually, Star Trek Reboot, or non-fandom).

*Speaking of which, I am still working on the treat meme prompts. My writing-brain is slow to start, ugh.
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Multifandom treat meme is still open! I haven't managed to fill anything yet since I have to prepare for a presentation this week, but in the meantime, prompt away! I'm just getting started, promise. :D

♣ This week's booklog:
+ Blade of the Immortal, v.1-2: I read these at Book-Off last week and it hasn't quite sucked me in (yet? haha), but I thought the mechanism of immortality was an interesting premise. Thoughts/opinions? Is this a series I should invest more time in?
+ Reader and Raelynx, Sharon Shinn: More interesting than the other Twelve Houses book that I picked up, definitely.
+ Troubled Waters, Sharon Shinn: I think this is my favorite out of all the Shinn books I've read so far. I loled at some "science what science" aspects of the worldbuilding, but since this is more on the fantasy side of SF/F, that was okay. Also, I found this setting much more intriguing than the Samaria or Twelve Houses ones.

♣ Found a new EP via angry asian man (soundcloud stream & free download at the link)! This has been a year of shiny new music for me; I'm quite enjoying Bright Vices. *___*

♣ Anyone interested in makeup blogs? Obviously tips and recs are never universal, but I spent an afternoon in a vortex of shiny pictures/etc. on sweet little place (mostly in French) and frmheadtotoe (thanks for the link, [personal profile] vi!).

♣ Random home remedy that my mom showed me recently: carve out the ends of an Asian pear, put it in a bowl, add some salt/rock sugar in the hole where the stem was, and steam it. The pear and its juices are supposed to be good for your throat/if you have a cough.

♣ And now for something completely hilarrible! Mandarin-speakers (I don't know if this also scans in Cantonese): 一只小白加一只小白是什麼?
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It's treat meme time!

How to play:
    1. Leave a comment with up to 3 prompts. Specify any fandoms and/or characters you wish.
    2. Browse other prompts and leave treats at will!
    3. Anon comments are on, so prompt (or treat!) anonymously if you choose. :)

  • I am not very Halloween-spirited, so this is not a trick-or-treat meme. However, if you want something Halloween-appropriate, feel free to say so!
  • You are NOT required to leave treats if you leave prompts, although the gesture would be appreciated. :)
  • If you do choose to leave a treat, you can do so in any way you wish- drabbles/ficbits, icons, artwork, etc. are all welcome.
  • I can't guarantee that I will be able to fill everyone's prompts, but I will do my best to make sure you get something if you comment!

Let's play! ♥

+ i knew you were trouble when you walked in [Ouran High School Host Club, Tamaki/Haruhi/Kyouya, gen, domestic fluff]
+ my heart will rest in someone else's hands [attempts at Real City Slash/urban polygamy, gen, autumn]
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♠ Apparently this week my thing is going to be zouk earworms! Here's another of my favorite dance songs (the official video also cracks me up, and I like the dancing in it, which is a nice bonus!): Ne-Yo: One in A Million )

♠ UGH, how has it been almost two months since I've made a book post?? My backlog is officially too long to catch up on now, but if you're interested in finding out all the books I've skipped over, I have yearly bookshelves on goodreads. Currently I'm getting back to The Tale of Genji, which I haven't had sufficient brain to read in large doses (for once in my life I actually had to renew a book! twice!).

♠ I like the idea of treat memes, but I'm not terribly big on Halloween. How many people would be interested in doing such a thing if I made a post? (Multi-fandom, of course!)
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I am in a writing kind of mood today, but am sadly lacking in inspiration! There's the obvious Touch Pass assignment, but that requires more consideration and I still need to get my hand in in terms of writing fic again. SO! Toss me prompts please? Any fandom [incomplete list] will do, not just Kuroko. As usual I can't promise I'll fill everything, but I'll try to finish as many as I can.

+ balance [OT4, gen, "Red Cliff characters as benders from ATLA verse"]
+ weekend routines [Makoto & Haruka, gen, Free!]
+ what bros are for [Nippori & Ryosuke, gen, Tumbling]

*title from Li-Young Lee's "Immigrant Blues"
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⋄ Ahahaha, JLin, never stop being adorkable! you've changed, bro )

♣ Finally managed to find someone to watch Fruitvale Station with me... if we can fit in the time. ^^; Wire fans, you might be interested in this Michael B. Jordan interview if you haven't already seen it. (... I still haven't managed to watch The Wire yet, sigh.)

♥ I signed up for Touch Pass after all! I'm still debating whether I want to add more requests, but I like the ones I have so far (super-short-form: Riko + Satsuki + Alexandra being awesome/terrorizing their players, Aomine + Kuroko relationship repair + preferably spectators loling forever, Riko + Hyuuga + Kiyoshi being their OT3 little selves). Now it's definitely time to play catch-up, I guess.

♠ Booklog for the week: Graceling, Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, Monkey High, Vampire Knight, One Piece, Loretta Chase, Shadow of the Templar reread )


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