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just another fork-tongued dragon lady ([personal profile] glass_icarus) wrote2017-03-09 11:22 pm
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earworms w/kids' games

So I'm sure some of you have already come across this patty-cake cover of Adele's Send My Love, right? Well, Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider did another cover, this time with that cup game: I Don't Wanna Live Forever

These might feel a bit gimmicky for some people, but I actually quite like them- awesome a capella aside, it's pretty clever to use catchy rhythms from kids' games like these, not to mention fun to try duplicating. I don't even remember when/how I picked up these elementary school skills, honestly. Also, the Adele cover is zoukable! :D Maybe a good future demo song?
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[personal profile] tielan 2017-03-11 12:11 am (UTC)(link)
The thing I love about these adaptations is that they involve a great deal of re-arranging the song, working out what goes into it, and then choreographing. Sure, it's someone else's song, but the effort and patience and co-ordination to get everything in place, practise it to the standard where a performance is going to be, not just passable, but good and then videoing it from go to whoa without a mistake?

Fucking SHITLOADS of effort.

So it may be cutesy and gimmicky to some, but it's a freaking work of HIGH ART to me.