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People keep responding to #blacklivesmatter with "all lives matter." Um. I got so annoyed that I... wrote a 101 mini-screed on fb. OF ALL PLACES, AMIRITE.

(Still not in a place to really talk about this; I'm processing my feelings underneath all the stuff I have to do. Just, ♥ and rage and hugs all around, okay?)

Anyway. In happier news, I am leaving for Montreal for the weekend after work tomorrow! Visiting zouk buddy and doing some school research on the same trip, woohoo. :D Since I still haven't finished packing yet, I'll write up the next couple of post prompts when I get back. See you guys next week! ♥
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Three performances and endless people to entertain/dance with/hang out with/learn from over the next three days, hooray! :D See you all on the other side!

In the meantime, have a theme song: Bailando (English) (also in Spanish if preferred!).
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+ Ugh, hiding in the library to escape the heat and my extremely frustrating modem. The internet in my apartment has been crapping out all week, but I don't have time to call about fixing it.

+ In between all the dancing and running around to see friends who are leaving/visiting the city, I managed to inhale Tamora Pierce's Beka Cooper books- or most of them; the other half of Mastiff will have to wait. Is it just me, or are they the most entertaining ones she's written to date? (Also the least racially-questionable as far as I've noticed, heh.)

+ Speaking of binge-reads, I need to dust off my to-read list! I know N.K. Jemisin is on there but I can't remember what else I was looking forward to before my school-induced hiatus. What other exciting reads have I missed in the last two years, and/or what are you reading now? ♥

+ I'm taking the bus to Toronto tonight and won't be back til Wednesday. SO EXCITED! :D
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Sigh! I meant to play catch-up the last couple of days but alas, I was pressed into surprise!babysitting and will be outbound in <12 hours. I will have my laptop with me while I'm away, but 10-day roadtrip means that internet time will likely be scarce/nonexistent.

Things that will be postponed until I get back:
+ [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag stalking
+ Tumbling fest
+ icon posts
+ new fandom flail (eta; see also GLORIOUS COFFEE PRINCE ICONS OF GLORIOUS!!)
+ A:TLA fic
+ the shiny-spamroll

I hope everybody celebrating today had a good Christmas, and that everyone else had a good Sunday! ♥


Jul. 7th, 2011 05:47 pm
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» [personal profile] yifu kindly agreed to host Potluck #3, which is now open for submissions! The theme is fruits and the deadline is August 31.

» In other news, I have been eaten by work and training and socializing and basically keeping on top of ALL THE THINGS- which has once again left me behind on internet obligations. ><;;; However! Weekend is upcoming, I will be catching up very soon. I don't expect I'll be around these parts very much beyond those for... er, a while, so: &hearts!


May. 20th, 2011 11:27 am
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Brief note for Team Darkness & anybody else who may need to get in touch with me- am heading up to the Finger Lakes after work today, so I won't be back round the internets until Monday. I will try to check gmail in case of urgent things, but I can't promise a quick response. &hearts!


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