Feb. 21st, 2011

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One more rec that I missed: Some Like It Hotman! Sokka and Zuko shenanigans FTW!

Anyway, the LNYE reveals/masterlist is up now, which means that I can spout my incoherent keysmashes at [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] noldo and [personal profile] terajk directly, because vids of the Fire Nation OT3 of my heart and ALL THE AWESOME LADIES and that entirely adorable Appa/Momo ficlet are never not made of win. THANK YOU!!! &hearts &hearts &hearts

Also, I can now say that I made 120 faces! Which, er, well. I'd been tossing around fic ideas, but I was still in deadlines-crunch-time and my brain was totally not wired at that point, so instead I rewatched the entire series in dribs and drabs while procrastinating! And then I hit what was probably snow day number 5 and I was watching The Blind Bandit again, and I thought, wow. Toph Bei Fong is fucking beautiful in motion, so I started screencapping and just... didn't stop for about five hours, ahahaha. /confession But I do think that icon set contains all the things I would ever want to capture about Toph in writing (or, well, almost), so I am happy in all sorts of ways to have made it. :D Someday I will finish capping her through the rest of the series!


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